Which barriers to break? If you’re so Bound For Glory, then you will have to accept the unacceptable. Vicious attacks, bad blows, mean words, changes in attitudes. Expect the worst from your enemies, but also your friends. We are 24 days away from a moment made for glory, gold and smiles. Choose your target carefully, because they are ready for you, they have been for a long time now. Too much has never been enough.
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, The Rascalz will face off The Good Brothers while The North will square off with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Tenille Dashwood and Jordynne Grace will compete in a rematch of last week. Fallah Bahh and Johnny Swinger will wrestle to become John E. BRawo’s best man. Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie will team up against Havok and Nevaeh. We’ll know who attacked Eddie Edwards last week. We’ll hear from Rich Swann and his road to recovery. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary. 

  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated Nevaeh & Havok. After the match, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan attacked Rosemary and Taya, Nevaeh and Havok made them flee.
  • Backstage, The Good Brothers were telling security guys some funny stories about their karaoke days. Motor City Machine Guns joined in on the fun. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin mocked their “legacy.” They said if they could actually focus more on their in-ring stuff, and not their fun outside of it, maybe, just maybe, they could be champions like they are…
  • Backstage, Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, with Kimber Lee, told Gia Miller she was not worried at all about facing Kylie Rae at Bound For Glory. She was going to go in there and snap her arm. Miller informed her that before her big BFG match she will be putting her title on the line against Susie at Victory Road on Saturday. Purrazzo was very upset to hear this unexpected announcement.
  • Jordynne defeated Tenille Dashwood w/ Kaleb with a K Konley.

  • Backstage, Moose was still on the hunt for EC3. A backstage employee informed him to look in one room. EC3 popped up on the screen and said that next week he is inviting Moose to attend the funeral of what was the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.
  • Video segment on Rich Swann’s road to recovery. Dr Ross told us Rich is ready to go as his ankle looks amazing.
  • Backstage, Rhino and Heath were attacked by Reno Scum. Hernandez thanked them for giving his money back.
  • Backstage, Rhino ran up to Scott D’Amore and explained what happened as D’Amore said he needs better security. Rhino said things are out of control and wanted a match, D’Amore said Heath doesn’t work here. Rhino replied there has to be something he can do, and D’Amore said the #Heath4Impact hashtag works. Heath will have to sign a waiver for an Unsanctioned Match at Victory Road and walked off.

  • The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) defeated The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz). After the match, the winners grabbed a mic and said they put a target on MCMG back, they want a title match at Bound For Glory.
  • Backstage, cowboys meeting in the hallway. Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer came head-to-head. Myers said he told him the next time he saw him, he should go the other way. Myers took a swing and Dreamer blocked it, catching Myers by the throat asking if he wants to do this now. Myers was all “Be professional, Tommy!” Dreamer said they’re facing off at Victory Road.
  • Backstage, Tenille Dashwood was hurt from her match earlier with Jordynne Grace. She wanted Kaleb to fix it. Kaleb with a K told Jordynne Tenille was challenging her for a match at Victory Road this Saturday. Tenille was not happy at all.
  • Johnny Swinger defeated Fallah Bahh to become John E. Bravo’s best man, he used Crazzy Steve’s monkey as a weapon. All Wrestle House talents were at ringside. Bravo saw what Swinger did and asked to restart the match.

  • Fallah Bahh flattened Johnny Swinger to become the real John E. Bravo’s best man. Alisha Edwards, The Deaners and Crazzy Steve came to celebrate with Bahh and Bravo in the ring.
  • Backstage, X-Division Champion Rohit Raju explained Gia Miller in order for him to remain the X-Division Champion, he has to stay on top and so got a quick win last week. He issued an open X-Division Challenge this Saturday for Victory Road. TJP said he would like to put his name in the hat. Raju said that it can’t be anyone he’s faced before: TJP, Chris Bey, or Trey. TJP said he’s never been rejected before so it’s time to watch The Notebook and get some Ben & Jerry’s.
  • Backstage, Johnny Swinger approached John E. Bravo about being his best man. Bravo said he didn’t care who won, but the referee didn’t do his job and that is why he called for a rematch. The referee was a moron, and he knew when they are. Fallah Bahh taunted Swinger that he isn’t the best man.
  • Eddie Edwards came to the ring and asked the one who attacked him last week to come. He believed it was Eric Young. Sami Callihan appeared, pulled up a chair and sat down. He said he had nothing to do with his attack. In fact, he was out there to show Edwards who it was. The lights went off and behind Edwards, appeared Ken Shamrock. Shamrock rocked Edwards with a few punches. He told Edwards to get out of his way before he put him in an ankle lock. Callihan, on the outside, taunted Edwards. Thumbs up, thumbs down.

