Welcome back to DDT. It’s been a while since I last covered the company so to see a show called Street Fight Club with matches featuring Shunma Katsumata, a giant mecha Panda, the GKPW Holy Family, and the master of exploding barbed-wire, Atsushi Onita. We had five matches with a slew of DDT, GKPW, and other stars all colliding in singles and tag action culminating in a six-man bunkhouse death street fight as our main event. Do I have your interest yet? Let’s get into the action!

Shunma Katsumata defeated Mecha Pandita via Diving Splash

Our first match of the night was DDT’s resident super hardcore star Shunma Katsumata taking on a giant robotic remote-control panda. Yep, you read that right a giant mecha panda. I knew I was in for something special when Pandita took to the ring doing the robot. We started with an attempted handshake where Panadita crushed Katsumata’s hand in his vice-like grip. Pandita then strolled around the ring trying to get the hang of walking, running the ropes, then practised some forearms. Katsumata just watched on in awe and possibly confusion at this marvel of wrestling technology. He tried for a lock-up but was easily overpowered and thrown away but Pandita. The robotic warrior then called for a test of strength and drove Katsumata to his knees. Katsumata grabbed onto the ref to avoid having his arm broken and everyone bust a move. Pandita urged Katsumata to try and slam him but Katsumata just threw his back out trying then hit a metal wall trying to shoulder tackle him. Pandita was stuck in the pose so Katsumata carried them out of the ring and tried to take a count-out win. Katsumata watched on as Pandita stomped around ringside and ran themself into a ring post and the railings. They finally worked out what the count was and rushed the ring and hit Katsumata with a running dropkick and dive to the outside. They went top rope and nailed a crossbody. Katsumata tried to nail a forearm but just hurt himself on Pandita’s metal plating. He then tried the slam again and failed, getting slammed by Pandita for his trouble. Katsumata was then launched into the turnbuckle and locked in a half crab. Pandita hit robotic stomps and signalled for the end but Katsumata got out of it and nailed the mech with an enzuigiri. Pandita caught a superkick and drove Katsumata into the mat for a very impressive standing mechsault. Katsumata kicked out of that and the follow-up Michinoku Driver which pissed off Pandita. They went top rope again and missed a 450 so Katsumata gave him a superkick to the back of the neck and both fighters collapsed. Katsumata finally slammed Pandita and went top rope. He craftily picked up a can of hairspray and short-circuited Pandita with it. Katsumata followed with a diving splash for the win. It turns out that even the most sophisticated fighting technology can choke on hairspray. This felt like it was ripped from an episode of Super Sentai or Power Rangers and I’m all for that. What a fun and slightly silly way to start.

Cliff Edge Women’s Pro Wrestling vs Chubby Women’s Pro Wrestling All-Out Match: Yumehito Imanari & Yuna Manase defeated Miyako Matsumoto & Chris Brookes via Suzuki Dynamic on Matsumoto

That was followed by the wildest dubbed match I’ve seen in a long time as the GKPW Holy Family of Miyako Matsumoto and Chris Brookes took on the team of Yuna Manase and Yumehito Imanari in intergender tag action. We know the relationship between Matsumoto and Brookes is strained at best so would they be able to co-exist and take out the chubby wrestling team? They couldn’t even decide who was going to fight first so things weren’t looking good. Matsumoto started with a technical exchange against Imanari that ended with her in a seated wrist lock. They had a slugfest and Manase was tagged in for a double-team shoulder tackle and elbow drop. Matsumoto forced Manase to her corner and tagged out to Brookes. They traded headlocks and shoulder tackles until Brookes used a boot and Manase finally knocked Brookes down. He escaped a Dragon Suplex and hit Manase with the corner senton combo. Team GKPW tried some double team but Brookes negated it and sent his partner back outside. Brookes chopped down Manase and tagged out, hitting a rope choke pose with Matsumoto. She launched Manase around the ring then stood on her in the corner. Brookes came back in and the pair locked both opponents in Octopuses. Manase fought out of another Biel and bulldozed Matsumoto with a shoulder. Imanari was brought back in and he knocked Brookes down with a forearm and hit a Stone-Cold splash complete with swearing then took out Matsumoto as she tried to double-team. Brookes escaped with a jumping knee and Matsumoto started a chop-off with Imanari which she won with a dick kick. Imanari refused to stay down and nailed Matsumoto with a kick whilst cradling him injured testicles. He hit a falling headbutt and tagged out. They hit a double Mongolian chop and double lariats before Manase took out Matsumoto with a lariat. Matsumoto nailed Manase with a stunner and an axe kick but only got two. Team GKPW nailed a corner kick/shining wizard combo and an assisted double stomp then Brookes retrieved a plastic tub. They placed Manase on it for an assisted crucifix bomb (The Holy Driver) but Manase moved and Brookes put Matsumoto through the tub. Brookes was taken out with a lariat and fisherman buster then team Manase hit Matsumoto with a duo of lariats and finished her with the Suzuki Dynamic facebuster. This was an excellent bout that was going perfectly for GKPW until Brookes nearly KO’ed his own partner. There was some nice sportsmanship in the end and everyone went home happy. Except for Matsumoto who was cut up from the tub.

