Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week, we get a bit more bang for our buck as we get not one but two interesting matches. The first is a tag bout between Hot Commodity and Japanese stars Nosawa and Masada. The second would be an MLW dream match between the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and the Outlaw Homicide. Daniels was still in recruitment mode for his cult, could he bring the Notorious 187 into his twisted little following? Plus, we’ll see how all the stars of MLW present and future are doing in another episode of Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it!

Hot Commodity (Julio Dinero & EZ Money) defeated Masada & Nosawa via Double-team Ocean Cyclone on Nosawa

Our first match of the night would see former ECW team Hot Commodity take on Japanese wrestling stars Masada and Nosawa in tag team action. Money and Dinero had returned to televised wrestling after a two-year absence so they were looking to make a big impression against the deadly duo of Masada and Nosawa. Hot Commodity attack instantly but got launched to the outside with double dropkicks and hit with a diving crossbody/baseball slide combo into the guardrails. They threw Dinero in the ring and, after a series of dodges, Nosawa nailed a low blow into a head kick. Money tagged himself in but fell victim to a double-team kick combo and continued to get pummelled down by Masada. Money kicked out of a head=scissor pin and nailed Masada with a jawbreaker. He tagged in Dinero who lashed out a Masada with some strikes and crushed him with a hip-toss press. He missed a corkscrew elbow and lured Masada into a double team lariat off a blind tag. Money locked in a Pendulum of Pain then smashed Masada with a vicious knee and a double-team side slam/elbow combo. Dinero landed a twisting Suplex and spinning thrust kick but still only got two. That was followed by a pumphandle Olympic slam and more double-team kicks then a slam/standing moonsault combo but they still couldn’t keep Masada down. He finally got his escape by tanking the Money Roll and nailing a low blow on a diving Money. He slammed Money with a German and tagged in Nosawa. Money tagged too so Nosawa and Dinero came in swinging. Nosawa kicked down Dinero, landed a shining wizard, and took Money out with a lariat. He went top rope for a frog splash and landed a double-team clothesline and powerbomb on Dinero. Money made the save and powerbombed Masada to the floor as Nosawa landed a Fisherman Buster. Dinero survived it and nailed Nosawa with a back elbow, stunning him for a double-team Ocean Cyclone for the three-count. Hot Commodity took the win but they had to fight some stiff competition in Nosawa and Masada, who refused to give up easily. All four guys were awesome here meaning we got an exceptional tag opener.

Between Matches:

  • A recap of last week’s title match between Johnny Smith and Satoshi Kojima
  • Tension building for an upcoming Paul London/Jerry Lynn rematch
  • Masato Tanaka responding to Mike Awesome’s debilitating Awesome Bomb
  • More trash talk from Los Maximos about the Samoan Island Tribe
  • Simply Luscious hinting that she was coming after someone on the MLW roster

Homicide defeated Christopher Daniels (W/ Jerry Lynn) via Yakuza Kick

The main event of the night saw the Notorious 187 make his MLW debut against the Fallen Angel, and leader of the Cult of Daniels, Christopher Daniels. Could the outlaw make a statement against Daniels and his follower, Jerry Lynn? They started with a nice technical exchange and picked up the pace to trade arm-drags. Homicide knocked Daniels to the floor with a shoulder block and sent him flying into the scaffolding of the entranceway with a massive tope con giro. He continued with a running corner kick then ran into a flatliner as Lynn distracted him. The camera cut out and returned to Daniels stomping down Homicide. He choked and clawed at Homicide in the corner but then got caught with a springboard crossbody as Homicide reversed a monkey flip. Daniels quickly fired back with a Uranage but Homicide kicked out and stunned him with an elbow into an exploder. Homicide bullied him with clotheslines and perched him on the top rope to hit a top rope Hurricanrana. Homicide missed a diving headbutt and got planted with another Uranage and the Best Moonsault Ever. Homicide kicked out and tried for the Cop Killa but Daniels broke free. Homicide bounced off the ropes with a lariat and sent Daniels into Lynn. He tried for the Cop Killa again but Daniels fought back so Homicide kicked low and landed a vicious Yakuza Kick for the win. Daniels didn’t take the loss lightly and attacked Homicide with Lynn with his own version of the Twist of Fate. He stood tall with Lynn to end the show despite suffering a pretty big loss. This match, for what you got of it was great. It’s always nice to see Homicide in a big match, with a great opponent, and show off the technical ability he has. Unfortunately, the match was cut short so I feel a large portion was missing again. I love having historical MLW main events to watch but I wish they wouldn’t cut so much of them out. Homicide and Daniels are both technical masters, let them show off all their old skills, not just the cherry-picked bits.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Pulp Fusion started with Los Parks talking about the history with MLW and requesting more shots at the various gold. Richard Holliday was looking to call off the tanning bet as an accident had left him looking like the Invisible Man under a ton of bandages. Hammerstone’s sarcastic tanning advice had left him horrifically burned and now he was sadly learning that Hammerstone would be talking to his rival, Alicia Atout. Gino Medina wanted to talk about Gino Medina as he felt his talent had been overlooked because of his ties to factions. Team Filthy were talking strategy on how to destroy The Von Erichs and anyone else. Calvin Tankman was talking of the anticipation he felt about introducing people to Heavyweight Hustle on MLW television. He was going to break anyone in his way and making super heavyweight history by any means. Myron Reed once again echoed that if Brian Pillman Jr wanted a title shot then all he had to do was cut the weight. If not, Jordan Oliver was going to break his jaw.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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