This has been a long time coming for me. As someone who has seen No Peace Underground do their thing in Twitter clips and gifs, I finally have the chance to review a full show of no-ring violence and super-creative fuckery. We’d see another 44OH invasion as multiple members of the faction got stuck into the violence. Gregory Iron would take on Eli Knight and Eric Ryan and Atticus Cogar would be looking to get a black and green win in the titular Gauntlet of Death against some stiff competition. Plus, we’ll see Jamie Senegal and Sawyer Wreck go to war and deathmatch wrestling’s Honey Badger Neil Diamond Cutter try to get one over on the motherfucking truth, AJ Gray. Let’s get into the violence!

Gregory Iron defeated Eli Knight via Arial Chair Shot

The show opened with a straight-up singles bout between 44OH!’s Gregory Iron and Culture Inc member Eli Knight. Iron often doesn’t get the chance to wrestle as he’s too busy being a chaperone to Rickey Shane Page and co. so it would be interesting to see him mix it up with the prodigy of flight. He ran down the crowd to open the show, complaining about how they treat Ohio, attacking them for their COVID cases and claiming to be the only professional wrestler there. He was talking like a big man despite having a size disadvantage and a severe disadvantage in basketball skills. Knight started the match by throwing a basketball into Iron’s head and nailed him with a tope con Hilo off the stage. He pelted Iron with more basketball shots to the gut and ignored Iron trying to use his disability as an excuse. Iron slugged back and chopped Knight against the guardrail. Knight shook it off, landed a kip-up kick, and continued to beat Iron around the outside. He missed a running boot so Iron punished him with a rain of fists and threw him into the guardrail again. That was followed by Muay Thai knees and a chair to the gut for two. They traded more blows then Iron hit a massive running senton outside. He tried to choke Knight out with wrestling tape then smashed him with another chair. A slugfest broke out then knight drove Iron into the stage and hit a baseball slide off it. He hammered down Iron with strikes and a duo of deadly kicks. He slid Iron onto the stage and gave him a nasty dose of tea-bagging then took a Hurricanrana to the floor. Iron landed a satellite DDT on Knight and set up a ladder across some chairs. They fought around the ladder then brought the fight onto the stage where Iron escaped getting powerbombed through the ladder and stunned Knight with a jawbreaker. Knight sent Iron reeling with a superkick and tried to dive off the stage but Iron smashed him out of the air with a chair for the three-count. This was a pretty decent starting match; it was funny to see the crowd antagonise 44OH! early on and that Iron got the win through veteran means. Knight is going to go a long way if he continues as he as and I hope to see him on more indie shows.

Jamie Senegal defeated Sawyer Wreck via Bulldog through a door

Next up would be a battle for the ages as two No Peace stalwarts would come out to fight. It would be the intimidating Sawyer Wreck taking on the Kween Jamie Senegal. Neither participant was afraid of getting violent or bloody. Senegal started off reluctant to fight Wreck, claiming Alex Ocean had broken up with her. Wreck tried to be the supportive friend and comfort Senegal but it was all a ruse and Senegal shocked her with a vicious slap. Both tried to slam each other into the stage then Wreck hit Senegal so hard their wig came off and flew into the hard cam. Wreck tried to hand it to the ref for safekeeping but Senegal struck again with a vicious gut kick and more forearms. Wreck struck back with a massive kick as the ref put on Senegal’s wig. Senegal snapped back with a high kick to the head and retrieved their wig, putting it away off-camera. They then hammered Wreck with more kicks then retrieved two White Claws from the crowd and initiated a chugging challenge. Wreck played along, then spat White Claw into Senegal’s shorts and clocked them with a forearm. That was followed with some ground and pound then a foot choke over the guardrail. They traded pin attempts until Wreck got board and hit another stiff head kick. Senegal fought back out of a lock-up, tried to lock Wreck down with a submission then drilled her with ground and pound forearms and threw her onto the stage. Wreck slammed Senegal into a pillar and smashed their head off the stage. She grabbed a tube but missed Senegal and was thrown to the floor. Senegal smashed Wreck with a chair, hit a DDT onto it, and set up a door. They then gave Wreck a face full of White Claw, hit a splits kick, and put Wreck through the table with a Bulldog for the win. This again was a nice, stiff fight with a load of brutal strikes and kicks. There was a nice amount of attitude mixed in with the spots and wrestling. My one complaint would have been maybe letting the match go longer. This was really damn fun.

