Welcome back to MLW Underground. In this episode, we see the crowning of the first MLW Global Tag Champions as The Extreme Horsemen take on Dr. Death Steve Williams and PJ Friedman in the GTC finals. Alongside that, we’ll have promos from Steve Corino as he prepares for Terry Funk, a look at Satoshi Kojima’s next opponent, and more comments from everyone around the company. It’s another short episode so let’s get into it.

In this episode:

  • The show started with footage of the Extreme Horsemen attacking Terry Funk. Steve Corino would keep taking shots at Funk in promo packages throughout the show. He even went to great distances to find barbed-wire for his promos.
  • Paul London insulted Jerry Lynn ahead of their match next week
  • Los Maximos warned their attackers that they were coming for them
  • A top ten list of opponents for Satoshi Kojima ending in Mike Awesome at the top spot by finishing Masato Tanaka with an Awesome Bomb over the ropes. It’s a shame they didn’t show the full match.

The Extreme Horsemen (Simon Diamond & C.W. Anderson) defeated Dr. Death Steve Williams & PJ Friedman via chair double Superkick

So, after all the promo packages and comments and adverts, we came to the match of the episode. Except well, it wasn’t really a match. Diamond and Anderson made their entrance then bailed from the ring and grabbed some steel chairs. They took out Friedman as he made his entrance forcing Williams to fight them off solo. In his defence, he did nearly win off the bat by pummelling both and planting Diamond with a powerslam. He avoided some Horsemen double-team, then ate a double flatliner. They targeted Williams’ arm and launched him at the turnbuckles. They continued to overpower the Doc, nearly winning with a Snap Suplex. Williams made a blind tag as he ate a spinebuster so Friedman rushed the ring with a chair. He swung at the Horsemen but they dodged and superkicked the chair into Friedman’s face for the win. That was that. A four-minute and change finale where the Extreme Horsemen broke all the rules and created an advantage to steal a win and become the first Global Tag Champions without having to break a sweat. It was clever but a bit underwhelming given how devoid of anything meaty the rest of the episode was. This was basically 35 minutes of fluff and filler with 5 minutes of actual wrestling which unfortunately doesn’t make for particularly entertaining viewing.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Tom Lawlor was once again hosting Unsolved Mysteries because Dominic Garrini is still missing in the Amazon. He also had a composite sketch to reveal. Gino Medina was hassled for another comment from his car where he revealed he had no interest in The Dynasty. Alicia Atout was interviewing Rich Bocchini but it was interrupted by Richard Holliday hijacking the Zoom call to reveal he was now a co-host. Salina de la Renta continued to stonewall any questions about her business dealings. Konnan called out Salina for being duplicitous about her business. Hammerstone bought a lot of beef in preparation for MLW’s league. Jordan Oliver issued more challenges to Jacob Fatu. The watcher applied black paint to a face adorned with cat eyes. LA Park was too fabulous for anyone’s thoughts. The Von Erichs were ready for action as they needed something that could withstand the Iron Claw.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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