I think Paradigm got a very unfortunate slot in the Collective. It can’t be easy to be the last show of the event. You have burned-out fans and the daunting approach of Monday morning. Well, they were bloody prepared for this. Not only did they run with the hashtag, #CallOffMonday, but they had a whole card built around good wrestling, UWFI bouts, scramble madness, and good old-fashioned ultraviolence. Ever since it was announced, I’d had my eye on this show, now it’s time to show you why. Let’s get into the action.

Suge D defeated O’Shay Edwards via Cross Arm-breaker

Trapsoul started with some big man business. Suge D wanted to make a massive impact in Paradigm, he’d called out their champion and now he was going to put one of their best on the shelf to earn that shot. O’Shay Edwards is a monster of a man so that was going to be no easy feat. Suge started off fast and rushed Edwards with a flurry of jabs, strikes, and clubs. He rocked Edwards with a rolling punch but got caught on the rebound with a back-fist. Edwards launched him with a duo of Germans and an F5. He dropped Suge with a second F5 and threw him out of the ring. Suge laughed this off and started firing off on Edwards again with strikes and chops. Edwards cut him off with a body block and stomped him out of an arm-bar. Suge wiggled out of a Samoan Driver and locked in a Sleeper. Edwards took him over and ran into a German from Suge. He locked on another Sleeper and got driven into the turnbuckles. Suge jumped back into the sleeper and worked the wrist when Edwards tried to move him into the Kaiju Driver. Suge chomped down on his hand and kicked Edwards down into an arm-breaker. He stomped on Edwards’ head then continued the arm-breaker. Edwards tried for a one-armed powerbomb but Suge wasn’t having it. Suge punished him by manipulating his fingers and hitting an arm-snap. The referee pushed Suge away but Edwards wasn’t quitting. He took out Suge with another German and hit a sit-out powerbomb but Suge kicked out of the pin and grabbed the arm again. The Cross Arm-breaker was locked in again and a screaming Edwards finally tapped. Suge D brought out that sadistic side again and used every bit of brutality he could to put down Edwards. He was proving a point here and I think we all got the message. Edwards even let Suge keep the Hanya mask he came out with.

Dead Man’s Fight: Midwest Territory Championship Chain: Chase Holliday defeated Sonico via Spinning Backfist

Next up was our first title match. Chase Holliday would have to defend his Midwest Territory Chain against the Lucha Ghoul, Sonico. This was going to get ugly as Holliday is a powerhouse and Sonico is a madman. The match started with Sonico spitting blood in the face of Holliday and dropkicked him in the corner. He then caved Holliday’s chest in with a PK and barely hit a springboard to the outside. He then trapped Holliday’s fingers in the turnbuckle and kicked that hand. He continued the assault around the bleachers with a horrifying set of chest kicks and ran him into a rail. The kicks continued and Sonico stopped to pose with the fans. Holliday answered back with a chop but Sonico kicked him down and cracked his hand off a chair. Holliday rammed Sonico into the ring post and threw him into the ring. He chopped Sonico down in the corner and hammered him with headbutts and knees. He pummelled Sonico with clotheslines and ate a springboard headbutt to the chest from Sonico. The Lucha Ghoul punished Holliday with cravat knee strikes and blasted him with more arm-trapped knees into a Cradle DDT. Holliday ducked some running double knees and cracked Sonico with a spinning back elbow into a brainbuster. Sonico ducked a back-first and drilled Sonico with an axe-kick. He hammered Holliday with another head kick, prompting the ref to intervene. Sonico missed a dropkick and hit a duo of back-fists to take the win. This got nasty. I loved the brawling brutality on show as Holliday was forced to work from underneath as Sonico worked him over with vicious targeted attacks. Give me more of both on my screen.

