All Out was a little rough by AEW standards but could they right the ship on the follow-up AEW Dynamite?

Jurassic Express w/ Marko Stunt vs the Lucha Brothers w/ The Butcher, the Blade and Eddie Kingston

Jungle Boy and Rey Fénix started off with a speedy rally full of the impressive speedy spots you’d expect from the pair before Fénix tagged to Penta Cero M and the pair hit an innovative assisted wheelbarrow splash.

Impressive speedy offence from Jungle Boy with a headscissors on Fénix, that also took out Penta, but the Lucha Brothers very quickly recovered and began wearing down Jungle Boy to halt his speed.

Luchasaurus began to throw the Lucha Brothers around like ragdolls after a hot tag. He hit a huge chokeslam from Fénix on the top rope but Penta broke up the following pin attempt.

A really cool Gory bomb/leg drop combo to both opponents from Fénix put the Lucha Brothers back in the lead. They hit their foot stomp/pile package driver combo to Jungle Boy followed by a somersault plancha to Luchasaurus on the outside from Fénix but Jungle Boy miraculously kicked out at two.

The Lucha Brothers made a mistake as Jungle Boy moved Fénix into the way of the Panama Sunrise from Penta that allowed Jungle Boy to sneak a roll-up victory on Fénix.

After the match, the Lucha Brothers began shoving and fighting each other before Kingston demanded they stop. Butcher and Blade pulled the brothers apart as Kingston decried their loss at the Casino Battle Royale.

Kingston demanded the pair shake hands as Penta continued to refuse. Kingston said “shake hands” another 500 times until the pair finally shook hands and hugged.

Finally, Kingston said to look up the rules as he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale. This was a reference to the fact that Kingston had technically gone under the rope prior to his elimination at the PPV and therefore hadn’t re-entered the ring to be thrown over the top.

Fun, high-speed opening match but the post-match fallout was a little longer than it needed to be.

Matt Hardy makes a statement after All Out

Matt Hardy thanked the audience in the crowd and at home for supporting AEW as well as the well-wishes he’d received. He said he was a lucky man to have not had any serious injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

He said he was a lucky man as he pointed to his wife and newborn who were at the arena and apologised he’d put his children and others through the scariness of his injury.

He said he would take some time to recover and he intended to aim for his first AEW Championship on his return.

This was a nice babyface promo from Hardy and it’s fantastic to see him in such good state after the scary injury he faced. A return from Matt Hardy as himself would be a welcome return and a new angle for him.

Orange Cassidy vs Angélico w/ Jack Evans

A distraction from Evans allowed Angélico to get a cheap shot early on as Cassidy worked to fight his way out of numerous unique holds that Angélico attempted to put Cassidy into.

A spinning DDT from Cassidy was countered into an inverted STF by Angélico but Cassidy managed to get the rope.

Cassidy threw Angélico to the outside and hit a diving elbow to the outside followed by a successful spinning DDT back in the ring. Finally, Cassidy nailed Angélico with the Orange Punch for the win.

After the match, Santana and Ortiz rushed the ring and blindsided Cassidy with a baton and a madball before Best Friends came out to make the save.

Chuck Taylor had had enough of the pair as he got on the microphone and challenged them to a parking lot brawl next week. Trent vowed to hurt Santana and Ortiz and to make his mama proud before Cassidy and the Best Friends had a big hug in the ring.

This was a cool match that showed off the technical ability of Cassidy on top of his high-flying fun style. It’s also great to see the way Cassidy has been moved into a serious competitor role that removes a lot of the silly aspects of his character yet retains the fun of it. Good stuff all around.

Poor Alex Marvez

Marvez had come to knock on the Young Bucks dressing room to get an interview but was met with a superkick on the door opening. Later in the night, it was revealed the Bucks were to be fined $5000 each for the assault.

We’re gearing up for a heel Elite and I’m very excited about it. It’s the right move as it makes the whole Elite stable more interesting and works as a tool to manoeuvre Page and Omega back into singles competition.

Kip Sabian reveals his best man

Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford came to the ring to reveal their best man. Sabian plugged his Twitch channel and then gave two fakeouts of who it could be. One was a Twitch sub who Sabian admonished and told him to remember to resub and Brian Billman Jr who Sabian also insulted.

Finally, the reveal came as the best man was revealed to be Miro, fka Rusev in WWE. He cut a promo stating that he’d spent ten years in the same house chasing an imaginary brass ring and they could shove that brass ring up their ass.

He said Sabian picked him not because he’s a best man but because he’s the best man. He promised to devour man after man on TV and proclaimed he was all elite.

Miro is a poster boy for underutilised talent in WWE. He’s a star with a great look, ring ability and a legitimately good talker to boot. I am so excited to see what he can do in AEW and he somehow made a promo where he describes himself as “the best gamer” sound intimidating and fierce.

Hangman Page talks about his loss

A solemn Page talked about how fans thought it was inevitable they’d lose the titles but it didn’t need to be. He blamed himself for letting FTR get in his head and that he’d lost two of his best friends in the Young Bucks.

Page said he hoped he and Omega could get through this.

This was excellent work from Page here as it seemed like he was on the verge of tears at times. It feels real and the downward spiral of Page is being sold incredibly well. Page is a superstar in the making, no doubt.

