Welcome back to another duo of deadly ICW No Holds Barred shows emanating from the Blood Shed. First up was Pit Fighter X, a secret pit fighting show from the blood barn where all the matches would take place in an actual octagonal cage. With no idea who could show up and what violent fuckery could commence, ICW NHB had a formula for success. Did they nail it? Let’s get into it and find out.

Fights, Camera, Action

Eric Ryan defeated Orin Veidt via Temple Shot KO

The first match opened with one of 44OH!’s best Eric Ryan taking on the Wizard King, Orin Veidt. We went through a collar and elbow introduction before Ryan started forking Veidt and choked him out with a chain. We got more fork stabs and Veidt hoisted Ryan into a backbreaker stretch and dragged him face-first across a knife board and put him through a fork board. He tried to lock in a submission but Ryan stabbed him in the leg. Veidt shook it off, smashed Ryan with a board, and locked in an ankle lock. Ryan swung back with a door and the two slugged it out. Veidt hammered a gusset into Ryan’s head, then got speared through a broken can board. Ryan hopped on top and won with a KO through temple shots. This was a fast and furious opening bout that showcased what the Pit would be like with a nice mix of technique and fuckery. We even got post-match interviews which made Ryan look like a prick. He said if Veidt wanted a second match he’d have to earn it. That being said, it’s great to finally have Veidt in ICW NHB. Fuck 44OH! count: 1

Dominic Garrini defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Rear Naked Choke

Next up was someone suited perfectly for the Pit, the Bone Collector Dominic Garrini against the Different Boy and fuckery master, Jimmy Lloyd. Garrini instantly used his BJJ experience to launch some Muay Thai knees and launch some ground and pound shots. He continued to beatdown a prone Lloyd but Lloyd wasn’t giving up. They traded submission attempts then Lloyd cracked Garrini with a trio of chair shots. He tried to put Garrini through a door with a DVD but Garrini counted and launched Lloyd through instead. He then put Lloyd through a second with a German and the duo had a broken door bar fight. Garrini stunned Lloyd and locked in a sleeper. Lloyd remained cognizant and dumped Garrini through a barbed-wire door but couldn’t break Garrini’s hold and tapped out. He tried to remain indestructible but he could keep up with the MMA-infused skills of Garrini. In a post-match interview, he stated no one would be able to best him in the Pit. Lloyd was pissed he lost. Another excellent clash of styles pit fight. A very dominant win for Garrini.

Alex Ocean vs Danny Demanto ends in no contest

That was followed by one hell of a shock as Danny Demanto, owner of ICW NHB, came out of retirement to fight the Neck Break Kid, Alex Ocean. He seemed hyped to fight but Ocean wasn’t impressed. Demanto gave a tribute to Xavier and called Ocean a soft bitch before they squared up. Demanto gave him the first shot then completely destroyed him with slugs and a can-covered bat. He hammered Ocean with a gusset and threw a chair into his face. He then tried to make Ocean the brokeback kid by scoop slamming him onto an open chair. Ocean returned fire with a bat-assisted Nutcracker and a shadow kick combo. Demanto crawled out of the cage as Ocean set up a door. Ocean beat him down around the cage and Demanto initiated a bar fight. Ocean tried to fire up but Demanto bitch-slapped him down and caved his head in with a chair. He set Ocean against a door and tried to use Mittens (a staff member) as a weapon but ended up just putting him through a door with a DVD and eating a chair to the face. Ocean set another door up outside and tried to put Demanto on it but got suplexed to the floor and put through the door with a diving elbow from the rafters of the Blood Shed. The ref through up an X and the match was stopped. A bit of a dumb decision in a show like this but I can see the logic given the fighters. However, they could have ended it on a much more insane stunt that this. That being said, what we got was pretty fun, and was the time we’ve seen a proper attitude fight tonight. Demanto showed some respect to Ocean and cradled his injured arm to the back.

