When you think of US deathmatch wrestlers… actually scratch that. When you think of deathmatches in general, location be damned, you think of many different names and people. For the past 10 plus years, Matt Tremont belonged on that list. The Bulldozer may just be one of the most beloved and most decorated deathmatch stars on the planet. Now, he’s announced that on October 30, 2020, he will be hanging up his boots and going his separate ways with a whole tour of matches leading up to that finale.

Tremont started out in CZW and rocked their wrestling division with Tournament of Death appearances, winning TOD 14 in 2014, as well as memorable feuds with Danny Havoc, DJ Hyde, Devon Moore, and most notable of all FMW deathmatch icon Atsushi Onita, of which Tremont was on both sides of the ropes with. He also scored a career victory teaming with New Jack and shockingly, despite his time in CZW only held the World Title once for 399 days before dropping the title in 2016.

Outside of CZW, Tremont worked with and prospered in IWA Midsouth winning back to back King of the Deathmatch tournaments, IWA Deep South’s Carnage Cup in 2013, GCW where he held their World Heavyweight Title and won the 2nd Nick Gage Invitational tournament, beating Nick Gage himself in the finals. Tremont also formed H8 Club with Gage where they have teamed up in both matches and on commentary as a devastating veteran team. He also became the first-ever Synergy Pro Wrestling Champion by winning their inaugural title tournament and enjoyed a 196-day reign.

Now, Tremont has been looking to share his knowledge and founded the H2O OR Hardcore Hustle Organisation. This is his own promotion where he worked with the late Danny Havoc and boasts a wealth of talent from its training school as well as a whole host of successful events. This will form the final resting place for Tremont’s career as he takes on Rickey Shane Page at The Last Extravaganza weekend on October 30th. Starting tonight, September 7th, Tremont will be doing a whole tour of retirement matches at his own organisation and afar, saying goodbye to the fans and potentially passing the torch, as he did with AKIRA at ICW No Holds Barred Volume 3 in July. If you can attend be sure to see the Bulldozer one last time before he retires to a behind-the-scenes role.

As a world travelled veteran and beloved deathmatch/wrestling icon, it’s safe to say the talent he is training is in good hands and that his work will continue to shine on through the H2O’s exceptional in-ring talent. As I said, be sure to check the dates and shows and see if you can attend one because we all know Tremont is going to go out on the tour of a lifetime to further cement a career that belongs in the history books.

As deathmatch editor here at SteelChair I just want to extend my best wishes for the future and look forward to seeing what the Separate Ways Tour provides.

All images courtesy of Matt Tremont Twitter, Earl Gardener Photography, Frankie Kurtz Photography Videos courtesy of Matt Tremont YouTube

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