Welcome back to GCW. After the carnage of Tournament of Survival 5, it was time for an after-party hosted by the Different Boy, Jimmy Lloyd in co-operation with both FITE TV and IWTV. What looked like an extra thrown together event actually housed one hell of a card as we’d see AR Fox’s first GCW singles match, the debut of Elayna Black, AJ Gray vs Lucky 13 in a deathmatch, Joey Janela against Alex Zayne, Blake Christian against Andrew Everett and so much more. There was a lot to watch and a hell of a lot of unpredictability so let’s pay a visit to the Jersey Shore, return to the boardwalk and get into the action.

Cole Radrick defeated AR Fox via Roundhouse Kick of Doom

First up was the debut singles match of indie veteran and all-round madman AR Fox. He wouldn’t have an easy match though as he took on the unstoppable wild-heart Cole Radrick. The pair started with some crowd posturing then the pair went strike for strike and kip-up for kip-up. They backed up and Fox threw Radrick at the ropes. He slipped through and nailed Fox with an enzuigiri and a slingshot hurricanrana. He then folded Fox up with a backbreaker and stomped down a rolling Fox. He continued the assault with a double-step Quebrada and ran into a kick combo, jawbreaker, and rolling neckbreaker from Fox. He booted Radrick out of the ring and followed him out with a Guillotine kick. Radrick struck back and flattened Fox with an apron cannonball then waved into the camera. Not to be outdone, Fox then ran up the ring post and hit a Moonsault. Back in-ring, he nailed Radrick with a twisting brainbuster and fired Radrick up with some little kicks before clubbing him down with a front kick. Radrick fell into the corner so Fox followed with a body attack and twisted over the ropes for a dropkick. He shook off some leg trouble and went to pull Radrick up but it was a ruse and Radrick nailed him with a cutter. He went top rope but Fox brought him down with a Superplex. Radrick held on and transitioned into a backpack stunner for a two-count. Fox tried to hold on but Radrick nailed him with Kawada kicks then took him over with a bridging Fisherman’s Suplex. He missed another Quebrada so Fox punished him with a series of kicks into a low cutter and slingshot cutter. Radrick dragged Fox off the ropes into a knee strike and rolled him through into a Boston Crab. They traded roll-ups until Fox went for some misdirection and nailed Radrick with a blue thunder bomb. Radrick bailed so Fox followed him with a huge splash. He hit the 450 but only got two. He placed Radrick on the top rope for a leaping DDT but Radrick dodged, nailed a German, and put Fox down with a vicious roundhouse kick. It was a shocking end and a shock win but my god was it effective. Fox was KO’ed and Cole gets to continue his winning streak on the road to Gage.

Chris Dickinson defeated Lee Moriarty via Figure Four Leg Lock

Next up was an excitingly tantalising match. Lee Moriarty, technical wizard, and striking specialist against Chris Dickinson, the brick shithouse of brutality and technical acumen. It would be Taiga style vs Dirty Daddy. We got a show of sportsmanship then traded lock-up attempts. Dickinson picked a leg and locked in a choke forcing Moriarty to the ropes. Moriarty gave back and picked an ankle, locking it up and forcing Dickinson to work an arm. He hit a hip toss and barred the arm. Moriarty did the same but Dickinson broke free. They traded slugs and Moriarty nailed a Taiga uppercut. He threw Dickinson into the corner and nailed him with a face wash. He kept striking and kicking at a downed Dickinson then went back to the arm and neck. They traded arm-drag attempts then Dickinson put the brakes on and nearly decapitated Moriarty with a lariat. He gave Moriarty the strike and kick treatment then threw him into the corner for a running elbow and more kicks. He smiled with glee as Moriarty kicked out and hit a KO lariat to the back of the neck. They traded slugs as Dickinson tried to fire up Moriarty. Dickinson threw Moriarty into the ropes and ran into a step up Enzuigiri. He then took another in the corner and ate a sliding double stomp from Moriarty. He drove Dickinson into the corner and nailed him with a Tornado DDT. Moriarty delivered some chest kicks but Dickinson caught him into a Dragon Screw and locked in the Figure Four. Dickinson dropped him with a German then went back to the legs with a deathlock. Moriarty made it to his feet and nailed a spinning kick then planted Dickinson with a slam. He went top rope but Dickinson followed and brought him crashing down with a Super Michinoku Driver. He caught Moriarty with another Dragon Screw and locked in the Figure Four again for the win. Moriarty tried his best but Dickinson is unstoppable right now. He took the blows and did what he does best, pick a body part, and destroy it. Dickinson showed him the respect he was due though and honestly; Moriarty is going to go far.