Reed Bentley defeated Eddy Only via Butterfly Piledriver

Oh, this was going to get nasty. Eddy Only, 44OH!’s resident smoking sleazebag was about to do war with the most underrated member of the Rejects, Reed Bentley. Who would stand tall in the next chapter of this ongoing faction war? Only started by cowering to the exit, only for the ref to bring him back. The two locked up and dragged each other around the cage. Only showed off some “white trash graps” and locked in a side headlock. He kept it locked in, even as Bentley dropped with a Back Suplex. Reed shook him off by putting him through a door and beating him with the broken pieces. Bentley then gave him a saw to the face and cut at his arm before being initiating a chop-fest with Only. After one chop, Only tried to bail again but used this as a ruse to trap Bentley and slam his arm in the cage door. Only lit a new cigarette and continued to pummel Bentley, paying special attention to the arm. He tried to charge but Bentley dodged, giving Only a face full of cage, then beat him down with his good arm. He threw a chair at Only and challenged him to a bar fight. Only took advantage and lit another cigarette. They went shot for shot until Bentley KO’ed Only with a headbutt. Only threw the cigarette in his face and went back to working the arm, putting the still-lit cigarette out on his arm. Bentley fired up off this and dropped Only on his head with another Back Suplex and downed him with a rolling elbow for two. Bentley hit an inverted rolling cutter but Only trapped his arm. Bentley broke free and finished Only with a Butterfly Piledriver. This was nasty and it’s nice to see Only utilise his technical side as well as being a sleazy dickhead. That being said, Bentley is completely unstoppable right now. What a fight. Of course, Only couldn’t accept the loss and bitched all the way to the back. Fuck 44OH! count: 2

Atticus Cogar (w/Eric Ryan & Eddy Only) defeated AKIRA via 44OH! Interference Faceplant

Next up, round 2 of tonight’s Rejects vs 44OH! war. This time it would be the Death Samurai, AKIRA taking on the Silver Teeth Satan, Atticus Cogar. Beneficially for him, he had Eric Ryan on the outside to assist him should AKIRA become too much. AKIRA struck instantly with a running knee and tried to lock in an armbar and triangle. This transition to an ankle lock but Cogar broke free by stabbing AKIRA with skewers. Cogar tried to fight back but AKIRA nailed him with kicks and rolled into a kneebar. Cogar twisted round and skewered AKIRA then got launched with a monkey flip. He rebounded and attacked AKIRA with a chair then drove him through a door. He gave him a second round of skewers and tried to attack AKIRA with a fork, but AKIRA fought out and slammed Cogar against the cage with a Backdrop Driver. He booted away Ryan and took a fork to Cogar. AKIRA made Cogar take a seat and hit him with double knees against the cage. He then crumpled the chair and Cogar’s body with a powerslam. Cogar escaped a Suplex attempt, hit a Suplex of his own, and pummelled AKIRA with ground and pound. He then escaped another armbar attempt and put AKIRA through another door. They fought around another door where Cogar got the advantage and drove AKIRA through it with an Air Raid Crash. AKIRA held on and locked in a sleeper. Cogar rammed him against the call wall and fired up AKIRA with forearms. AKIRA ate another chair to the head then drove Cogar through one final door with a wrist-lock Suplex and kept the hold applied. Ryan saved Cogar and 44OH! stormed the ring and beat up AKIRA. Cogar attached a gusset plate to AKIRA’s head and drove him through a door/chair combo with a faceplant for the win. Typical 44OH! antics resulted in ICW NHB’s favourite new guy losing. Technically an amazing match with a lot of fun fuckery-induced shots too. AKIRA is perfect for pit fighting and would have won without Cogar’s cronies. Fuck 44OH! count: 3

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Casanova Valentine (w/Riley Madison) via Brainbuster to a Chair

