Japan is the home of some truly amazing wrestling. Between NJPW, AJPW, BJW, NOAH, DDT, and more, a small company running a show at the same time as Wrestle Kingdom 14 stole my attention. That was where I was first introduced to Miyako Matsumoto and the whacky world of GKPW. Since then, I have reviewed two of their shows and hang on the chance to see their next show. It always provides a nice mix of violence and comedy that makes it a perfect fit as part of DDT’s umbrella of operations.

The company is run by Matsumoto, herself, a self-proclaimed accidental deathmatch star and has seen some of deathmatch wrestling’s best grace it’s halls. We’ve seen Jun Kasai, Rina Yamashita, Drew Parker, and Chris Brookes all make appearances as well as more odd opponents like Chinsuke Nakamura and Lingerie Muta. The star, though, will always be Matsumoto as she somehow manages to take the nastiest spots and gives it her all for her shows. She also works as an idol and is continually keeping up with her cult of Miyacoco on social media.

Now, through the power of emails, I was granted the chance to interview Miyako about her crazy little company and her deathmatch work. It may be short, but it is definitely sweet as I got to ask about working with Chris Brookes, how being an idol can help you wrestle, her career, and of course, the deadly art of deathmatches. Enjoy!

As well as a wrestler, you are an idol, did your skills as an idol help you when you moved to wrestling?

“The skills required for each seem to be almost the same. I didn’t become an idol until after I became a professional wrestler, but the skills helped me a lot. Being an Idol is more physically demanding in terms of singing and dancing.”

How have you enjoyed your wrestling career so far?

“Finding my own style, full of originality, has made wrestling fun. Wrestling is a drug for me. It satisfies my need for approval and allows me to legally punch and kick people in the face. There is nothing else like it.”


How did GKPW get started?

“Originally, while I was at Ice Ribbon, I lost the exit match if I lost and launched the flag by myself. After I left Ice Ribbon, our esteemed president, Sanshiro Takagi, bought GKPW in the form of a business transfer.”

What’s it like working at Deathmatch? Do you have any special preparations in place for your deathmatch?

“I’m an idol and not a deathmatch fighter, but when I’m in the same match as Chris Brookes, I became a psychopath, I’m an accidental deathmatch fighter. I don’t like pain, so I take a lot of caffeine, like energy drinks, and listen to a lot of hard music, like Slipknot, before a match.”


How did you get started in deathmatch and how did you come to work with Jun Kasai, Rina Yamashita, and other deathmatch stars?

“I still don’t think of myself as a deathmatch fighter. I’m not a fan of blood. Kasai-san was so impressed with our deathmatch with Ryuji Ito that I asked him to tag me. She’s a good girl who feels the music,” so we made an offer to GKPW and Miyakofest and GKPW. 6.”

How have you enjoyed working with Chris Brookes and how did you form the team?

“Chris is a psychopath, but he’s an excellent subordinate because he really loves wrestling and enjoys his matches with GKPW and me so much. January 4th was our first match against each other, and we had a great match that was our best bout with each other. I appreciate him, and I like him a lot. We made a match to form a team because we thought he would be a good opponent for Drew at FACE on August 1, but because of that match, President Takagi gave Chris to GKPW because he had a good match.”


Have you ever considered coming to the UK to wrestle?

“Of course. I’d go now if I could. After watching my match with Chris on January 4, a group in the UK gave me a message, and I was going to do a short-term wrestling program on my own around February or May of this year. It’s a shame now, but I’ll be there. I’d love to have a match with Aleah James, Will Ospreay, Charli Evans, and Session Moth Martina.”

Those were my questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add and promote at the end, like a product or show?

“I’m crowdfunding until September 20 under the theme “First Original Entrance Song Theme Creation & CD Release.” We have a lot of international returns and more. Also, we have an international mail order site. You can also support our crowdfunding campaign here, so please check it out.

August 25th is the Street Fight Club Korakuen Hall Tournament. I’m teaming up with Chris Brookes for an all-out rivalry vs. Manase, cliffside women’s wrestling vs. chubby women’s wrestling wrestling!

You can watch it from abroad if you subscribe to DDT Universe.

Be sure to watch Miyacoco Fight!”

I would just like to take another opportunity to thank Miyako Matsumoto for taking the time to talk to me. I highly recommend giving her and GKPW a chance if you like something a bit different with your wrestling. Plus. if you already have DDT Universe, you can spare an hour or two to give this a chance.

All images courtesy of Miyako Matsumoto Twitter, ddtpro.com, Chris Brookes Twitter