All World Titles were on the line for AEW’s annual All Out PPV. FTR looked to be king of the tag team mountain and dethrone Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, Thunder Rosa sought to make a mark on the women’s division going head to head with Hikaru Shida and the cocky MJF tried to prove the audience deserved better by taking the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley. Did the show go all out or did it end up folding?

The Buy In: Joey Janela w/ Sonny Kiss vs Serpentico w/ Luther

Joey Janela began winning the opening exchange but Luther attacked Sonny Kiss when Janela went for a high-risk move causing him to be distracted and Serpentico was able to take advantage.

A senton attempt was countered by Janela and he followed up with a Death Valley Driver and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a close two-count.

The two men brawled on the second rope and Janela won the exchange with a great looking avalanche fisherman’s buster but still only managed a two-count.

Janela and Kiss fought off another distraction from Luther allowing Janela the opportunity to hit his top rope elbow drop for the win.

The serviceable opener between these two was a good pre-show taster. It was also nice to see Janela get a win after being demolished by Chris Jericho on Dynamite.

The Buy In: Private Party vs Alex Reynolds & Jon Silver

If you needed a match to sell the PPV and what to expect from AEW, this was it. Both teams were exceptional here with high energy and fantastic spots throughout.

After gaining control of the match, Reynolds and Silver isolated Kassidy making use of quick tags and frequent covers to wear down their opponent.

Kassidy managed an escape for the hot tag to Quen who hit a beautiful dropkick and a gravity-defying leap up moonsault from the top rope.

The action went nuts here as Private Party’s Silly String attempt was met with a double stomp from Silver followed by stunning reverse airplane spin for a very close two-count.

Isiah Kassidy went for a top rope senton but was met with the knees-up counter whilst Quen missed a 450-splash allowing the Dark Order team to hit a stunner/German suplex combo for another close two-count.

Private Party would prevail in the end as they managed to dispatch Reynolds long enough for the pair to hit the Gin and Juice on Silver for the win.

Definitely worth watching the Buy In for this one. Both teams were stunning here with Reynolds and Silver demonstrating how they may be the most underrated tag team in AEW.

Tooth and Nail match: Big Swole vs Britt Baker

A cinematic match that was thankfully brought onto the main card. This wouldn’t have worked for the Buy In at all as it’s not a match that demonstrates what to expect for the rest of the show and these deserved a spot on the main card regardless.

A poorly disguised Reba met Swole as she came to Baker’s dentist offices as Swole promptly smacked her with a clipboard.

Baker was shown stalking her offices like a horror movie villain and even set up some chattering teeth like she was the Jigsaw killer.

She coldly struck Swole with her Dentistry certificate and tried to tear out Swole’s teeth with pliers.

The pair began brawling outside on Baker’s ‘Roll Model-mobile’ with Reba returning again to help Baker get the advantage and planting Swole on the roof with a nasty DDT. The villainous pair tried to dump Swole in the dumpster but the ever-suffering Reba ended up being tossed in herself by Swole.

Baker took a cheap shot with a crutch to Swole and ran back into the office where she caught Swole with a spinning neckbreaker and got a close two-count. Baker has a great line where she laced her punches with the lines “this is my house; this is my world and I’m a dentist!”.

Brawling into an appointment room, Baker tried to drill into Swole’s face with an actual power drill but luckily missed. A trash-covered Reba returned with a syringe of novocaine and Baker tried to inject Swole with it. However, Swole thought back and Baker took a syringe in her leg before using another diploma and hitting the Dirty Deeds through the glass to take out the ever-suffering Reba.

Swole grabbed the limp legged Baker knocked out Baker with laughing gas as the referee had to call the match and declare Swole the winner.

This was dead fun and did a good job of letting Baker compete without exacerbating any of her injuries. Also, big props to Baker for taking a syringe in the leg for this match, that looked unpleasant, to say the least.

Jurassic Express w/ Marko Stunt vs the Young Bucks

There were some interesting character developments for the Young Bucks from the get-go as both of the brothers were acting very heelish and Matt Jackson threatened Marko Stunt on the outside.

Nick Jackson managed to fight off Luchasaurus long enough to manage a misdirect to make a tag to Matt and worked on taking the wind out of Luchasaurus’s sails.

Luchasaurus hit a powerbomb counter to the Bucks highflying antics and Jungle Boy was able to hit an awesome hurricanrana to the outside on the ramp.

Matt Jackson stopped a follow-up rebound attack from Jungle Boy with his patented Northern Light suplexes but the pair got a bit tangled on the ropes as it seems they intended to do the suplexes all the way from the ring to the outside. They recovered very well though so no harm was done.

Jungle Boy tried to get the desperate tag to Luchasaurus but a superkick from Nick took Luchasaurus off the apron.