#STRONGHEARTS (El Lindaman & T-Hawk) defeated Jiro “Ikeman” Kuroshio & Seigo Tachibana via Bridging German Suplex on Tachibana

After that, we got our second tag bout between the #STRONGHEARTS and Jiro Kuroshio and everyone’s favourite squatting trash-talker Seigo Tachibana. I say that but Lindaman started the match with trash-talking and Ikeman was sad he couldn’t do his entrance among the crowd because of Corona. Tachibana had a shaver that was stolen from the #STRONGHEARTS and was ready to use it on them. They made the match no DQ and the action began. Tachibana took down Lindaman and tried to shave his head. Lindaman broke away and stomped down Tachibana. He went to the eyes and slammed Tachibana down again but Tachibana popped up into his squat pose. Lindaman traded poses then tried to attack both Ikeman and Tachibana with the shaver. The shaver ended up on T-Hawk so he KO’ed his partner and left the ring again. Ikeman and Tachibana nailed Lindaman with a wishbone then Ikeman locked in a side headlock and tried to get Lindaman with the shaver again. Tachibana was tagged in and the made another round between the teams until Tachibana nearly used it on Ikeman and was kicked away. T-Hawk came in and kicked around Tachibana as Ikeman tried to fix the shaver on the outside. The #STRONGHEARTS started a slam chain on Tachibana but Ikeman made the save and gave the shaver back to Tachibana. Lindaman kicked him down again and gave the shaver to the ref. He charged Tachibana and ran right into an STO. He tagged out to Ikeman who ran in and pummelled Lindaman with a series of jacket wrapped forearms and fists. He launched Lindaman with a back-body drop but took too long posing and got nailed with a Back Suplex.

Everyone came in and started throwing hands and kicks with the shaver bouncing between people. Ikeman nearly won with a series of roll-ups as T-Hawk tried to nail him with the shaver. They traded power moves with T-Hawk nailing an inverted X-Plex and Ikeman hitting a dudebuster. He tagged in Tachibana as Lindaman rushed in and grabbed the shaver. He jabbed it into Tachibana’s gut and tried to lock in a Camel Clutch but Tachibana picked him up and drove him into the corner. They fought around a choke until Tachibana nailed a rolling elbow. They both tried to use the ref as a shield and Lindaman tried to shave him, earning a lariat. Tachibana tried to capitalise with a slam but Lindaman dragged the shaver across his head leaving a massive bald patch. He screamed in horror and Lindaman finished him with a Bridging German Suplex. This was a hilarious premise for a match and the unfortunate shaving of Tachibana just added to the comedy. This was way better than it should have been thanks to all the hot-potato trading of the shaver and Tachibana’s sacrifice.

Jun Akiyama defeated Yukio Naya via Exploder 98


Next up was a special singles match as Jun Akiyama took on Yukio Naya. On paper, this seemed to weigh heavily in Naya’s favour as he’s double Akiyama’s size and a lot younger but you can never underestimate a veteran. Akiyama’s faction, Junretsu were so concerned about this match they asked to be in his corner for the match. They traded lock-ups and knockdown attempts that saw Naya take the advantage. He tried to follow with an elbow drop and missed. Akiyama let him get back up to his feet and after reaching a stalemate on tests of strength, forced Naya to the ropes and hammered him on the break. He threw Naya outside and slammed him against the ring-edge. Naya fought out of a choke and dropped Akiyama with a DDT on the wooden floor. He kicked Akiyama in the back and tried to forearm him but Akiyama no-sold the attempts and ground his hand into his face and slammed his head into the guardrail. They both got back in the ring and Naya tried to forearm Akiyama again. Once again, it was no-sold and Naya earned another beating then got kicked out the ring again. He nailed Naya with an apron knee drop and kneed him again on the outside. Naya fought back again but Akiyama snapped him over and tried to choke him out. Naya made the ropes and rushed Akiyama with a desperation shoulder tackle. He avalanched him in the corner, hit a lethal back kick, and winded Akiyama with an elbow drop. He put Akiyama in a cobra twist then tried to hit a backdrop but Akiyama reversed it into a crossbody. Akiyama KO’ed Naya with a knee strike and locked in a Guillotine. He tried for the Exploder but Naya turned it into a slugfest. Naya hit his own variant of knee strike and tried the backdrop again but Akiyama kneed out of it and ran into a side-slam. Akiyama got to his feet first and nearly took Naya’s head off with a duo of knee strikes then removed his knee-pad and delivered another. Naya kicked out twice so Akiyama ended it with the Exploder for the win. Naya took the fight to Akiyama but once again the vet refused to be pushed around and cut down Naya piece by piece. Somehow, Akiyama still puts on some of the most compelling matches as his DDT residency continues.

