Welcome back to the Hardcore Hustle. It’s time for one of their biggest events of the year, full of high stakes bouts and hardcore horrors. It was going to be a blast. We’d see the H2O debut of A Very Good Professional Wrestler, Frankie Pickard going one on one with Conor Claxton, some shock appearances, and a main-event that could rock the foundations of H2O forever (repeat that word for as many times you’re a WTF fan.) Let’s get into the action!

Fights, Camera, Action

Eric Martin defeated Preacher via Flying Knee

Kit Osbourne held the show hostage to start off as he hadn’t been booked and he wasn’t happy about it. He complained at the crowd for not getting a title shot and about being H2O’s biggest threat. He was cut off by some dark music and a gothic lady bringing out a carved box. That box summoned Blackwater, a former H2O title back to action. He beat down Osbourne with a black kendo stick and sent Osbourne packing.

That led to Eric Martin taking on one of H2O’s head trainers, Preacher. They started quickly and went through a series of lock-ups and reversals. They transitioned through several technical holds and roll-ups until Martin knocked Preacher down with a shoulder tackle. The preacher looked to take the advantage but Martin launched him neck-first into the ropes and hit a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam to end a comeback. Martin tried to hit a DVD on the apron but Preacher broke free and kicked out his ankle, sending him face-first into the hardest part of the ring. The preacher was then dropkicked out of a dive and got dragged into a sleeper out of an O’Connor Roll. He broke free but ate a vicious head kick and got dropped with a catch black hole slam. Preacher somehow held on and locked in the Koji Clutch but Martin made the ropes and hit a flying knee for the three-count. It was short, sweet, and technically sound. Just the opener to whet the crowd’s appetite. Both guys are masters of trash talk, which is always entertaining.

Lucky 13 vs A Very Good Professional Wrestler ends in Ref Stompage 

Next up was something that was going to be a very good bout. It would be A Very Good Professional Wrestler against A Very Good Deathmatch Wrestler. As you can tell, both guys have high opinions of themselves. AVGPW started by showing us some very good pro-wrestling but 13 answered back and stomped his arm. They continued to trade speed, power, and counter-moves until 13 floored AVGPW with a dropkick, and Fosbury Flop. 13 continued to punish him with kicks then gave him a thumb in the eye and a slam. AVGPW escaped a chin-lock and started kicking out the legs of 13. He failed to give the ref a putdown and continued to bully 13 with throws and submissions. AVGPW locked in a trio of Full Nelson’s then 13 broke free and stunned him with a cartwheel knee. He shook it off and hit 13 with a Gory Bomb against the turnbuckle. They had a very good trade-off then AVGPW kicked 13 out of the air and got dropped with a German. He answered back with an Exploder and both men fought back to their feet. 13 struck first with a springboard Tornado DDT but got caught with another Fisherman Buster. 13 got back to his feet and nailed AVGPW with a package piledriver. AVGPW dodged a 450 and caught 13 into a Liger Bomb for two-count. They both tried cheating and couldn’t get the job done. Both men argued with the ref then 13 dropped her with a forearm and the pair stomped her and another ref down. The match was thrown out and the pair bonded over their mutual hatred of refs and formed a tag team. What a deadly alliance that will be. As it stands, they had a very good bout, with very good wrestling.

Drew Blood defeated Brandon Kirk & Jimmy Lloyd via Octopus Pinfall on Kirk

This was originally going to be the Rogue, Brandon Kirk taking on the Notorious Drew Blood when a surprise opponent muscled his way into the match, Kirk’s rival, Jimmy Lloyd. I mean that literally as he dragged himself and Tremont to the ring, wherein Tremont gave up and threw him into the match. He sent Kirk flying out of the ring and went rope-running and counter copying with Blood. Lloyd nailed him with a combo of strikes into a neckbreaker and battered Kirk around the ring. They fought onto the apron where Blood hit them with a double dropkick and landed a suicide dive. He threw Kirk back into the ring and started striking at him but Kirk fired back with a lethal ripcord lariat and took Lloyd down with a Gamenguri. A three-way slugfest broke out then Kirk and Lloyd took out Blood and Lloyd nailed Kirk with a Dragon Suplex. Kirk fired back with a Dragon of his own and threw Lloyd into a destroyer/lariat combo with Blood. Lloyd rolled out and Kirk dropped Blood with a choke bomb. Kirk went for a ripcord elbow but Blood caught him in an Octopus and dropped it into a pinfall. Blood stole the win with a very clever pin attempt, giving the younger competitors the middle finger for their comeback match. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think Kirk actually got robbed here.

