Welcome back to the Blood Shed for round two of ICW No Holds Barred Action. This time, it’s a regular ring and excess fuckery across a seven-match show of pure chaos. We’d see new debuts as Orin Veidt got his first regular ICW deathmatch main event against John Wayne Murdoch, Casanova Valentine took on Jeff Cannonball and Brandon Kirk would finally have a sanctioned match in the company and not just someone kicking his ass. Let’s get into the violence!

Fights, Camera, Action!

Eric Ryan defeated AKIRA via Half Crab Head Stomp

Talk about starting the show with a bang, Death Samurai against the 2020 King of the Deathmatch in what looked set to be a bloodbath. Not only were they starting the show. Whoever won here would get the first win in tonight’s 44OH! vs Rejects faction warfare. Ryan started the match by showing off his fork collection and the pair entered a stabbing lock-up. AKIRA got a fork to the head and Ryan had his legs locked up. They traded more lock-ups and roll-ups then AKIRA was thrown through the first tube bundle. He took more tubes to AKIRA’s head and gave him more to the back. He broke more on AKIRA’s gut with a senton and ate a roll-up double stomp. Ryan equalised with another bundle to the head and tried to garrotte AKIRA with piano wire. AKIRA used tubes to the face to escape but got caught with a Suplex. Ryan then gave him a light-tube unicorn horn and threw him out of the ring for a tube dive but AKIRA got his wits about him and kicked the tube into Ryan before he could fly. He then put Ryan through another bundle with a Saito and broke more with a running knee and Shibata-style hesitation dropkick. He tried to win with a Northern Lights but Ryan kicked out. AKIRA set Ryan over a chair and set up for the diving tube senton but Ryan threw the chair at him and dragged AKIRA down off the top and through another bundle. He broke another two with a cannonball and some ground and pound strikes but AKIRA locked him into a triangle choke and gouged at him with a tube. Ryan dragged him back-first across the glass and slugged a willing AKIRA into a hockey fight but took a tube kick to the head. AKIRA landed the diving tube senton but Cogar distracted him from the rafters and Ryan broke a couple more tubes then locked in the Half-Crab Head stomps for a ref stoppage. 44OH! took the first win through dickish means but fucking hell was this a good match. Both guys nailed a technical deathmatch that fused their wrestling skills and their proficiency with plunder. It’s just a shame his goons had to get him the win. Fuck 44OH! count: 1

Tony Deppen defeated Joe Gacy via KO Knee

Next up was the final ICW fight for Joe Gacy before he took the next step in his career. He couldn’t ask for a tougher opponent though as he took on the master on the daisy dukes, Tony Deppen. One thing was for certain though, both men were going to get violent, without the excess fuckery. They started with sportsmanship and went counter for counter until both got their arms locked. Gacy then rocked Deppen with a forearm and tossed him with a release Northern Lights. Deppen returned fire with a low dropkick and running senton after Gacy tried to dive. He nailed Gacy with a tope and launched a chair at his head. They traded on the outside until Gacy tricked Deppen into chopping the ring post. They continued to trade in-ring with both men targeting the mid-section. Gacy got pissed and pummelled Deppen around the corners then drilled him with a Samoan Driver. Deppen locked in an STF and threw Gacy into the chains for a forearm/Meteora combo. They slugged it out until Gacy dazed Deppen with a series of stiff forearms and chops. He tried to slam Deppen but was met with a vicious back-fist. Both men got downed by German’s and running headbutts then Deppen called for a door. Gacy set up the door and reversed a Deppen roll-up into a rear-naked choke. Deppen rolled it into a double stomp and ran into a backdrop and lariat from Gacy. He flattened Deppen with a sit-out powerbomb but only got two. He missed a running follow-up and Deppen punished him with a knee, a DVD through the door, and one final KO knee for the three-count. This was brutal. Both guys fucked each other up and it’s nice to see Joe Gacy, a really talented indie guy go out on a high note. Even if he lost. Way to put on a lesson in violence without the glass.

