Welcome back to the ICW weekender. It’s time for the main act. We had the opening with Pitfighter X2 yesterday, now we look to enjoy the Deathmatch Horror Story. This nightmarish night of bloodbaths will feature not only matches like AKIRA vs Alex Colon, Brandon Kirk vs Jeff Cannonball, and Derek Drexl vs Neil Diamond Cutter but it will also feature a host of surprises and two farewell matches as Homicide has his last ICW fight against John Wayne Murdoch and Matt Tremont looks to end his ICW run on a high by beating Eddy Only as part of the Separate Ways tour. it was going to get messy and emotional, so let’s get into it, shall we?

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Brett Ison defeated Nolan Edward via Back-fist Combo

The first fight of the night would see the No Flinch ragdoll Nolan Edward step up to take on the Human Shotgun and master of Kill or be Killed, Brett Ison. Edward had lost to one towering monster the night before; would it happen again here? Edward started things by pissing of Ison and tanking some slugs to dropkick him to the floor. He followed with a dive and threw Ison back into the ring for a missile dropkick. Ison caught him out of the air and dumped him with a backbreaker. He slowed the pace down and hammered away at Edward with a whole host of strikes. They traded strikes until Ison kicked Edward’s head off with an enzuigiri and dropped him with a Snap Suplex. They traded again with Ison getting more and more annoyed with Edward’s strikes. Edward continued running his mouth so Ison brained him with a chair. Ison brutalised him with Backdrop Drivers and took a flurry of strikes into a backdrop from Edward. Ison tanked it and nearly broke Edward’s jaw with a rolling elbow, then put him through a door with a Piston City Plex. Ison pummelled him with the broken door but Edward pushed through and attacked with another trio of backdrop drivers. He threw a flurry of slaps at Ison but it seemed to just wake him up. Ison gritted his teeth and drilled Edward with a ripcord back-fist and a spinning back-fist for the win. For the second night in a row, Edward had faced off against big men and tried to outdo them only to get knocked out. It’s ballsy and fun to watch but man, I bet it hurts.

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Drexl via Flying Honey Badger

Next up came the first deathmatch of the night would be the first ICW appearance of the Devil Himself Drexl. We’d seen what NDC was capable of but could he withstand someone as evil as Drexl? The ring was full of fuckery and it was time for someone to bleed. Drexl instantly tried to ruffle some feathers by ripping some pages out of a Bible. NDC thought he’d sanctify Drexl a bit and stapled the Bible pages to him. Drexl returned fire and dropped NDC with a DDT, then gave his mouth papercuts. He then took some bible shots to the head and dropped NDC headfirst onto a chair. He continued his assault with a gusset to the head and cuts from an ornate dagger. He attacked NDC with pumpkin, then took a chair to the head. Cutter came back swinging, breaking a ton of tubes on Drexl but he got too into it and Drexl hung him out on the chains for it. They traded tube shots and Cutter hit the step-up senton onto Drexl’s back. Drexl answered back with a nutcracker and punished him with a duo of Hangman’s neckbreakers. NDC came back with a Suplex and got dumped through a plunder pile with a knee-breaker. That was followed by a Fisherman driver onto a chair and a Suplex onto a cross of tubes. He DDT’ed NDC onto a barbed-wire door and walked into a cutter. NDC wasted no time and drove Drexl onto the barbed-wire door, covered him in tubes, and sandwiched him in with another barbed-wire door. He climbed to the platform and finished the match with a flying Honey Badger Splash. He went through hell to get the win and my god did Drexl make him suffer. This was an excellent opening deathmatch and I’m glad to have finally seen Drexl in action.

Brandon Kirk (w/Kasey Kirk) defeated Jeff Cannonball via Bundle PK

That was followed by a battle between two guys who’ve known each other for a long-ass time. It would be the Deathmatch Rogue and “fan favourite” Brandon Kirk against King Ugly and King of the Short Soda review, Jeff Cannonball. Kirk may have been at a size disadvantage but he had an ace up his sleeve, his wife, Kasey Kirk. Cannonball tried to start with a handshake but Kirk flipped him off. Cannonball bit the outstretched finger and a hockey fight broke out. Kirk was rocked with an uppercut and filled Cannonball’s forehead with skewers. Cannonball did the same to Kirk and the pair traded very regrettable headbutts. Cannonball downed Kirk and stopped the action for a mid-match soda review. He cracked Kirk with the soda bottle and a tube but Kirk was able to dodge a follow-up and kicked Cannonball into a tube-covered ironing board. We got a vinyl record duel until they were all broken and Kirk stabbed the shrapnel into Cannonball. Some cinderblocks were set up and after a clothesline duel, Cannonball was knocked onto them. Cannonball kicked out so Kirk set up a record covered door. He missed another clothesline so Cannonball put him through the door with a Gory Bomb. Kasey saved Kirk and hit Cannonball in the cannonballs. He dumped Brandon outside and took out Kasey with a Fire-Thunder Driver. As Cannonball surveyed his work, Brandon rushed him and won the match with a bundle PK. Kirk has finally picked up his first win and he did it with a little help. It was another fun match that has made me more curious about how deadly vinyl records can be…

