Time for the final day of action from this super-weekender of indie wrestling celebration known as the Collective. We’ve seen manic events, important events, and brutal events as we’ve covered Days One and Two. Now, we were going to get more as today presented up with Black Label Pro’s Threat Level Noon, SHIMMER’s At the Collective, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2020 and to top it all off, Paradigm’s Trapsoul. As you can see, no one was taking it easy for the last day so let’s get into it.

Black Label Pro: “Threat Level Noon”

The day kicked off with Black Label Pro rolling through a screw-job and giving us a flying start of rapid wrestling, random matches, and a whole host of interesting matches to bite into. We’d see Jake Something defend the BLP title against WARHORSE, Gaytanic Panic vs The Stunts, Killer Kellie vs Billie Starkz and so much more.

Alex Shelley defeated Anthony Henry via Inside Cradle – Based on Henry’s other match this weekend, I was scared for Shelley. Henry is a brutal striker and will easily try to break you. Shelley is one of the best but would he have an answer for this type of fighter? The answer is, technically, yes but he had no knees left by the end of it. This was a physical war with both guys seeming to piss each other off through their striking power and similar styles of fighting. I’d love to see a rematch.

Josh Alexander defeated Leyla Hirsch via Spinning Tombstone – Next up would be the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander taking on Legit Leyla Hirsch in what would be an excellent bout of amateur wrestling and more shoot-style flavoured action mixed in with some horrific strikes and ludicrous displays of strength. Alexander may have performed the longest stalling Suplex spot in a long time. This one got viciously physical and I swear Josh Alexander can’t have a bad match, especially with an opponent as willing as Leyla Hirsch.

The Stunt Doubles (Marko & Logan Stunt) defeated Gaytanic Panic (EFFY & Danhausen) via Double Roll-up – That was followed by what was set to be a super-fun tag bout between everyone’s favourite very nice, very evil tag team, Gaytanic Panic, and the replacement team of The Stunt Doubles. EFFY and Marko have had a turbulent relationship this weekend but it seemed the Stunt brothers were too busy trying not to kill each other. They put differences aside to dance with Danhausen, get more twink revenge on EFFY, and eventually pull off a big win. This was pure joy and comedy in a match. it was very nice, yet also very evil.

Bad Motherf*cker Scramble: AJ Gray defeated Big Beef, Jody Threat, Matthew Justice, Levi Everett, Joshua Bishop & Colin Delaney via Brutal Lariat on Everett – After all that it was time for something more smash-mouth, how about a bad mother*cker scramble match then? This was wild. I got to see Levi Everett cut up someone with a pitchfork, countless flying bodies, table spots, and a whole other host of violence. AJ Gray took the victory by playing it smart and KO’ing Leverett when the ring was empty bar an injured Delaney.

Killer Kelly defeated “Killer” Billie Starkz via Dragon Sleeper – Billie Starkz is a brave girl. Filling in for Kylie Rae, she would have to stand up to one of the most brutal female wrestlers in Europe. This was pleasantly surprising. I know Billie Starkz can go but she brought an extra level here and took the fight to Killer Kelly. It wasn’t the one-sided beatdown it could have been and she stunned Kelly on multiple occasions. I’m glad because I’m not too sure how much I’d have enjoyed seeing Killer Kelly kill a child.

Top Flight (Air Wolf & Angel Dorado) defeated Team Filthy (“Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Erick Stevens) via Fold Up Knee Strike Double Pin on Stevens – Another last-minute replacement saw Top Flight get elevated up the card and take their high-flying style to the ground and pound, MMA-infused style of Team Filthy. Lawlor and Stevens lived up to the filthy part of Team Filthy and forced Top Flight to work from under and rocked Team Filthy on multiple occasions. It was great fun and a nice display of a traditional tag bout with some added carnage. Top Flight are some of the brightest stars to shine out of the Collective and Team Filthy helped show that off even more.

BLP Tag Team Championship: Violence is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) defeated The Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) via Head Kick Brainbuster – This one was going to get interesting. The Besties are one of the best teams on the indie circuit whilst Violence is Forever have been on a killing streak all weekend. It got incredibly intense as The Besties tried to cut off Ku from Garrini by any means necessary. When that failed things got painful for them as Garrini went on a rampage and things became a lot less one-sided. Ku wrestled with one leg to stay alive and in the end that perseverance paid off as VIF left with the belts.

