Here we are, it’s Bound For Glory time. As I’m writing those words, we are 4 days away from the biggest Impact Wrestling PPV of the year. And I have to ask the question, as I do every week, which barriers to break? If you’re so Bound For Glory, if you asked yourself the question I told you to last week, right in front of the mirror, then you know. You know why I have pummeled you with that sentence from a U2 song. Yes, too much is not enough. Why couldn’t it be? When you think you did your best, that means you can do even better. When you think you reached the top of the mountain, that means another mountain, higher than this one, is waiting for you. So yes, one last time, too much will never ever be enough.
So, here we are, this week is the final Impact before Bound For Glory. On the menu, from Nashville, Tennessee, Rosemary and Havok will square off, if Rosemary wins, Father James Mitchell will resurrect and appear at the Demon Assassin’s wedding. Hernandez, Cousin Jake, Alisha Edwards, Rhino and Heath will compete for the right to enter #20 in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match. X-Division Champion Rohit Raju will team up with Chris Bey and Jordynne Grace against Willie Mack, Trey Miguel and TJP. The North will face off The Good Brothers. We’ll hear from Moose, Impact World Champion Eric Young, and Rich Swann. Of course, I’ll review this episode, but I will use it as a platform to preview the PPV and give you my predictions, with this Nutcracking spirit you love so much. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Nygma Steph way, of course…

The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Many hype videos on Bound For Glory matches I chose not to relate here. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary.

  • Hernandez defeated Alisha Edwards, Cousin Jake, Rhino and Heath when he pinned Rhino. Hernandez will enter the Call Your Shot Gauntlet the 20th and last, and Rhino will enter first.
  • Video package on Moose and EC3 before the sit-down interview. Jimmy Jacobs asked Moose about him and EC3’s cat and mouse game they’ve been playing for several months now. Moose questioned Jacobs’ interview skills and left the interview very angry. Out of nowhere, several of EC3’s henchmen kidnapped Jacobs and put him in a vehicle.

  • Backstage, John E. Bravo was very displeased with how things are going at his wedding rehearsal. He sat his friends/planners down to see what still needs to be done (a lot). He at least had a photographer in Kaleb with a K but he was more interested in Tenille. Taya Valkyrie tried to lighten the mood, but Bravo was very disappointed with all the loose ends that still need to be done before his wedding next Tuesday. Bravo said he’s stressed and the wedding is going to hell, he didn’t know if it’s even going to happen and walked off.
  • Video package on Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie Rae. Deonna talked about how BFG is Impact’s biggest event, and the Knockouts Title is the company’s most prestigious title. She broke down the importance of the title’s legacy in Impact and said that she has a lot of pressure going into the PPV. She has class, she’s sophisticated and she has elegance; can she rise to the pressure? She said that’s obvious, but the same can’t be said for Kylie. Smiling and being happy isn’t a game plan; it makes you emotional and you make mistakes. She pointed out that Kylie has been snapping and was unhinged after Susie got her arm broken. After BFG, she won’t just be celebrating her win; she’ll be delighted that Kylie Rae lost because Kylie can’t win and she knows it.

  • Rosemary defeated Havok. After the match, Rosemary was ecstatic and Havok was upset that she has to help bring Mitchell back. Rosemary taunted her a bit about it and then backed away, leading Havok to the back to presumably do some resurrection magic.
  • Video package on the 4-Way match for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.