Extreme Rules: Stockade vs HC Loc became Stockade & Mason Martin defeated Devon Moore & HC Loc via Low Blow Roll-up on Moore

Continuing the trend of shocks and surprises, HC Loc vs Stockade started as planned and descended into madness. Originally, Stockade and Tremont were close, now he had turned on his mentor and tried to seal his own name in the H2O top spot. Now he would have to take on the world travelled veteran and former Carnage Crew member, HC Loc under extreme rules. Things were going to get fucked up. Stockade wasn’t intimidated at all and ran him down on the mic before the match. Loc didn’t take these words kindly and threw Stockade face-first onto some cinderblocks. Loc sent Stockade flying with an elbow and took the fight outside, introducing his opponent to the fan’s chairs. He gave Stockade a water spray and brought in some fuckery, attacking him with a cowbell. He then placed a chair over Stockade’s crotch and smashed it in with the cowbell. Martin gave Stockade a chance to recover and allowed his partner to grab a chair and smash it into Loc’s back. He gave Loc more chair shots and choked him out in the corner. He then hit a bulldog onto a chair and tried to put a gusset plate into Loc. He couldn’t and Loc took him out with a sliding elbow then put a gusset in Stockade’s shoulder and forehead. Loc nailed his tornado DDT then ran into a Uranage. He cut Loc up with barbed-wire and drove a crown of it into Loc’s head. He set up the cinderblocks and looked to hit a top rope splash but Loc grabbed him by the balls and drove him back-first across the blocks. He hit a ripcord barbed-wire lariat but Martin saved the match. Devon Moore came out to bitch-slap Martin and the rules were changed. Moore dragged Stockade around ringside, biting at his head whilst Loc went after Martin with a chair. The action spilled everywhere then Stockade regained control by choking Moore out with the bull-rope and spiked him with a piledriver as Martin and Loc continued to brawl. Martin survived a Loc come back and put him through a chair with a DVD but Moore saved him and they levelled Martin with a Backdrop Driver. Loc was dropped with a DDT and Stockade ate a diving elbow. Stockade withstood and nailed a low blow roll-up on Moore for the win. This was our first plunder match and it started them off right. It may have ended on a sour note but the match itself ruled.

Steve Sanders defeated Sean Henderson via Second Rope Door-Breaking Tombstone

The violence continued to roll as our next match was a hardcore match between The Stoned Jabrone Steve Sanders and H2O’s favourite Sean Henderson. This one had the potential to go anywhere as former friends turned bitter enemies. Sanders slapped away sportsmanship and got sent into the crowd with a dive. He smashed Sanders with a chair and set up a door. They brawled on the apron then Sanders put Henderson through the door with a DVD. Sanders continued to pick apart Henderson in the ring and nearly lost to a roll-up. Henderson grabbed another door and rolled through a Tornado DDT to but Sanders through the door with a running DVD. They slapped it out then Sanders KO’ed Henderson with a knee and curbed-stomped his chest in. Sanders grabbed a ladder and threw in another door then entered into a chair duel. Henderson cracked Sanders with four chair headshots and hit a piledriver through a chair for two. He hit a top-rope destroyer and another DVD through a door but still couldn’t keep Sanders down. He went for one final door-breaker but Sanders hopped up and stunned him on the turnbuckle. He muscled up Henderson and won with a second-rope tombstone through the door. This match got pretty nasty as both guys seemed determined to break their necks. So many ridiculous piledrives and door based fuckery. It was good fun and an excellent way to end the first half.

Joker defeated Jimmy Chondo Lyon via Crossface

We had our second hold-up of the day as Jimmy Lyon tried to demand a match from H2O. He got way more than he bargained for as not only did he interrupt Matt Tremont, but Joker, an absolute monster of a man, came out and destroyed him. It was over in less than 30 seconds and Lyon was left broken. He killed Lyon with two moves, a folding Suplex and a crossface. Then demanded a spot in the Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Tournament. Tremont granted his wish and the Cambodian Axe Murderer is the first entrant.

