Jon Moxley and Lance Archer were rallying troops on AEW Dynamite as they looked to secure teams for a 6-man tag match set for next week. Who did they convince to join their squads?

Jurassic Express vs FTR

Jurassic Express were set to face FTR but the Young Bucks showed up and superkicked the referee. The pair then left to the back and threw a wad of money at Tony Khan for their expected fine.

Jungle Boy held his own against Dax Harwood early on using his speed to prevent his opponent from grappling him to the mat and even dodged a sneak attack from Cash Wheeler.

Jungle Boy tried to keep up the fight but was stopped in his tracks by a powerslam by Cash Wheeler. FTR punished Jungle Boy in their corner and isolated him from Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy finally broke free and tagged in Luchasaurus. He began raining kicks onto his opponents, tossed Wheeler at Harwood to take him out and got a close two-count on Wheeler after a standing moonsault.

Jungle Boy went for a rally of pins and came close numerous times to a cheeky win but FTR always found a way out. A mistimed dive by Luchasaurus to Wheeler on the outside saw him sailing over the guard rail and taking him out of action leaving Jungle Boy to fend for himself. A sneaky double team pin in FTR’s corner stole the win.

This was a fantastic tag match where Jurassic Express got to show off how great a team they are and Jungle Boy shone the brightest out of everyone.

Hangman Page vs Frankie Kazarian

Kenny Omega came out on commentary and spent the time batting off questions the commentators had on him reforming his partnership with Page.

Kazarian locked up with hold for hold before the pair had a rope running rally that Page won with a scoop slam catch.

The pair was trading hefty blows coming back from the break. Kazarian attempted a German suplex but Page landed on his feet and Page came back with a huge lariat.

Page hit a beautiful running shooting star press but Kazarian still managed to kick out. Kazarian dodged a springboard clothesline from Page to hit a launching cutter for a very close two-count.

The pair began duelling in a back-to-back lock-up sequence with Kazarian winning the duel with an un-prettier for a two-count.

After some more sparring back and forth, Page managed to dodge a leg guillotine to give him an opening to hit the Buckshot lariat for the win.

Omega quickly left the commentary desk as soon as the match finished. Page looked around for Omega who was nowhere to be seen and had left him alone again.

Great match between these two with inventive sequences and ring work throughout. The story between Omega and Page is full of subtle moments that make it one of the best story arcs AEW has going for it.

MJF w/ Wardlow vs Shawn Dean

MJF put the Salt of the Earth onto Dean almost immediately and forced him to tap out in record time.

Following his swift win, MJF grabbed the mic after the match and referenced Moxley cheating by using the Paradigm Shift during his AEW World Championship opportunity.

MJF proclaimed himself undefeated and demanded he be referred to as MJF, the Undefeated, Undisputed, Uncrowned World Champion of All Elite Wrestling.

MJF broke the fourth wall as he referenced how many factions were in AEW and said he is considering joining on of them.

MJF continues to excel in the ring and out of it and it looks like he hasn’t taken his eyes off the AEW World Championship scene just yet.

Eddie Kingston and his crew show their dominance

Eddie Kingston stood with his crew to make 3 points.

1: He didn’t lose at the Casino Battle Royale.

2: His crew weren’t a faction but were actually a family, a family of violence.

Kingston then demanded they find victims as they assaulted 3 of the wrestlers at ringside.

Finally, on his third point, he said it was time for Blade to get his house in order.

The group looked dominant and scary here but I’m unsure what the Blade tease means other than potentially referencing them adding Allie to their ranks. I’m excited to see what this group can accomplish.

Private Party vs Chris Jericho and Jake Hager

Hager started the match out and struggled to keep up with the agile offence of Private Party. The pair ended up throwing both of the Inner Circle members to the outside and hit tandem suicide dives.

A big boot to Marq Quen stopped him in his tracks as Hager tagged out to Jericho who started to toy with Quen in his corner.

Quen used a missile dropkick to knock Hager away long enough to get the hot tag to Isiah Kassidy and he nearly got a two-count off a lionsault on Jericho.

Unfortunately, he was stopped dead in his tracks leading into the break as a distraction from Jericho allowed Hager to nail Kassidy with Floyd the bat.

A hot tag saw Quen hit a gravity-defying shotgun dropkick to Hager followed by a huge plancha to the outside.

A neckbreaker foot stomp combo nearly put Jericho away but Kassidy’s back injury from the bat attack caused a delay in the pin letting Jericho kick out.

An amazing counter from a powerbomb into a leaping hurricanrana to Jericho on the turnbuckle still only mustered a two-count as Kassidy’s back injury delayed him again.

