A little bit more than a year ago, Impact Wrestling was proud to announce the signing of Tenille Dashwood. For more than 15 years, the Australian wrestler has been dazzling the world in some of the best promotions in the USA, but also around the world. With Impact Wrestling, Tenille Dashwood could have the fresh start she needed in a company that has been a great launching pad for women in wrestling.

Quickly after her debut in Mexico in August 2019, she targeted Taya Valkyrie and the belt she was proudly wearing around her waist, the Knockouts Championship. But, at Bound For Glory last year, she came up short. After this lack of success to win the most coveted women’s title of the company, Tenille disappeared for a while before coming back in March to try to have another revenge on Taya, before once again leaving the Impact Zone.

She surprised everyone last month when she interfered in the current Champion Deonna Purrazzo’s Black-Tie Affair and made know she was back and ready to go for the belt. Ever since she has been in a feud with Jordynne Grace that will continue this Saturday at Victory Road. A match announced on Tuesday by Tenille’s new acolyte, Kaleb with a K Konley. Tenille was the guest of Impact Wrestling Zoom media call this Wednesday, and that feud was one of the hot subjects of the conversation.

On Jordynne Grace and their match at Victory Road

“I wasn’t thrilled (of the third match) because, for starters, I’d already beaten Jordynne Grace in the main event of my first show back in a long time, so I’ve already proved myself. I don’t need another match, I didn’t need the second match, but actually, after she had her way somehow, now we’re here, and there was a little bit of a misunderstanding with Kaleb, but it’s fine, it’s totally fine. I’ll take care of business and do my thing.

“Do I think I can beat Jordynne Grace? Of course. Am I worried? No. I’ve already beaten her in the main event, what more do I have to do? She did almost break my back if you saw that one, but look, I’m still standing.

“My bag of tricks is never empty, come on. I’m not worried in the slightest because I am Tenille Dashwood. Jordynne is quite aggressive in the ring, she has tried to injure me a number of times. She is a great competitor, and she gives me a run for my money. I’m not worried about this match. I’ve got it under control. I always have a plan.

“She’s very smart because she did mention me as her biggest threat to the title. She knows that I’m a threat, and that’s why she has somehow managed to get herself a second match when she wasn’t deserving of a second match. Now we’re in this position where we have a third match coming up on Saturday, so she is a good stepping stone. I’m ready to be done with her and to move on to bigger things.”

On what made her come back to the Impact Zone

“Honestly, it was getting frustrating sitting back and listening to people like Deonna toot her own horn about how she’s the best technical women’s wrestler in the world, and it just got kind of old, so I thought it was time that I just came and took the spotlight back.”

On the Knockouts Division

“I’ve wrestled for the top companies around the world, and I’ve got to know a lot of people in a lot of divisions. I will say that impact is the best division currently, and I would say that it is quite obvious that the women there they bust their ass, they love wrestling, and the passion oozes out of them when they’re in the ring. I like a bit of competition, and I like people to pride themselves in what they do and be good at that so that when I beat them, it just makes me look that much better.

“There are quite a few of the women in the Knockouts division I haven’t even wrestled yet, so it’s a lot of exciting stuff to come. I will say Su Yung is very intriguing to me, but she’s literally crazy, so I might stay away from her for a while. I’ve never stepped in the ring with Kylie Rae, and I know that people want to see that, so that is definitely one of the top ones. Jordynne is kind of getting old at this point, but if I could say someone else, I would say, of course,
Deonna Purrazzo, but I’ve already beat her too, so the next time I face her, it’ll be more fun because I already know I’m going to win.

“If I could bring back someone from the past, I would have loved to wrestle Gail Kim. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that will ever happen, but if I get my way, maybe it will, and I do get my way quite often, so I might work on that actually.”

On the Knockouts Championship

“I don’t really care (who I should defeat), they’re both annoying in their own ways, but I will say I have beaten Deonna, so maybe that’s like the easier option. I haven’t faced Kylie right, obviously, I know I would win, but I haven’t faced her in the ring before, so it would be kind of an exciting first-time match-up. Deonna is just maybe easier. I don’t know I’ll see how I’m feeling at the time when it comes to it. Whoever ends up with a title, I’m ready, so it doesn’t really bother me too much.”

On signing with Impact Wrestling

“It’s pretty clear that Impact Wrestling, with the times right now, they’ve made some huge moves and big signings, and it’s literally the show to watch right now and mainly because of me, I’m on the show. People would be silly not to tune in. I get messages literally every day, come wrestle here, why don’t you wrestle here anymore, why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that? Why don’t you just watch Impact Wrestling? You get to see me, and they get to see me do my thing, that would be the smart move for everyone. The show is just killing it right now, so why wouldn’t you watch?

“There were many reasons why I signed a contract with Impact Wrestling. The women’s division is literally on fire, they make some big moves, smart moves, as far as the wrestling industry goes. I still plan to do improve and enjoy wrestling. The Impact management made it very clear how important I was for their company, and it is so nice to be appreciated, respected, valued and that when it comes down to it, I want to work in a place with good people who have creative freedom who are happy and positive about what they’re doing and, in turn, deliver a good show.

“The schedule suits me great because I’m able to do a lot more of my social media, my travels and my photoshoots, and all of those things that I love doing. It gives me a way better schedule for all of that and a positive mindset to be happy about what I’m doing and enjoy it and enjoy the people I’m working with.”

On her 15-year career and the advice she would give to young talents

“I’ve wanted to be a wrestler since I was a little girl, it’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I watched, I studied it, performed, trained for, like you said, over 15 years, which is why I am a professional wrestler, why I am where I am and why I have wrestled for the top companies around the world. I am constantly working on my look, trying to make sure that I’m in shape and healthy, more importantly, because some people look great, but not necessarily healthy, so that is key. I think a lot of that has input on how I perform and how I stay on top of my game and make sure I’m delivering. I definitely do my research on my opponents. I watch the product, and I do what I need to do to make sure that I’m always the best.

“When I was young and had this dream of becoming a wrestler, it seemed so far away and impossible, but I never doubted my ability to make it possible. I didn’t think about what could go wrong, I just thought about what I wanted to do, and I went after it. I guess you could say things worked out pretty well. If I could give some advice, it would be if you want something in life, go after it, give it your all because what seems impossible can be possible in the end. I had been through living in Australia, not knowing how to make it overseas and dealing with my skin condition and all these issues, I had grown up, I never pictured myself being in the position that I’m in now, but somehow, it happens. With drive and determination and the desire to succeed and a positive outlook on life, so that is really important, but just go after what you want to go after.”

Follow Tenille Dashwood on @TenilleDashwood and on Taste of Tenille, her official YouTube channel.

Victory Road will air live on Saturday, October 3 at 8 PM EST (1 AM BST) worldwide on Impact Plus and on Premier Sports 2 at 9 pm on October 6.

IMPACT Wrestling is airing on Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch in the USA. The show is available to view in the UK from 2 am Wednesdays on the IMPACT Plus app and airs on FreeSports at 10 PM every Wednesday and 5STAR on Fridays in the late evening (please check local listings weekly).

All pics, videos and screencaps courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Basil Mahmud.

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