Finally, Jungle Boy hit his hot tag as Luchasaurus began cleaning the house. He hit two huge tail whips, a pair of chokeslams and an impressive standing moonsault cover that was broken up by Nick.

A fantastic apron moonsault to the outside from Luchasaurus kept the Express in control again but a countering apron powerbomb followed with a destroyer tipped the scales to the Bucks.

A villainous Matt hit Marko Stunt with a superkick to add insult to injury before brutalising Jungle Boy with an assisted draping senton for a close two-count.

Luchasaurus hit a huge dive to Nick Jackson over the barricade and into the crowd as Matt failed to put Jungle Boy away with a superkick.

Another pair of superkicks with the help of Nick still didn’t put Jungle Boy away but the BTE trigger was enough to give the Bucks the win.

A fun spot filled match you’d expect from these teams elevated slightly by the attitude change from the Bucks. I did wish this match played more into the Bucks issues with Hangman Page and their relationship with Kenny Omega but as a fun tag match, this was everything you could have wanted.

The Casino Battle Royale

The first group consisted of Trent, Jake Hager, Christopher Daniels, the Blade and Rey Fénix as they brawled with no eliminations until the next group entered.

The second group saw Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor and Santana and Ortiz enter. The Proud N Powerful duo took the fight straight to Chuck Taylor and demolished him on the outside without an elimination. Trent flew at the pair with a suicide dive through the middle rope to even the odds.

First elimination saw Will Hobbs dump the Blade to the outside and he came very close to following up with a Fénix elimination but the Lucha Brothers managed to hold on.

The third group entered with Billy, the newly rechristened Penta El Zero M, Ricky Starks, Brian Cage and Darby Allin.

Before Allin entered, Cage immediately dumped Billy out of the match. This was quickly followed by Allin rushing to the ring and blasting Cage and Starks in the face with his skateboard before hitting a Code Red onto Starks to add insult to injury.

Fénix tried his top rope special but Allin eliminated him to the ramp. Best Friends gave the people what they wanted with a hug after a Sole Food/Half and Half combo but Santana and Ortiz took it away from them by eliminating Taylor.

The final group entered featuring Shawn Spears, who decided to go the commentary desk first to have his say, Eddie Kingston, the Butcher, Sonny Kiss and Lance Archer.

Lance Archer wasted no time as he hit a rolling dive to the inside to take out Kingston and his crew whilst Kiss managed an elimination on Hager. Kiss was unable to keep up the momentum however as Cage dumped him to the outside straight after.

An ill-advised running strike from Santana gave plenty of time for Trent to dodge and flip Santana to the outside and nearly doing the same with Ortiz. Archer got involved and tossed Trent to the outside over the hanging Ortiz’s head before clocking Ortiz and eliminating him as well.

The Joker’s time had come as Matt Sydal was the mystery final competitor. Tragically, however, his attempt at his signature Shooting Star Press was botched as he came clattering down and came very close to landing on his head. I felt so bad for Sydal and I hope this doesn’t affect his stock with AEW in any way as he’s a tremendous athlete who got incredibly unlucky here. This was Shockmaster levels of heartbreak for him.

Kazarian eliminated Penta and Butcher eliminated Kazarian as Cage went on a tear bludgeoning everyone in the ring including an accidental attack on his own partner in Ricky Starks after a dodge from Allin. Allin took full advantage and dumped Starks to the outside.

Cage took revenge with an Angle slam type manoeuvre before Starks pulled Allin under the ropes and proceeded to pull out a body bag and thumbtacks.  Cage poured the thumbtacks into the bag and zipped up Allin inside before dumping him to the stage and eliminating him.

Sydal was able to eliminate Spears with a draping double foot stomp on the apron but ate a massive spinebuster from Hobbs for his trouble.

Archer and Hobbs faced each other down before Archer hit a huge pounce onto Hobbs. Cage and Archer then turned their attention to each other and started taking clubbing blows to one another.

Hobbs caught Cage on a rope rebound and Archer took advantage with a double footed dropkick to take both the big men out.

Butcher and Kingston teamed up to take Archer off his feet but a tangle with Sydel saw the Butcher eliminated.

A powerbomb attempt from Archer to Sydal was countered as he leapt off Archer’s shoulders and hit a diving DDT onto Kingston.

Sadly, he was caught by Archer with a massive Blackout from Archer and finished off by Kingston. The last two men were Kingston and Archer as the commentators mentioned out of the blue that Kingston had a fear of snakes. Then hilariously, Roberts held up a sack that clearly didn’t have a real snake in it to distract Kingston.

