Which barriers to break? You’ve never stopped making history, why shouldn’t you do it again? Being a pioneer is a trademark you have to wear proudly, a kind of “title” you have to defend each and every day. So, be a Champion, defy all odds, face the flames, make the impossible possible. Too much will never be enough.
The X-Division, Tag Team and TNA titles were defended during Night One of Emergence. Brian Myers will face off The Mack. Eddie Edwards will defend the Impact World Championship. We’ll hear of EC3 who stole Moose’s TNA belt last week. And finally, for the first time ever in TNA/Impact Wrestling history, Deonna Purrazzo will put the Knockouts Title on the line against Jordynne Grace as a rematch of Slammiversary in a 30-minute Iron Woman Match. This “special event” from Nashville is taking place during IMPACT weekly broadcast time slot. But we’re still ready for some action, your French Enygma Steph way.

Impact World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs RVD w/Katie Forbes

Both men squared up in the middle of the ring. Rob Van Dam went for a standing switch, followed by a side headlock. Eddie Edwards escaped with a baseball slide. Edwards kept going with a belly-to-belly suplex. RVD slid out of the ring. Edwards dove through the ropes. Edwards did it again. Van Dam got up. Edwards chopped Van Dam’s chest. Katie Forbes got in Edwards’ face and Van Dam sneaked up from behind and sent him face-first into the ring post. Van Dam slammed Edwards on top of the guardrail. Van Dam landed a spinning kick on Edwards. Van Dam rolled Edwards back into the ring. Both men exchanged back-and-forth forearms. Van Dam tripped Edwards.

Forbes climbed up on the apron and kicked Edwards in the face, then twerked in front of the camera. Van Dam connected with another spinning kick in the corner. Edwards smashed Van Dam on the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Both men got up. Van Dam connected with a scissors kick but Edwards countered with a powerbomb. Edwards set Van Dam up on the top rope. Van Dam pushed Edwards off of him. Van Dam landed a big-time kick off the top rope, followed by the Rolling Thunder. Van Dam headed up top again. He missed his chance with the Five Star Frog Splash. Edwards met him in the centre of a ring with a Boston Knee Party. Edwards grabbed the win.

Wait, wait… 

Eric Young ran down to the ring and attacked Edwards. He yelled out that the fate of the World Title goes through him, so he’ll see Eddie next week. He walked off.

The Nygma View: 

It would have been surprising not to see Eric Young come at one moment or another of this match. The match was correct. Rob Van Dam is still solid in the ring, he and Edwards had a good match, then we all know EY vs Edwards was meant to happen and it will, very soon.

Meanwhile, at Wrestle House… 

Taya Valkyrie arranged a toga party. The Deaners were wearing one. Johnny Swinger had a leopard print one on. Swinger told Crazzy Steve he needs to find his style because his toga looks like something he put together at the last second. Back from the break, everyone had gathered together in the living room for their toga party. They were all having drinks and dancing. Kylie Rae came into the room and greeted everyone. Taya started talking to her, but she threw up midway.

The Deaners cornered Acey Romero on if he took their beer. Romero said they asked that question last week, he never took their beer. They all called for a truce. Larry D barged into Steve and Swingers’ conversation. Larry D ducked down and Swinger accidentally threw powder in Steve’s face. Tommy Dreamer stepped in after Steve told Dreamer that Swinger purposely threw the powder at him and tried to blind him. Dreamer created a stipulation match for Swinger and Steve. It’ll be a blindfold match, and whoever loses, has to dress like the winner next week. MATCH TIMMMMMEEEEE.

Johnny Swinger vs Crazzy Steve. Cousin Jake was the referee.

Both men were blindfolded in this match. Everyone on the outside was directing each of them to where the other is. Steve heard the cheers that he’s getting closer to Swinger. Steve rolled Swinger up and won the match.

The Nygma View:

Togas are sexy, well it depends on who is wearing it…

Meanwhile, backstage… 

– Backstage, Eddie Edwards was trying to find Eric Young.

– First part of Bound For Glory promo.

– Rhino wanted to challenge Reno Scum to a match next week. Rhino wants Heath to be by his side when he rips both members of Reno Scum apart with “Gores.” He asked fans to tweet out #Heath4Impact, so Heath could come back to the Impact Zone and partner up with him.