No DQ/no count-out match: Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss vs Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

Janela and Kiss started out strong against Le Champion showing off how much they’ve become a cohesive unit.

A big suicide dive to the outside from Janela was followed by him grabbing a chair and wailing on Jericho. He made a mistake however as he tried to use the chair as a launchpad for a running elbow which Jericho countered with a backdrop onto the chair.

After the break, the Inner Circle pair had set up a table on the outside and were brutalising Janela in their corner. He managed to fight out by throwing Jericho into a chair Jericho had set up in the corner earlier and got the hot tag to Kiss.

Kiss thought valiantly against Hager, even countering a leg drag with the splits but Jericho stopped him in his tracks before he could secure a pin.

Janela and Jericho brawled to the entrance stage but Jericho got the better of Janela and monkey flipped him into a waiting Hager who lobbed him into the table by ringside.

Kiss tried to hold on by himself, even hitting the Xs and Os on his opponents but the numbers game was too much as a blast from a fire extinguisher courtesy of Jericho left Kiss open for a slam by Hager for the three-count.

After the match, Jericho made it known to the crowd that he and Hager had their eyes set on the AEW World Tag Team championships.

A fun match where Janela and Kiss looked like they had their team dynamic on track and Jericho and Hager in the tag division should be a fun romp.

FTR celebrate their title win

FTR were in the ring with Tully Blanchard celebrating their AEW World Tag Team Championship victory from All Out with the tag teams on the roster surrounding the ring.

The new champions took digs at everyone, with their final dig aimed at Jurassic Express who will be facing them next week in a non-title match. FTR said if they could beat them, they’d get a title shot before laying into them as cosplay, comedy wrestlers who they wouldn’t be seen dead losing to.

FTR antagonised them more as they narrowly escaped a beating from Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt dumped the ice from their beer cooler on their heads. That’s another ruined beer cooler they’ll have to replace, I should start keeping track of them.

Some of these digs leaned a little too far into burial but it does at least get over the idea that FTR see themselves as a step above the other teams and they care about fundamentals over everything.

Nyla Rose vs Tay Conti

Tay Conti came out emotionally having apparently signed that day. Fantastic signing and another WWE talent that was underutilised.

Conti started off with some keen kicks to keep Rose at bay but Rose’s power was too much, putting Conti on the backfoot.

After the break, Conti started to fight back with a rebound sunset flip from the top rope but ended up being countered into a hefty powerbomb.

Conti didn’t take it lying down as she trapped Rose into an armbar but unfortunately this was countered too into a Beast bomb that put Conti away.

After the match, Vickie Guerrero got on the microphone to say the Vicious Vixens were here before prompting Rose to attack Conti. Shida came out for the save with her kendo stick and scared Rose off.

A fine squash match but was unfortunate to see Conti take such a beating, although it will likely lead into her joining the Dark Order. Rose and Shida will probably be a good match up but we’ve seen it before and it would be more interesting to see a new title matchup for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Kenny Omega discusses the loss at All Out

Omega spoke to JR saying losing the belts is part of the game but felt like the chemistry he and Page had convinced him that tag competition may have been the reason he was in AEW.

Despite this, Omega said he was done with his tag team with Page and intended to take on the singles competition again.

A very un-heelish promo here that didn’t really sell the post-match blowout Omega had at All Out but like the Page interview, it felt very honest which was a great aspect of both interviews.

Interesting to note that the colours of the interview rooms may hint at Omega’s dark side as he was bathed in red whereas Page’s interview was in blue.

TNT Championship match: Dustin Rhodes vs Brodie Lee (c)

Rhodes didn’t wait for the announcing to be done as he blindsided Lee. The brawling spewed out to the back where Lee was flipped into a table in the arena that didn’t break. Nice Botchamania reference from Excalibur on commentary as he exclaimed: “I am the table”.

They got back into the ring and the bell rang with Lee taking revenge on Rhodes with some hefty chops.

After the break Rhodes mounted his come back with his classic rally of flying lariats, a drop-down uppercut and the best powerslam in the business.

Unbelievably, Rhodes hit a second rope hurricanrana followed by a Yoshi Tonic for a close two-count.

A Cross Rhodes from the Natural still wouldn’t put Lee away and he bit back with a superkick jackknife powerbomb but Rhodes kicked out at two.

Rhodes managed to hit a piledriver but Lee grabbed the rope for a break at the last second.

The pair, exhausted from their brawl, would begin trading blows with Lee winning in the end with a pair of thrust kicks and his discus lariat to retain his TNT Championship.

The Dark Order came to the ring to celebrate with Lee but Lee demanded Colt Cabana leave the ring, still mad at the loss at All Out. Lee and the Dark Order added insult to injury with an unprotected kick to the nuts from Lee to close out the show.

This match was great, it was a big hoss brawl and fight that really played into Rhodes as the plucky babyface who could go toe to toe with the brutishness of Lee.

A really fun match ended a very entertaining episode of Dynamite. Miro was an excellent surprise, the interview segments with Page and Omega felt real and impactful and the show had a great meaty finish in the main event title match. I wish there was more of Omega turning to the dark side but I’m assuming that’s on the horizon.

All pictures and videos provided by AEW

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