Dominic Garrini defeated Brandon Kirk via Chair Platform Gotch Style Piledriver

This was originally meant to be Brandon Kirk vs Alex Ocean but due to the conclusion of Ocean’s Pit Fighter X match, he was unable to compete. Instead of giving Kirk a free win, ICW put him up against the Bone Collector, Dominic Garrini. He even came out with a custom Kirk is pussy door. Garrini went right after Kirk’s ankle and mocked him with his technical acumen. Kirk mocked Garrini with a deathlock but Garrini instantly came back and locked in a triangle with some joint manipulation. Kirk threw Garrini through a door and headbutted a bundle into his head. He continued by pulling Garrini’s mullet into a double stomp. Garrini kicked Kirk down and stabbed a gusset plate into his head. The tubes came out and Garrini dumped Kirk with a tube-assisted Dragon Suplex, acknowledging the Danny Havoc tribute. They fought around another door then Garrini broke it by putting Kirk through it with a Butterfly Suplex. A tube door was set up and the pair chopped it out. Garrini went knee crazy and narrowly kicked out of a roll-up then locked in a rear-naked choke. Kirk attacked him with a duo of bundles and put him through the tube door with a shotgun dropkick. Garrini somehow kicked out so Kirk set up some chairs and the duo fought atop them. Garrini headbutted Kirk silly and won the match with a Gotch Style Piledriver through the chairs. What the fuck did I just see? I never knew Garrini had such a violent side. Not just that though, let’s not take away from the beating Kirk just took. Both men nailed this and I want more of both of them, even if everyone hates Brandon Kirk.

Casanova Valentine (w/Riley Madison) defeated Jeff Cannonball via Barbed-Wire Glove Ground and Pound

After that fuckery fest, we got the ICW debut of Jeff Cannonball, the H2O tag champ, and all-round powerhouse. He’d drawn a nasty opponent to start against though as he was taking on the Hipster Heartthrob Casanova Valentine. We started with some Cannonball Lucha then Valentine got a head full of glass. He carved up Valentine’s arm and broke cinderblocks on his back. He choked Valentine out in the chains then pelted him with a chair and more tubes. He continued the assault by making him eat a fan’s shoe and kissing him into a palm strike. Valentine stabbed up Cannonball and pummelled him with chops but got stunned by a thermos shot to the head. It just got worse for Valentine as Cannonball put a bundle down the back of his shirt and broke that with another. Valentine recovered and gave Cannonball a gusset plate to the head and launched him headfirst into a chair. He then took the garden weasel to Cannonball’s cannonballs and dumped him into a glass pile with a flatliner. Cannonball then sacrificed his own body to put them both through a barbed-wire door with a Russian Leg sweep. He freed himself and had the largest light tube cabin ever brought to the ring. He set up for a brainbuster but Madison interfered and nearly ate a piledriver. Valentine made the save and put Cannonball through the tube cabin with the Stage 5 Clinger. This only got two so Valentine removed Cannonball’s booted and hammered at his bare foot with a barbed-wire boxing glove. He then hammered the glove into Cannonball’s head until the ref stopped the match. This was a slower-paced bout but oh man was it fun. There were a lot of fun fuckery spots and I am glad the crowd was warm to Cannonball. It’s great to see Valentine get a win, especially in such sick fashion. Seriously, what the fuck was that tube cabin. Google that shit.