AJ Gray defeated Neil Diamond Cutter via Blue-Eyes White Dragon to a Fuckery Pile

That was followed up by the first deathmatch of the night. It would be the master of Sweet Caroline taking on one of indie wrestling’s best right now, AJ Gray. This would be the site for the first fuckery of the night. Cutter instantly went after Gray, catching him with a club and step-up senton. Gray muscled him up and tossed him straight into the crowd. The plunder came out and Gray launched Cutter through a tube bundle. Cutter took broken tubes to Gray’s legs and took one to his back. Gray shook it off and caved Cutter’s chest in with a chop. He vanished backstage so Cutter declared himself the winner. The ref told him this wasn’t the case and Gray returned with more glassware, which he bounced off Cutter’s skull. That was followed by a Snap Suplex to the glass-covered floor and more glass getting set up. Cutter blocked a tube shot and headbutted it into Gray. He did this a second time then Gray gave him a tube to the back and carved up his forehead. Cutter escaped and set up a chair for a drop toe hold onto it. He then wrapped Gray’s head into it and launched him throat-first into the stage. He did it again with an axe handle and pelted more chairs at Gray. He tried to come at Gray with a gusset but Gray snatched it off him and hammered it into his head. He then hoisted Cutter up and dumped him through the chair with a powerbomb. More fuckery was set up and a bar fight broke out. The pair traded fists then headbutts then tubes until Gray rocked Cutter with one tube too many to the head. Gray laid a bundle across the tubes but Cutter put him through it with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Cutter pelted Gray with chairs and glass then dragged out a barbed-wire net. This was set up on the chairs and a barbed-wire wrapped pane and gussets were dumped onto it. He climbed up the stage and tried to attack Gray with a staple-gun but Gray snatched it away, stapled Cutter’s tongue, and dragged him up for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon through the fuckery pile below. This was nasty and I fucking loved it. AJ Gray continues to show off a proper powerhouse deathmatch style and Cutter made the perfect opponent, trying to bring out that violence through tenacity and plunder IQ. Honestly, I had high hopes for this match and it delivered.

The mood was elevated even higher as ICW No Hold Barred Owner, Danny Demanto, came out to make a special announcement regarding deathmatch wrestling. After a cathartic fuck you COVID chant, he announced that No Holds Barred Volume 8 and Pit Fighter X3 will be coming to Florida on November 13th and 14th. He announced that he’d be working with No Peace Underground to put on a weekend of deathmatch ultraviolence as a way to bring Florida back to its violent reputation. In his words, November is going to get very fucking bloody.

The Gauntlet of Death

Drennen defeated Robert Martyr via Chair DDT

The first stretch of the gauntlet would see Drennen take on the young guy Robert Martyr. He complained about the lack of respect he was getting from the crowd despite the history he had with the company. He’d killed it on commentary, now he was coming to fight and brag about headlocks. He entered himself first and promised to commentate his whole fight. He took the piss out of Martyr’s entrance music, claiming Green Day’s Brain Stew was actually older than the wrestler using it. He continued to run down his opponent as he pummelled him down with strikes. He introduced Martyr to the stage and hammered him into the rail. Drennen threw him up onto the stage, where Martyr knocked him down with some fists but couldn’t capitalise as Drennen instantly struck back. Drennen turned his back on Martyr and ran down the crowd. Martyr cracked him in the back with a chair and hit a step-up enzuigiri and tried a leaping DDT but only got two. Drennen shook off some glass cuts, hit Martyr in the throat, and threw him into the stage again. He took the chair to Martyr and hit a DDT onto it to progress past the first opponent.