Number 1 Contender Match: Blake Christian defeated Alex Zayne, Ethan Page & JD Drake via Inverted Koji Clutch to Zayne – Blake Christian and JD Drake stepped in to fill the gap left as someone had taken out Isaias Velazquez and Calvin Tankman. This meant we had two powerhouses and two fast guys for an even contest. The action spilled everywhere again and JD Drake got to show off a lot here amongst the smaller guys and Page. Everyone looked amazing here and we got some Dan the Dad interference to cost Ethan Page the match. Christian took advantage and claimed the win for himself.

BLP World Championship: Jake Something defeated WARHORSE via Black Hole Slam – Last but not least the main event. The ruler of ass, WARHORSE, taking on the current BLP champion Jake Something. This was going to get heavy as WARHORSE loves to bang heads and Something is a bone-breaking monster. It got super physical as Something tried to break WARHORSE and incapacitate him enough for a count-out. This didn’t work and WARHORSE came back stronger than ever and nearly won the match were it not for Gary Jay distracting him and giving Something the chance to win.

So, that is Black Label Pro’s Threat Level Noon down. An excellent little show with a nice variety of comedy, tag, and great wrestling. No matches sucked and we got a nice range of excellent tag team matches to enjoy. Josh Alexander stole the show for me and that the Tag Title match was a work of art. Everything fell into place nicely despite the continuously changing circumstances for the company.

SHIMMER Volume 118: “At the Collective”

Following BLP was SHIMMER. An all-women company with a spectacular brand of violence and a show that was going to showcase some of the best female talents on the indie scene and NWA. We’d see Kimber Lee defend the SHIMMER Championship against Nicole Savoy, the Sea Stars defending the Tag Team Championship against Allysin Kay and Marti Belle, Hyan defending the Heart of SHIMMER Championship against Thunderkitty, Holidead against Zoey Skye, and much much more.

Nevaeh defeated Kenzie Page via Driving DDT – SHIMMER opened with a monster clash as Kenzie Page made her SHIMMER debut against one half of the Killer Death Machines, Nevaeh. This was exactly what you’d want from an opening contest. It was methodical, compact, and full of heavy-hitting. Kenzie Page stood up to Nevaeh and gave as good as she got before falling to the veteran’s DDT finish. I doubt this will be the end for Page in SHIMMER.

Sensational Scramble: Alice Crowley defeated Elayna Black, Queen Aminata, Jody Threat, Big Mama & Brittany Blake via European Clutch – Scramble time. There’s not much better than throwing six people eager to fight into a ring with lax rules and telling them to fight. This match introduced me to Alice Crowley, Big Mama, Queen Aminata, and Brittany Blake who all impressed. No one slouched here and the two in at one-time rule really made this even more competitive, well when it was followed. Alice Crowley managed to make her SHIMMER debut and steal a win over a very angry Jody Threat.

Heather Monroe defeated Leyla Hirsch via Eye Poke Roll-Up – Next up was Hirsch’s second match of the day. She was looking to put a legit hurting on the Killer Bae Heather Monroe. This one saw Monroe’s smarts gain her a win over the natural athlete Hirsch. It was a methodical match with a lot of clever spots and some incredibly vicious moves as Hirsch tried to overcome Monroe but fell short due to shenanigans and underhanded tactics.

The Bird & The Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling) defeated Sierra & Kayla Kassidy via Hurts Donut on Kassidy – That was followed by a very exciting as The Bird and The Bee took on Sierra and the debuting Kayla Kassidy. Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale put this team through the paces as Kassidy and Sierra desperately worked to keep Nightingale from Darling and thwart their biggest moves. In the end, though their hard work fell through as Sierra was KO’ed and Kassidy was tapped out with the Sharpstinger/Hurts Donut combo. This match was excellent fun and brought me back into the show.

Lacey Ryan defeated Davienne via Central Perk – Oh, did this one hurt. Davienne is a powerhouse but she struggled here against the speed and striking acumen of Lacey Ryan. This was Ryan’s debut match so a lot was riding on her slaying the monster here. She succeeded through an array of strikes and agile counters and flips to pull out the win and get the W over the much bigger monster in Davienne.

Heart of SHIMMER Championship: Hyan defeated Thunderkitty via The Beauty Sleep– Most of the time experience trumps all. If that were the case here, Hyan was facing almost impossible odds against the world’s greatest grandma, Thunderkitty. Hyan decided the best course of action was to go full-on villain mode and trying to kill Thunderkitty. Instead, she had a proper fight as Thunderkitty refused to stay down and fought back hard. Hyan didn’t take this lightly though and hammered through Thunderkitty to win the match, much to the crowd’s and commentary’s distaste.