  • Another video package on Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie Rae. Kylie said Deonna is the self-proclaimed best technical women’s wrestler and she gets that, but they won’t know who the best is until they step in the ring. Deonna is more interested in people thinking she’s the best when Kylie wants to be an inspiration for future generations. She noted that seeing Susie’s arm get broken and looking into Deonna’s eyes was hard for her, and she knew Deonna has plans to try and throw her off. And she’s going to keep coming with them, but she’ll keep finding alternative routes. She apologized for her snapping and said she always tries to be nice, she wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone. Deonna made it so this isn’t just about the title, it’s personal now. And Kylie’s motivation isn’t the revenge even if it will feel like that to Deonna.
  • EC3’s minions took Jacobs into a warehouse where he was set down into a chair. EC3 sat next to him. EC3 wanted Jimmy to ask a question. Jimmy asked where they are, and EC3 said they’re prisoners of their own mind. Right now, Jimmy was in EC3’s narrative. Jimmy asked what the EC3 narrative is, and he said it’s what it always is: control, freedom, purpose. But the narrative has changed a bit because the adversary he’s waiting for has emerged. Jimmy pointed out EC3’s black eye and EC3 said every part of him is wounded: body, soul, and mind. EC3 said Jimmy doesn’t know where he’s been but he does, and he’s lived with that every day. He said he was euphoric on the bridge because he found the Moose that always should have been. Moose’s claims of being a wrestling god are false but he has potential and EC3 saw the potential when Moose was beating on him. But it’s not Moose’s narrative to control, it’s EC3’s. On Saturday, they will fight inside the narrative. Moose has to learn what he has to become but he must also learn at EC3’s hand and he’s going to return that beating many times over. EC3 said he fights for himself and he forgot it long ago because he let the past get in his way. The whole purpose of this exercise is to burn his past to the ground and destroy the TNA title. Any victory earned has to be earned the right way, and he can do so only by defeating Moose inside the narrative. Jimmy happens what happens Saturday; what’s it about? EC3 stands up and says he had the TNA Title; he could have burned it at any moment. But he chose to lure Moose into the narrative. He says at BFG, the only Glory Moose will find is when EC3 takes the title’s legacy and burns it into dust. He said Moose is becoming who he needs to be, but he has been warned.
  • Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards, thanks to Ken Shamrock appearing. After the match, Eddie attacked but the numbers advantage eventually overwhelmed him, and he ended up in the ankle lock. Shamrock eventually let go and the two stood over Eddie as Sami did the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down gesture.


  • Video package on the X-Division match. Willie Mack, Trey & TJP defeated X-Division Champion Rohit Raju, Jordynne Grace & Chris Bey when Trey pinned Raju.
  • Video package on Eric Young and Rich Swann feud. Young was with Gia, who mentioned the attacks on Swann and D’Amore. She said it’s a level of violence that Impact hasn’t seen before. Gia asked Young’s plans for BFG, and Young said this is all self-inflicted and not his plan. He showed Rich the path to avoid him, as with D’Amore. He’s been warning people to stay out of his business but no one is learning. He’s not the problem, he set his plan in motion. He set his goals and boundaries, and people wanted to break those boundaries. That’s fine, but they’ll have to deal with the ramifications just like he has his whole career. He’s taken control of his life and career, and this was all going to happen one way or another. Swann and D’Amore learned things the hard way and the bodies will people up if people keep sticking their nose in his business. Come Bound For Glory, it’s going to be more of the same because now Young is angry, upset, and vindictive, and he has a purpose. He knows what has to happen to Rich Swann. He said his actions are now Swann’s responsibility. And Swann attacked outta nowhere. They brawled their way off-camera and out of the building. Swann took control but ate a punch and the camera fuzzed out.
  • The Good Brothers vs The North ended in a no-contest. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton joined the brawl, followed by Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Anderson offered his hand to Shelley but he hit him with a stunner on Shelley and The Magic Killer on Sabin.


The Nygma’s Noticeable Fact(s) of the Week

– Callihan vs Edwards, a story that never ends…

Since the infamous baseball bat accident in early 2017, Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan have been in a never-ending war. There’s always something or someone to revive their history. And I can’t get enough of it… The natural chemistry between these two has never stopped helping them. Callihan is directly, and also indirectly, responsible for Eddie’s drastic change in character and attitude, probably for the better. At the same time, what happened between them as Callihan was just debuting with Impact Wrestling, gave legitimacy to the wrestler and the attitude he was embodying. Nearly four years after, they still have some potential to make it magic… I take my hat off to both of them for that.

– She is hardcore, you didn’t know?

One little woman in front of four men, and the four men were in fear to touch it… I asked myself if they were really against the fact of wrestling her or purely aware of the fact she would have no problem kicking their asses. Alisha Edwards is hardcore, that’s not something new and that’s also not something meant to change. She destroyed Moose with a kendo stick at Homecoming last year, she made Ace Austin fear for his manhood when she put her foot on his Jewels of the Crown in a hotel’s hallway. Alisha is afraid of nothing and no one, period.

– The first-ever woman to be X-Division Champion?

