Wade Barrett has officially signed with NXT as part of the commentary team. The former Intercontinental Champion has been part of the announce team in recent weeks alongside Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix.

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, Barrett will now remain an official member of the announce team. The former King of the Ring returned as a colour analyst for the black-and-gold brand after several years away from WWE.

Barrett told Sports Illustrated he has signed a one-year contract, which includes an option to extend the partnership. He said that he hopes the gig works out for a long time. He also referenced his old “Bad News Barrett” gimmick, joking that there could always be some “bad news” up his sleeve.

Barrett added he, Phoenix and Joseph aim to be more unique than the other WWE commentary teams. “Our aim is to be different, a little more unique than the other WWE programming,” Barrett said. “We don’t want to be a carbon copy of what you hear on Raw or SmackDown. I’ve known Beth for years, and she is incredibly talented, and I am just getting to know Vic. I’m excited to learn from and work with both of them, and I’m really excited to develop this into a really tight unit.”

Barrett first signed a WWE developmental deal in 2007. He left the company in May 2016 after deciding to let his contract expire. The former WWE King of the Ring and five-time Intercontinental Champion has focused on his acting career since leaving WWE, but he did do some commentary work for World of Sports Wrestling and, more recently, for the NWA earlier this year after debuting in December.


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