Roberts flopped his snake-ridden sack around enough to allow Archer to hit a big chokeslam on Kingston to the outside as Archer was the last man standing. If the commentators didn’t tell us there was supposed to have a snake in this bag and Kingston was afraid of them, a part of the story would have remained a mystery.

As is the case with the Casino Battle Royale, it was quite sloppy but fun enough for the mad brawl it is. However, this is definitely the worst one they’ve done. The botch from Sydal was heartbreaking, the Allin body bag bump was reckless and could have seriously injured him and the finish with Kingston and his fear of snake bags was really lame and made Kingston look stupid. These two should have finished on a big brawl with each other and Kingston feels like he’d be a far more interesting option in the world title picture than Archer at the moment.

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

This match can’t be reviewed unfortunately due to an accident during the match. On a spot from a scissor lift both men fell but Matt Hardy fell a bit too forward to have the tables below catch his fall and his head hit the backstage concrete.

It seemed Matt Hardy was knocked out and Aubrey Edwards put up the X-symbol to call off the match. Matt Hardy tried to stand and carry on but his legs were like jelly and he had to be stopped.

After some confusion, Guevara and Hardy decided they would at least do the finish as they both scaled some scaffolding by the stage area and Guevara ended up sent clattering through the stage area.

This was hard to watch due to the accident and made it very difficult to stay focused during the PPV. It was also a bad idea to allow Hardy to climb the scaffolding considering how he was after the initial fall. It’s likely Matt Hardy told the officials he was good to go but, in my opinion, there should have been further prevention to call off the match entirely.

We all wish Hardy the best and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

AEW Women’s World Championship match: Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa

Both women sized each other up as they went nose to nose before a brawl escalated followed by a takedown and ankle lock attempt from Rosa.

Rosa brought the brutality to Shida with harsh strikes but ate a hurricanrana before the two-faced nose to nose once again.

Jumping strikes from Rosa knocked Shida off guard as Rosa showed her aggressive striking offence against Shida. However, Shida was able to break the offence with a gorgeous tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Shida grabbed a chair on the outside to do her patented jumping knee strike but Rosa had her scouted and beat her to the punch with a jumping knee strike of her own.

Stampedes into the corners and a follow-up backbreaker left Shida laying but she still managed to kick out and managed to get Rosa into a rear-naked choke. However, it was countered by Rosa into a unique hanging pendulum submission.

Rosa was nearly caught into a stretch muffler by Shida but managed to convert it into a spinning head scissors for the break.

A big suplex and a keen knee strike from Shida only mustered a two-count and Rosa nearly snuck a win on a roll-up counter to the Falcon Arrow showing the two were well matched in ability and resilience.

A basement dropkick from Rosa sent Shida to the ramp. As the pair tried to duel on the top turnbuckle after this, Rosa won the exchange and hit a devastating Death Valley driver on the apron but Shida still kicked out.

Shida countered a top rope attempt into a superplex on Rosa and followed up with a Meteora to Rosa on the ramp.

Astoundingly, Rosa kicked out of the Falcon Arrow at one and Shida responded with the Stretch Muffler but Rosa managed to make it to the ropes to force the break.

Backstabber from Rosa could only get a two-count again but Shida’s fighting spirit came out as she hit a huge running knee on Rosa which was enough to give her the victory and retain her title.

This was by far the best match of the night and the one you should watch. This was a battle between two warriors who needed to prove who was the better woman and it was an exceptionally well put together match.

The Dark Order vs The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky and Matt Cardona w/ Brandi Rhodes and Allie

Of all the matches, this one had the least amount of stock for the audience and it, unfortunately, felt that way as the match went on. The teams traded offence after a big brawl at the start with frequent tags between all members and a typical structure of the bad guys controlling a large portion of the match before the good guys managed to rally a comeback.

Everyone worked hard but it was hard to feel overly invested with what felt like a filler match on the card to get a bunch of the crew a payday.

The big story coming out of this was that Dustin Rhodes managed to get a roll-up pin on Colt Cabana after Brodie Lee had set him up for the victory.

After the match, an angry Lee took out his aggression on Cabana as Evil Uno stayed to help Cabana after the outburst.

AEW World Tag Team Championship match: Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega vs FTR

Page demanded to start the match and started hotly brawling with FTR. Omega tried to calm Page who nearly took a swing at Omega. After the pair managed to dispatch the retaliation by FTR, Page offered a high five with Omega that he was reluctant to reciprocate.

FTR managed to take control of the match as they took out their aggression on Page in their corner.

Page managed to get the tag to Omega who began to clean house and hit the ‘You can’t escape’ combo for a two-count.

A retaliating powerbomb from Dax Harwood followed by a German Suplex from Cash Wheeler came very close to taking it but Omega kicked out at the last second.

A revitalised Page rallied and helped his partner with an assisted German suplex and powerbomb/high knee combo but still couldn’t put FTR away.

