Which barriers to break? Making emerge some new Champions, giving wrestlers the desire of becoming Champions, allow them to push some new boundaries. Be a pioneer even if you’ve been all your life. Let emerge the talent, the greatness, the violence, the novelty, the craziness… Too much will never be enough.
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Eddie Edwards will put the World Championship on the line against Eric Young, the World Class Maniac. Rhino will face off Reno Scum. At Wrestle House, Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary will compete in a Winner Takes All match, including John E. Bravo. Sami Callihan will face off Rob Van Dam. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton will square off with Dez and Wentz of The Rascalz. Also, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo will host a Black Tie Affair… So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary. 

  • Sami Callihan defeated RVD w/ Katie Forbes. After the match, Forbes yelled at Sami’s face, he ran after her but RVD attacked him from behind. Forbes and RVD continued their assault before Forbes grabbed a chair. As RVD held the chair, Forbes hit bottom first the chair set on Callihan twice. RVD followed with a kick towards Callihan’s face and the chair.
  • Backstage, after winning a bet against Fallah Bahh in an arm-wrestling match, Hernandez was confronted by Reno Scum. They informed him that Heath was nowhere to be seen. Hernandez said if they can take out Rhino tonight, he’ll give them their money.
  • At Wrestle House, Taya, Rosemary and Bravo were on confession mode. Taya felt betrayed that her manager and best friend went behind her back. Rosemary thought that Bravo could keep up between her and Valkyrie, but he couldn’t. And Bravo just didn’t know what to think. At the house, everyone was trying to get Johnny Swinger to come out of his room so they can see his new look. Last week, Swinger lost in a “Loser Dresses Like The Winner” match against Crazzy Steve. Everyone chuckled after they saw Swinger in his clown attire and paint. The Deaners called him a rejected member of Insane Clown Posse. Tommy Dreamer pulled Bravo aside and let him know that he’ll be the referee in Valkyrie/Rosemary’s match tonight.

  • Rhino defeated Reno Scum thanks to Heath coming to his help. After the match, Impact Wrestling EVP Scott D’Amore came to the ring and asked security to throw Heath out but he fled before. D’Amore and Rhino talked in the middle of the ring.
  • EC3 appeared on screens behind Moose. He warned Moose that he’s going to destroy the TNA World Championship piece by piece. Moose rushed out of the room, found someone with an EC3 hoodie and warned him that EC3 is going to destroy his belt. The man looked concerned at first, but once Moose left, he revealed that he is part of EC3’s movement.

  • Backstage, The Good Brothers were telling some security guards some funny stories of theirs. Dez and Wentz joined in on the fun and let them know that they’re facing their rivals, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton tonight. Doc Gallows wished them luck.
  • At Wrestle House, everyone was giving Bravo some advice. The Deaners confronted Larry D about their missing beer. Their truce pact was now broken. Both teams threw each other into the fridge, then towards the walls. MATCH TIMEEEEE. Susie defeated both XXXL and The Deaners. The couch, the TV, a ping pong match, the walls, some slow-motion were part of this crazy match. Susie got involved as she heard that they all broke their truce. She had a Su Yung meltdown. Dreamer found Susie, who was leaving the room that both teams were in. He asked her where they went, she looked at him with a puzzling look. Dreamer decided to just award her the winner and revealed a bloody hand.

  • The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. After the match, The Motor City Machine Guns came out and issued a rematch to the Rascalz. They said they’ll put their titles on the line. Before Rascalz could answer, Fulton and Austin attacked the Rascalz from behind. MCMG ran down to the ring to chase Austin and Fulton out of the ring.
  • Backstage, The Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo, was eyeing her co-workers and their attire, to make sure it was appropriate for her celebration party. Moose came running in and asked her and Kimber Lee if they’ve seen EC3 recently.

  • Backstage, Rohit Raju was shinning up the X-Division Championship. TJP came in and told Raju that he wants a shot at his title. Raju said he’ll give him that chance after he defends it against Chris Bey, who has a rematch clause.
  • At Wrestle House, Taya Valkyrie defeated Rosemary. John E. Bravo was the referee. After the match, John E Bravo checked in on Rosemary. He reached for something in his pocket. All of a sudden, Bravo got down on one knee and proposed to Rosemary. Taya climbed back in the ring and told Rosemary that she’s ok with this. Rosemary accepted Bravo’s proposal. Everyone on the outside rolled into the ring to celebrate. They all huddled up together and left Wrestle House.