H2O Hybrid Title: Frankie Pickard defeated Conor Claxton via The Last Breath

Following that slaughter was Frankie Pickard’s first Hybrid Title defence against someone who knows him all too well, Conor Claxton. They started by travelling the ring in a lock-up then Claxton slapped the cigarette out of Pickard’s mouth. Pickard locked him in a hammerlock and headlock then got double-stomped by Claxton. They traded blows, then Claxton pounced Pickard out of his boots and slammed him in the ropes. Pickard fired back with a combo of hyper-athletic kicks and a smoking hot senton. He took too much time to pose so Claxton nailed him with a diving forearm and got pummelled in the corner. He tanked it and trapped Claxton for a Blue Thunder Bomb. They slugged it out then Claxton dropped Pickard on his head with a piledriver. They rolled to the outside where Pickard bounced Claxton off the ring post and dropped him with a pop-up knee into the Last Breath for the win. This match was technically sound but a bit too short for a title match in my opinion. I feel like they could have done way more with the time.

Family Affair Three-Way: Bam Sullivan defeated Aiden Baal & Mouse via Barbed-Wire Pin on Baal

Next up was A Family Affair. Since the Extricated had no matches on the card, they decided they would fight each other in a hardcore three-way match. It would be a consequence-free fight to see how they could all go. Honour went out the window as they all tried to win with roll-ups. Mouse was knocked out and Baal and Sullivan went after each other with chops. Baal took out both men and got low-bridged out of the ring. Sullivan tried to follow with a dive but Baal caught him and Mouse took them both out with a diving crossbody. Mouse attacked both men with a rubber chicken then carved up Baal with a cheese grater. He then turned his attention on Sullivan and took both him and the cameraman out with a diving bite press. Baal tore Mouse away and started battering him with his fists and the cheese-grater. He then slammed Mouse head-first off the apron and launched Sullivan with a forearm. He went top rope and got a two-count on Mouse with a blockbuster. Mouse escaped a back-drop and clawed Baal into a Fa-MOUSE-r. He followed that up with a rocker dropper but only got two. Sullivan tried to intervene but took a tack bat to the head. Baal returned to his feet and got caught into a sunset German from Sullivan. He went after Baal’s back with a spinebuster and water bottle then got dropped with a T-Bone Suplex. Baal smashed both men in with the tack bat then dropped Sullivan with a brainbuster. He hit Sullivan with a Swanton but Mouse caught him with a stunner and beat both men with a water cooler on a stick. They fought to the top rope and Sullivan drilled him with the water bottle. They both climbed up and Sullivan Superplex Mouse onto Baal. Everyone crawled to their feet and entered another trade-off. Baal covered the ring in tacks and lemon juice and perched Sullivan up top. Mouse kicked him off and went for Sullivan. Baal hit him with a water bottle and both men fell off the top, landing horrifically. Baal dragged in Sullivan and hit a Tiger Driver on the tacks. Sullivan tanked it, decked Baal, and speared him to the mat. He pinned a barbed-wire board and Baal for the win. Despite that horrific fall, these guys fucking nailed it. They went all out and I hope all of them are okay. Mouse looked like he got hurt and his brothers were there to help. A family may fight but it always come out stronger in the end.

Winner Takes All Barbed-Wire Cage Match: White Trash Forever (Ron Mathis, Bruce Grey & Tyler Voxx) defeated The Lone Rangers (Jeff Cannonball & Mitch Vallen) & Lowlife Louie Ramos via Referee giving them the win

Last but not least, the main event. Six men, two sets of titles, banishments, and faction warfare would all collide in this barbed-wire prison. The entrants were staggered so it would be Voxx and Cannonball started things off. They started with some “boring” grapples where Cannonball had a clear advantage and took the piss out of Voxx. They fought around the barbed-wire then Voxx tried for a crossbody and hit a brick wall. Cannonball stood tall as the next entrant, Bruce Grey, entered the cage. He distracted Cannonball as Voxx took a barbed wire stick to his back. They pummelled Cannonball with weapons, cutting him open in multiple spots. Cannonball reversed a whip and downed both men with a Magic Killer. He took the barbed-wire to stick to Gray’s head and both of Voxx’s heads then stood vigilant as Louie Ramos entered the cage. At least he would have but Mathis attacked him outside the cage with a plate. Cannonball got jumped and Mathis continued to attack Louie outside, preventing him from helping. He threw Ramos threw a barbed-wire door and sauntered into the cage ahead of time. WTF all ganged up on Cannonball and went after the stitches in his side that he had to get following his match at ICW NHB the night before. They continued to drag out the assault on Cannonball as Louie was injured and Mitch couldn’t get in. Mitch’s time finally came and he bulldozed his way into the match, slamming and punching his way through WTF.