SHLAK defeated Eddy Only via WTF Knockout

The second half started with 44OH!’s resident scumbag, Eddy Only getting murdered by the deathmatch animal SHLAK. This would be a bout of pure catharsis as SHLAK is MDK affiliated and he was ready to murder. Eric Ryan took over commentary duty and instantly ran down SHLAK and the crowd. Only instantly bailed for a beer and smoke break and played a round of dodge as SHLAK threw a chair at him. He tried to clear the ring of plunder and when he eventually got in the ring, locked in a headlock. SHLAK let him walk it then dropped him on his head. Only nailed a German but ran back into SHLAK and got put through a glass pane with an Exploder. Only hobbled outside and got crumpled with a series of chair shots to the head. That was followed by tubes to the head, glass in the face, and chops. Only avoided eating a cigarette then got pelted in the head by another chair and had his head cut up with more glass. SHLAK tried to make Only eat more cigarettes but Only was prepared and attacked with a tube. They continued to brawl on the outside then when the fight went SHLAK’s way, Only tried to pussy out and run away. Larry Legend was the hero we needed and dragged Only back to the ring. SHLAK hit him with a chokeslam and locked in an abdominal stretch with added tube breakage. He then smashed a pack of cigarettes in Only’s mouth and dropped him with a lariat. SHLAK went up top and hit a diving elbow drop for one. So, SHLAK put a bundle over Only and hit a second then tried the same again but got KO’ed by the bundle. Only nailed a twisting Suplex for two and nailed a unique face crusher. He fired up SHLAK by hitting him with a bundle and tried to give up after realising his mistake. SHLAK hit him with a super bundle and hit what Ryan dubbed a WTF for the knockout. I basically got my wish as SHLAK murdered Only, despite the multiple escape attempts Only made. This was really damn funny and I love Only’s work. 44OH! fucked count: 1

Reed Bentley defeated Atticus Cogar via Death Board Butterfly Piledriver

Next up was one of my most anticipated matches of the night. Reed Bentley, a violent man with violent skills and violent tastes against the Silver Teeth Satan of 44OH! Atticus Cogar. We’d already seen 44OH! take one win, could Bentley even the score? Bentley went straight for Cogar and made him bail. He launched another attack the second he got back in and the pair went into a hockey fight. They danced around the fuckery until Cogar dumped Bentley through a tube contraption with a Suplex. Cogar went top rope for a moonsault but Bentley was wise to it and clobbered him out of the air with a bundle of plus-sized tubes. Bentley hit him with a chain-hung elbow but Cogar tanked and flew with a tope. They traded on the outside until Cogar cracked Bentley in the head with a chair. He charged at the downed Bentley but got ran into a barbed-wire door. Bentley folded him in the door and further crushed him with a big boy senton. Then Bentley, the madman, picked up a tube cabin and launched the whole thing at Cogar’s head. They slugged it out then Cogar sank his teeth into Bentley’s head and smashed his back in with a chair and can-bat. Bentley quickly fired back with a tube but got knocked into the railing and hit with a jumping chair dropkick. Bentley got skewered and took a staple-gun to Cogar, stapling money to multiple body parts. He re-enacted Casino with the bat and tripped Cogar into a brainbuster on the apron. Cogar feigned injury and went at Bentley’s eyes then tanked a backdrop driver to put Bentley through a pane of glass with a shotgun dropkick. Bentley tried to remain defiant but Cogar nailed him in the head with a kick and dumped him through a chair and bundle with an Air Raid Crash. Bentley kicked out so Cogar set up a fuckery board and looked to end it with a faceplant but Bentley dumped him through it with a Regalplex. They traded strikes then Bentley set up a ridiculously large ladder as a platform and held it and a board of death in place with guardrails. In proper gameshow fashion, the pair fought on this tiny platform until Cogar was stunned with headbutts and put through the death board with a Butterfly Piledriver. This was mental. Like, holy fucking shit I am not 100% sure what I just witnessed but my god was it impressive. The beatdowns, psychology, and ridiculous lengths they went to kill each other was nothing short of spectacular. A MOTY contender has been born. The faction war score was equal at 1-1. 44OH! fucked count: 2

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Orin Veidt via Ultimate Fuckery Deep South Destroyer