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Homicide via Chair Brainbuster

Now came our first last dance match. Homicide has been the demon of this company. When he dons the devil’s mask, he becomes an unhinged monster who will do anything to punish an opponent. He’d bested Casanova Valentine and SHLAK in this way but could he handle the Duke of Hardcore, John Wayne Murdoch. He was instantly rushed and pummelled by Murdoch but tried to answer back with some forearms. He sent Murdoch through a door with an overhead belly to belly and stopped to pose. Murdoch dragged him outside and rammed him into a ring-post. Homicide reversed a throw into a bundle and smashed Murdoch’s head off the glass. He gave Murdoch a forehead full of the fork and a gusset to the shoulder. Homicide continued to cut up Murdoch until Murdoch broke away with a groin claw. Homicide shook it off and stuck his fork in Murdoch’s eye, then slammed him into the mat. He locked up the cut-up arm and tried to break it. Murdoch broke free and started jabbing at Homicide. He flattened Homicide with a shotgun dropkick and powerslammed him against the chains. He then rebounded and dumped Homicide through a door. He tried for the chair brainbuster but Homicide reversed it into a neckbreaker. He rocked Murdoch with a piledriver and filled up his Myers mask with tacks. Murdoch avoided disaster with a knee strike and put the tack-filled mask on Homicide. He DDT’ed Homicide’s tack-filled head into the mat and pelted him with a chair. Homicide stunned Murdoch with the Gringo Cutter and tried for the Cop-Killer but Murdoch shoved him into the chains and won the match with the Chair Brainbuster. This was scarily good. Demon Homicide is utterly terrifying and to see someone dominate Murdoch with such ease for so much of the match. Talk about ending your run on a high.

Orin Veidt defeated Eric Ryan & Alex Ocean via Cradle Shock through a chair on Ocean

Who wants a chaotic three-way match? We’ve got the King of the deathmatch vs the Wizard King vs the King of not dying. It started as Veidt vs Ocean but Eric Ryan gate-crashed the match and decided to force his way into it. Veidt had just started attacking Ocean with a knife when his music hit and he attacked both men with plunder. He threw both men into bundles, then Veidt put him through one with an STO. Both men attacked Ryan with a gusset and threw him face-first into another corner bundle. Ocean tried to steal the win with a Suplex, then threw Ryan through another bundle. Veidt dropped him with a Stalling Suplex and Ocean tried to steal the win again. Ocean and Veidt slugged it out and the fight fell to the outside. Ryan tried to slam Ocean through a tube contraption with a DVD but Veidt put both through with a bronco buster type move. Veidt threw in Ocean and hit him with an Assault Driver for two. He tried for a second but Ryan kicked him and Ocean spiked him with a Poisonrana. Ryan tried for a bundle dive but Ocean tripped him into the bundle. He dived onto Veidt and dumped Ryan onto a three-tier door tower. Ryan moved and Veidt threw Ocean through it as it was set on fire with a DVD. Ocean somehow kicked out so Ryan attacked Veidt with a giant tube Dragon Suplex. He launched Ocean into the corner with a Northern Lights and hit both men with a Cannonball. He tried for the Snuff Stomps but Veidt threw him into the corner with a Cradle Shock. Ocean spiked Veidt with another poisonrana and a chair shadow kick but only got two again. Veidt fought out of the 2K1 Bomb and finished the match with a Cradle Shock through a chair as Ryan tried to break up the pin. Veidt scores his first victory in a history-making three-way dance with two of the present’s best and one star of the future. Talk about a trip into insanity. 440H! Fucked count: 1

AKIRA defeated Alex Colon via Sudden Death

Next up was a special one. AKIRA has idolised Alex Colon and stated many times that he is one of the reasons he got into deathmatches. Now, he’d have the chance to prove himself against not only his hero but one of the US’s best wrestlers. They started with a nice technical exchange and danced around the fuckery. Colon was trying his best to brain AKIRA with a tube and AKIRA was doing his best to dodge. Colon finally got his wish and carved AKIRA up with the broken tube, giving all the fans a view of it. He smashed AKIRA in the arm and leg with a tack bat, then brought it down on his head and ass. He broke more glass over AKIRA and avoided his attempts at offence to throw him through a tube ladder. He did the same with a door and smashed him with more tubes. He attacked AKIRA with a tube fan and winded him with a tube. It was entirely Colon at this point as AKIRA was subjected to more and more violence. It was a merciless assault that showed Colon had very few fucks to give about his opponent. Colon demanded he fight back and a hockey fight broke out. AKIRA stunned Colon with a scorpion kick and enzuigiri but Colon also rocked him with a double stomp. Another slugfest broke out and the duo traded tube kicks. He broke a forearm into Colon’s back with a forearm and the pair went into another strike exchange. Colon went tube crazy on AKIRA and hit him with a super bundle double knees. AKIRA somehow kicked out and called for a giant tube bed. He stunned Colon on the top and put Colon through the bed with his own move, the top rope Spanish Fly. Colon kicked out so AKIRA hit Sudden Death, the bridging German, and got the shock win. The Golden Boy had gotten a shock win over one of the best and even he couldn’t believe it. This was fucking amazing; I can’t even describe the emotions that must have been felt there.