Zoey Skye defeated Holidead via Swirly Stomp – Well, this was certainly a clash of styles, Hammer Horror would meet Pop-Punk as Skye and Holidead went to war in the SHIMMER ring. Holidead looked to have every advantage here. She was bigger, more powerful, and more experienced yet somehow Skye managed to weather the storm and gain a win over her nightmarish opponent from the other side of darkness. Both women put in a hell of an effort here and the match reflected that.

SHIMMER Tag Team Championship: Team Sea Stars (Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox) defeated The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) via Flopping Fish to Kay – Here we go, the match I was most excited for. The Sea Stars taking on the super team of Allysin Kay and Marti Belle in what would surely be a barnburner of a match. we’d see fish hooks battle pinkies and The Hex being very evil to keep the odds in their favour as they tortured Ashley Vox. Kay’s vicious attitude added a whole other dimension to this match that brought the crowd to life in unison against her. This went pretty long and was probably the best match of the show so far as the crowd was into it and The Hex were the perfect villains to terrorise the plucky Sea Stars.

SHIMMER World Championship: Kimber Lee defeated Nicole Savoy via Kim-ton Bomb – Last but not least was the main event. The World Championship was on the line as Kimber Lee looked to defend her title against the Queen of Suplexes Nicole Savoy. The crowd was torn here as they rooted for a new and the old champ. It became a battle of wits and a cat and mouse game of stiff strikes, horrible submissions, grappling, and nasty landings onto concrete I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. These two beat the hell out of each other in an intense as hell match. This had aspects of all types of wrestling and had a proper main event feel. This alone, made it worth the price of admission alongside all the other awesome matches before it.

So, show 2, SHIMMER Volume 118 At the Collective has concluded. This was a new one for me. I had never seen a SHIMMER show before so my experience may have been a bit different from a massive fan. That being said, they brought in a wealth of talent and put on a load of exceptional matches. It wasn’t perfect but those final two matches took this show to another level. I’d definitely give it a go if you’re on the fence about SHIMMER.

GCW: “Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 2020”

Next up was the realest event of the Collective, Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. This year’s selection of shoot fights would give us, Jon Moxley vs Chris Dickinson, Homicide vs “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Davey Boy Smith Jr vs Josh Alexander, a four-women tournament featuring Allysin Kay, Killer Kelly, Lindsay Snow, and Leyla Hirsch, and a whole host of other vicious fights. There are no ropes and no pinfalls, it’s KO or submission only, so if you enter, you better be ready to fight.

Simon Grimm defeated Matt Makowski via Half and Half Suplex – The show opened with Matt Makowski fighting Simon Grimm. Makowski is relatively new to wrestling but is a trained fighter and striking specialist. That being said he was in the ring with a technical expert in Grimm. Makowski has a Bloodsport win whilst Grimm is still yet to get his first. These two were pretty evenly matched in terms of size and reach with both having answers for the other’s attacks. After a tense exchange on the ring edge, Grimm got a waist-lock on and dropped Makowski with a half and half prompting a ref stoppage. Grimm finally got his first Bloodsport win in a vicious fashion.

Bloodsport Women’s Tournament Round 1: Allysin Kay defeated Killer Kelly via Head-scissor Choke – Next up was the first round 1 women’s tournament match between Killer Kelly and Allysin Kay. Both women are dangerous strikers and boast a whole host of MMA training. These two had an insanely brutal fight that saw both go from intense submission phases to suddenly raining down hammer blows at horrifying force. This fight went to new levels.

Bloodsport Women’s Tournament Round 1: Lindsay Snow defeated Leyla Hirsch via Heel Hook – The second round 1 fight would see the American Kaiju go one on one with the Legit one. Both women have strong submission games so this one could easily go either way. This one was pretty quick as the pair traded submission attempts and bombs then Snow went for the kill shot quickly and tapped a very fired-up Hirsch out with a Heel Hook. The American Kaiju ain’t here to play and this match definitely proved that.

Calvin Tankman defeated Alexander James via Knockout Elbow – Next up was Alexander James making his entry into Bloodsport against the monster-sized striking machine, Calvin Tankman. James would have to battle the crowd and Tankman here as he was definitely fighting in enemy territory. Rather than a straight-up striking bout, we got a very technical and defensive fight that showcased more of Tankman’s grappling ability.

Erik Hammer defeated Kal Jak via Double Wrist-Lock – Next up was a battle of the big men. Kal Jak the grizzly wrestler taking on the tall technician that is Erik Hammer. We know Hammer can go long after his match last year against JR Kratos, would he need to do that again here? Yes, he would as Kal Jak was a total powerhouse who slammed Hammer down more times than I want to count. This one was way more slow burn and saw Hammer trying his hardest to best Jak by submission and wear the grizzly wrestling genius out. An excellent fight here.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Homicide via Half Crab/Leg lock – Homicide has come to Bloodsport! The Notorious 187 is a student of the game and has trained some of the best in the business. Now he’d get a chance to show off that wrestling skill against an MMA vet and shoot-style master, Tom Lawlor. This wasn’t pretty, this was a fight, pure and simple. There were a lot of fists thrown, a lot of bombs, even some head stomps as Lawlor was pushed to the limit by Homicide. The Notorious 187 may not have gotten the win but he put Lawlor through the wringer.

Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Josh Alexander via Liger Bomb – Next up was going to be something more traditional. DBS and Alexander are two top-tier wrestlers. Both have strong amateur backgrounds and both are smooth as hell in the ring. This was an exceptional wrestling bout that saw DBS use all his knowledge to out-grapple Alexander and KO him with a huge Liger Bomb. DBS seems unstoppable in this setting.

Bloodsport Women’s Tournament Finals: Lindsay Snow defeated Allysin Kay via Heel Hook – The time had come for the Women’s Tournament finals. Snow had the faster bout in the first round but would that matter against someone as brutally efficient as Allysin Kay? All I knew was that this fight was going to rock. That it did. It was a quick-fire fight of vicious striking and submission attempts as Snow continued to hammer Kay and pulled out the shock win with a Heel Hook out of nowhere.

Jon Moxley defeated Chris Dickinson via Sleeper Hold – Now it was time for possibly the biggest fight of the weekend. Chris Dickinson, the dick string destroyer, the dirty daddy, and 100% fighting machine taking on Jon Moxley, the paradigm shifter and AEW World Champion. This was going to be an absolute war. My god it was. Moxley went from fighting dirty to going into a straight-up shoot fight with Dickinson. It went through so many phases and cycles from Dickinson dominating to Moxley dominating and beyond. There were no frills, just pure wrestling, and pure fighting. You could tell Moxley and Dickinson were having the fight of their lives. That is how you do the main event.

Hot damn, that was amazing. I love shoot-style wrestling so I’m always going to be a sucker for a Bloodsport event but this one here felt special. Every fight was packed, every fighter more than ready to go and that main event was the chef’s kiss excellent. I’m going to gush over Bloodsport way more in a much more in-depth review coming in the near future. For now, this topped my list for Collective shows. A proper work of brutal art.

Paradigm: “Trapsoul”


The grand finale of the Collective would be Paradigm’s Trapsoul. A variety show offering a host of exciting wrestling, UWFI rules matches, and hardcore horror-shows, we’d see Violence is Forever implode for a sparring session, Matthew Justice fights Bradley Prescott IV in a clockwork orange house of fun deathmatch, Alex Colon vs Bobby Beverly and a manic six-man deathmatch between The Rejects and the team of Nolan Edwards, Juicy Jimmy, and Hardway Heater plus many more varied fights.

Suge D defeated O’Shay Edwards via Cross Armbreaker – Trapsoul started with some big man business. Suge D would have to rely on his incredible catch wrestling ability if he was going to be able to best the raw power of the Big Bad Kaiju, O’Shay Edwards. That is exactly what he did. He went after Edward’s arm so bad he had the big man screaming in pain and the referee had to stop the match because O’Shay just wouldn’t quit. Suge D once again turned into a sadistic mastermind who knew exactly what he needed to do to beat his opponent. That is what we call wrestling genius.

Dead Man’s Fight: Midwest Territory Championship Chain: Chase Holliday defeated Sonico via Spinning Backfist – The next match was christened the dead man’s fight and it was for the Midwest Territory Championship Chain. It would be the Beast King Chase Holliday against the Lucha Ghoul, Sonico. This one was vicious. It became a brawl around the ring with spat blood and ghoulery everywhere. Holliday was pushed past his limits as Sonico tried to break one of his hands and controlled the match. Holliday dragged the win back and left with his championship.

Traditional #Night4 Naptown Elimination scramble: Billie Starkz defeated Freddie Hudson, Dylan Derringer, Miles Morales, Adam Slade, Zay Washington, Brayden Lee, Shawn Kemp, Juicy Finau via outlasting the competition This was going to be a riot. An elimination scramble match with the winner getting a shot against Calvin Tankman. A few names were shuffled around and some were added but everyone there gave it everything. It became a frantic mass of flying bodies and exciting action. Starkz took a nasty fall at the start of the match and somehow managed to continue. Juicy Finau got another opportunity and played the monster incredibly well. Everyone had to work together to eliminate him. Once that lit the fuse eliminations came thick and fast until Billie Starkz put Shawn Kemp away for the win.