  • Backstage, Impact World Champion Eric Young enjoyed every second of the previous segment. He added that, on Saturday, he is going to enjoy taking down everyone’s hero. He also sent a message out to Rich Swann. He said neither man will not become the champion. It’s him, and him only, that will keep the gold.
  • Backstage, Susie was staring at herself in the mirror. Kylie Rae stepped in. She was so excited about Susie’s opportunity at the Knockouts Championship. Susie asked her if she’ll be mad if she takes the belt off of Deonna Purrazzo. Rae said of course not. In fact, she brought her a gift before her big match, new knee pads. Rae told Susie her time has come. Kylie left and Susie said again, her time has come.
  • The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. After the match, Gallows and Anderson made their way to the ring, they taunted The North. Austin and Fulton attacked The Good Brothers from behind, The North joined them. The MCMG rushed to the ring and the show ended with the four teams brawling in the ring.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The North

Fulton started the match against Page, they locked up, with Fulton shoving Page to the mat. Austin talked trash to Page as Fulton approached, only to be backed off by the referee so Page could get up. Page ducked a swing and hit Fulton in the back of the head. Fulton was not happy. Page connected with a leap onto Fulton’s back for a chinlock, Fulton tried to swing him free and then backed him into the corner. Fulton grabbed Page on a shoulder, hit the Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle, came off the ropes but got kicked in the back. Fulton tossed Alexander in and then ate a kick from Page. Fulton was pissed and Page ran screaming, “I was just kidding, please, don’t be mad at me!” Page leaded Fulton on a chase, right into an Alexander blindside. They double-team beat Fulton down on the outside. Fulton rolled into the ring and Page tagged in Alexander.

Double team whip into a short arm knee, but Fulton fought off Page and hit a tilt-a-whirl slam on Alexander. Austin was calling for the tag, Fulton picked up Alexander and tagged Austin in for an elevated slingshot leg drop. Austin connected with an elbow to Alexander, followed by a shot to the head and a kick in the corner. Alexander reversed and hit a hard knife-edge chop, but Austin shoulder-blocked him into the bad corner and tagged in Fulton who decked Alexander. Fulton tried to slam Alexander into the corner but Josh fought out, he got caught again and slammed headfirst into a turnbuckle pad. A chop to Fulton did nothing, Alexander went into the turnbuckle again. A third time downed Alexander as Page shout at him. Fulton sent Page face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Austin tagged in, taking his time and he went running in but Alexander sent Austin up and over.

Austin hit Page with a back elbow and a hangman on Alexander. Austin leapt at Page but got caught. Alexander tagged Page in, picked him up and hit an assisted spinning powerbomb. Page stomped away at Austin and started trash talking. He hit a big shot to the jaw and Alexander was tagged in for a kick to Austin, followed by a punch to the head. Alexander dragged Austin to the centre of the ring, stomped the knee, hit a knee drop to the head and tagged in Page. Short-arm knee lift by Alexander, who shoved him into a body block. Page now locked in the chinlock on the mat, Austin tried to get up, got to his knees, then to his feet. Page hit an elbow, and Ace was out but ate a knee lift. Austin connected with a knee lift of his own, he went to make the tag but was caught and flipped over Page. Dropkick by Austin and both men were down. Austin crawled to make the tag, so did Page.