Blake Christian defeated Andrew Everett via Implant DDT

Next up was the high-flying dream match between All-Heart Blake Christian and the 7”5 Andrew Everett. This was Everett’s singles debut and he too was in for no easy ride as he took on GCW’s newest breakout. Everett once again enjoyed running his mouth at the crowd and into the cameras for the audience at home. He feigned sportsmanship and suckered Christian with a dropkick. Christian answered back with a vicious slap and the pair ran the ropes. After a series of dodges, Christian nailed a takeover, handspring back kick and kicked Everett out of the ring. He threatened a dive and posed in the ring as Everett ran away. Everett eventually came back to the ring and tried pushing Christian but earned another slap and ate a prawn roll Frog Splash. He missed a moonsault but corrected course, peppered Everett with strikes, and drilled him into a headstand with a DDT. Everett bailed again so Blake hit a Fosbury Flop into a hangman’s elbow on the outside. Everett finally nailed some offence by hanging out Christian on the ropes and hit a turnbuckle bulldog. That was followed by a springboard kick and went to the eyes. He bounced Christian of the turnbuckle and dropped him with a vicious clothesline for two. Christian tried to fight back but was dropped with a boot. Everett tried for a chokeslam but Christian flipped out and tried to charge but ended up eating a chokeslam/moonsault combo. Everett went top rope and hit a stalling moonsault. He went to the top again and missed a 450. Christian nailed a standing Spanish Fly then caught Everett with a back kick and a low 619. He missed a springboard 450 but nailed a powerslam into a Quebrada. He charged Everett in the corner but ate double boots into a spike Rana. Christian reversed a chokeslam into a destroyer and killed Everett with an implant DDT. Once again Christian shows his diversity as he slew the giant with a DDT. He’s coming for ACH next and he has all the momentum in the world behind him. Everett also impressed here, I hope he comes back and continues to be the giant problem for GCW’s favourites.

AJ Gray defeated Lucky 13 (w/Kelsey) via Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Deathmatch AJ Gray returns! Nick Gage took the commentary table role as we got our first deathmatch of the night. Gray took on one deathmatch specialist in Alex Colon and now he gets to battle another deathmatch/wrestling veteran in Lucky 13 who was backed by a girl he’d met named Kelsey. It was going to get very violent and very bloody. 13 instantly dove on Gray and slammed him head-first into the audience seats. He whacked Gray’s head off the bar and hit a moonsault off it. They chopped and slugged in the crowd then took shots of Fireball (good choice of drink). Well, Gray had his, 13 threw his in Gray’s eyes. Kelsey slapped 13 and Gray hammered him down with a lariat. He brought 13 back to the ring and chopped him down again. He avalanched 13 in the corner and grabbed some tubes but 13 broke them over him with a crossbody. 13 slammed him into the mat then dragged him back first over the broken glass. He kicked a tube into Gray’s back and hit a standing moonsault for two. 13 broke another tube on Gray’s stomach with a double stomp and carved him with a broken tube. Gray reversed a whip and planted 13 through a door and into the glass-strewn mat with an Oklahoma Stampede. He carved up 13 with a tube and broke a tube on his back. Gray retrieved a barbed-wire chair and slammed 13 onto it. They slugged it out and 13 landed an enzuigiri but Gray shook it up and hit a tube clothesline. Chairs were thrown into the ring and Gray set the barbed-wire chair onto them. He slumped 13 over it and went top rope for the Alabama Jam but 13 dodged and Gray landed arse-first on the wire. 13 used the rectal war wound to nail a flipping knee lift and put Gray through a bundle with a powerslam. 13 tried for a 450 onto Gray and a bundle but Gray moved and 13 crashed knee-first into the tubes. Gray wasted no rime and put 13 through a barbed-wire board with a release powerbomb. 13 kicked out so Gray set up a door and fought back 13 with a head kick. He broke a tube on him and threw him off the top and through the door with a superplex. 13 kicked out again so Gray picked him up into the Blue-Eyes White Dragon onto a barbed-wire board. This shit was fucking awesome. Gray is the fucking man in any type of match and 13 was more than willing to test his deathmatch limits. We always need more powerhouse deathmatch guys and Gray is one of the perfect candidates.

