Welcome back to 31 Days of Deathmatches Volume 2. The second edition of the annual deathmatch advent calendar put together by yours truly. Each day we will open another bloody door on the calendar and explore another deathmatch until we hit Halloween. We’re going to explore a ton of different companies, wrestlers, and stipulations as the days go on with a few surprises here and there. So, strap in as we prepare for another round of blood, broken glass, and barbed-wire on our road of deathmatches.

When I approached the calendar this year, I wanted to make it more diverse and feature some of the big names I missed last time. We’ve seen one IWA Midsouth match on the calendar, now it’s time for an additional two. Now, I’m not much of an expert on IWA so I decided to put it to the fans. There was one name that kept coming up when I asked for the top IWA matches, that was Necro Butcher. So instead of picking one, I picked two. We have one from the King of the Deathmatch tournament 2004 and one is from Something to Prove 2005. These matches would see Necro Butcher take on Toby Klein at KOTDM and Samoa Joe at Something to Prove. Both matches took very different approaches and we’ll see why.

Our first match is the Fans Bring the Weapons match from KOTDM. It would see Necro Butcher take on Mr. Insanity Toby Klein in a match full of miscellaneous and vicious violence. Within the first few minutes, both men had brawled around the audience pelting each other with monitors, chairs, tubes, and a whole host of stiff strikes and chops. We even saw Necro Butcher get brained with a giant Crayola made of light-tubes. This felt like a shoot fight met a deathmatch as two men who legitimately hated each other walked around fucking each other up. At the six-minute mark, Necro Butcher met concrete as he was powerbombed off the bleachers onto the floor. Even when they made it back to the ring, the violence never let up. At one point, Klein even poured salt over Necro Butcher’s wounds as he tried to recover on the outside. Things just continue to escalate as we saw more awful bumps, horrific headbutts, and a massive bundle of tubes broken over Klein. We even saw Necro fly with a spinning body block. It didn’t do him many favours as the next minute he was cracked over the head with a VCR. Things got interesting as Necro Butcher locked in a choke and Klein tried to fight him off with tubes then drove him into the ref. Klein continued to beat down Butcher as the ref tried to wake up. He hit a DVD onto a chair and took the win over the Necro Butcher. It was a brutal encounter with a massive number of horrifying spots that saw shenanigans cost Butcher the match. I definitely get why it’s a fan favourite and having CM Punk on commentary was a wild ride.

The second is something much more traditional. You see, Butcher may have been an excellent deathmatch wrestler but he was also an amazing brawler, striker, and vicious vicious fighter. He was more than a plunder enthusiast and he had one of the best wrestlers in the world in the ring across from him. Plus, it had the magic of Eddie Kingston on commentary. These guys traded so many stiff shots and kicks in the ring, in the crowd, and everywhere in between. In amongst this world-class wrestling match was a lot of hardcore chair shots, powerslams onto the concrete and even more of the deathmatch tendencies we’re used to seeing from Necro Butcher. Joe was more than happy to play along though and utilised his fair share of plunder. Both guys threw caution into the wind as they pummelled the hell out of each other with stiff strikes, headbutts, and plunder shots. Necro Butcher smashed his head of concrete so many times it was scary. Joe did his very best to keep Necro down but Necro wouldn’t stay down. The match was pure physical brutality personified and showed the sadistic, brutal side of Samoa Joe and the sheer brick wall hardiness of the Butcher. After a devastating head kick, Necro Butcher couldn’t get up and the match went to a KO win for Joe. Yet again though, Butcher didn’t need the win to look like a tough as nails SOB. Both matches were fucking nuts. Come back tomorrow for the next deathmatch delight.

All images courtesy of Kayden, YouTube,  All videos courtesy of IWA Midsouth YouTube

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