Traditional #Night4 Naptown Elimination scramble: Billie Starkz defeated Freddie Hudson, Dylan Derringer, Miles Morales, Adam Slade, Zay Washington, Brayden Lee, Shawn Kemp & Juicy Finau via outlasting the competition

This was going to be a riot. An elimination scramble match with the winner getting a shot against Calvin Tankman. A few names were shuffled around and some were added but everyone there gave it everything. It became a frantic mass of flying bodies and exciting action. I won’t break everything down as I’d end up writing a novel but I will say, it’s definitely worth checking out as everyone put in the effort. Starkz took a nasty fall at the start of the match and somehow managed to continue. Juicy Finau got another opportunity and played the monster incredibly well. Everyone had to work together to eliminate him. Once that lit the fuse eliminations came thick and fast, with a host of flips, flying, and finishers putting people away until Billie Starkz put Shawn Kemp away for the win. As I said, this was a blast but way too much went on for me to do it justice. The whole show is worth purchasing so hopefully you’ll watch this match for yourself and see what I mean. Also, mega props to Billie Starkz for surviving that awful start and powering through everything to pull out the big win. She is going to be a star.

UWFI Rules: Dominic Garrini defeated Kevin Ku via Triangle Armbar

Now we began the trio of UWFI rules matches. The first one would be the Violence is Forever sparring contest between Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini. Usually, the best teammates also make the best of opponents. Ku would be in for a fight here too as he was basically walking into Garrini’s playground. They started by going through technical exchanges and traded submission attempts. They reached a stalemate and went for round 2. Ku kicked out at Garrini so Garrini returned fire. Ku grounded Garrini and tried for a submission, forcing Garrini to grab the ropes. They reset again so Garrini pummelled Ku with knee strikes and launched him with a Suplex. Ku locked in a Deathlock but Garrini wiggled out and put in a heel hook. They reset again and the pair traded striking exchanges again until Garrini knocked down Ku for an 8-count. Ku then did the same to Garrini with a vicious head kick. Garrini locked in a sleeper but Ku launched him with a Backdrop Driver. Ku went to follow up but Garrini locked in a triangle armbar and forced Ku to tap. This was relatively quick but it was a nice chess match of a fight between two great friends. Garrini was totally in his element whilst Ku tried to adapt his style to work around the UWFI rules.

UWFI Rules: Flash Thompson defeated Cole Radrick via Kneebar

The next match almost didn’t happen. Cole Radrick was injured over the course of the weekend so he wasn’t meant to be there for the match. Radrick’s opponent Flash Thompson came out and forced the ref to initiate a count-out so he could be declared the winner. At the twilight of the count, Radrick’s music played and he hobbled to the ring. He was at least going to lose fighting if he had to lose at all. With this being fought under UWFI rules, Radrick was at a massive disadvantage coming in with an injured knee. Radrick started off striking as Thompson tried to go for the knee. Radrick tanked it and locked in a rear-naked choke prompting a rope-break. He continued with a massive head-kick and another pummelling fest. The ref tried to break them up so Thompson clocked Radrick in the face and scored a 9-count. Radrick slugged Thompson again and knocked himself down, KO’ing Thompson. Thompson answered back with a full-mount ground and pound then locked a kneebar in on the injured leg of Radrick. Once again, this was short but you can’t deny Radrick didn’t go down swinging. He fought on an injured leg and deducted a bunch of points from Thompson but in the end, the bullseye on his knee became his downfall.

UWFI Grudge Fight – Erick Stevens Final Match: HoodFoot defeated Erick Stevens via Head Clubbing ref stoppage