Eddie Edwards had some things to say to Eric Young

Edwards headed down to the ring again. He grabbed the microphone and said that he accepts EY’s challenge, but why not do it right here, right now. Young believed that Edwards’ approach was “pathetic.” Young said that he and Edwards are two different levels: as one plays chess (Young), the other (Edwards) is too busy playing checkers. He didn’t want the match right now, he wanted it next week. Edwards accepted that, but he said Young will not go away without an ass-whooping. Both men brawled outside the ring. Several referees and Scott D’Amore ran down the ramp to separate the two.

The Nygma View:

Something went wrong there… Why cutting this moment from the end of the World Championship match? this was the perfect following for the match. Then, EY vs Eddie next week? I wasn’t expecting EY to wait until Bound For Glory to have his match but that early? EY wants the belt and he will do whatever it takes to have it, even if it means injuring Eddie, go against the management… The following weeks should be at the same time violent and interesting.

Meanwhile, backstage… 

– After winning the X-Divison Championship last week, Rohit Raju was proud to tell Gia Miller he can call himself the new champion. He welcomed all challengers to step up to him.

– In a new episode of “Locker Room Talk,” Madison Rayne and her co-hosts Wentz and Dez welcomed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Rayne asked Austin and Fulton how they’re holding up after taking a loss from The Good Brothers last week. The Rascalz couldn’t help but giggle. Wentz started to “cough” and said, “They beat your ass,” to Fulton. Fulton got in both men’s faces. Fulton and Austin left. The Rascalz invited Rayne to The Treehouse. She politely declined.

– Sami Callihan warned RVD and Forbes that he’ll be at the Impact Zone next week to “beat RVD’s ass.”

Why did EC3 steal the TNA belt?

EC3 was sitting and reflecting on his achievements of winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He said that he gave everything he had just to earn some sort of respect. All that he got in return was pain, hurt and regret. He said that he’s not afraid to put himself on the line again. He wanted to go back to being the man that he once used to be: happy, proud and free. In order to do that, he needs to destroy the TNA Championship. Once he wins the title back, he can destroy it, and finally set himself free.

The Nygma View:

This EC3 is stellar and fascinating. He clearly spelt out what his issues are even if his facial expressions are telling us so much. We instantly know who and what EC3 is about and it all relates to TNA history. Kudos to the video production team that have been doing amazing work here.

Willie Mack vs Brian Myers

Both men went back-and-forth with standing switches. Willie Mack took control with a wrist lock on Brian Myers. Myers looked for some separation. Mack connected with a strong shoulder tackle, which sent Myers off his feet. Myers pounded Mack in the back and near the throat. Myers rolled Mack. who sent him flying with a hurricanrana and a dropkick. Myers got up. Both men shoved one another before Myers landed on top of Mack with a takedown. Myers put Mack in a front facelock. Mack fought out of it with a couple of shots. Mack landed a sunset flip but got caught with a back elbow from Myers.

Myers went back to putting Mack in a facelock. Myers broke it up with a few shots. Myers crashed into the mat with a spinebuster. Mack built momentum with a series of moves including a spinning kick and a body slam. Mack went for his standing moonsault on Myers. Myers and Mack found themselves on and near the ropes. Myers got Mack off of him with a nasty headbutt. Next, he soared through the air with a flying elbow. Mack got caught up, Myers grabbed Mack’s trunks and stole the win.

The Nygma View:

The match was decent despite Myers cheating to win. Ok, Myers is in the house… Let’s see what his next move will be

Meanwhile, backstage… 

– Heath is all for teaming up with Rhino next week, but he needs your support, so #Heath4Impact.

– Second part of Bound For Glory promo (see above).

Meanwhile, at Wrestle House… 

– Rosemary was all ready to go out for her date with Larry D. Alisha Edwards wanted to talk to Rosemary before her date. She knew that Rosemary was using Larry D to make John E. Bravo jealous. Alisha informed Rosemary that she is breaking Bravo’s heart. Dreamer told Bravo that he needs to man up and stop Rosemary’s date with Larry D. Rosemary found Larry D and began to cough after smelling his new cologne. Bravo found both Larry D and Rosemary. He tried to put an end to their date by slapping Larry D. MATCH TIIIIMMMMEEE.

Larry D vs John E. Bravo. Acey Romero was the referee.

Larry D sent Bravo down twice with two punches towards the face. Larry D picked up the win. After the match, Bravo admitted to Taya that he has feelings for Rosemary. Taya blamed Rosemary for everything including this Wrestle House show. She thought that Rosemary is jealous of her. Taya challenged Rosemary to a “Winner Takes All” match, which includes Bravo.

