Welcome back to GCW and my favourite time of the year, a slightly later than normal Tournament of Survival 5. It would be 44OH! taking on the GCW regulars as the mean green stable infiltrated the tournament. They wouldn’t have an easy ride though as Atticus Cogar, Eric Ryan, and Rickey Shane Pus, cough, Page would have to contend with Allie Kat, Shane Mercer, and Jimmy Lloyd in the opening round. Plus, we’d have the intermission scramblefuck to bring in some of the indie elite amongst the violence. Not to mention we’d get SHLAK vs Alex Colon in the first round. Let’s dive into the bloodshed!

First Round Match: Rickey Shane Page (w/Gregory Iron) defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Chokebreaker

Our opening contest would see the GCW champion RSP taking on GCW’s Different Boy. Nick Gage was on commentary duty and took great joy in ripping the piss out of RSP, especially after the “champ” had a bit of fun on the mic at his expense. He’d have a lot to contend with though as Lloyd was more than eager to take him out. RSP started with a couple of headlocks but Lloyd broke out with a kick combo and brought him down with a running neckbreaker. Lloyd tried to bring out the tubes but RSP snatched them away and broke them with a stomp. He hit Lloyd with a big boot then used the ropes to trip him arm and face-first onto some tubes. Lloyd slugged back, tanked a running elbow, and tried to hit RSP with a gusset plate. Instead, RSP barred his arm and slammed the gusset plate into his shoulder. He hammered one into the second and trapped him in the ropes to stab one into Lloyd’s forehead. They traded strikes, then Lloyd caught a kick into a knee lift and dumped RSP with a rolling elbow and Uranage. He tried to win with a spinning back kick but only got two so he threw some tubes at RSP. Page kicked them away and nailed Lloyd with a spinning roundhouse kick. He continued by stabbing a syringe through Lloyd’s cheek and made a cross with a second through the other. Lloyd tried to fire up and landed a combo of front kicks but got caught out of a fireman’s carry into a tornado slam. Lloyd leapt out of a chokebreaker, nailed a Finlay Roll, and decked RSP with a low superkick. A door was set up and Lloyd covered it in syringes. He took too long though so RSP rushed him with a boot and slammed him through the door with a Suplex Toss. He followed up with a Chokebreaker and won the match. RSP took some lumps but he, unfortunately, made the first round look easy and avoided anything too deadly. This was a great match to establish things and once again Lloyd makes some of the nastiest spots. Going Through: RSP

First Round Match: Eric Ryan defeated Shane Mercer via Half Crab Head Stomp

Next up was one of the most exciting matches of the show, The Iron Demon making his GCW Deathmatch debut. Mercer is one hell of an athlete, powerful, athletic, and now, deadly in bloodshed matches too. He’d have to contend with the 2020 King of the Deathmatch, Eric Ryan. Plus, Mercer came out with a mace, a fucking mace. Things started fast as Ryan tried to jump Mercer with a fork but got caught and launched through a glass pane with an overhead belly to belly. He grabbed his mace and smashed some tubes through Ryan’s gut with it. He broke some more over his back and choked him out with the chain. He through Ryan into the mat with an X-plex and tried to rush him with tubes but Ryan dodged and nailed Mercer with a second rope dropkick through the tubes. He then followed up with a tube lope and brought out the fork. Back in-ring he broke more tubes on Mercer’s sternum with a senton then continued the forking. He tried to whip Mercer into the corner but Mercer grabbed him, picked him up into a gorilla press, then grabbed a bundle with one hand and swatted Ryan out the air with them after throwing him. Honestly, Mercer’s strength is fucking ridiculous, even Gage was in awe. Mercer threw Ryan into the corner and set up a barbed-wire door. He then picked Ryan up into an Electric Chair and dropped him on the board with a German he calls Asmodeus Wrath. Mercer attacked him with a fork and put Ryan on the top. He hit Moonsault and Battery but only got two. He tried to hit a running powerslam but Ryan wriggled free and sent Mercer face-first into some tubes. He continued with a barrage of tube shots to the Iron Demon then hit a tube cannonball into the corner. Mercer tried to go for a roll-up but Ryan kicked out, rolled him off the ropes, and locked in the infamous Half Crab Stomps. The ref stopped the match and Ryan was declared the winner. This was fucking awesome. I want more deathmatch Mercer. The guy can do it all right now. Ryan was no slouch to and used his smarts and savvy to win. Going through: Eric Ryan