So, nobody knew this was going to be Erick Stevens’ last match until he announced it on Twitter a few hours before. He was going to give it his all in a UWFI grudge match against the massive HoodFoot. It would be raw power taking on speed and technique. He came out swinging and peppered HoodFoot with strikes. HoodFoot tossed him away and the pair locked up. Stevens went to the leg but HoodFoot stayed up and rained down more strikes. Stevens picked an arm and forced HoodFoot to the ropes. HoodFoot ended up on the mat again, striking at Stevens but Stevens picked the arm again and forced him to the ropes. They traded strikes and knees, then Stevens forced a third rope break from HoodFoot. They locked up again, then HoodFoot dropped him with a backdrop driver. HoodFoot locked in a grounded side headlock but Stevens transitioned it to a wrist-lock. HoodFoot grabbed the ropes again and cracked Stevens with more strikes. HoodFoot dumped him with another Backdrop Driver, then knocked him down again with a massive club to the head. They went strike for strike, then HoodFoot killed him with another Backdrop Driver/Club combo. HoodFoot continued to strike down Stevens until eventually, the ref stopped the match. Stevens went out on his back in his last match. He took a hell of a beating here and gave it his all, earning the respect of everyone there. Good luck with the future Erick Stevens and thank you for everything you’ve done. What a heartbreaker of a match.

Heavy Hitters Title Streetfight: Alex Colon defeated Bobby Beverly (w/Forgotten Fight Team) via Tube Bundle Superkick

Now came my portion of the show. I love shoot fighting but now I was after blood. Bobby Beverly and his cronies were in for one hell of a challenge as they were taking on one of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the US. Colon instantly took out Beverly’s goons with light-tubes and broke one over Beverly’s head. He carved up Beverly around the ring, then tossed him outside. He threw Beverly into a fan seat and cracked him in the head with a can. He sent a chair into his throat and ran him into a light. He broke the chair on Beverly’s head, then beat him down in the bleachers. Colon took him to the other side and suplexed him onto another bleacher, then double stomped him down. The outdoor beatdown continued until Beverly went to the eyes and finally got some blows in. They slugged it out in the ring, then Colon got brained by a chair and hit with a Saito. Beverly took Colon to the top rope and ate a double stomp from Colon. That was followed by double knees into a trashcan and watched Beverly run himself through a carpet-strip board. Colon tried to break another tube but Beverly sent glass into his eyes and hit a brainbuster onto a chair. Beverly attacked the ref and had another chair pelted at him. Colon stomped him down and pulled out the ruined trashcan and cracked it off Beverly’s head, then hit the top rope Spanish Fly. There was no ref present so Colon couldn’t get the win off of it. Colon went top rope again and double-stomped the trashcan into Beverly’s back. Beverly’s goons attacked and Beverly pelted him with a chair. They held Colon in place for a superkick, then did the same for a bundle superkick that put Colon down. Beverly pulled out a scummy win but I must say, he did better than expected against someone as gifted as Alex Colon. It was a great start to the deathmatch portion with some excellent spots and psychology. Though any match with Colon in is always an excellent time.

Paradigm Tag Championships 6-man tag Deathmatch: The Rejects (AKIRA, Reed Bentley & John Wayne Murdoch) defeated Earl’s Picks (Nolan Edward, Juicy Jimmy & Hardway Heeter) via Judd Nelson Driver through a flaming door on Edward