A superplex/frog splash combo gave another two-count for FTR as Omega refused to give in.

A Goodnight Express attempt was thwarted as Page saved Omega narrowly. Omega attempted the One-Winged Angel but could not hit it as FTR lambasted Omega with Dragon screws and a Figure-Four Leglock to add additional pressure to the legs.

Omega escaped but FTR continued to attack Omega’s leg to stop his momentum.

Miraculously, Omega made the tag to Page who came flying with clubbing blows to clear out FTR. A flinging crossbody and huge senton to the outside left FTR laying but the time it took to get Wheeler into the ring meant Page couldn’t get the three-count.

Omega and Page finally seemed to have it together as they set up for their V-Trigger/Buckshot combo but a dodge from Wheeler saw Omega accidentally hit the V-Trigger on Page. FTR took swift advantage with a chop block to Omega’s injured knee. They finished off Page with two Mindbreakers to become the new AEW World Tag Team champions.

After the match, Omega teased striking Page with a folding stand but couldn’t bring himself to do it. A dizzy Page tried to lean on Omega who simply let him fall to the ground and left in disgust.

Backstage, the Bucks tried to comfort Omega but he was livid and said it was time for a ‘clean start’. He gave the Bucks a chance to decide if they wanted the same.

An incredibly solid tag match that was all about the psychology or Page and Omega’s issues and the supreme teamwork of FTR. Pure wrestling at its best.

Mimosa Mayhem match: Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

There isn’t a huge amount here to discuss with the match play-by-play other than to say this was very enjoyable throughout.

The match relied heavily on the close spots of falling into the Mimosa with lots of great near spill moments and back and forth between Jericho and Cassidy.

It was a great palette cleanser after all the horrible mistakes we’d seen earlier in the night and probably could have done with coming earlier in the night to help people’s minds reset.

It’s definitely worth a watch as a fun spectacle match with Cassidy managing to pick up the win after a two big Orange Punches to Jericho sent him splashing into the Mimosa.

Give this a watch if you just want to have a good time with tense Mimosa moments.

Full Gear announced

AEW World Championship match: Jon Moxley vs MJF w/ Wardlow

The start of this match was interesting as it’s easy to forget what a great technical wrestler MJF is. He had Moxley scouted frequently at the start of the match having a counter for everything Moxley threw at him.

Whenever Moxley got a blast of offence, MJF would either leave the ring or find a sneaky getaway to break the momentum.

Moxley finally hit a big move to take control, with a suicide dive to the outside. Moxley knocked MJF around the ring and into the barricades, knocking the smirk off MJF’s face.

There was a nice through the story here that MJF usually had the advantage when in the ring with his good mat style and psychological offence while Moxley excelled on the outside when things turned to a brawl.

A drag down arm attack from MJF caused damage to Moxley’s shoulder which MJF immediately sought upon to soften Moxley up for his Salt of the Earth submission.

MJF sent Moxley flying into the barricades with a huge shoulder block that looked very painful.

A cocky MJF took to the outside and he paid for it as Moxley catapulted MJF into the corner post busting him open.

Moxley looked as if he had to pop his own shoulder back in after the repeated assaults from MJF and took advantage of the dizzied MJF on the outside once again.

A piledriver could not put MJF away and Moxley took to biting MJF on the forehead, caking his face in MJF’s blood.

MJF managed to gain some momentum with another attack to Moxley’s arm as the pair began trading blows in the middle of the ring. Moxley won the exchange after a release German suplex and huge lariat but still could only get a close two-count.

Moxley instinctively went for the Paradigm Shift but realised his error. The pause was enough to allow MJF to lock in the Salt of the Earth as Moxley agonisingly tried to crawl to the ropes to make the break. He managed the break and MJF was unable to finish the job as the pair brutally began beating each other again.

A sleeper hold from Moxley was countered with a sneaky low blow out of the site of the referee but a roll-up couldn’t put Moxley away after.

Wardlow attempted to throw the Dynamite Diamond Ring to MJF while distracting the referee but Moxley scouted it and hit the Paradigm Shift while the referee wasn’t looking and took the victory.

This was a great match with the internal story of MJF’s prowess in the ring vs Moxley’s deadliness outside of it. It really put over MJF as a ring technician and he looked phenomenal in the loss here.


While this PPV had some standouts in MJF vs Moxley and Rosa vs Shida, the Matt Hardy accident, the botch from Sydal and the sloppiness of some of the matches let the PPV down. This felt nowhere near as fluid or cohesive as previous PPVs and less major story events failed to add additional intrigue to the matches.

There are some good matches here but a re-watch will certainly have you fast-forwarding many of the sections.

All pictures and videos provided by AEW

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