Last but not least, the main event. A rematch of the show-stealing match from the Insane 8 Tournament, Orin Veidt vs John Wayne Murdoch. This was going to go to ridiculous extremes purely based on those involved and the standard set by the previous match. Within seconds, Murdoch had been suplexed through a glass pane and put through a super tube structure with an Assault Driver. Veidt wasn’t fucking around. Murdoch threw Veidt into a second superstructure and flattened him with a Deep South Destroyer. Both men had their heads cut up and whacked each other with saws on the outside. Veidt was downed with a headbutt and had his leg hyper-extended on a guardrail. Murdoch then grabbed a knife and tried his hardest to disembowel Veidt. They traded more on the outside then Veidt dropped Murdoch over the railing then jumped off a guardrail into the crowd and Murdoch. A bar fight broke out until Murdoch hammered Veidt down with a vicious series of elbows and a nasty chop. They both took chair shots then Veidt set up a knife board. Veidt locked in the backbreaker stretch and sawed at Murdoch’s head then dropped him gut-first onto the knives. The chains came down so Murdoch tried to choke Veidt out with one but Veidt broke free and started jabbing with a chain-wrapped fist. He then took a bumper sword to Murdoch and dumped him onto a second with a driver. Murdoch got taped up and the pair threw hands then Veidt shocked everyone by kicking out of the chair brainbuster. He threw a mega-bundle at Veidt and went for duelling tubes. Veidt won the duel and smashed yet more tubes over a defiant Murdoch. The ultimate fuckery was set up in the ring as the Veidt cut up Murdoch outside. They went to the rafters as Murdoch took control and drove Veidt through the ultimate fuckery with a Deep South Destroyer. He scrambled to make the pin with his arse on fire and took the match. Talk about fucking insanity. From glass to chairs, to tubes to fucking fire. Goddamn, this was fucking awesome. Murdoch remains the undisputed King of ICW but Veidt took him to the limits and it took some serious fuckery to bring him down.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • AKIRA and Eric Ryan’s masterclass of an opening match. Regardless of your faction loyalties, both men killed it here.
  • Deathmatch Dom shocking the hell out of me with how violent he was willing to get and his adeptness with the fuckery. Plus, I’ll give props to Kirk for continuing to piss people off at every turn.
  • Despite his loss, Jeff Cannonball had one hell of a debut, here didn’t he? Between the beating he both gave and took to that insanely large tube cabin, it all made one slightly slow but shocking match. Valentine later revealed he was working with injured ribs so double fucking props to him for soldiering on.
  • Only managing to survive for more than 10 seconds against SHLAK. I expected murder and I didn’t quite get it. At least he tried to use his common sense and run away.
  • Everything about Reed Bentley vs Atticus Cogar. Fuck the faction warfare for a second, that match was nothing short of amazing. The plunder was out in force, the drama was out in force and we got a violent re-enactment of a scene from Gladiators as the final spot. How the fuck is that not cool?
  • That fucking main event kicked ass eh? Again, I can’t even pick a spot to properly explain the crazy but how about that super Deep South Destroy through flaming glass? That was pretty wild, right? JWM and Veidt are some of the top-tier in this game so throwing them at each other just created gory magic.
  • Once again, this show was done with all the COVID safety guidelines followed. The company is once again following the strict guidelines it set itself. I look forward to the upcoming Deathmatch Horror Story where I hope to see more of the same.

What to Watch Out for Next

  • 44OH! vs The Rejects still rages on without a true victor. Right now, John Wayne Murdoch remains at the top of the mountain but in actual faction on faction fights, both are even in wins and losses. So, now I need to see a full-on faction warfare match or bring in Rickey Shane Page to face Murdoch for the top spot.
  • We got a slew of new debuts from Jeff Cannonball, Brandon Kirk (officially), and the full-time announcement for Dominic Garrini. I cannot wait to see if they all get brought back and what manner of madness, they’ll get up too. I also wish Joe Gacy the best on the next step in his career.
  • What matches will be announced for Deathmatch Horror Story next month and how the hell do they plan on topping the fuckery we saw in the main event?

In conclusion, this show fucking rocked. It was a long one but boy was it worth it. Seven awesome matches gave us multiple different emotional responses and some of the most creative fuckery I’ve seen in a while. ICW NHB continues to knock it out of the park with these shows and the fact they’re willing to bring in new people, experiment with fuckery, and ironically, roll with the punches, I hope they continue to thrive and evolve to keep being a big player in the deathmatch/outlaw scene. Roll on October and Deathmatch Horror Story.

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