  • Deonna Purrazzo thanked everyone for coming to her historic party. She admitted that she wasn’t too keen on those attending, but she’ll take whatever she can get. She and Lee toasted in the middle of the ring. After taking a sip, she said that no one is going to ruin her night but here dame Jordynne Grace. Grace walked down the ramp and said that she’s not there to ruin her party, she’s there to tell her to enjoy her title reign because it’s not going to last. Tenille Dashwood then arrived, all smiles. She thought that everyone was there to celebrate her return. Everyone around the ring was looking at each other with a puzzling look. Dashwood and Grace argued after Dashwood said that Grace’s time as a contender for the title is now over. As Grace headed up to confront Dashwood, the Wrestle House group teleported back to into the Impact ring. Each member cleared out, except for Susie and Kylie Rae who threw Purrazzo and Lee out of the ring.

  • Backstage, Brian Myers told Gia Miller he’s issuing a handshake agreement with Willie Mack next week. Moose interrupted his interview by asking if he’s seen EC3. Myers said he hasn’t, but he was extremely upset that Moose stole his TV time.
  • Eric Young defeated Eddie Edwards to become the new Impact World Champion. He used his mask to attack Edwards when the referee couldn’t see it. He continued to attack Eddie after the match, targeting the knee.
  • Moose found a room with boards filled with pictures of him. He tore them off to find this message, “You’ve been warned.”

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs Dez & Wentz

Dez and Fulton started off and they circle. Dez tried to avoid Fulton but Fulton powered Dez into the corner and manhandled him across the ring. Dez connected with a dropkick and went for a crucifix pin, but Fulton spun Dez around his body. Dez slid off the back and made the tag, they double-teamed Fulton with kicks and a double stomp. Wentz connected with fists and a kick but Fulton tripped Wentz up, stomped on his spine, then flipped him around. He picked Wentz up and tagged in Austin for a springboard elevated leg drop. Austin hit some kicks and an armlock that he stepped over on. Fulton distracted the ref while Austin used his card on Wentz’s hand. He continued with stomps in the corner before tagging in Fulton.

Fulton went up to the second rope and held him in the air in a sleeper for four. Fulton dropped before the five-count. Wentz connected with slaps to try and break it up but a leaping knee finally did the trick and both men tagged out. Dez leapfrogged over Austin, hit a kick, chucked Ace into his corner, hit a step-up enzuigiri to Fulton and a running elbow to Ace. He continued with a short-arm reversal into a couple of strikes, a snapmare and a back dropkick. Wentz was in now and hit a superkick, Fulton got angry but Wentz pulled down the ropes and Fulton was out of the ring. Double-team on Ace, then hit a superkick and a double stomp, Wentz dove onto Fulton and Dez followed, Wentz connected with another dive over the ropes and Madman was down. A moonsault took Fulton out, Dez connected with a spinning senton on Ace for the win.

– Impact World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs Eric Young

Eddie charged right in for a series of elbows in the corner. Young shoved Eddie away, Eddie came in but ate a back elbow. Eddie shot Young off the ropes into an inverted atomic drop and a belly-to-belly suplex. He then went right into punches, let Young get up and gave him a chop in the corner, another chop and a headbutt. Young fired back with a kick and slammed Edwards’ head into the turnbuckle. Young was in control now, he went for a head slam into the turnbuckle but the champ reversed and then hit a chop. He continued with an Irish whip across the ring and he went up and over onto the apron, caught Eddie and snapped his neck on the ropes. Back from the break, Eddie was coming off the ropes with a kick, followed by a series of elbows. Young went to block a punch but Eddie waited until his guard was down and decked him. A clothesline took him down.

