Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week would be Dr. Death Steve Williams’ shot at revenge. Ever since the Extreme Horsemen ambushed him and his partner in the final of the tag title tournament, he’s been out for their blood. His old partner, PJ Friedman, had been crippled so he was coming with a new partner. Plus, we’d get an exciting three-way dance between three new faces out to impress the MLW crowd. Alongside all of that, we’ll learn some shocking new revelations from the current world of MLW through Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it.

MASADA defeated Fast Eddie and Don Juan via Top-Rope DVD on Eddie

The show opened up with a Texas Wrestling Academy try-out match. It would be three of the best trainees going against each other to earn a spot in MLW. It would be MASADA, a household name on the deathmatch circuit taking on Fast Eddie and Don Juan. MASADA took a step back and let Don Juan work over Fast Eddie then slammed Eddie into the mat with a powerslam. Juan tried to run around MASADA but got smashed into the mat with a Full Nelson facebuster and put into a side-headlock. MASADA continued to press the advantage and trapped Juan in a Bridging Northern Lights and rolled it into a head trap. He urged Eddie to help so Eddie put his boots into the back of Juan. However, he then hit a second kick and took out both Juan and MASADA. Eddie and MASADA got into a chopping contest then the camera cut. When it returned, Eddie and Juan went rope running until Eddie launched Juan with a hurricanrana. He decked MASADA in the face then went after Juan with a springboard moonsault. MASADA followed them both out with a tope con Hilo. He tried to bully Juan back in-ring but Juan caught him with a neckbreaker. Juan attacked MASADA with chops but ate a hangman’s backbreaker. MASADA went for a powerbomb but Eddie kicked out his leg with a springboard and everyone collapsed. MASADA was picked off by both guys then Juan hammered both and went to the top. Eddie followed and brought him crashing down with a moonsault press. MASADA tried to steal the win and got taken to the top by Eddie. He reversed Eddie’s attacked and crotched him on the ropes. He hoisted Eddie onto his shoulders and finished him off with a top-rope DVD. MASADA was the star of the match here and showed the most promise at the time. Now, he’s still going and is still as scary as ever. Excellent opening contest with three scrappy, flawed stars in the making showing what they can do.

Between the Matches:

  • A full recap of last week’s matches showing Los Maximos outsmart the Samoan Island Tribe and Kenzo Suzuki destroying Norman Smiley.
  • Verbal barbs from The Extreme Horsemen, Kenzo Suzuki, Sabu, Josh Daniels, and Homicide.
  • Los Maximos calling out the best of the best in Lucha Libre.
  • A recap of Kojimania, covering Satoshi Kojima’s run with the MLW World Title.
  • The Extreme Horsemen were finally presented with their Global Tag Team Title belts but were not given time to celebrate…

The Extreme Horsemen (C.W Anderson & Simon Diamond) defeated Dr. Death Steve Williams & D’Lo Brown via Spinebuster to Brown

The Extreme Horsemen were trying to enjoy their crowning glory when the celebrations were cut short by the appearance of Dr. Death Steve Williams. He came out to challenge them and he hadn’t come alone, he was bringing a new partner into the fold, D’Lo Brown. He couldn’t actually say the name as the Horsemen jumped him and KO’ed him with double superkicks. D’Lo Brown rushed the ring and started throwing hands. He took out both Horsemen and we got into a proper match. Williams went after Diamond and dropped him with a shoulder block and throat thrust. He brought in Brown, who put Anderson in a side headlock and took him out with a shoulder block and lariat. He slammed Anderson and nailed him with a leg drop. The camera cut to ads and came back to Anderson getting double-teamed. Williams pummelled him in the corner and but Anderson put him into an armbar. Diamond was tagged in and threw Williams into the turnbuckles. The Horsemen continued tagging as Anderson went back to the arm. Williams took out both Horsemen and tagged out to Brown who once again threw hands and took out both Horsemen again. He planted Anderson with a regular spinebuster and the Sky High but only got two. Diamond made the save and the pair were pummelled by Williams again. D’Lo hit Anderson with a go home driver and set up for the Low Down but Diamond saved Anderson. Anderson caught Brown with a spinebuster and took the win. No belts were on the line but Williams and Brown fought like hell for pride’s sake. They were unable to pick up the win but they definitely left the Horsemen with a bloody nose and a lot to think about.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Pulp Fusion opened with Konnan once again running down Salina de la Renta and questioning Renta’s motives around the restart. He was going to expose her for good and bring down everything she was hoping to build. It turns out she was the MLW traitor that helped CONTRA take over the company. He warned her that her actions were going to bite her in the ass and to enjoy the time whilst it lasts. Brian Pillman Jr was still struggling with the excessive exercise he was doing and had some interesting mail, a middleweight title opportunity from Injustice Incorporated. Tom Lawlor was hard at work training with Dominic Garrini and issued a tag title challenge to the Von Erichs. The Dynasty’s Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone were debating whether going into recruitment mode again. Gino Medina told the cameras he was the one to leave the Dynasty because they were nothing like he wanted. He was going to lay out some plans for the future but the Mamacitas were back. King Mo was showing off his training skills and once again ran down Low Ki.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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