KTB & Shane Mercer defeated Injustice (Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed) via Stereo Moonsault and Battery

After intermission, we came back to Injustice battling a team of demons and beasts. KTB and Shane Mercer put their wars behind them to beat down Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. Is there a scarier duo than KTB and Mercer? They even caught Reed out of a sneak attack, forcing Oliver to dive on his own partner to take everyone out. They singled out KTB, rocking him with a rebound codebreaker and an assisted cutter. Oliver threw KTB into a Poisonrana from Reed and gloated. Injustice tried to double-team Mercer but he hoisted up Reed and downed Oliver with a lariat then threw Reed into the turnbuckle. He powerbombed Oliver into Reed then worked with KTB to double-team Oliver with a lariat/Tenzan Driver combo. Reed kicked KTB into Mercer and slugged away on the beast. However, his rope run was cancelled as KTB threw Reed to Mercer and a powerslam. They got some doors and set them up on the boardwalk. They took too long and Injustice struck but couldn’t keep the big men down as KTB beat down Oliver and Mercer fought off Reed. Mercer bounced Reed off a wall and stalked him back to the ring. Back in-ring, both teams fought for position and door shots. Injustice knocked Mercer and KTB off the apron and put them through the doors with dives. They then threw them back into the ring and hit them with a double-stomp/No Cap Splash combo. They kept on KTB, attacking him with multiple double-team cutters and a massive roundhouse kick. He tried to hit another cutter on the outside but KTB caught him and tossed him to Mercer, who launched him back at KTB into an apron bomb. Oliver tried to follow but Mercer caught him and threw him into a lamppost. Reed went back after Mercer and dodged some lariats with matrix escapes and caught Mercer with the Clout cutter. The chest protector came off and Reed caught Mercer out of a Gorilla Press with a destroyer. KTB caught Reed with a Swanton and Oliver with an Ace Crusher. Oliver no-sold it and launched KTB with a back-body drop. He hit KTB with a brainbuster for two and both went top rope. Mercer made the save and both KTB and Mercer hit a stereo Moonsault and Battery for the win. What a fucking scary team. Injustice went all out but Mercer and KTB were the more resilient team. I think we just saw the start of something big.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Elayna Black via Flaming GTH (Go to Hell)

Next up was the next deathmatch of the night. Elayna Black made her GCW debut in an intergender deathmatch against the host of the event. Lloyd loves to get wild and who knew what type of welcome he was going to give Black? The Sorceress of Sin tried to get the one up by having Lloyd’s picture in her coffin box but he seemed unphased. Black tried to start with some rope-walking but a mix of rain and Lloyd dragging her of led to her getting a forearm in the face. She reversed a whip and got the rope-walk head-scissor on the second attempt. She tried for a second but Lloyd caught her and dropped her with a powerbomb. He set up a door and bounced a chair off her head. He punched at her head and caught her into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then put her through the door with a powerslam. He set up a barbed-wire door in the other corner and got black up for a DVD but Black wiggled free and put Lloyd through it with a shotgun dropkick. Black grabbed her coffin and emptied out its contents into the ring. That turned out to be a lot of broken glass that filled the ring as Lloyd was pulled free of the barbed-wire. She dragged Lloyd up and muscled him into a DDT into the glass. She cut up Lloyd’s mouth with a tarot card but this just pissed off Lloyd who hit her with a Tiger Driver on the glass. He then hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on the glass and still couldn’t keep black down. That was followed by a package piledriver and yet another two-count. Lloyd grabbed a ladder and tried to pull off a Funk spin but it didn’t work and Black smashed him in the head with a chair. She set up the ladder and put Lloyd through another door with a Coffin Drop. Black retrieved some extra goodies but took too long and received a superkick to the face. Lloyd doused Black with water and threw another chair at Black. He set up a door and covered it in tacks. Black fought back to was nailed by a kick and put through the tack door with an Assault Driver. Lloyd then put on a knee pad, doused it in lighter fluid, and finished Black off with a flaming GTS or the newly dubbed Go to Hell. This was an exceptional debut for Black and although she may have lost, she stood up to one of GCW’s toughest and pushed him to a new limit to finish her off. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Black and that ain’t a bad thing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t celebrate as RSP and his gaggle of green goons surrounded the ring and beat down Lloyd and Black. RSP delivering the killing blow with a Chokeslam into the glass. He used the time to berate his crew and reminded the crowd that Gage was injured. I hope they turn on RSP soon.

