Of all the TNA Originals Impact Wrestling teased the return of at Slammiversary, Chris Sabin was one of the names that seemed the most obvious. The fact he has been involved backstage since the beginning of the year may have been a clue, but Sabin alone was the one who was teased to come back. But the former 8-time X-Division Champion and former World Champion is also one-half of the most iconic teams of TNA history, the Motor City Machine Guns.

The MCMG success lies on the chemistry between Sabin and his long-time training partner, friend, and tag team partner Alex Shelley, and the fact they have been able to make of MCMG four letters synonymous with excellent wrestling, wherever they would go. And Impact Wrestling is the place they are now. After defeating the Rascalz in their comeback match at Slammiversary, they defeated The North three days after to become Impact Tag Team Champions for the second time.

Next weekend, at Bound For Glory, Shelley and Sabin will put their title on the line against not only The North, but also the Good Brothers, and the team of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Chris Sabin was one of the guests of Impact Wrestling media call last week to talk about the return of The MCMG on Impact Wrestling and their upcoming Bound For Glory match.

On being back on Impact Wrestling

“I feel good. Slammiversary was definitely special. It was cool to reunite the Machine Guns, and we had a good match with the Rascalz and, obviously, like that match led to more success at Impact Wrestling, I could say nothing but good things about it.”

On MCMG opponents at Bound For Glory

“I think The Good Brothers respect us, but I definitely don’t think they take us seriously enough. Obviously, with just our interactions with them, you can tell they don’t take us that seriously, and I don’t know if I would if I were in their shoes. We’re not very intimidating. We’re not the largest, but the thing is our skill level is just on a completely different level from everyone else in wrestling, so I’m not worried about that. They can take us lightly, we’ll just take advantage of that.

“I think Ace is super talented, but I just think he’s young, and I think that his attitude is the only thing that holds him back at this point. When I was his age, I was just as cocky as he could be when you’re that young, and you’re on national television wrestling every week. It’s going to go to your head, so can I say I blame him? No, but at some point, he’s going to realise that only holds him back.”

About The North, “basically just go back, watch the couple of matches we had with them and just study the kind of things that they do. It’s not easy to prepare for three different teams, you got a lot of tape-watching to do and a lot of studying to do. You just got to put in the work, then be prepared and be ready. The Motor City Machine Guns are the best tag team there is, and everyone’s going to find that out.”

On his journey with Alex Shelley

“It helps with confidence because we’ve known each other for over a decade, we’ve been teaming for over a decade, we’ve been with each other for so long, so we can rely on each other, and that’s the thing when you have someone you can rely on, and you can trust. That just helps improve your confidence and all that so.”

On their first run as Tag Team Champions compared to this one

“I guess it’s just timing. The timing wasn’t right for us back then. Sure, we were Tag Team champions, and we had a nice little run with the belts, had some great matches with Beer Money or Generation Me, but that wasn’t the time for us. The atmosphere wasn’t right in this company for us to really thrive. Now the time is right, people are really excited to see the Motor City Machine Guns return. It’s completely different management, different owners, the whole environment is just completely different. It’s a time when the world needs something happy, and I think we brought something happy to the world during this time.”

On the MCMG plans for the future

“I’m not trying to get too far ahead of myself. Right now, I’m perfectly content being the best tag team in the company, being the Tag Team Champions, and representing Impact Wrestling from a tag team standpoint. Who knows what the future holds, but it’ll always be just to do the best I could possibly do.”

On how influential X-Division has been to modern wrestling

“I think it’s huge. I mean, I think if you just go back and realise what the X-Division did, was basically just become this melting pot of styles because we were kind of the generation the first started being able to watch wrestling on the internet. So, with more people being able to watch wrestling on the internet, they’re exposed to more styles, whether it be Japanese style, Mexican style, British style. All the different styles around the world. So, our generation kind of just became this melting pot of mixing all the styles of wrestling together, and that’s pretty much what the X-Division was. We watched everything and tried to make this new style that was a combination of all the best. And I think that’s just kind of like what this new generation is, you see the influence of every worldwide style, and I think the X-Division was just the first to do that.”

On what Chris Sabin has learnt from his three ACL tears

“I think it’s all about your mental state. It’s easy to get down. It’s easy to be unmotivated. Like when I tore my ACL for the third time it was like, ‘Alright. I’m at the longest point before I’m going to wrestle again.’ You got to get your mind in the right spot. You have to remind yourself why you do what you do. One of the things I did when I first began the whole “prehab” and surgery process. I went back and watched old wrestling I used to watch on Saturday mornings. The stuff I watched as a kid that made me love wrestling for the first time. I was like, ‘Yeah. OK. That is why I do this.’ Just that feeling you would get when you’re a kid again, and you had these dreams, and the world was this wide-open limitless place where you could accomplish all that. You just have to stay motivated. Keep your mind in the right spot, put in the work, and listen to your physical therapist and your doctors. Do things the right way, and you can come back from it. I truly think anyone can.”


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Bound For Glory will air live on Saturday, October 24 at 8 PM EST worldwide on Fite TV.

IMPACT Wrestling is airing on Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch in the USA. The show is available to view in the UK from 2 am Wednesdays on the IMPACT Plus app and airs on FreeSports at 10 PM every Wednesday and 5STAR on Fridays in the late evening (please check local listings weekly).

All pics, videos and screencaps courtesy of Impact Wrestling, AXS TV and Basil Mahmud.

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