Welcome back to Indianapolis Indiana for more GCW action. This time, we’d have a bumper card of wild matches and first times as Alex Colon mixed it up with Chris Dickinson, Joey Janela went to war with Effy, Blake Christian took on dream opponent ACH, and much much more occurred over 3 plus hours of action. Let’s get into this monster of a show.

Jordan Oliver defeated Benjamin Carter via Pumphandle Driver

First up was a guaranteed speedy and flying fight as Jordan Oliver met the Prodigy, Ben Carter in singles action. Both of these guys have bright futures so this fight was purely to decide whose present is brighter. Oliver started with some stalling shenanigans and felt the wrath of Carter. We got a series of power vs speed reversals until Oliver bailed and ate a series of dives. Carter attacked on the outside and then ate an eye rake into a Tiger Suplex from Oliver. He continued to dominate Carter whilst taking time to pose and trash talk. He slammed Carter out of a comeback and punished him with chops. Carter launched back with a clip of machine gun chops but Oliver withstood and continued to kill Carter with more chops and a vicious double stomp on the outside. Carter tried to fight back and escaped a superplex with a headbutt but Oliver fired back with a dropkick and hit the superplex. Carter rolled it into a small package and both guys took the other out with kicks. They slugged it out and Carter came back with an enzuigiri and handspring hangman’s elbow. He followed up with a running shooting star press and nailed a Frankensteiner to the floor on Oliver. He landed a springboard dropkick back in-ring then ran into a superkick and spinning tombstone. He went top rope but got dragged down with a Spanish Fly and winded with a double stomp. Carter missed a frog splash and Oliver hit the Clout Cutter. He picked up Oliver into a Pumphandle Driver and won the match. Carter tried his best here but he couldn’t outmuscle the newly heavyweight Jordan Oliver. It was a damn good match though.

Chris Dickinson defeated Alex Colon via STF

Next up is a dream match for any GCW fan. The dirty daddy vs the deathmatch daddy. This would be a great showcase for Alex Colon’s technical skills as he took on the brutally stiff style of Dickinson. They quickly locked up and traded holds. They went for round two and Colon bailed. He tried to lock up again but Dickinson overpowered him and knocked him outside, into some chairs. The fight went outside so Colon raked the eyes and smashed Dickinson into more chairs. After a couple of chair shots, Dickinson woke up and started striking down Colon. He grabbed a chair to powerbomb Colon onto but that was reversed into a back body drop over the chair. Colon tried to capitalise but Dickinson scooped him up and slammed him onto another chair. Back in-ring, Dickinson attacked the shoulder then locked in a single leg crab. Dickinson continued to target the knee with Dragon Screws and a Figure-Four. Colon reversed the pressure and went after the leg of Dickinson as vengeance. Colon beckoned Dickinson to hit him and ate a DDT. They traded strikes until both men were downed with chops and an enzuigiri. They traded more slugs until Colon ducked a lariat and flattened Dickinson with an elbow. That was followed by a dive and a splash into double knees. They both struggled to their feet and Dickson hit a DVD and Suplex for two. He pummelled Colon with chops and ate a double thrust into a Code Red from Colon. He then went back to Dickinson’s leg and hit a superkick but couldn’t keep the dirty daddy down. He locked in a Figure Four but Dickinson fought out and downed Colon with a lariat. He gave Colon the same treatment and re-applied the Figure Four. He continued to destroy Colon’s knee and rocked him with a vicious running Powerbomb. That transitioned into an STF and a slew of elbow drops to the knee. Dickinson reapplied the STF and Colon tapped. This was excellent. Best of both worlds Colon took it to Dickinson but I don’t think anyone can stop Dickinson right now. This was amazing and Dickinson continued to be fired up throughout.