Last up, the main event. The King of ICW NHB, John Wayne Murdoch against the King of the No-Ring Deathmatch Casanova Valentine. This was going to be one hell of a big boy fuckery fest. Who would stand tall here? The fight started outside the cage as Valentine didn’t feel like fighting. Murdoch gave chase and dragged him back to the cage. They slugged it out and Valentine sent Murdoch reeling. Murdoch avoided the garden weasel and threw Valentine through a barbed-wire board. He nailed flip, flop, and fly but Valentine shrugged it off and gave Murdoch double fingers. More slugs and chops followed then Valentine received a barbed-wire senton to the back. Valentine got a gusset plate to the head and a razor to the arm. Murdoch upped the ante again by stabbing at Valentine with a knife and cutting into his face. He stomped Valentine’s hand and took the knife to his fingers. Madison distracted Murdoch so Valentine kicked him in the bollocks and DDT’ed him onto a chair. Murdoch took a gusset to the head and tasted the wrath of the garden weasel and a razor board. They fought around a door covered in cans which Murdoch went headfirst into. It broke on a second trip through it and Valentine choked a dazed Murdoch against the cage. Valentine hit the text message breakup onto a barbed-wire door and gave him another gusset plate to the shoulder. Murdoch then fought off the stage 5 clinger and drove Valentine face-first into the razor board with a flatliner. He called for a light-tube covered guardrail to be brought into the ring and set it up on some chairs. He smashed Valentine in the arm with the cage door and walked off but Valentine followed and threw him into a guardrail. They fought outside as Murdoch got a snow shovel to the back and started a beer-fuelled bar fight. Murdoch went on a headbutt rampage and set more plunder up outside. Valentine smashed him with a chair and planted him on a door. Cass went for Air Valentine but Murdoch pushed him off the ladder, back into the cage and through the tube covered guardrail. Valentine tried once more the stage 5 clinger but Murdoch put a gusset plate in his arm, bit his finger, and finished him with the Brainbuster to a chair. Murdoch continues to remain untouched at the top of ICW NHB. Valentine gave him one hell of a fucking fight, full of incredible violence. He rallied the fans so we get a return of the pit and issued a warning to Veidt. This definitely ended the show on a high note. What carnage.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • First positive, well done on making a deathmatch show that fit nicely in the confines of an MMA cage. Everyone nailed it in their matches, even the 44OH! goons. The use of creative fuckery and interesting matchups gave this show a really fun feel and lots of memorable moments. Hell, Dominic Garrini still choked out Lloyd despite being covered in barbed wire.
  • Danny fucking Demanto returned and nearly fucked himself and his opponent up with an elbow drop through a door on the outside. That kind of insanity deserves a best of award
  • Eddy Only using a cigarette to not only escape death but also burn the already injured arm of Reed Bentley.
  • 44OH! using the numbers to absolutely murder AKIRA since he was dead-close to kicking their boy Cogar’s arse. That chair/door faceplant was brutal.
  • That main event kicked ass from start to finish. This is where all the ghoulish fuckery rose to the surface and we saw an excessive amount of blood loss. The use of knives, razors, rails and so much more really elevated the fight to main event status. Plus, bonus points to Riley Madison’s barbed-wire crown in reference to Valentine’s last unfortunate encounter with barbed-wire
  • Lastly, the show was produced safely. Masks on at all times, proper social distancing, and a clear appreciation for the rules and safety of everyone around. Remember, always produce your deathmatch shows safely.

What to Look Out for Next

  • 44OH! and the Rejects got two wins apiece here in this show. Cogar and Ryan won their matches and Murdoch and Bentley won theirs. They also claimed one win each over each other’s stable as Only and AKIRA lost their matches. Tomorrow at Volume 6, we’ll see Ryan take on a bruised AKIRA and Cogar mix it up with Bentley. Who will stand tall when the dust settles?
  • We’ve seen a lot of the stars from tomorrow’s show in action today. With the injuries they’ve suffered how up to it will they be tomorrow? Veidt will be fighting an incredibly cut up Murdoch, Ryan has a banged-up AKIRA, Bentley is going into his fight with one arm. Ocean, Valentine, and Only have fights with completely fresh opponents, Brandon Kirk, Jeff Cannonball, and SHLAK. Will they be able to overcome their war wounds and beat their next foes?
  • This is No Holds Barred, anything can happen. Especially as we have Dominic Garrini and Jimmy Lloyd in the wings without a match and we won’t have the expected Brandon Kirk invasion as he’s actually gotten a match. Who knows what could happen?

So, in conclusion. This show fucking rocked. It was a fast and furious show with six varying pit fights of violence, technicality, and fuckery. Bar the odd finish to Demanto/Ocean there was absolutely nothing to complain about. it was a nice precursor to Volume 6 and gives us some big questions going forward. Both the Rejects and 44OH! are fighting for control of ICW, so the results of Volume 6 could lead to some massive implications for ICW’s future. Be sure to come back for more ICW action soon.

All images courtesy of Mittens Twitter, Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob, ICW NHB Twitter, Smart Mark Twitter

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