Welcome back to MLW Underground. Today, it’s going to be a return to the ECW days as we have two ECW icons in the main event as Sabu takes on Mikey Whipwreck and we’ll see Jerry Lynn backing up his mentor Christopher Daniels as he takes on Billy Fives. Plus, there’ll be a deep dive into the Extreme Horsemen’s plot to steal the MLW World Heavyweight Title and more promos and messages from all your Underground favourites. We’re fully rooted in the past this week as there’s no Pulp Fusion to recap. Let’s get into it!

Christopher Daniels (w/Jerry Lynn) defeated Billy Fives via Last Rites

The first match of the night would see the MLW debut of Billy Fives. He would find that it wouldn’t be a smooth entrance into the company as he would have to contend with the leader of the Cult of Daniels and his acolyte, Jerry Lynn. Billy Fives had quite the resume going into this as he’d wrestled across the US and Japan and tried to intimidate Daniels. After some duelling of poses they locked up and Fives drove Daniels to the ropes. He gave him a slap and Daniels bailed. He protested to the ref and rolled back into the ring. They traded more technical holds and exchanges then the show cut to an ad break. When it returned, Billy Fives had just dropped Daniels with a neckbreaker and continued knocking Daniels about with a series of strikes and a back-body drop. He nearly beat Daniels with a leaping leg lariat/leg drop combo and got nailed with a flatliner. Daniels followed up with the Best Moonsault Ever but only got two. Fives reversed a Suplex into a face crusher and hit the Last Rites, Daniels’s own finisher, on him. Lynn sensed Daniels was in trouble and distracted Fives. Daniels took advantage and hit the Last Rites for the win. The Cult of Daniels claimed another victim thanks to their numbers game. Fives definitely had Daniels on the ropes for a lot of the match and probably would have claimed a high-profile scalp were it not for Lynn.

Between the Matches:

  • A full recap of the Extreme Horsemen’s rise to power from the infamous beatdown of Terry Funk, winning the Tag Titles and all the other horrific things they’ve done to get to the top culminating in the Mike Awesome screw job.
  • After the Daniels match, MLW cut to the Extreme Horsemen celebrating their win by beating down Dr. Death Steve Williams and footage of them getting into a scrap with Williams and the Sandman after the no-rope barbed-wire match between Corino and Funk at Hybrid Hell.
  • CM Punk tried to convince Simply Luscious that his way was right and Raven would see that light. He wanted her to look to the future instead of looking up to Raven.
  • The MLW Top 10 list of championship contenders with Satoshi Kojima, Mike Awesome, and Terry Funk as the top 3. Awesome issued a threat to Corino that he coming for his title again and he wanted it to be a KO only match. Corino was willing to give him that match and the first shot at the title.
  • Homicide issuing a warning to the MLW roster that the Notorious 187 was he to cause a ruckus.

Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) defeated Mikey Whipwreck (w/The Sinister Minister) via Steel Chair Camel Clutch

Last but not least was the main event. The Hardcore Icon Sabu taking on a figure from his ECW past with someone rather interesting by his side. You see, it was meant to La Parka that Sabu was facing in their final bout but the man who came out to face him wasn’t La Parka. It was Mikey Whipwreck with the Sinister Minister (or Father James Mitchell as he’s more commonly recognised as) at his side. Sabu didn’t care, he’d beat up anyone put in a ring with him. Whipwreck tried to dampen that energy with stall tactics but Sabu jumped him as soon as he returned and nearly scored a quick win with an elbow drop. Whipwreck took Sabu down then went reconvene with the Minister. They both locked up and Sabu punched up Whipwreck. Sabu tried to go for a lariat but Whipwreck reversed it into an armbar but got disturbed by a familiar whistle. Whipwreck tried to continue the assault but his concentration was disrupted by the return of Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso. Sabu took advantage with a lariat and locked in a Camel Clutch. Whipwreck was furious at this and tried to get in Alfonso’s face but Fonzie ignored him and threw a chair to Sabu. Whipwreck continued arguing and got nailed with a baseball slide and thrown into the crowd for Air Sabu. The camera cut away and returned to Whipwreck hitting Sabu with a springboard crossbody. Sabu reversed the Whippersnapper and got pushed into a leg lariat. He placed Whipwreck against a table and put him through it with a chair assisted flying leg-lariat. Sabu continued with the triple jump Leg Drop to the back and locked in another Camel Clutch with a steel chair in the mix. Fonzie was challenged by The Sinister Minister so Sabu threatened to spike him when he was jumped by Lynn and Daniels. The show ended with Lynn and Daniels stomping down Sabu. This was an excellent match with a fun surprise and nice action from two ECW originals.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Video courtesy of MLW YouTube

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