As you hopefully saw in The Collective Day One Full Review, I was very high on this show. Here, I’m going to go into more detail on matches in my usual review style and give you a more in-depth look at the show and its amazing set of matches. In this show we saw Starboy Charlie step up to Blake Christian, Jimmy Lloyd tackle AJ Gray, a frantic four-way tag match, and a main-event that saw Colby Corino and Atticus Cogar go to war in a very vicious and very personal deathmatch. Let’s get into the action!

Opening 7-person Scramble: Brayden Lee defeated Alex Ocean, Eli Isom, Elayna Black, Sonico, Kung-fu Janela & Griffin McCoy via 630 Senton to Sonico

The show opened up with an unannounced 7-person scramble match that would see new faces grace a GCW ring against some who had been there before. As with usual scramble fashion, this went absolutely everywhere as bodies flew everywhere and we saw strikes and kicks galore from most people in this ring. Griffin McCoy got to show off a lot as he mercilessly kicked the hell out of people. Sonico got to show off his Lucha-infused arsenal with a lot of flippy fun. Elaya Black wowed with a Coffin Drop into a mountain of bodies. Eli Isom showed off his exceptional power and training under the ROH dojo. Kung-Fu Janela brought his best series of strikes and kicks to live up to the Kung-Fu name. Alex Ocean showed he was more than a deathmatch wrestling by holding his own with pure wrestling skill and Brayden Lee, the guy to win it all, showed what it meant to be all gas, no brakes as he rushed around the ring and won with a Shooting Star Press and 630 Senton back to back. Everyone brought something to the match and came away looking great because of it. Talk about opening the show on a strong note.

4-Way Tag: I’m Working on Dying (Steve Sanders & Dyln McKay) defeated Top Flight (Angel Dorado & Air Wolf) vs Smokin’ Budz (Cody & David Morton) & YDNB (Ellis Taylor & Charlie Tiger) via Shooting Star Senton to Cody Morton

Next up in the show was an ode to excellent tag team wrestling. We had four teams eager to prove themselves and very few rules to hold them down. Top Flight opened the match by giving YDNB a taste of their flying and striking based offence then the Smokin’ Budz hijacked the match and introduced Top Flight to their style of fast and hard attacks. The Budz dived onto everyone then fell victim to a double team kick and dive combo from Top Flight. They looked to hit an Electric Chair combo move on Ellis Taylor but got dumped with a double German from Charlie Tiger. Sanders and McKay jumped him and hit him with a Rolling Senton, standing SSP combo. McKay hit another SSP to the outside then dived over Tiger to hit a Fosbury Flop onto everyone at ringside. YDNB double-teamed McKay with a capture kick and stun-gun combo, then a double stomp DVD into the turnbuckle. Taylor dived outside so the Budz came back and double-teamed Tiger with a Gory running kick combo. They then hit Taylor with a backstabber, double stomp in the ropes. They were rushed by Sanders who nailed both with kicks and took out Dave Morton with an assisted Tombstone. He then placed Cody Morton on a chair for McKay to hit a Shooting Star Senton onto him to win the match. As you can see this match got frantic fast and saw everyone level everyone with dives, drops, and brutal kicks.

1 Called Manders defeated Logan Stunt via Top-Rope Oklahoma Stampede through a door

David met Goliath here as Stunt had a very distinct size disadvantage against Manders. That wouldn’t stop him though as we learned throughout the course of the match, he had a lot of equalisers for Mander’s size. Stunt started fast and pummelled him with strikes. He brought him down with a kick to the knee and continued to hammer away. Manders tossed him overhead to the floor and chopped him around ringside, then launched him over the ropes back into the ring. He took the time to pose so Stunt hit him with a series of dives. Manders caught him out of the third and threw him back first into the ring post. Stunt tried to fight back but Manders chopped him down again. Stunt kicked Manders out of a chair shot and brought the chair down over Manders. He continued with a springboard Curb Stomp, then got flattened by a vicious lariat. Manders grabbed a door and tried to slam Stunt through it but got countered into a heel hook. Stunt got thrown into the ropes and caught Manders into an around-the-world piledriver. He looked to set up the door but Manders brained him with a chair. Manders set up the door and dragged Stunt to the top rope. They fought up there, then Manders finished him with an Oklahoma Stampede off the top rope through the door for the three-count. The first singles bout started things strong as Stunt tried to play giant killer but got smashed down by the raw strength and size of Manders. He did well to survive as long as he did and get as much offence in as he did.

