Welcome back to 31 Days of Deathmatches Volume 2. The second edition of the annual deathmatch advent calendar put together by yours truly. Each day we will open another bloody door on the calendar and explore another deathmatch until we hit Halloween. We’re going to explore a ton of different companies, wrestlers, and stipulations as the days go on with a few surprises here and there. So, strap in as we prepare for another round of blood, broken glass, and barbed-wire on our road of deathmatches

Welcome back to Impact Wrestling. The little promotion that could. Our resident French Nygma has already given us one joyous journey into Impact’s hardcore offerings. Now, with her guidance, we have a second. Tommy Dreamer is a hardcore legend and when he returned to Impact, he brought with him a sense of chaos and fun as well as some old school flair. It’s no surprise he ended up on the hit-list of the new-age hardcore star and all-round master of chaos, Sami Callihan. As tensions rose, so did the violence and the duo ended up in one vicious street fight on the March 31st, 2020 episode.

This fight came after Sami had fireballed Ken Shamrock and caused a whole host of chaos hacking Impact under his ICU persona. He’d run down the crowd and promised them that they wouldn’t see what they’d usually see from him. His loss to Tessa had changed him and he was going to follow a new path. He was coming for legends and well, one legend had just stepped up to him. Callihan claimed to be the world’s most dangerous man and Dreamer was going to make him prove it. He hated what Callihan had done to Shamrock was going to make him suffer for it.

Dreamer got the plunder started and attacked Callihan with a plunger after running him into the ring post. He cracked Callihan with a can and felt the same can crumple against his face. Callihan attacked Dreamer with the plunger and got planted onto the apron. Dreamer pummelled Callihan with baking trays and ran into a groin claw. He hit Callihan with Flip, Flop, and Fly then charged him with a trashcan. He continued to bean Callihan with plunder and took a seat in the ring. We got a staple-gun bar fight and Dreamer stapled Callihan in the dick then ran at him with a seated clothesline. He planted Callihan onto a chair and charged again but Callihan dropped him onto it throat-first with a drop toe hold. He cracked Dreamer in the knee and set up a chair in the corner. He looked to ram Dreamer head-first into it but Dreamer blocked, ran him into it, and nailed him with a cutter. He went for a Piledriver on a chair but Callihan dumped him onto it with an STO and after a brief exchange, he put Dreamer through more chairs with a DVD. He then finished Dreamer off with a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down. oVe were ready to attack at the end too for good measure.

Whilst this may not be the bloodiest match on the calendar, I’m not going to pass on the opportunity to talk about Sami Callihan, one of my personal favourite wrestlers and I was not going to miss the chance to give Tommy Dreamer, ECW legend and innovator of violence a place on this calendar celebrating wrestling violence. A lot of the things I feature are gory and horrifying, this one was more of an old-school fight with an old school flavour. Come back tomorrow for the next deathmatch delight.

All images courtesy of Impact Wrestling and Steph Franchomme

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