Tony Deppen defeated Calvin Tankman via Dirty Roll-Up

Next up would be another big challenge for Tony Deppen. He’s taken on big men in the past but he would need to be Deppen the giant slayer to take out Calvin Tankman, the newest monster in GCW. Bill Alfonso also appeared to take over on commentary. Deppen instantly made a mistake by disrespecting Tankman and mocking his size. Deppen tried to dodge him and ran into a brick wall of a shoulder. Tankman then wowed with his agility and cracked Deppen with a massive dropkick. Deppen struck back with a knee strike and went to the knee to bring down the big man. He continued to kick at the knee and dropped a snot rocket on Tankman’s back. He tried to chop it out with Tankman and regretted his life choices when Tankman floored him. He chopped Deppen in the corner and launched with him a Biel. Deppen tried to strike back and got launched with a spinebuster. Tankman collapsed so Deppen tried to choke him out. He tripped Tankman into the ropes for a running body attack but Tankman caught the second into a vicious powerbomb. That was followed by a clothesline and a slugfest. Deppen went to the leg and tried for a springboard but Tankman knocked him out of the air with a pounce. Tankman missed the running shooting star press and ate a KO forearm and cannonball on the outside. He went top rope for a double stomp and couldn’t keep Tankman down. The pair traded more strikes and Deppen injured himself trying to hoist Tankman up. Calvin hit the fire-thunder driver but only got two. Deppen avoided a Suplex and got in more strikes to the knee and used a dirty roll-up to win the match. This was awesome. Deppen got the W through devious means as there was no way he could outmuscle Tankman. Deppen and Tankman are incapable of putting on bad matches.

The IronBeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) defeated Tre Lamar and Lee Moriarty via Asmodeus Combo

Speaking of giants… how about a team of them? That was up next as The IronBeast made their second tag appearance. Mercer and KTB would be taking on the Big-Starkz branded team of Moriarty and Lamar. Mercer and Lamar started with a series of dodges then both tagged out. KTB and Moriarty did more of the same, trading pin attempts as they did so. Mercer and KTB were taken out by double-team offence and ate a dive from Lamar. They hit Mercer with a double leg-sweep and had his arm worked over. He escaped by launching Lamar with an Exploder and picked Moriarty up into a Gorilla Press. He tagged out and threw Moriarty into a piledriver from KTB. They did the same to Lamar with an assisted Powerslam. They continued to double-team Moriarty with multiple strikes and strength combos then KTB tried to get Moriarty to fight back. He nearly escaped but Mercer caught him and threw him into a beast bomb from KTB. Lamar was knocked off the apron and it looked grim for Moriarty but he hit a leapfrog X-factor on Mercer and dropped KTB with a bulldog. He made a much-needed tag to Lamar, who leaped into the ring and nailed Mercer with ana elbow. He tripped IronBeast into the ropes and hit both with a double dropkick. KTB was singled out and hit with more double-team combos from Lamar and Moriarty. Mercer got the same treatment with a pin combo but KTB made the save. He overpowered both men into a double Suplex and took Moriarty out with a twisting cutter. Lamar made a blind tag and tried to throw KTB into Mercer but Mercer safely caught his teammate and finished Lamar with a powerbomb/German Suplex combo. I love IronBeast. They are so big, bad, and brutal and they gave Moriarty and Lamar one hell of a showcase.

Allie Kat defeated Ethan Page via Backslide

Allie Kat came to the ring after that and issued an open Meow-llenge to anyone? That was accepted by Ethan Page. Joey Janela took over from Fonzie and Page bet his entire career on the fact he could beat Allie Kat. He enjoyed a streak of overpowering Allie then ate the corner combo and furball. Page reversed the Pussy Piledriver then bulldozed Allie with a vicious shoulder tackle. They traded kicks and Page went for the Big Boy Bomb but Allie wiggled free and reversed it into a backslide for the win. Page’s career was over as per the stipulation and had to retire. He freaked out and Joey Janela headed to the ring to offer him a deal. He didn’t have to retire if he agented the Spring Break 4 Clusterfuck. Page agreed and saved his career after a bit of an embarrassing loss.