Tre Lamar defeated JJ Garrett via Frog-splash Elbow Drop

Next up was a match that could be both fun and innovative as JJ Garrett, the master of the headlock takes on the fast and furious Tre Lamar. The first part of the match was full of headlocks as Garrett took every opportunity to lock it in as Lamar used his own on Garrett. We even saw a fun moment where Garett dived to the outside, into another headlock. This raised a “holy shit” chant for a headlock. Garrett tried to push the advantage but Lamar took him out with a Backbreaker into a Hangman’s Elbow. They traded strikes and kicks, they pretty much went blow for blow, ending in a step-up elbow from Garrett. Lamar nailed a springboard clothesline, then dropped Garrett with a twisting brainbuster. They traded more shots, then Lamar nailed two Pelé kicks to the head. Lamar escaped an electric chair into a roll-up, then got tripped into the turnbuckle for a 619 and imploding senton. That got two so Garrett hammered Lamar with more clubbing blows and chops. He escaped an underhook but got tripped to the mat and blasted with a low superkick, then hit the Frog-splash Elbow Drop for the win. This was a proper nice little wrestling match. It was very competitive and full of fun striking, kicking, and trading exchanges that made both guys look good. Garrett is exceptionally good at headlocks and works nicely as a hybrid throwback wrestler.

Calvin Tankman defeated Cole Radrick via Hidden Blade Elbow

This next one was uncomfortable to watch. It would be Cole Radrick, the wild heart of Indiana taking on the monster, Calvin Tankman. Radrick tried to start fast and strike out the gate but he made the mistake of chopping Tankman and had to dodge the retribution. He continued to strike fast and sent Tankman to the outside with a stiff kick. He tried to follow up with a dive but Tankman caught him and slammed him against the ring post, then powerbombed him against it. Tankman rolled back in to take a count-out, then continued to punish Radrick back in-ring. Radrick tried to strike back but found himself chopped down again, very damn hard. He continued to match chops with kicks but couldn’t make a dent against Tankman. He finally got his big break by nailing Tankman with a head kick into a Hurricanrana. Tankman bailed outside and staggered into a diving Tornado DDT from Radrick. He dragged Tankman into the crowd and nailed a step-up knee strike off the steps and landed an assisted moonsault off the railing. The fight returned to the ring where Tankman KO’ed Radrick with a pop-up elbow and ended it with a Hidden Blade elbow. Tankman was scarily aggressive here as he murdered Cole Radrick. He tried to fight back but a potential injury and the raw power of Tankman derailed the match for the Wild-heart.

Jordan Oliver defeated Ace Austin via Clout Cutter through a door

Jordan Oliver and Ace Austin are natural opponents. They’re both forces of personality and both are cocky young fighters with a shit ton of skill. They started with an aggressive lock-up and Austin tried to control Oliver with a headlock. This led to an Oliver head-scissor and a rapid series of exchanges and dodges. Austin hit Oliver in the throat with a ring rope, then avoided being dragged off the apron and trapped Oliver’s head between his legs to slam it into the ring edge. That was followed by a superkick and more trading in-ring after a failed attempt at a Suplex on the outside. Oliver then dodged a tornado kick into a springboard Russian Leg Sweep. Oliver started to strike down Austin and caught Austin off the ropes with a lariat to the back of the head and a German. He followed that with another kick and a spinning brainbuster. He locked in an ankle lock but got caught on the top rope and dragged down with a slingshot head-scissors and the Famouser off the opposing top rope. Austin grabbed a door, set it up on some chairs, and choked Oliver out on the bottom rope. He rained down some boots and hoisted Oliver on the top rope again. He went for another head-scissor but was kicked down. Oliver dragged him up with a Cravat but couldn’t throw Austin through the door. They dodged around the door until Oliver shocked Austin with a Clout Cutter through the door for the win. As I said, these two are natural opponents and they put on a barn-burner here. It was impactful, flippy, and full of fast action. One of the stand-out matches from this show.