Lord Sanchez defeated Effy via Pazuzu Bomb

After that shock fest, we got a lighter match as Lord Sanchez took on the Daddy of GCW, Effy. It would be brooding vs the colourful. After a mishap with Effy’s coat, the pair fought for the crowd’s attention, and Effy locked in a headlock. Sanchez broke out and hit a drop toe hold into a camel clutch. Sanchez tried to choke Effy but this backfired as Effy was into it and asked to be choked harder. Sanchez backed off and ran into a backhand and back Suplex from Effy. He nailed Sanchez with an overhand chop then crotched himself on the ropes. It had little effect so Sanchez dropkicked him to the floor and hit a cannonball to the floor. They made out on the apron then Effy hit a running STO to the hardest part of the ring. He kept it up with a Suplex and escaped Sanchez into a Famouser and a knee to the back of the head. He tried to win with a crotch drop but it only got two. Sanchez hit a body attack against the ropes and stomped on Effy’s head. He grabbed a chair and swung at Effy but nailed himself in the face. Effy tried to take advantage but Sanchez kicked the chair into his face. He then hit a Spanish Fly onto the chair and nailed a nasty double stomp. Effy came back with the TKO into the Dragon Sleeper but Sanchez went to the eyes and Effy bailed. Effy grabbed a door and tried to slam Sanchez through but he reversed into a Dragon Suplex and Shining Wizard. Sanchez then ripped at Effy’s fishnets and tried to make him eat them but this pissed off Effy who chopped the shit and crotched the shit out of him. He hit a duo of big boots and tried to follow up with the leg DDT but Sanchez reversed into the Pazuzu Bomb and stole the win. Effy legged it and Sanchez attacked the ref. The crowd hated the win but it was a funny end to a fun little match.

Joey Janela defeated Alex Zayne via Moonstomp to Door

After all that mayhem, we came to the main event. Breakout vs breakout. Joey Janela taking on Alex Zayne in what was set to be one hell of a mad match. Last time they were at the boardwalk, Janela jumped off a pillar to kill off Rush. What would he do here against the human embodiment of Taco Bell? He’d even brought a ladder to the ring in preparation. They traded lock-ups and Zayne overpowered Janela, sending him outside. They continued to trade locks, dodges, and counters until Zayne sent Janela outside with a head-scissor and Janela caught Zayne with a dive. He went for a second and got so much momentum he spiked himself on the boardwalk. Zayne returned fire with a tope con Hilo and the pair brawled around the outside. Janela tried to throw Zayne into a pillar but Zayne ran up and hit a moonsault then launched himself over the fan seats with a cannonball. Janela got him back in-ring and grabbed a chair. He dropped Zayne with a Suplex but got caught on the ropes and took a chair kick to the face. He sat Janela into the corner and charge but Janela moved and Zayne landed arse-first on the chair. Janela dropped the chair on him and then dropped a leg drop on the chair. He pulled a Sabu pose and dropped a fist on Zayne. He set up a door and ate a Vertical Suplex. Janela then clipped him on the top rope, dropped him with a Fisherman Suplex, and rolled through into another Suplex against the door. The door didn’t break so Janela launched Zayne at it again and it still wouldn’t break. He finally broke the door with a DVD and set Zayne up in a chair. He went top rope and Zayne brought him down with a Frankensteiner. Janela avoided the Crunchwrap Supreme but ate a 450 Lariat. Zayne got the ladder and trapped Janela in the corner then nailed the Crunchwrap Supreme. Zayne grabbed an even bigger ladder and set it up, intending to leap off it. Janela bailed so Zayne dived through the ladder but Janela swiped him out of the air with a chair shot. Zayne hit the boardwalk and Janela dropped him with a package piledriver on a chair. Janela moved the ladder and tried to hit a moonsault but missed and crashed into the mat. Zayne hit the Taco Driver but Janela kicked out at two. He grabbed another door and propped Janela against it. He scaled the ladder and dove at Janela with a Swanton but Janela dodged at the last second and Zayne got nothing but the door. He then trapped Zayne in a ladder and flipped him on his head. He trapped Zayne under the broken door and hit the Moonstomp for the three-count and the win. This was a fucking war and my god do I feel sorry for Alex Zayne’s back. This was nasty but man it was fun as hell. An excellent way to close an excellent show.

So, there you have it, GCW Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore reviewed for your reading pleasure. This show was exceptional. Paired with TOS5, this was a delicious double bill of amazing matches, violence, and indie wrestling goodness. Weekends like this remind me why I love deathmatches, the indie scene, and of course, GCW. Here’s to the continued success of the company and the continuation of the dream match factory these shows often become. Long live GCW once again. From the opening bell to the closing moments of the main event, this show had something entertaining or awesome to provide. If you have IWTV then give this a watch. You will not be disappointed.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Robert Starkz-Bellamy (Mouse), Wrestling With Unicorns, Kayden (KVR216).