Matthew Justice defeated Drennen via DVD through a chair

As Drennen soaked in the crowd’s hate, Matthew Justice took to the stage and pelted Drennen with a water bottle. Justice slugged Drennen and threw him into the guardrail, egging him on to hit him. Drennen obliged but Justice no-sold it, hit him in the face and put him through a chair with a DVD to take Drennen out of the gauntlet. The mouthpiece was gone but I was thoroughly entertained whilst he was there, shit-talking his way through a beating.

Matthew Justice defeated Jordan Oliver via Door DVD

Next up was Jordan Oliver, the young, dumb, and broke heavyweight. He crotch-chopped Justice and threw water at him and jumped down to jaw jack with the crowd. Justice cut him off by smashing a bottle into his head and spearing him into the crowd. He held Oliver and took him on a chopping tour of the fans before dumping him back over the railing and giving another fan a chance to chop him. Oliver escaped a DVD and nailed Justice in the balls with a low blow. He railed Justice with a superkick and sent him flying with a running dropkick. They chopped it out until Oliver landed another superkick and started kicking his chest in. Justice welcomed the beating and got sent off the stage with a sliding knee. Justice chopped Oliver down and lawn-darted him into another guardrail. Drennen returned to commentary right as Oliver crotched Justice. Oliver hit him with a double stomp over the rail and a twisting splash off the same rail. The plunder came out as Oliver set up some doors. He pelted Justice with chairs then got a chair to the head because he took too much time posing. Justice threw him into a wall and got put through a door with a Cleopatra variant. Oliver assaulted him with a broken door then got put through a door with a DVD for the three-count. Oliver did well here but got too caught up in posing and paid the price.

Jimmy Lloyd defeated Matthew Justice via Door DVD

The different boy was up next and he was determined to stick it to a battered-up Justice. They started with a bar fight then Justice powered up and moved to chops and chair shots. He hopped onto the stage for a dive but missed and crash-landed on some chairs. Lloyd hammered him with a can and threw him into the guardrail then ate more shots to the face from a chair. Justice attacked him with a broken door and a duel broke out. Lloyd got the better of it and caved Justice’s head in with chair and door shots. He muscled Justice up and put him through another door with a DVD. Justice bested two opponents but ultimately, time and weariness caught up and Lloyd was able to snuff out his flame, much to Drennen’s delight.

Atticus Cogar defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Faceplant to door

Atticus Cogar was next out and didn’t wait for his introduction. He rushed Lloyd and sent him flying into a railing. He attacked Lloyd and Justice with a door and grabbed a staple gun. Lloyd clipped him as he came off the stage and stapled some dollars to Cogar. This fired him up and he took more chairs to Lloyd’s head. A hockey fight broke out and Cogar wandered off to get more plunder. Cogar covered the stage in tubes and initiated a tube duel. That reached a stalemate so they started trading slugs instead then went back to the hockey fight. Both guys got stunned and Lloyd had a door thrown at him. Cogar set up the door but Lloyd woke up and put him through it with a DVD. Lloyd set up another but Cogar nailed him with a hook kick and stabbed him in the head with skewers. He then took a syringe to Lloyd’s cheek and hit him with a low blow. He then smashed Lloyd’s head against the door with a duo of headlock drivers or as I call them, faceplants. Lloyd brought the fight to Cogar hard but just like Justice before him, time really drains your energy and Cogar was going for the kill.