AJ Gray defeated Mance Warner via Rear Naked Choke

Oh boy, was this going to be a fight. The Truth AJ Gray taking on the master of lariats and light beers, Mance Warner. They started with chops and moved onto some very snug slugs. They moved onto overhand chops and Warner tried for the eye-poke and DDT. Gray dodged and went after Warner’s leg, kicking it, attacking it in the ropes, and twisting him up. Gray hoisted him up into a Suplex and continued to tie Warner in knots. Warner kicked free and launched Gray into a pop-up headbutt and spinebuster. He jabbed at Gray, building to the eye-poke when Gray kicked his knee out again. He hit Warner with a powerslam and tried to lock in a deathlock. He trapped Warner around the turnbuckle and ate the mat as Warner reversed a powerbomb. They entered into another slugfest until Mance nailed an eye-poke and running knee. Gray came back with a lariat and locked in a single leg then worked it into a choke. Mance passed out and Gray was declared the winner. This SGC showcase proved what tough bastards both men are with Mance giving Gray something to think about, even if he lost.

Scramble: Atticus Cogar defeated Dyln McKay, Cole Radrick, Ace Austin, Nate Webb & Jimmy Lloyd via Theft

Time for the clusterfuck match. It would be GCW favourites, a returning Ace Austin, 44OH! and H2O all colliding for a scramble match of epic proportions. Dyln McKay got the chance to showcase H2O wrestling against Atticus Cogar, Jimmy Lloyd, Cole Radrick, Nate Webb, and Ace Austin. Cogar annoyed everyone instantly by attacking Webb so he got beat down by everyone, getting Sabu’ed with a chair. Austin took out Radrick and McKay then ate a backbreaker from Radrick. Lloyd messed up Radrick with a low moonsault. Cogar bashed his head in with a chair then had it kicked into his face by McKay. He was attacked by Webb and helped throw Webb onto everyone with a moonsault. McKay followed with a dive then got taken out by Radrick. He and Austin hit stereo dives then Radrick hit a step up Enzuigiri on Austin. He took out Radrick then ate a boot from Lloyd. McKay rushed Lloyd and spiked him with a Poisonrana into a unique DDT. He then hit a Shooting Star Press onto Radrick then another onto Lloyd. Cogar broke up the pin then took out McKay and Austin with dives and moonsaults. Radrick returned and bit Cogar’s finger and nailed a quadruple step moonsault. He speared Cogar through a door and ate a piledriver and Styles Clash from Lloyd. Austin got into another war with Lloyd as McKay set up another door. He tried to put Austin through it with a 630 senton but got nothing but the door. Webb took out Austin with a ladder and nailed McKay with a ladder-sault. Cogar pushed him out and stole the win. Typical 44OH! BS to cost a favourite of GCW. Webb did all the work and Cogar stole the win. Other than that, great match and a great showing for Dyln McKay and Ace Austin.

Joey Janela defeated Effy via Superkick

Next up was a special one. Would Daddy be able to control the bad boy? Janela has been on quite a run lately and it would be up to Effy to stop him. They locked up and Janela took control, trapping Effy in a Muta Lock. Janela avoided the ass and locked Effy in another arm-wringer. Effy responded with a backhand and started targeting Janela’s back. They traded elbows and Janela regained control with a running elbow. He backhanded Effy and drove him head-first into the mat with a DDT. He nailed Effy with a shot to the ass and baited Effy into giving up his neck for a chop. He targeted Effy’s chest and got a door. He threw some plunder in the ring and set the door up outside. Effy recovered and bit Janela’s nipple. He launched him with a Northern Lights and winded him with a body attack. Janela fired back and cracked Effy with a Finlay roll/PK combo. They traded shots and Effy brought Janela down with a giant leg drop. He tried to follow up from the second rope but missed and ate a German. He continued beating on Effy and dropped him with a second German. Effy fired back with a German of his own and hit the TKO/Dragon Sleeper combo. Janela broke free and hit a running dropkick and Fisherman buster. They traded kicks and Effy nailed the Leg DDT. They slugged it out on the apron so Janela went to the eyes and dropped Effy onto the apron. He put a door on Effy and hit a double stomp then rolled him into the ring for the Bad Boy Elbow. He put Effy through the door and got put through the door on the outside via blockbuster from Effy. Janela survived and blasted Effy in the head then hit a Package Piledriver and a double stomp for a two-count. Janela nailed him with a final superkick and took the win. This got really tense as Janela wasn’t playing about. He was mean and he was all business against Effy. You know you’re tough when Janela takes you seriously. He even asked to come to the Big Gay Brunch.