30-Minute Iron Woman Match for the Impact Knockouts Title: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs Jordynne Grace 

Both women squared up. Jordynne Grace rolled Deonna Purrazzo through, but they were both tightly locked up. Grace tried to gain wrist control. Purrazzo rolled through but got locked up again. They both broke it up and restarted. Purrazzo put Grace in a side headlock. Grace got her knee over Purrazzo’s neck to reverse the hold. Grace wrapped her legs around Purrazzo’s neck. Purrazzo flipped out of it. Grace outpaced Purrazzo with several arm drags. Grace locked in a single leg Boston Crab but Purrazzo grabbed the bottom rope.

Back from commercial break, no falls occurred and Grace and Purrazzo were playing cat and mouse before Purrazzo pump kicked Grace in the face. Purrazzo stomped Grace’s right elbow. Grace was screaming in pain. Purrazzo put more damage on Grace’s injured arm. Grace broke free for a moment from Purrazzo’s arm lock, but Purrazzo rolled through and set another one on Grace. Grace got her foot up on the bottom rope. Purrazzo sent Grace to the outside.

Back from commercial break #2, we learnt that during the break, Purrazzo stomped on Grace’s injured hand once more. Purrazzo bent Grace’s wrist back. Grace rose on her feet and broke out of the hold with a headbutt to Purrazzo’s midsection. Grace Purrazzo up on the top rope. Purrazzo pushed Grace off her. Grace connected with a big palm strike, then headed back up to the second rope. She sent Purrazzo to the other side of the ring with a superplex. Both women exchanged shots before Grace sent Purrazzo down with several clotheslines and a senton. Grace hooked the leg on Purrazzo. Grace locked Purrazzo up with a Coquina Clutch. Purrazzo faded.

Grace – 1, Purrazzo – 0

With four minutes remaining in the match, Purrazzo shift gear with a leg lock of her own. Grace got her arm wrapped around the bottom rope. Grace was looking for her signature Grace Driver. Purrazzo replied with several back elbows. Purrazzo pulled the referee out in front of her. The referee got knocked down by Grace. Grace finally connected with the Grace Driver, but the referee didn’t make his way over for her pinfall attempt. Purrazzo rolled out of the ring and smacked Grace in the face with her championship. Purrazzo went for the pin and got it.

Grace – 1, Purrazzo – 1

Purrazzo locked in her Fujiwara armbar on Grace’s damaged arm. Grace tapped out in the very last seconds of the match.

Purrazzo – 2, Grace – 1

The Nygma View:

My expectations for this match were very high, because how many times has it happened on TV? This is probably the third Iron Woman Match to have ever aired… And probably the first on national TV. And here is why I was wrong to expect too much… When you’re used to watching hardcore matches over and over, you want more and more every time, you want to have your mind blown again and again. Because we are not used to watching Iron Woman matches, I sharpened my opinion on the only two I had the chance to watch. I eluded the possibility it could be something different. Because it was.
That was an incredibly good Iron Woman match. Some could have found it slow sometimes, but they chose to play the submission game to make the best use of the time given. We can agree on the fact there were too many commercial breaks and the countdown only appeared in the last ten minutes. Then, everything from Grace’s comeback to get her first fall to the end was fast-paced and strong. Which means questioning yourself is something good, it blows off your expectations and opens your mind…

To be eNYGMAtic…

What a difference between Night One and Night Two… Not on the action, even if between the opener and the main event, it was not perfect. A load of promos and the length of Wrestle House segments killed the momentum. At 2 AM, it’s already not very easy to keep the eyes opened that intensity is something that keeps you alive and mostly not asleep.
If the IMPACT orchestra made a few false notes this week, we can’t deny the quality of the Iron Woman match, the tension between EY and Eddie and, of course, EC3. IMPACT will do better because they can do better. Deciding to write a Symphony For A New World is not the work of a few days, even a few weeks. It takes time, patience and gravity.
On this very “Nygma Rolls Over Beethoven”, stay safe, take care, watch wrestling, and until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…


Emergence Night Two Full Results:

  • Eddie Edwards defeated RVD to retain the new IMPACT World Championship.
  • At Wrestle House, Crazy Steve defeated Johnny Swinger.
  • Brian Myers defeated Willie Mack.
  • At Wrestle House, Larry D defeated John E. Bravo.
  • Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace, two falls to one, to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship.

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Basil Mahmud. Photocollage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.