Deathmatch two was even bigger. It would be a six-man tag deathmatch for the Paradigm tag titles. The Rejects would have to contend with the team of Nolan Edward, Hardway Heeter, and Juicy Jimmy if they wanted to keep their titles. There was fuckery everywhere and Jimmy added an extra layer of fuckery with a rainbow dildo. We started with a good old-fashioned tube duel and the Rejects carving up their enemies. Tubes broke everywhere as everyone mobbed Jimmy. The fights broke out everywhere, leaving Edward and AKIRA to wrestle in the ring. Both men hit backdrop suplexes and showed off some excellent striking abilities, then AKIRA showed off by delivering a gusset plate headbutt and tiger feint kick. Murdoch attacked Heeter with the dildo and we got a four-man slugfest between Murdoch, Heeter, Bentley, and Jimmy. The Rejects overpowered Heeter and focused on Jimmy, sending him outside for a Murdoch and AKIRA tope. Bentley hit a step-through splash and woke up Edward, who gusseted up Murdoch. Edward got AKIRA back in the ring but got sent flying and AKIRA hit Heeter with the tube senton. AKIRA was smacked about by Heeter and powerbombed into the glass, then hit with a twisting butterfly neckbreaker from Edward. The Rejects were hammered with tubes and cut up with broken glass but AKIRA powered up and chomped up a tube. Bentley threw a Clownette board at Heeter and beat him up with a tennis racquet, then broke a bundle over him. They threw AKIRA into Edward and Heeter but Jimmy took them all on. They continued to triple-team everyone until AKIRA was singled-out again. Jimmy knocked him down with a lariat and hit a bundle Vader Bomb. Heeter hit him with a chokebomb but Murdoch made the same with a tack covered bat. AKIRA sent Jimmy through a tube board and Heeter was folded up with a half and half. They dragged out a door and set it on fire. Nolan was singled out and hit with the Judd Nelson driver through the flaming door for the win. This was ridiculous fun and had all the shocking violence mixed with wrestling I’ve come to expect from the Rejects. Everyone was fucking awesome here and I never knew I’d see Juicy Jimmy in a deathmatch. I would love to see that happen again.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Deathmatch: Bradley Prescott IV defeated Matthew Justice via Second Rope Piledriver through a trashcan

Last but not least was something that was going to get ridiculous. The final match of the whole Collective was the Raven designed Clockwork Orange House of Fun Deathmatch between Matthew Justice and Bradley Prescott IV. Now I know Justice is crazy but would Prescott be able to reach that level of crazy? I’m going to spoil the result now; the answer is yes. Prescott started by sweeping the ring, then locked-up. Justice dragged him into the chain-link fence, chopped him hard, and rammed him into the turnbuckle. Justice sent him flying into one of the fence boards and sent it flying. Prescott woke up and sent Justice through the same fence board. He continued with a bunch of chair shots to the gut which just pissed off Justice who wanted to be hit in the head with it. Prescott gave him the world’s lightest headshot so Justice caved his head in and sent him to the outside. He chopped Prescott into a chair, then missed a cannonball and broke the chair with his own body. Prescott skinned the cat on a dive, then started a bar fight. Prescott got pissed and threw his chair straight into Justice’s face. Back in-ring he continued the beatdown with a board and crushed Justice with a board-assisted double stomp. He then through Justice into another fence board, then hit a ripcord chop into a massive German. He had one of the fence boards set up against the ring and laid Justice across it. He put a trashcan on his head and tried for a dive but got nothing but the fence. Justice went crazy and attacked everyone, then gave Prescott a caning with a kendo stick. Hit the White Russian Leg Sweep, then caned him into an Elevator DDT. That didn’t keep Prescott down so Justice put him through the fence board with a DVD. Justice cracked him with a can and set him over a trashcan. He crushed Prescott’s head onto the can and teed off with the kendo stick. He went up top with a chair but Prescott hit with the kendo stick and trapped Justice’s arms for a piledrive through the trashcan for the win. This was the most Matthew Justice match I’ve seen yet. It was messy, chaotic, and all over the place, just like you’d expect from the one-man militia. He made Prescott play his game and brought out the wild side in him too. it was the perfect way to end The Collective with a bang… and lots of broken objects.

So, there you have it, Paradigm Pro’s Trapsoul reviewed for your reading pleasure. I fucking loved this show. It looked to be the hidden gem of the weekend and I got proved right. A true variety show for the hardcore wrestling fans, the fun-loving wrestling fans, and the gorehounds like myself who love a good deathmatch. I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on Paradigm Pro in the future as this is a company with a lot to say, a lot to do, and a whole host of wrestlers I want to see more of. This was as wild as Spring Break and offered just as much. Give this show a watch because it is very much worth your time.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Twitter, FITE TV, Wrestling with Unicorns, HeyyImRob, Suge D, Kayden (KVRW16)

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