First Round Match: Atticus Cogar defeated Allie Kat via Faceplant

Match threw would see the Cogar vs the Kat. Could Allie Kat be the first person to cause a 44OH! upset? She’s proven to be the toughest woman in GCW when it comes to deathmatches so it’s time she got to prove it in a tournament. Cogar, despite being a 44OH! bitch, is also super-talented so this was going to be fun. Allie jumped Cogar and instantly made him bail. She launched herself with a Thesz press outside then hit Cogar with a jumping crossbody in-ring. She then attacked him in the corner and hit a nasty running boot. She tried to hit a tube furball but Cogar woke up and launched the bundle at her face. He ground into her with a broken tube and dropped her with a Suplex. She slugged back but got caught in the ropes and dropped on her head with a German. Cogar called out MASADA and tried to skewer Allie. She fought back with jabs but he kicked out her knee and rammed the skewers into her scalp. He moved that into a Camel Clutch with a fish-hook. Cogar hit a superkick then started cursing at the crowd. Cogar set up some doors and fought around them until he threw Allie into a normal board and she rebounded and set him through a cut-can door. The can door buckled but didn’t break so Allie threw herself at Cogar again and put him through it. She followed with a slew of tube shots and broke a bundle on him with a senton. She cut him up with a broken tube and set up a chair. She cut Cogar up with more glass but Cogar woke up and put her through a tube chair with an Air Raid Crash. Allie avoided a second with a headbutt and threw Cogar through another door. She tried to end the match with a piledriver and set up another door on some chairs. She put Cogar on the top rope and followed him up. They fought up there then Cogar slipped free and hit a Cheeky Nandos punch. He set the door on fire and put Allie through it with a powerbomb. Allie kicked out so Cogar hit her with a faceplant for the win. Allie fucking fought here. She was tough, tenacious, and vicious but unfortunately, Cogar was more desperate to win and utilised fire to his advantage. Hats off to Allie Kat she fucking killed it here. Going through: Atticus Cogar

First Round Match: Alex Colon defeated SHLAK via Float Over Pin

The last match of the first round was going to be the most mental. Two deathmatch veterans, beloved by GCW, going to war to establish a place into the second round. The ring was full of fuckery and glass, perfect for both guys. This was one of the hardest to call matches. The crowd seemed very pro-Colon though as red rally towels were everywhere. Could Colon make it two TOS tournament wins in a row? They started off trading slugs then Colon started breaking tubes on SHLAK and himself for good measure. A duel broke out as Colon and SHLAK went to war with tubes. Colon upped the ante by hammering a gusset plate into his own head then challenged SHLAK to do the same. He obliged and started eating tubes in a way that would make Abdullah Kobayashi proud. He then hit Colon with a lariat and had tubes thrown at his head. Colon tried to hit the tube double knees but SHLAK caught him into a powerbomb across the tubes. He followed up with a Suplex onto more tubes and stabbed Colon with a shank in the head. He threw Colon into the corner and tube charged him then sent him flying with an Exploder. He cut into Colon with a broken tube and took Colon to the ropes but was bridged out and hit with a tube dive. Colon threw SHLAK back in the ring when all of a sudden, we saw SHLAK take to the air and take Colon out with a dive. He then stabbed Colon in the spine and ate more glass. The two clawed at each other’s faces then Colon stabbed SHLAK in the head again and cheered to the crowd. SHLAK grabbed more tubes and hammered them into the back of Colon with a chop and then some to the head with a headbutt. He took Colon on a tour of the ring with a headlock, smashing tubes as he went. He then locked a fish-hook and eye gouge then threw Colon back in the ring. He set-up a pane and went face-first through it as Colon rocked him with an enzuigiri and pushed him with double knees. Colon ran the ropes and got caught into a chokebomb. SHLAK set up another pane over Colon and went to the top to break it with an elbow drop. That only got two so he set up another one in the same way. He went top rope again but Colon woke up and met him up there. They fought on the top and Colon put SHLAK through the pane with a Spanish Fly. That got two and a follow-up knee strike only got one. Colon gave him a tube superkick and SHLAK hit a tube Polish Hammer. Neither man wanted to stop. SHLAK went for another chokebomb but Colon rolled through into a float over pin and stole the victory. It might not have been the killer end but my god these two knocked it out of the fucking park. SHLAK and Colon went above and beyond to close the first round outright. Give me more of these two against each other in the future, please. Going through: Alex Colon