Alexander hit Fulton to no effect a few times, but he was fighting back. He doubled Fulton over and came off the ropes, only to be shoved up into an uppercut. Fulton went for a suplex, Alexander floated over and hit a German suplex on Fulton. Alexander hit the roaring elbow and put Fulton on his shoulders. He rolled through a Samoan slam, both men were down. Page and Austin tagged in, Page connected with a big punch, Austin went into the ropes but flipped through a tilt-a-whirl. He hit a knee and a spin wheel kick in the corner. Austin went up top and hit the Famouser. Fulton came in with a big boot to Alexander. Ace on Fulton’s shoulders hit a splash on Alexander. Fulton picked up Page by his face, Alexander saved him, Page ducked a clothesline, caught Austin and Fulton was knocked down when The North threw Ace into Fulton. A double clothesline sent Fulton over the top. Fulton got up on the apron, Page threw Alexander through the ropes and took Fulton’s knees out. He charged at Ace who dodged through the ropes. The North hit for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma(s) For a Nygma” 

What happened to Ken Shamrock? Last time we saw him, he was leaving the building and telling Sami he needed time. It was after the unfruitful attempt at being a tag team. The man who jumped on Eddie Edwards yesterday was out of control. Sami’s smirk said a lot about what probably happened. He kind of brainwashed Shamrock and made him his puppet… Since Tuesday, Sami has been teasing he had nothing to do with Eddie’s attack… Physically, no but mentally, maybe…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– My time has come…

Kylie Rae thinks she has a friend, she will soon understand she also has an enemy in Susie. Some are expecting Su Yung to come back very soon, I think her evil instincts can fit the character of Susie to make her a powerful heel. Like I was telling you last week, Kylie Rae’s chances at becoming Knockouts Champion are lowering as fast as Susie’s evil instincts are growing inside of her. And they will soon explode to our faces, and to Kylie’s faces.

– Requiem for a TNA Championship

Week after week, I tell you how much I love this storyline. Honestly, tell me it’s not something powerful and strong? These two haven’t wrestled yet but already built a monumental storyline around the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Next week, EC3 invited Moose to attend the funeral of what was the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. What does it mean? Are we going to see the belt buried forever or attend some kind of revolution or resurrection? I don’t know what EC3 has in mind, all I know is I can’t wait for last week.

Victory Road

Shuffling the cards, 3 weeks before a major PPV… That’s possible, Impact Wrestling can do it and already did it. Three titles are on the line this Saturday and can change the card of Bound For Glory. Young vs Swann seems to be set in stone, but what if Edwards wins? Could the match at BFG become a Triple Threat? Same for Susie, with Deonna and Kylie. Rohit Raju made an open challenge with a very high risk of coming to Bound For Glory without the belt. The X-Division is loaded with talents, Chris Bey, TJP, Trey, of course, but also Willie Mack, Jake Crist (if RVD and Katie Forbes parted ways with the company last week, Jake is still on the roster…), Crazzy Steve. So, who will answer that challenge?

Bound For Glory – Impact World Tag Team Championship Match: MCMG (c) vs The Good Brothers

Unlike all the other titles, the World Tag Team titles are not on the line this Saturday at Victory Road. Which means that The MCMG vs The Good Brothers is set to take place at Bound For Glory. This match honestly comes as no surprise, but Austin & Fulton vs Page & Alexander match this week really makes me think Gallows and Anderson are not the legit contenders for the belts. Whoever wins or loses at BFG, it will be too soon because both teams still have a lot to prove. Something Fulton, Austin, The Rascalz or The North don’t have to.


Thee MCMG will be facing both Ace & Madman, The North and The Good Brothers at Bound For Glory.

To be eNYGMAtic…

Excellent episode. The perfect mix of action and promos, with a tiny bit of cinematic orchestra with the Dreamer/Myers segment. Nothing was too much, every match or segment had some sense when it comes to a PPV build-up. All the matches were good, the way Impact Wrestling are pushing the female wrestlers’ teams really go in the sense of a rebirth of the Knockouts Tag Team belts.
I don’t know where the Callihan/Edwards/Shamrock situation will bring us, obviously to a match, but I will never get enough of this strange alchemy between Eddie and Sami. As much as they can hate each other, what they are able to do in a ring is unlimited.
We are 24 days away from Bound For Glory. This Saturday, some things could change at Victory Road. For the moment, let’s enjoy the pleasure of these two hours of good, very good wrestling because this episode was all about that.
On this “Nygma Might See You on Saturday” note, take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Basil Mahmud and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag. 

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