Street Fight Scramble Bunkhouse 6-Person Tag Deathmatch: Atsushi Onita, Yuko Miyamoto & Rocky Kawamura defeated Sugiura-Gun (Takashi Sugiura, Kaz Hayashi & NOSAWA Rongai) via Chair Barrage on Rongai

Last but not least, we got to the main event, Atsushi Onita, a deathmatch legend teaming with Rocky Kawamura and Pro-Wrestling 666’s Yuko Miyamoto against NOAH’s Sugiura-Gun in a match with no rules, no tags and a scramble of weapons. Anything was legal as long as it wasn’t too life-threatening. Within seconds of coming to the ring a brawl broke out and Onita threw Sugiura out of the ring. Around the ring, Hayashi and Rongai went after Miyamoto whilst Kawamura beat down Sugiura. Rongai went after Onita with a pipe as Miyamoto threw Hayashi into a chair. In-ring Rongai tried to break a chair over Onita but he caught it and bust it on Rongai, falling over from the impact. Onita then gave Sugiura a headshot and Hayashi knocked him out of the ring. The brawl went everywhere again as the Sugiura-Gun took control and set up a table. They singled out Onita and launched him against the table. They slammed him against it a few more times then he caught himself and slammed Rongai into it and his team rushed the win. Onita dragged Rongai onto the table and put him through with a piledriver. Sugiura rushed in and stomped down Onita as a barbed-wire board was thrown in. Onita reversed a whip and launched Hayashi into the barbed-wire then got choked out in the corner by Sugiura as Rongai set up chairs. The barbed-wire board was set onto the chairs and Onita was slammed through it. More brawls broke out as Miyamoto and Kawamura were beaten down with weapons. Rongai grabbed a barbed wire bat and slammed it into Onita’s back and arse. They drove the bat into his face and posed for a photo. This beatdown continued with more bat shots until Onita dodged and Hayashi nailed Rongai in the chest.

Miyamoto raced in and nailed a snap belly to belly then ate a boot from Sugiura. Kawamura KO’ed him with a diving punch and double-team suplexed Sugiura onto a chair pile with Miyamoto. Kawamura hit another diving punch and drove Sugiura to the outside. Onita came back in and beat on Sugiura-Gun with the broken table. He broke the table over Rongai and planted him with a Fire-Thunder bomb for two. He tried for a second but Hayashi broke it up. Miyamoto tried to make the same but Hayashi nailed him with a handspring back kick. Miyamoto responded by bouncing off the ropes with a handspring somersault kick. They rolled out so Kawamura turned Sugiura into his personal punching bag. He then made the mistake of punching a chair and had it smashed into his back. Onita then took a chair through the head and Sugiura posed with Rongai and a guitar. Onita didn’t approve so Rongai broke the guitar over his head. Miyamoto and Kawamura rushed the ring again and set up another table. Onita watched on as his teammates dragged Sugiura onto the table and Miyamoto put him through with an elbow drop. Rongai made a chair pile and stared down Onita. He willed Onita to hit him with a chair so Onita broke it on him and nailed another Fire-Thunder Bomb for another two-count. Onita broke even more chairs on Rongai, slowly wearing him down to a pinfall win. This was way more brutal than expected and to see Onita getting wins at 62 years old still makes me smile. He took a beating and still managed to come out on top. All-round this was an excellent match and one hell of a clusterf*ck main event.

So, there you have it, DDT’s Street Fight Club show reviewed for your reading pleasure. This show kicked ass in all sorts of ways. We had fun comedy matches, mecha pandas, head shaving accidents, and an Onita deathmatch in 2020. There was something for everyone here and clocking in at under 2 hours, it was a breeze to watch. Yet again DDT Universe houses another gem of a show. it’s nice to see so much cross-promotion between the companies and to see Pro-Wrestling 666 get some more promotion through Miyamoto. Genuinely, this show kicked ass and I doubt this is the last DDT show I’ll be reviewing in the near future.

All images courtesy of ddtpro.com, Sanshiro Takagi Twitter, Miyako Matsumoto Twitter

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