He tanked a Fallaway Slam and decked Mathis with a combo ending in a Samoan Drop. WTF used the numbers to take the lead and jumped Louie again. They double-teamed Mitch with superkicks then Louie took them all out with throat thrusts. We got a triple flip, flop, and fly then hit all of WTF with cookie trays. Louie and company continued to wail on WTF with weaponry as both Cannonball and Louie aimed for Voxx’s and Grey’s testicles. Louie took a barbed-wire bat to Grey’s ass and Mathis got thrown through a board. Grey continued to be beaten as he was thrown through a barbed-wire cross and Cannonball crushed him. Mathis tried to run away so Louie gave him a face full of wire and gave WTF a spanking from the rubber chicken. They went for a shield bomb on Voxx but Louie and Mitch were low-blowed and Cannonball had Voxx land on top of him. Mitch and Cannonball were handcuffed to the ropes leaving Louie to fend for himself. To his credit, he took out Voxx and Grey with a double clothesline and Hulked up on Mathis to hit the big foot and the big leg. That would be it but the ref refused to count. Louie was hit with everyone’s finisher then thrown into a quick-count clothesline from Mathis for WTF’s win. What a despicable action from referee Nick Papagiorgio. They continued to run their mouths but Chuck Payne was back after being fireballed at Back in the Saddle to kill them all. He murdered Voxx and Grey as Mathis ran away with pants full of shit.

Best of the Bloodletting

  • The ref in 13 vs AVGPW deserves a medal for giving back the shit-talk she got throughout the entire match from both men.
  • I personally enjoyed the selection of spots from Stockade vs HC Loc and am loving Stockade being a vicious dickhead towards everyone in his way.
  • That fucking Extricated three-way was exceptional. It was brutal, violent, and engrossing. Everyone shone in this match and thankfully everyone seemed to be okay in the end. Tremont gave them their props and so did the crowd. They get into the Havoc Title Tournament and the crowd couldn’t be happier.
  • Despite being a total clusterfuck, that main event was amazing. There was so much excessive violence and creative fuckery to enjoy. I may not agree with WTF winning and I will cringe anytime I hear the word forever but they took one hell of a beating to get the titles. will they keep them for very long? I guess that depends on how much they pay Nick Papagiorgio.

What to Watch Out for Next

  • Before the show even started, we got an impassioned challenge from Rickey Shane Page as he promised to bring the Bulldozer out one more time as on Devil’s Night, he was going to fight Satan. If you weren’t already hyped for Tremont’s last match, you sure as hell should be now. Tremont is beyond fired up for this one and it is going to be a clusterfuck of pure violence.
  • We have the scary prospect of Lucky 13 and AVGPW teaming up. there is a tag title with their name on it (or at least they’ll claim that.)
  • Stockade continues to prove unstoppable. Just who is going to be the man to finally end his massive streak?
  • Marc Angel was watching over the Hybrid Title match, could he be the next person in line for Frankie Pickard’s title and just what will he do to get it?
  • With the divisive end to the main event, we now have WTF as both tag and heavyweight champions. The thing is we do not know how long they’ll keep those belts as we have the new union of Very Good Wrestlers potentially coming for the tag belts and Chuck Payne after that heavyweight title.

In Conclusion, H2O killed it. This show was fun as hell with a ton of twists and turns alongside the bombardment of matches. We had good technical bouts, violent fuckery fests, scary moments, and the most WTF-worthy finish to a match this year. H2O is entering a new era and I cannot wait to see the Danny Havoc Title Tournament and WTF getting smacked about for their ill-earned belts. We got new and returning blood in H2O who are more than happy to disrupt the status quo. It’s all going to get very interesting as we build to The Last Extravaganza and the farewell fight between Matt Tremont and Rickey Shane Page. That is going to be exceptional.

All images courtesy of Earl Gardner Photography, H2O Twitter, Ron Mathis Twitter, Video Courtesy of Matt Tremont YouTube