AJ Gray defeated Jimmy Lloyd via Blue-Eyes White Dragon

That was followed by the poster boy of the event, Jimmy Lloyd taking on AJ Gray, the motherfucking truth, and all-round independent badass. Lloyd would really have to step up if he wanted to stand a chance against Gray. That is exactly what he did. They started technically, where Gray trapped Lloyd in an armbar and worked their way back up. Gray took down Lloyd with a shoulder tackle, then Lloyd took Gray down with a springboard arm drag and kip-up dropkick. He continued with a hurricanrana and rope strike but couldn’t follow up as Gray grabbed him out of the air with a spinebuster. He started hammering down Lloyd with clubbing blows and chops, then hurled him into the turnbuckle. Lloyd slugged his way free, then ran into a rolling leg lariat from Gray. Lloyd answered back with a pump kick and rolled out the ring to grab some plunder. Gray winded him with a shot to the guts and slammed him into the mat. He placed the chair on Lloyd and climbed to the top but Lloyd threw it in his face and slammed him off the top. He followed up with a handspring cutter and a slugfest. Gray stunned Lloyd with an enzuigiri but Lloyd answered back a kick into a neckbreaker, twisting brainbuster and step-up moonsault. Gray fought out of a piledriver attempt and dropped Lloyd with a Saito. He smashed Lloyd with a diving headbutt for two and got hammered into a tiger driver. Lloyd nailed the Teabag Driver but it only got two. He tried to muscle up Gray for the Assault Driver but Gray reversed into a duo of lariats and hit the Blue-Eyes White Dragon for the win. AJ Gray claimed his first win of the weekend (it wouldn’t be his last) and made Lloyd look like a star in the process. This was awesome to watch and Lloyd surprised me with the diversity of his offence.

Blake Christian defeated Starboy Charlie via Inverted Koji Clutch

So, this one went long. Like, exceptionally long. It was the longest match on the show and also the most dramatic. This match brought out a new side of Blake Christian who took on a much meaner persona. He didn’t take Starboy Charlie seriously at first but over the course of the match, that doubt was beaten out of him. Instead of going move for move with this one, I’d rather just be more general as there was a hell of a lot to it. For one, both guys went to the arms numerous times and continuously tried to outdo each other with fast strikes and flippy stuff. We saw the future in Starboy Charlie as this 17-year-old wrestler took it to Christian, the current breakout of GCW and surviving. He was able to keep Christian grounded, keep up with his offence and stun him with so many of his own surprise moves. This match went like 25 minutes and it never felt dull. It was a slow burn drama match that saw Christian make Charlie step up and show him what he can do. Give this one a watch if you can, the motions of the match can do it more justice than my words.

Deathmatch: Atticus Cogar defeated Colby Corino via Thumbtack Faceplant

Lastly, we had the main event, the first deathmatch of the weekend, and oh boy was it going to be messy. It would be Atticus Cogar, 44OH!’s most sadistic deathmatch player against Colby Corino in his first deathmatch. These two had thrown personal barbs at each other in the build to this match so with the fuckery at their disposal, they were going to tear each other apart. Cogar even added more fuel to the fire by running him down before the match. This made Corino snap and beat down Cogar with strikes, a package backbreaker, and pierce his cheek and neck with syringes. He pelted Cogar with chairs and continued to hammer away with his fists. He looked to set up a bundle dive but Cogar threw them in his face. Cogar hammered him with tubes and cut him up with broken glass. He then gave a fuck you to MASADA and stabbed skewers into Corino’s head, then superkicked them back out. He set up for a tube senton but Colby tripped him down and broke the tubes on Cogar. He broke a tube near Cogar’s ear and broke another bundle on him with an imploding 450 senton. Corino set up a door outside and took a low blow bringing a tube cabin in. Cogar littered the ring in tacks and Corino hit the Cradle Shock into them. He upped the ante by throwing the whole cabin at Cogar and set up a second door in the ring. Cogar was slumped on it and Corino went up but Gregory Iron appeared to distract Corino and get put through a door. Corino returned to the top and Cogar stunned him with tubes. Cogar tried to set the door on fire and dropped Corino through a slightly flaming door with a second Air Raid Crash. Corino kicked out at one so Cogar drove him headfirst into the tacks with a faceplant for the win. Corino put up a hell of a fight for his first deathmatches but the numbers game screwed him and Cogar’s deathmatch savvy saw him finished off. This was an excellent way to end the opening show of The Collective.

So, there you have it, Jimmy Lloyd’s D-Generation F reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was a kick-ass event with a whole slew of excellent matches. From the furious scramble to the tag-team chaos to the drama of Christian/Charlie to the bloody finish. It was all a wonderful cacophony of energetic violence that perfectly set the tone for the weekend to come. Everyone was hungry to show off and ready to give the fans a show to remember. I’m always a sucker for blood so the deathmatch hooked-me but I was more than pleasantly surprised by everything else on the card too. This show really did earn its full review. Stay tuned to see which others did too.

All images courtesy of Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob, Wrestling with Unicorns, GCW Twitter

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