Welcome back to MLW Underground, this week we’ll see the fallout of last week’s new alliances. Norman Smiley saved Raven last week from an attack by CM Punk and Michael Shane, now, he’ll have a chance to leave an impression on the punks in singles action against Japanese heavy-hitter Kenzo Suzuki in Suzuki’s debut match. Alongside this, we’ll see a rematch between Los Maximos and The Samoan Island Tribe. Plus, we’d see more from The Extreme Horsemen, the Sinister Minister, and the current MLW stars through a recap of Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it.

Los Maximos (Joel & Jose) defeated The Samoan Island Tribe (Samu & Mana) via double roll-up on Mana

The first match of the show was a tag team grudge rematch between the Samoan Island Tribe and the angry younger team of Los Maximos. Could the heated brothers finally get a win over the Tribe or would they be smashed down once again? Well, they definitely tipped things in their favour by ambushing the duo backstage with tacks and chair shots. They all rushed to the ring and both Maximos rushed Samu with a double-team kick and Moonsault. They hit Mana with a double-team bulldog and tried for double dives but the tribe dodged and started clubbing them down. Samu drove Joel into the stage and Mana slammed Jose with a sidewalk toss in the ring. Samu launched Joel into the crowd and dragged him towards the back. Meanwhile, Mana hit a perfect vertical Suplex and swinging Uranage on Jose. Samu crotched Joel on a ring post as Mana hit a massive double underhook facebuster. Samu beat Joel to the parking lot but got trapped outside as Joel scrambled away and locked the door on him. He rushed back to save Jose from being pinned off of a senton. He cracked Mana with chair shots then tripped him into a double roll-up on Mana. Los Maximos were able to use shenanigans and clever planning to outlast another Samoan Island beating and get a massive win. They were sure to brag about it later in the show.

Between the Matches:

  • A recap of last week’s main event featuring more of the action than last week’s episode.
  • CM Punk continued to mock Raven for changing and blamed it on getting massive paychecks.
  • The Extreme Horsemen were mocking the idea of being questioned on if they’d fight Sandman and Steve Williams. They would call the shots and re-issued the singles match challenge to the pair.
  • Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn were celebrating their victories when they were approached by the Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck who wanted to recruit them. They seemed interested.
  • We got promos from Homicide, Josh Daniels, Raven, and Steve Corino with his Extreme Horsemen who couldn’t stop talking about holding all the gold.
  • The show would end with a montage of clips to advertise a past PPV and documented how Corino got the belt and the Funk open bounty.

Kenzo Suzuki defeated Norman Smiley via Shining Wizard

Our main event tonight would see “Black Magic” Norman Smiley looked to make an impression on MLW after saving Raven last week by beating famous Japanese heavyweight Kenzo Suzuki in Suzuki’s debut match. That didn’t quite work. Smiley started with an arm-wringer but Suzuki twisted it into a short-arm clothesline and posed to the crowd. He put Smiley in a side headlock and knocked him down with a shoulder block. The show went to an ad break and returned to Smiley showing off some nice technical exchanges into a kick and wiggle. Suzuki overpowered him and blasted Smiley with stomps and chops. He continued this beating and knocked a ref out of the way. Suzuki launched Smiley to the floor and watched as he damaged his knee on the way down. They brawled on the outside and Smiley caught Suzuki into an ankle lock in-ring. Suzuki booted him off and locked in a Boston Crab. Smiley made the ropes and downed Suzuki with a duo of lariats. He put Suzuki in the ropes and gave him the big wiggle then rolled him up. Suzuki shoved him off and ate a series of strikes into the Fujiwara arm-bar. Suzuki broke out and broke Smiley in half with a spear then a belly to back Suplex. He followed up with a Shining Wizard and took the win. Smiley took Suzuki too lightly and paid the price for it. Suzuki looked like a dominant powerhouse monster for most of the match and put away Smiley with relative ease.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Pulp Fusion started with Richard Holliday giving a state of the union speech about the damage to his face. He cried over being stared at like a freak and how damaging the wager had been, then gave a list of demands to the company. Hammerstone was recruiting people for something against CONTRA. Myron Reed had set up contracts for a title match with Brian Pillman Jr at the restart. Low Ki addressed King Mo’s unflattering victory. Dan Lambert was unhappy about the fact Low Ki was able to fight again. Pillman was hard at work losing weight in a local gym. The Von Erichs were joining up with Hammerstone to fight CONTRA. We also got the first on-screen recognition of the Opera Cup returning. 

As #TheRestart looms we also recently covered the news of some more signings ahead of #TheRestart that you can read here. We had news of a new signee and of one very dominant powerhouse returning.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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