If you still think teasing Jordynne Grace as a possible X-Division is an Impact Wrestling utopia, this week she proved everybody wrong. She brought Rohit Raju in the match when he was posing at ringside, she attacked TJP a way I think he probably has never been before, she flattened Willie Mack as if he was a cruiserweight, but she also was cut off by Trey Miguel. Like I said a week or two ago, ask yourself the right question, and it’s not why but why not…

– He will be back

I remember when Bravo proposed to Rosemary, I started to think about what the ceremony would be and immediately the name of Father James Mitchell came to my mind. How couldn’t they be married under the rites of the Church of Satan? How couldn’t an Undead be married by another Undead? Rosemary is an iconic character, one of Impact Wrestling’s most brilliant creations. When you mould a woman to become such a different and fabulous, you have to make the world you create for her fit her world. That would perfect…

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Preview, Stakes and Predictions

Bound For Glory is a part of the legend of TNA/Impact Wrestling because this is a moment for Legends to be made. The PPV welcomed so many icons of the business, like Jushin Thunder Liger, The Great Muta or Naomichi Marufuji. It cemented the legacy of wrestling Legends like Sting or Kurt Angle, but it also created the legacy of AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, or EC3. It is also the PPV that allowed the Knockouts to be considered as true wrestlers when the first-ever Knockouts Champion was crowned in 2007 at Bound For Glory.
At Slammiversary, we were told the world was about to change. When the PPV was over, I was not convinced it had. But time did his job and here came the time to take the Road To Bound For Glory. Did the world change? I still think not because Impact Wrestling was strong and there was no reason to revolutionize a company that was now doing so well. The comeback of the TNA originals only was not enough to make our world change but these comebacks added to the talents the company has signed since the beginning of the year definitely changed something. The card of the PPV is like a buffet of talents in every division, to a point now the possibilities have become infinite, titles wise, and the return of the Knockouts Tag Team titles would be welcomed. The puzzle is now complete, the chessboard is stacked, the poker table is complete. Choose your game before it’s too late…
Every Impact Wrestling PPV is a do-or-die one. The COVID could have prevented Impact Wrestling from signing talents, making them compete or doing less attractive shows. It didn’t happen. The card is displaying the array of talent the company has in its roster, melting different eras and repertoires. On Sunday around 3 AM GMT (clock saving), will we be in awe? We’ll see. I will say what I’m used to saying, I genuinely want a PPV like Impact Wrestling can do, with good, great and awesome matches. What I absolutely don’t want is to tell you, on Sunday night, “I told you” or “I saw it coming”. Let’s scrutinize this card and see what may happen (I have a new crystal ball and she has a lot of tempers)…

Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match – The first 10 entrants to be announced are: Heath, Rhino, Hernandez, Acey Romero, Larry D, Tenille Dashwood, Taya Valkyrie, Brian Myers, Tommy Dreamer and Havok – Rhino will enter #1, Hernandez #20 

This match was created last year and offers any man or woman of the roster a title shot. There will be 20 competitors in the ring. Two competitors start the match. After a time interval, another will enter the fray. Eliminations occur by throwing your opponent over the top rope. This process will continue until there are only two competitors remaining. The final two will compete in a singles match to be won by pinfall or submission. Whoever scores the victory will earn a future title opportunity of their choosing. Unlike last year, I tend to think the match will be biased by the Rhino/Heath thing. How could they team or feud if they’re not in the company anymore? Remember, as I said before, the number one is a good one in the Gauntlet matches. It would be better for Rhino’s future on IMPACT.
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… Rhino


* Undisclosed Location Match: EC3 vs Moose

Since EC3 appeared at Slammiversary, he has created a universe so dramatically different from the one that was his during his former run. Control your narrative, leave the past behind… In order to do that, he targeted Moose and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, a belt with no more real existence EC3 wore before. The way he entered Moose’s mind and life have been a reason for incredible moments. Then, Moose is never better than when he is in danger or on PPV. The undisclosed location doesn’t tell us a lot about what the match can be. When you listen to EC3’s explanation, I can’t help but think of something cinematic, with the idea of the Cena vs Fiend Mania bout. That will be a surprise. I like that, as long as the spirit of this feud remains intact.
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… No one, a cinematic match is not made to determine a winner or a loser, but to please the fans.


* Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock w/ Sami Callihan

I’m writing those words just a few minutes after being apart of an Impact Press Pass with Eddie and Sami. Just before, we were talking about controlling the narrative, this time it’s about controlling your dangerous man. Eddie Edwards has been the victim of Callihan’s evil manipulations as he “prepared” Shamrock to become the World’s Most Dangerous Man he was before. Shamrock showed some signs of reluctance but was driven to his most evil sides by Callihan. Sami thinks he opened Pandora’s box in making come back the version of Shamrock he wanted to see. Will the future Hall of Famer find his way to his true self or continue his sympathy with the devil?
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… Eddie Edwards


X-Division Championship 6-Way Scramble Match: Rohit Raju (c) vs Jordynne Grace vs TJP vs Trey vs Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

In giving the opportunities he wanted, Rohit Raju created that match. Scott D’Amore noticed the game the X-Division Champion was playing and caught him in his own trap: if he was against defending against any of the five, then he will defend against the five. And he will have a lot to deal with. Chris Bey and Willie Mack are former X-Division Champions when Trey and TJP have been trying to win that belt for a quite a while now. Four fantastic and innovative high-flyers. Then, Jordynne Grace, the powerful former Knockouts Champion that could make history in becoming the first woman ever to hold the X-Division Championship. This match is so huge Raju will have to have more than a trick in his sleeve to retain.
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… there will be controversy, so Rohit Raju, BUT never forget a title usually changes hand the IMPACT after the PPV so I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one be that match. Jordynne, Trey or TJP still have their chances…


* Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Kylie Rae

During the same Press Pass I talked to you about earlier, we learnt Deonna Purrazzo signed a long-term contract with Impact Wrestling. It’s great news for the company and the roster. The Virtuosa knew right at Slammiversary, as she just won the title, she would face off Kylie Rae as Rae won the number one contender Gauntlet match the same night. The Iron Woman finds an acolyte in Kimber Lee who helped her show the darkest sides of Kylie Rae. When we were expecting Su Yung to come back and get rid of the sweet Susie, Rae was the one who showed angriness, bitterness and violence. Was Deonna Purrazzo right to do that? Smiling Kylie is an excellent wrestler but, if uncontrolled, this violence could lead her to a DQ or a loss. Whoever comes to the ring, good or evil, it will be without a shadow of a doubt an excellent match.
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… Deonna Purrazzo


Impact World Tag Team Championship 4- Way Match: The MCMG (c) vs The North vs The Good Brothers vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

For more than a year, The North have been on top of the Tag Team Division, first of all, because they’re absolutely excellent but also because there was no one else to dethrone them. Everything changed at Slammiversary with the return of the MCMG and the Good Brothers, followed by the association of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. All of a sudden, The North were put in danger and lost the belts to the Motor City Machine Guns. Over the last few weeks, we have experimented all the possibilities these four teams could put on the table. And every time, it ended like the Monty Python’s reenactment of the Battle of Pearl Harbor (a big brawl). Everything is possible in this match, The MCMG still have a lot to show and I wish they could reign supreme a little bit more.
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says… sadly, The Good Brothers


Impact World Championship Match: Eric Young (c) vs. Rich Swann

A World-Class Maniac and a man that comes from another planet… Everything Eric Young has done since his comeback at Slammiversary has only been violence and wrecks. He tried to destroy Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann, Scott D’Amore… But Rich Swann has superpowers we were not aware of. As he was retiring and announced it on TV, he came back a few weeks later to seek revenge, on one leg. Dr Ross may do miracles but Swann is probably made of adamantium. All things set apart, the classic Good vs Evil match for the Championship will be the main event of the show and should tear the house down. It’s the kind of scenario Impact Wrestling adore, in fact, we all adore. Without a stipulation, both men will have to control their emotions not to let them lose what they want the most, the title. 
The Nygma’s Crystal Ball says…
Rich Swann

To be eNYGMAtic…

I think I already told you so much I think there’s no need to tell you more. Don’t miss Bound For Glory review on Sunday night. Impact Wrestling will tap some new episodes soon, still from Nashville. Next week, we are all the guests of the most uncommon wedding ever, Rosemary and Bravo. 
I have had the chance to talk to offer you a load of interviews and press pass reports over the last weeks. Deonna Purrazzo, Rohit Raju and Kimber Lee started the week. Come back on Friday to read what Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards said in today’s Press Pass.
What could I add? Follow me on @FrenchNygma and react to the reviews and interviews. Every like, every word is gold. On this very “Too Much Nygma is never Enough” note, until Bound For Glory, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

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