Rickey Shane Page (w/Gregory Iron & Atticus Cogar) defeated Matthew Justice via camera cut out

Who wants to see a title match? Tough, RSP won’t defend the title but he’ll give guys matches. This time it was the human embodiment of thrash metal, Matthew Justice who was taking on the champ and his cronies. RSP cut of Justice’s entrance and took his time coming to the ring. He started the match by stalling but Justice followed him and hit a cannonball to the floor. He beat RSP around ringside and nailed him in the head with a can. Iron interfered and RSP kicked him off the turnbuckle. Justice was pummelled by RSP and ate a back-drop kick to the kidney. This assault continued in the corner but was so hard to watch that it killed the fight camera feed. Sadly, no more of the match was shown. This actually saddens me as RSP and Justice probably had an awesome match.

Blake Christian defeated ACH via Elia

The camera finally came back to the sounds of Blake Christian’s entrance theme. These two are considered some of the best in the world so you knew this was going to be magic. ACH has developed an any-means-necessary approach and I expected to see it come into play again here. ACH started by overpowering Christian in a duo of lock-ups then went into an avoidance sequence with Christian that led to a standoff. They locked up a final time and ACH caught Christian with an inverted atomic drop then ate a dropkick to the face. He bailed and Christian went for his springboard pose, only to be blindsided by ACH rushing the ring again. Christian responded with a handspring back elbow and a series of kicks then took the fight outside. He chopped ACH against the ring then hit a springboard senton back into the ring. They traded elbows then ACH caught Christian with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He threw Christian outside and chopped him in the fan seats. They went towards the river and traded strikes on a bench. The chops kept flying and ACH threw Christian into a ring post. Back in-ring, Christian tried to mount a comeback but that was squashed by a knee kick and double stomp. He continued to pummel Christian and worked over the back. Christian finally escaped by rotation kicking out of a hold and nailed ACH with an enzuigiri, sending him outside again. He nailed ACH with a tope and a springboard lariat. He kicked down ACH and nailed him with a snap German. ACH came back and tripped Christian down into a low dropkick. He sent Christian to the outside and hit a dive with such force that sent both of them into the third row. He drilled Christian with a duo of clotheslines then ate a sunset flip double stomp from Christian. He tried for an apron Suplex but ACH snapped his neck across the ropes then nearly put him to sleep with a slingshot cutter.

He couldn’t keep Christian down and gave him some disrespectful shoves. Christian fired up and took out ACH’s legs with a roll then hit a low Tiger Feint Kick. He tried to follow up with a springboard 450 but ACH got his knees up and drilled Christian with a brainbuster. They fought up to the top rope and after a string of reversals, ACH nailed Christian with a sunset bomb. He missed a follow-up 450 so Christian caught him with a Spanish Fly and Springboard 450. They slugged it out then went to kicks and Christian spiked ACH with a poisonrana. He finished the match by nailing a knee strike, planting ACH with a Butterfly DDT, and getting the three-count with Elia. This kicked all the ass. ACH is a monster and he gave Blake Christian hell. Christian lived up to his All-Heart nickname and just chalked up a massive win.

So, there you have it, GCW’s Bring Em Out reviewed for your reading pleasure. Bar the technical difficulties, this show kicked ass. Every match had something fun to enjoy and we continue to see the stars of GCW upcoming and present continue to fire on all cylinders and put on exceptional matches. Blake Christian is on the road to being a megastar, Janela is bringing friends to the Big Gay Brunch, The IronBeast seem unstoppable and, it’s only a matter of time before someone comes for RSP and his 44OH! goons. The Collective looms in the distance and we have a lot of hype for those coming events.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, SirLARIATO, HeyyImRob, Wrestling With Unicorns

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