Scramblefuck: AR Fox defeated Andrew Everett, Lucky 13, Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver & KTB via 450 on Oliver

After intermission, we enter highlights mode as we get to the scramblefuck with Injustice, a beast, Lucky 13, and two new debuts in GCW as Andrew Everett and AR Fox made their mark on the company. This would be my first-time seeing Andrew Everett so I was pretty interested to see what he could do. He claimed to be 7”4 but I’m pretty sure the only thing that big is his mouth. Plus, AR Fox was on the beach (not the house) so shit was going to get wild. KTB went beast mode, AR Fox kicked people around and hit a matrix escape and Reed dodged Everett to get stay in the ring. KTB then launched both Fox and Reed into dives with a double springboard arm-drag then 13 took out both KTB and Everett with head-scissors. KTB and Everett then threw him outside and turned on each other with slaps and moonsaults. Fox rocked Everett then dropped him with a knee kick-out and hit an outside-in 619. He continued punishing Everett with a kick combo and a cutter combo then avoided Oliver’s offence into a slingshot senton. Reed tried to roll Fox up and hit a matrix escape of his own then planted Fox with a slingshot slam. That was followed by a Guillotine leg drop and a corkscrew uppercut. Oliver kicked Reed about then slugged him so hard his mouthguard came out and hit a Bridging Tiger Suplex. 13 broke this up and pummelled Oliver. He then dived out with a twisting cannonball. Fox went coast to coast to kick 13 out and KTB mauled Everett on the outside. Everett rushed the ring and slammed Fox and both Injustice members with chokeslams. He tried to do the same to KTB but ate a twisting cutter and a gourdbuster GTS. KTB tried to hit a dive but Oliver kicked him out of it. He tried to go top rope for a dive but Reed rushed him and threw him into the crowd with a clout cutter. Fox followed with a leapfrog cannonball over a ring post. KTB then threw Fox into Everett and dived on everyone. Everett then followed with a shooting star press onto everyone. He threw KTB in for a springboard but got KO’ed with a forearm. He murdered Reed with a powerbomb and ate a package bomb from 13. Fox drilled 13 with a twisting Suplex and KTB killed everyone again. Oliver caught Everett’s SSP into a cutter then ate a massive 450 from Fox for the win. Fox wins his debut match amongst the most competitive scrambles in GCW history. This fucking rocked. Hats off all round.

Semi-final: Rickey Shane Page (w/Gregory Iron) defeated Eric Ryan via Tube Chokebreaker into Roll-Up

Time for a 44OH! war. It would be RSP taking on his brother Eric Ryan. RSP had an easy first-round match whilst Ryan was cut to fuck. A bent fork board lurked in the ring just begging to be used. We started with a handshake then Ryan covered the rings in forks. RSP attacked from behind and slammed Ryan into the forks. Ryan threw forks at him so RSP snatched some up and stabbed into Ryan’s back. The tubes came out and RSP broke one in Ryan’s mouth then made things worse by forking the same area. Ryan tried to fight back but RSP caught and launched him through tubes and forks with a Suplex toss. He continued to brutalise Ryan in the corner then got stunned with a jawbreaker and kicked away more thrown tubes. Ryan dodged the double kick and tried to roll-up Page. He hit RSP with more forks then tried for a tube cannonball but RSP launched the bundle at his face. RSP hit a backdrop kick then went after Ryan with more fork shots. He went for a chokebreaker but Ryan dodged and hit RSP with a springboard Tornado DDT. He put the fork-board in front of RSP and went for a cannonball but RSP flipped it and Ryan crashed into the forks. We got a fork slugfest then Ryan launched a flurry of punches. He went for tubes but RSP caught him in a tube chokebreaker and rolled him over for the win. RSP once again mostly escaped injury and goes to the final. He brutalised his brother like it meant nothing. I loved seeing the technicality in RSP’s offence. Shame he’s a 44OH! prick. Going through: RSP