Kassidy made a mistake by not taking a pin off of a cutter and went for a top rope Senton. Jericho dodged and followed with a Judas Effect for the win.

Jericho continued his assault after the match with the Walls of Jericho but Quen saved his partner with a Pelé Kick.

An incredibly exciting match where Jericho and Hager facilitated making Private Party look sensationally athletic. An incredibly enjoyable match where Private Party looked strong despite Jericho and Hager picking up the win.

NWA Women’s Championship title match: Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse w/ Diamanté

The pair started shoving each other before the bell had even rung. An impressive chain sequence evolved into palm strikes and chops and Rosa hitting a fantastic rope balance arm drag and hurricanrana.

Ivelisse then followed suit with the same sequence, showing she was more than able to go toe to toe with the champ.

A Gory special was countered by Ivelisse as she moved into a running knee strike. The pair began exchanging blows on the outside before returning to the ring and exchanging holds and pin attempts to wear each other down.

Ivelisse began laying kicks into Rosa’s chest but Rosa managed a counter with a Dragon screw.

A big basement dropkick from Rosa only got a two-count and Ivelisse showed some fire by returning fire with a Tiger Bomb for a close two-count of her own.

A rolling kick from Ivelisse nearly took the win but Rosa still kicked out. Rosa finally took the match as she countered a hurricanrana attempt into a tombstone piledriver for the win.

After the match, Diamanté and Ivelisse blindsided Rosa but Shida came in to dispatch the pair. She picked up the NWA women’s championship and held it a little too long before returning it to Rosa.

Great match here with a good through-line story. The pair duelled with each other with Ivelisse taking every opportunity to show the champ that she was more than her equal. Shida holding the title was nice and subtle too and sets up a second bout between her and Rosa that I’m very much looking forward to seeing.

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts have a message for Moxley

Archer came to the ring and beat down a poorly masked wrestler at ringside.

Ineloquent fashion as is expected from Roberts, he spoke of looking for allies to team with Archer during the scheduled 6-man tag team matchup between Jon Moxley’s team and Archer’s team.

Roberts said he’d get in bed with the devil and asked Taz to enlist Team Taz to partner with Archer. Taz agreed but said they had a deal that if Archer wins the title, Brian Cage would get the first chance at it.

After some awkward mic time from Archer, Moxley’s music hit as he appeared in the stalls of the arena. Before he could speak, Cage and Ricky Starks attacked Moxley from behind and beat him down.

Just as Moxley looked like he would be alone, the newly signed Will Hobbs came to his aid and scared Team Taz away. Moxley said Roberts had a heck of a team but he had Hobbs as well as Darby Allin on his team.

It’s great to see Will Hobbs getting some spotlight time as he’s shown nothing but talent in his appearances on AEW Dark and at All Out. The 6-man tag match is stacked with talent and should be one heck of a fight.

Parking Lot brawl: Best Friends (Trent & Chuck) vs Proud N Powerful (Santana & Ortiz)

Santana and Ortiz came out in facepaint homages to Dead Presidents but that didn’t intimidate Best Friends who quickly took out the pair. They drove Santana through a wing mirror and hit double sentons onto Ortiz while he was under the bonnet of a car.

Santana took the time to take a baton he’d hidden on a car wheel and struck the Best Friends, allowing him to catapult Trent into the undercarriage of a truck.

Ortiz hit a suplex on the hood of a car to Chuck Taylor, followed by a frog splash from Santana for a close two-count.

After some more brawling and a deft blow with a metal dustpan, Ortiz placed a barrier on another car bonnet. However, the rule of “he who sets it up must go through it” was in effect as Taylor countered the suplex into one of his own through the barricade.

Trent followed the wounded Ortiz to the top of a car but a low blow from Ortiz allowed him to hit a powerbomb on the roof of a car. He and Santana then hit a double team powerbomb on Trent through the windshield.

Santana pulled out a lead pipe but before he could use it, Orange Cassidy appeared from the boot of a car and hit an Orange punch onto Santana with a steel chain wrapped around his fist.

Best Friends finally won the fight as Taylor hit a piledriver onto the bonnet of a car to Santana and Trent hit the Crunchy through a piece of wood balanced on the back of a pickup truck and earned a three-count.

After the match, Sue picked up the Best Friends in a shiny new van and drove off into the sunset while flipping the bird at Santana and Ortiz.

This was a stellar episode of AEW Dynamite with every match being of PPV quality. It was thoroughly entertaining to watch and flew by at a breakneck pace. This week’s episode is definitely a must-watch.

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