UWFI Rules: Dominic Garrini defeated Kevin Ku via Triangle Armbar – Next up was our first UWFI rules match of the night. It would be a friendly sparring contest between the members of Violence is Forever. This was Garrini’s perfect match type so Ku was in for an uphill battle. This is a wrestling based on a points system and Garrini always managed to keep himself ahead of Ku in points and got the shock win as Ku quickly tapped out of a triangle armbar. It was a nice change of pace after the hectic scramble before it.

UWFI Rules: Flash Thompson defeated Cole Radrick via Kneebar – This match nearly didn’t happen as Radrick was working injured and refused to watch Thompson arrogantly get the match declared a count-out. These two went into a very competitive match despite the fact Cole was working with a dodgy knee. Thompson took full advantage of that and once he had Radrick down, he locked in a kneebar and made Radrick tap.

UWFI Grudge Fight – Erick Stevens Final Match: HoodFoot defeated Erick Stevens via Head Clubbing ref stoppage – A few hours before this show started, Erick Stevens announced that this would be his last wrestling match ever. He was walking away for good. That meant he was going to give it his all here. This one became super competitive as HoodFoot took Stevens’ with suplexes as Stevens took HoodFoot’s points with rope breaks. Stevens kept trying to get back to his feet but HoodFoot just kept knocking him down. In the end, HoodFoot just launched some ground and pound until the ref stopped the match. after that, Stevens left his boots in the ring, took a bow, and left for the final time. Thank you, Erick Stevens. You went out with a bang and not a whimper.

Heavy Hitters Title Streetfight: Alex Colon defeated Bobby Beverly (w/Forgotten Fight Team) via Tube Bundle Superkick – We go from UWFI to the rules of the street as Alex Colon and Bobby Beverly went to war in a plunder-filled fight of fury. This match went everywhere as Alex Colon went full-on murder mode with no regard for Beverly’s safety. Beverly eventually found his hardcore side and it turned into a super competitive deathmatch. It certainly wasn’t a fair fight as Colon was screwed out of a win multiple times.  Since it’s a casual review here, I’ll be going into much more detail on the comings and goings of the match in a larger review in the near future. It was an awesome match to watch but you knew that it would be, Alex Colon was in it.

Paradigm Tag Championships 6-man tag Deathmatch: The Rejects (AKIRA, Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch) defeated Earl’s Picks (Nolan Edward, Juicy Jimmy & Hardway Heeter) via Judd Nelson Driver through a flaming door on Edward – That was followed by an even crazier deathmatch as we got 6-man tag action. It would be the Rejects taking on the chosen team of Nolan Edward, Juicy Jimmy, and Hardway Heeter. This was exceptional. All the guys in the match are extremely talented and all got to show off what they were capable of whilst adding in the shock and awe of deathmatch implements. Once again, I can’t say too much but holy hell this went places. It was another violent masterpiece that really got the heart pumping. After all the bloodletting and horror, we got an excellent show of respect.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Deathmatch: Bradley Prescott IV defeated Matthew Justice via Second Rope Piledriver through a trashcan – Last but not least was something truly terrifying. Matthew Justice, the man of no fear taking on the Naterday Saint Bradley Prescott IV in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Deathmatch. It was an old gimmick for an old-school feud. I had no idea what Bradley Prescott IV could do but I hope he could cope with the onslaught he was going to get from Justice. This was a very physical affair. There were brutal shots with chain-link fences, trashcans, doors, and so many other horrible implements. It truly was a taste of the ol’ ultraviolence. Like if I had to pick a match to personify Matthew Justice, this would be it. Chaotic, brutal, and horrifically damaging, sounds just like the one-man militia himself. Bradley Prescott IV really cranked it up and got as crazy as Justice and that led to him getting the win.

And, that is that. The Collective 2020 ends with possibly the most mental show of the whole weekend. Three deathmatches, three UWFI matches, and a whole host of other wrestling matches rounded out a show that brought a whole host of new and existing talent to the spotlight. I never knew I’d be a fan of early morning deathmatches until I stayed up to watch this. What a show and as it has deathmatches, you know a fully-detailed review is on the horizon. I tip my hat (if I were wearing one) to you Paradigm.

Thank you all for reading. This weekend was a roller-coaster to cover but we made it. 12 shows, 3 days, 3 full-day reviews. This truly was an exceptional wrestling weekend and, if you want to watch any of these shows, then you can find them all on FITE TV. Remember to stay tuned to SteelChair for full reviews of Bloodsport and Paradigm soon, as well as a guide to all the best matches from the other companies featured throughout.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, BLP Twitter, SHIMMER Twitter, Paradigm Twitter, Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob , Wrestling with Unicorns  

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