Alex Ocean defeated Atticus Cogar via 2K1 Bomb through glass

Next up was the No Peace Underground favourite, Alex Ocean, who had pockets and a bin full of fuckery and was ready to fight. He emptied out the pockets as Cogar watched the weaponry mount up. He offered Cogar a beer but Cogar refused it. Ocean didn’t like that so chugged his beer and hit Cogar in the face. He hammered a chair into Cogar’s balls and went for a gusset but Cogar struck back and filled his back with staples. Cogar grabbed the gussets and they each hammered one into their heads and traded headbutts. The bin was emptied and Cogar jammed a whole reel of barbed-wire into Ocean’s face. Ocean tried to muscle Cogar up for a DVD but Cogar broke free and put Ocean through a bundle with an air raid crash. He then took the remnants of the bundle to Ocean’s guts and tried to regroup a bit. Ocean woke up, pummelled him a bit then took a syringe to Cogar. The skewers came out again and ended up in Ocean’s head and a syringe was pushed into his cheek. Both men removed these items and Cogar set up more chairs and a glass pane. He stabbed up Ocean with a broken tube and tried to faceplant Ocean off the stage. Ocean escaped and kicked low then tried to lock Cogar’s arms but Cogar broke free and chop-blocked the injured knee of Ocean. They fought around the glass, trading Suplex attempts, then Ocean finally took Cogar over and through the pane with the 2K1 Bomb. Cogar stayed down and Ocean went through to the final fight of the gauntlet. Man, every time I see Cogar in a match, my respect for him just grows. The guy is menacing as fuck, violent as fuck, and takes absolutely mental beatings.

Eric Ryan defeated Alex Ocean via Light Tube Guillotine and Head Stomps Galore

Last but not least was Eric Ryan. The 2020 King of the Deathmatch stalled on his entrance to give Atticus Cogar a chance to attack the injured knee of Alex Ocean before starting his stretch of the gauntlet. Ryan hammered Ocean with a tube and broke a triple-layer tube fan over Ocean’s back. He continued to cut up Ocean with glass and expended a whole box of tubes on Ocean’s head. Ocean tried to fire back but Ryan cut it off with another strike to the knee. He turned the savagery up by piling tubes in front of Ocean’s face and pelting a chair at them then tried to do the same again but got distracted by the crowd and had the tubes thrown into his face. Ocean tried to fire back and dodged a cannon, letting Ryan put himself through a door. He cracked Ryan with a tube and chair then threw a supersized bundle at Ryan’s head. He attacked Ryan with barbed wire and disappeared backstage. He returned with a crew and wheeled out a light-tube guillotine. He tried to hit the 2K1 Bomb but Ryan hit him in the knee and broke a bundle over him. Atticus Cogar rushed back out and hit Ocean with a fireball. In a blind panic, Ocean ran right into his own guillotine. Ryan pulled the cord and stomped on Ocean’s head until the ref stopped the match. It didn’t even end there, the 44OH! gang rushed out, attacked fans and staff, attacking anyone who came out to try and help. They spray-painted their logo everywhere until Senegal, Ocean, and Wreck tried to fight them off. Then out of nowhere, the wastelander Leon Scott appeared and sent 44OH! into a frenzy. Gang warfare broke out until Scott was singled-out and stabbed down with a fork and spray painted. 44OH! had won the day and trashed the venue. Obviously, I was massively impressed by the super-creative fuckery to finish the final stretch of the gauntlet.

So, there you have it, the chaos that was Gauntlet of Death 2 reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was fucking ace. A slower, technical-focused start descended into sheer deathmatch fuckery and violence. This was a four-act show of total mayhem and merriment. 44OH! continue to piss off the wrestling world as they continue to invade indie wrestling’s deathmatch hideouts and leave their mark. Between Iron winning over an upstart and Ryan taking the gauntlet, they claimed some scalps and ultimately trashed the place they’d come to invade. The retaliation will come and I cannot wait to see it. Plus, let’s not detract from everyone putting on some insane matches in this return show for the company. Senegal and Wreck had an excellent stiff-style bout, Eli Knight showed promise for the future, and Cutter and Gray put on one excellent deathmatch to precede the gauntlet’s madness all with excellent commentary from Drennen. No Peace Underground is ready to fire up again and I cannot wait to see them bring it. They’ve even teased showing off their whole back catalogue, so I’d stay tuned to their YouTube and socials for more. if it’s anything like this, then we’re all in for a treat.

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