Semi-final: Alex Colon defeated Atticus Cogar via Glass Pane Styles Clash

Our second semi-final would see the battered Alex Colon taking on the other 44OH! stooge, Atticus Cogar. Once again, Cogar had a much easier match to go through but he was in the ring with the very best. Colon attacked during Cogar’s entrance and sent him flying with some tubes to the back. He cut into Cogar’s head and broke more tubes over him. He caught a tube and headbutted it into Colon then ran right into more tubes and stabbings. He then scooped Cogar up and slammed him through a tube door at ringside. He attacked Cogar with a bundle then took a kick to the gut and a broken tube to the head. Colon ate another tube to the head then hit Cogar with a nutcracker and hit him with more tubes. Cogar caught him with an Air Raid Crash and caught Colon with a moonsault. Colon fought him over a tube, broke it behind Cogar’s back, and launched him into a Bridging Northern Lights. He then hit Cogar with the tube double knees and went top rope. Cogar hit a Gamenguiri and hit a rolling superkick. He then caught Colon with another kick and bounced him off a Japanese tube door. Cogar dragged in a barbed-wire board and failed to drive Colon’s face onto it. Colon fired back and launched him onto the board with a back-body drop. Colon set up a glass pane and set Cogar’s head on it but got caught on the top rope with a tube shot and Cogar tried to get the ref to set the pane on fire. It failed to light and Colon drove him through the pane with a Styles Clash for the win. This was a mauling. Colon went all-out MDK on Cogar’s arse and put on another entertaining bout. That glass pane Styles Clash was fucking mental. I refuse to take anything away from Cogar, he took a beating and tried to make it work. Going through: Alex Colon

Just before the final, as the ring was being cleared, we got a visit from the biker b**ch, Eddy Only. He was greeted with a chorus of boos and chants then ran down the New Jersey crowd. He threatened to beat up the crowd and wanted a fight. Chris Dickinson’s music hit and the Dirty Daddy came out and whooped that ass. He beat down Only with a mic in his hand, hit a Pazuzu bomb, and threw a door into the ring. Only locked in a headlock but Dickinson dropped him on his head with a Backdrop Driver and then broke the door with a running Pazuzu Bomb. Only was trashed and another GCW favourite killed off a member of 44OH!

Final: Alex Colon defeated Rickey Shane Page (w/Gregory Iron) via Tube Cabin Spanish Fly

Now we get to the big bad final. Alex Colon, a man whose gone through a fucking war taking on the man who’s taken the easy road, RSP. It would be the GCW favourite taking on GCW’s most hated. He was in touching distance of back to back wins, could he make it happen? We had light tubes galore and even more glass panes. Colon came out to Dany Havoc’s (RIP) music as a touching tribute. Colon went after RSP with a tube but Page dodged and hit Colon in the face with one. He beat Colon down with more tubes and made Colon bite down on one. He slammed Colon onto a chair and delivered a scissor kick with a tube. Page launched him into the tubes and broke a glass pane with a chair so it couldn’t be used. He continued pummelling away at Colon then got thrown through a glass pane by Colon. He continued attacking Page with tubes as Page lay there and begged for it to stop. Colon just wouldn’t stop as tube after tube met a part of RSP’s body. It was like playing the world’s most f**ked up xylophone. RSP finally got an opening and gut-kicked Colon into a cutter over some tubes then followed with a Swanton. RSP brought in a double-tube fan and took both rows of it as Colon snatched it off him and brought it down on his back. Colon set up for the tube double knees but Iron grabbed his ankle. Colon kicked him off and dodged a sneak attack from RSP, resulting in Iron eating a bundle of tubes. Colon tripped RSP and hit the tube double knees. Only tried to interfere and took a tube to the head and RSP ate a superkick. Ryan tried to do a run-out but Colon cut him off with a tube dive. Colon recovered, climbed to the top, and flattened RSP with a double stomp. Last but not least, Cogar tried to return and he too was taken out with a tube to the head. Colon was fighting a one-man war. RSP bailed and hit Colon with a chair. He then tried to drag him to the apron, but Colon answered back with tubes and put RSP through a tube cabin with another dive. Another cabin was brought into the ring and Colon went tube crazy on Page once again. RSP raked the eyes and went top rope but once again got cut off by a tube to the head. Colon grabbed onto RSP and put him through the cabin with a Spanish Fly for the win. Colon survived RSP, 44OH! and SHLAK to win the whole fucking thing and be a back to back champion. What a fucking final. Colon made RSP pay for everything before taking the whole fucking thing. Your winner: Alex Colon

So, there you have it, GCW’s Tournament of Survival 5 reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was exceptional. I will always have a soft spot for deathmatch tournaments but this one nailed it without imports or the King. The 44OH! vs GCW storyline was fully fleshed out, the matches kicked ass, and Alex Colon winning back to back made for an amazing show. Everyone killed it here and my god was it fun to watch. Hats off to you Alex Colon, you are the fucking man! See you again soon for Jersey Shore.

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