Young was on the apron now, Eddie off the ropes hit a baseball slide under out to the mats and yanked Young off the apron. The whip was reversed and Eddie hit another baseball slide and a clothesline. Edwards rolled Young onto the apron, got up with him and went for a suplex. Young countered and they traded hard shots that Young got the best of before hitting a vicious neckbreaker on the apron. Young set Eddie on the apron and hit an axe handle off the apron. Young got Eddie up but Eddie fought back with chops. Young cut him off, whipped into the ropes, hit a baseball slide out of the ropes and connected with a diving neckbreaker. Young stomped at Eddie and choked him against the ropes for four. He went back in with a ropes-assisted crossface and then stomped on a downed Eddie in the corner. Young hit another neckbreaker in the middle of the ring and went right back to the neck with a wrench. Eddie got to his feet, hit some elbows out but got hit with a short-arm forearm and then another that took Edwards down hard. Wristlock from Young, but Eddie countered through and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Both men were down now, Edwards was up at seven and Young too. Edwards ran in with a takedown and then chopped and punches. He got Young in the corner, hit an overhand shot and a whip across the ring. He charged in but Young got a boot up, then clipped onto the second turnbuckle and yanked Eddie up by his head in an elevated inverted facelock. He let go at four and jawed at Eddie, who countered with a step-up kick and then hit a backpack Stunner. Eddie replied with a kick to the gut, went for a double underhook but got powered into the corner. Young charged in, Eddie dodged and hit a step-up enzuigiri. Young got put on the top rope, chop from Edwards who climbed up. He went for a superplex but Young fought out and knocked Edwards down with a top rope elbow.

Young was frustrated and grabbed Eddie in a wheelbarrow lift, Edwards elbowed out of it. They traded blows, Eddie took control with chops and whips across the ring. Young went out to the apron and ate a kick from Eddie. Eddie leapt over but came down hard on his knee. Edwards rolled Young in but ate a kick. They countered each other, Eddie ended up hitting a Tiger Driver. Both men slowed to get up, Eddie was limping, but he called for the Boston Knee Party and Young rolled out. Eddie dove but hurt his knee more. Edwards rolled Young in but was slow to get in himself, while Eric Young grabbed the title. The referee managed to get it away but while he was putting the title back, Young grabbed his mask and hit Eddie with it. The piledriver connected for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma(s) For a Nygma” 

Did Susie assassinate The Deaners and XXXL? When Tommy Dreamer looks at someone that way, that means he is really scared and what was behind the door was not super nice to see. The Su Yung inside Susie is trying to come back and it’s going to be bloody…

Tenille Dashwood comes back after 6 months away from the Impact Zone and puts herself on the line for a Knockouts title match… According to my statistics, Tenille has wrestled less than a dozen matches since her debut last year, when the other Knockouts…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Here comes the Bride…

This wedding will be THE event of the year. In my wildest dreams, it should happen at Bound For Glory, the groom would wear purple, Taya would be the Maid of Honor, Rosemary would wear black, Mr Mundo would be the ring bearer. When it comes to who could celebrate, I’m torn. Father James Mitchell is supposedly dead, Tommy Dreamer could fit that role perfectly but he could also be Bravo’s best man. One thing is sure, let them marry under the Principles of the Church of Satan (remember Brian Cage’s wedding)…

– And the new…

Why am I not surprised EY won the World Championship? When he announced he would choose the moment to face off Edwards, in a way Eddie already lost the title. EY is a World Class Maniac, he has played his own game since his comeback at Slammiversary. On a different level, he chose to sign exclusively with Impact Wrestling, which means he is decided to dedicate the next few years to the company only. Eddie and EY are like the 2 sides of the same coin, utterly talented, dedicated to the company, but when one is the heart and soul of the company, the other is representing violence, disorder and chaos.

– EC3

Some people know to make their presence be felt even when they are not physically there. A t-shirt, a hoodie, a face on screens, some boards filled with pics and words, EC3 scared Moose to death. No one knows when the title match will happen but the way EC3 is insinuating himself into Moose’s mind is just so well-built. I’m in love with this storyline and EC3’s path of destruction. But, that, you already knew it…

To be eNYGMAtic…

Of an action-flooded episode, I’m unable to say if I like it or not. So many things happened it was like a cannonball. Tenille’s return, Bravo’s proposal, MCMG offering a title shot to The Rascalz, the end of Wrestle House, EC3 playing mind games with Moose, Heath still not a member of the roster, Eric Young becoming the new World Champion, it was one rollercoaster of an episode. But where do we go with all of that?
Since Slammiversary, all the titles have changed hands, at least once. We’re eight weeks away from Bound For Glory, the chessboard is ready, the pieces are waiting to enter the game. Who will be the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, the Knight, the Pawn? We’ll see that in the coming weeks…
On this “Nygma Has Never Been Able To Play Chess” note, take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Basil Mahmud and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.