Matt Tremont defeated Eddy Only via Barbed-Wire Board DVD

Last but not least was the main event. Matt Tremont, deathmatch elite, saying his farewell to ICW against an opponent the crowd wished they could say goodbye to, Eddie Only. This was a part of Tremont’s war with 44OH! and without the numbers game, it felt like it would be a one-sided fight. Only can go, that’s for sure but how would he really fare against the Bulldozer at his best? Only derailed Tremont’s entrance and mocked him on the mic. He pissed Tremont off and a chase broke out on the outside. Only stopped for a smoke break and got a tube to the head. Tremont lit up Only with jabs and stole a puff of his cigarette before knocking him down. Only got a forehead full of meat fork and set up a giant tube but Only used it to low-blow him. He attacked Tremont with more tubes and ran Tremont into another corner bundle. He then went after Tremont with a vinyl record bat and lit another cigarette. He put Tremont in a side headlock and blew smoke in his face. Tremont snatched the cigarette away and stomped it out, then looked on in disappointment as Only tried and failed to slam him. He hit Only with a duo of Atomic Drops and took another tube to the head. Only continued to frantically pound away with fists and tubes but got folded up with a Back Suplex. He crashed a bundle over Only and threw him through a door. He then pulverised the broken body of Only with a bumper sword and finished him off with a DVD through a barbed-wire door. The Bulldozer was victorious in his final ICW match and had spat in the face of 44OH! and his final opponent Rickey Shane Page. 44OH! Fucked Count: 2

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Nolan Edward really does live up to his nickname. He took so much punishment this weekend and the weekend prior without flinching once. The kid’s tough and should get more recognition for what he can do. I also love the fact ICW is continuing with Brett Ison, the things he can do are sometimes scarier than any deathmatch fuckery.
  • NDC and Drexl set the deathmatch tone perfectly with some creative fuckery spots and a nice clash of characters. By no means the smoothest match of the night but an excellent way to open the gory part of the show.
  • Jeff Cannonball stopping a match to do a short soda review is the spark of joy we could all use in our lives right now.
  • Homicide’s last match for the company was every bit as brutal as you’d want it to be. It was rough, personal, and full of fire as the demon gave Murdoch his all. I had a blast watching this one. The crowd gave Homicide his due and he seemed happy with how he had left the company. it’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you later.
  • Just watch the triple-threat. It’s so hectic I couldn’t even pick the best spot. There’s a lot of glass and fire that should be enticing enough. This goes for Colon/AKIRA too. it was a masterclass of a wrestling match with the death Samurai getting a massive win over his long-time hero.
  • Eddy Only is a villainous treasure. He made Tremont’s match all the more special because we wanted to see him get right royally fucked up by the Bulldozer. That type of character and that type of style is sorely missed a lot of the time so to have someone so dedicated to being a dickhead is a boon to the industry. Also, obviously, thank you, Tremont. This isn’t the last time I’ll be writing about you but it’s getting painfully close to the end now.

What to Watch Out for Next

  • Nolan Edward and Drexl both took losses tonight but given the crowd’s reaction to them, I’d love to see them appear on more ICW shows. Both have fun characters and styles so ICW seems like a perfect fit for them.
  • Brandon Kirk finally picked up his first ICW win. He needed help to do it but that doesn’t diminish the statistic. Could we see a potential power couple in ICW?
  • Homicide might have left the company but his reputation will live on. The company may find its new demon in someone who already populates its roster. Homicide gave Murdoch the rub of a lifetime and dubbed him the ace of pro-wrestling. It’s time to see him live up to that reputation. Well, even more so.
  • Orin Veidt has finally got a win on the board, over an undefeatable man like Eric Ryan nonetheless. This can only boost his momentum going forward as we head towards the Ironman deathmatch.
  • The last thing to look out for is that we have a new generation looming over us now. We’ve seen torch-passing, fond farewells, future stars and so many more appear over the past few shows. Not to mention the faction wars coming to Indiana and the Ironman man match that will main event Florida.

So, there you have it, the Deathmatch Horror Story reviewed for your reading pleasure. This was fucking amazing. We got another stacked ICW card of new faces, old faces, and dream matches. We saw people fight their heroes and win, final fights with different outcomes, and the potential stars of the future. ICW is prospering right now and its stars are getting more and more noticed through the extremes that they’re taking their game to. I love reviewing this company and I love seeing the stars in the company get the recognition and love they deserve. Let’s look forward to seeing the next one in Florida.

All images courtesy of ICW Twitter, MrsScaper, HeyyImRob, Scottyda87, Kayden (KVR216)

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