Welcome back to MLW Underground. Talk about learning a lesson. After last week’s lacklustre offering, the company fired back with a show stacked with action. We’d see Los Maximos take on their attackers, The Samoan Island Tribe. And we’d see not one, but two wars between Sabu and LA Park as the company took us through their blood feud. Prepare for blood and violence as the original LA Parka comes for the extreme legend Sabu and everyone close to him. Plus, we’ll look in on what’s new with MLW’s present and future stars through Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it.

The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Mana) defeated Los Maximos (Joel & Jose) via Super Samoan Drop

Our first dose of action came as Los Maximos came to the ring to call out the men who jumped them weeks ago. The music hits and The Samoan Island Tribe swagger out. They might have had an attitude but Los Maximos had no patience and dived on them instantly. Los Maximos continued the assault on their attackers and isolated Samu. They tried to double team Mana but he caught Jose and slammed him onto Jose’s back. They picked apart Los Maximos with chops and crotched Jose on the ring post outside. They started to isolate Joel and drilled him with slams and suplexes then hit with a sling blade and perched him on the top rope. He ate a belly to back superplex that sent him to the floor, then got driven back-first into the ring post. Mana destroyed Joel on the outside as Samu distracted the ref. They tagged again and hit Joel with a wishbone and straight jab to the balls. He had enough and finally launched some strikes back and foolishly managed to clamber to the top rope for a Swanton Bomb on Mana. When that failed to keep Mana down, he daftly went to the top rope again and got caught into a Samoan Drop. He would luckily get his escape when he knocked Samu off the turnbuckle and nailed a moonsault. He tagged out to Jose who floored both tribe members with a dropkick and twisting crossbody. He tried to get cute by making them headbutt each other but this backfired and they both nailed him with a double headbutt. That knocked him loopy and Mana finished him with a Super Samoan Drop. This was a murder. Los Maximos started hot but got quickly murdered by the power and size advantage of the tribe. This was definitely entertaining to watch and opened the show on a vicious note. Los Maximos would try to get revenge later in the show but got more of the same punishment as the Island Tribe gave MLW a warning.

Between matches we got:

  • Sabu attacking LA Park with a spike as he cut a promo as The Cuban Assassin, Bill Alfonso’s brother watched.
  • A promo from the Extreme Horsemen as they revealed in the fact, they may have ended PJ Friedman’s career due to the injuries they gave him before and during the match.
  • Another promo from CM Punk talking about how much better he is than everyone else. Apparently, straight edge means you’re better than everyone else.
  • A top 10 of contenders to Satoshi Kojima’s MLW Heavyweight Title.
  • More from Mike Awesome’s effect on Satoshi Kojima.
  • Highlights from LA Park vs Sabu 1 to illustrate how violent the pair can get.

Mexican Massacre: LA Park defeated Sabu (w/The Cuban Assassin Fidel Alfonso) via Rolling Heel Kick

Here we go, the main event. LA Park took on Sabu again in a match of his own design. This feud had seen one violent spectacle and claimed Bill Alfonso as a casualty and now would see one more match in LA Park’s playground of carnage. Park came out donned in a grotesque orc-like war helmet and street fight gear as he flipped off the fans and posed on his chair. We started with a bout of fisticuffs into a lock-up that Park won. He drove Sabu back to the corner and tried to choke him out, raking his face with a chained-up fist. He was dragged off and Sabu tried to take advantage with a cross arm breaker but they both ended up in the ropes. They traded technical holds and stiff, stiff strikes and kicks. The fight went outside so Sabu drove Park into a rail and pelted him in the face with a chair. That was followed by Air Sabu and Alfonso setting up a table. Park fought back and dropped Sabu face-first against the guardrail. The camera cut out then and returned to Sabu hitting Park with the step-up Moonsault. Another table was in the ring so Park was set on it with a chair on top of him and Sabu went up top. Park woke up, threw the chair at Alfonso, and smashed it into his head again. Sabu blindly put Alfonso through the table with a leg drop and ate a top rope rolling heel kick for the loss. Park cleverly took the win and beat the odds. This was another awesome looking chapter in the Park/Sabu feud but annoyingly we only got to see about 7 minutes of a much longer match. What was there, was great but I wanted more. When the highlights of the previous match were longer than the new one, it’s a bit disappointing. That being said, it was still a great serious of spots to show.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Team Filthy are out in force searching the Amazon for Dominic Garrini. Tom Lawlor and Erick Stevens were struggling in the Amazonian conditions as they looked for their lost teammate when all of a sudden Garrini appeared and he brought company, MLW’s newest signee Kevin Ku. Richard Holliday started his new interview series, Consume This, where he was supposed to interview Drake but Alicia Atout popped up and got some payback on the dynastic schemer. Konnan continued to insinuate that Salina de la Renta was in a dire situation. Savio Vega proposed a wrestle island event in Puerto Rico so he could give Richard Holliday a proper Caribbean champion welcome. Hammerstone was happy that MLW’s restart had been announced and was ready for change. Injustice’s Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed were of not having decent competition and claimed to be the best in the world when Brian Pillman Jr laid both out with a steel chair and maniacally laughed to end the episode.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube