Welcome back to H2O Wrestling. Tonight plays host to Matt Tremont’s final wrestling match as the separate ways tour comes to an end in Tremont’s own home. He’ll have his last dance in a no rope barbed-wire 200 light-tube match against one of his greatest rivals, Rickey Shane Page. Alongside that, we’ll see the opening round matches of the Danny Havoc Hardcore Title tournament featuring some of H2O’s and wrestling’s best duking it out to be the inaugural Danny Havoc Hardcore Champion, an anything-goes match between Kit Osbourne and Jeff Cannonball, a student showcase match and a wild six-man ladder match for the H2O Hybrid title. All of this hosted by Markus Crane! We have a lot to cover so let’s get into the action of The Last Extravaganza, all in honour of Danny Tiberius Havoc.

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Opening: Bam Sullivan defeated Aiden Baal, Mouse, Eric Ryan & Conor Claxton via Contraption Spear on Claxton

The show opened with the only five-way match of the tournament as the Extricated Brothers tried to contend with King of the Deathmatch Eric Ryan and H2O favourite Conor Claxton. This first contest was dubbed the kitchen nightmare so there were a wealth of kitchen implements moulded into horrifying weapons. Everyone went after Ryan to start because fuck Ohio then the Extricated used the numbers to eliminate Claxton too. They fought each other in-ring as Ryan pummelled Claxton out of the ring. Bam got knifed as Mouse pounced on Baal. Claxton attacked Ryan with a barbed-wire pipe and Baal shot his stablemates with tack-covered Nerf darts. Claxton started a kumbaya sing-along and smashed his guitar over Baal. He then stapled Mouse’s tongue to the turnbuckle and took a kicking from Ryan. He stomped on everyone, then choked out Claxton with a fork chain. He took a pizza cutter to Mouse and hit everyone with running attacks. Everyone turned on Ryan again as Mouse hit him with a Cazadora Stunner into a rolling elbow from Bam. He was put through a fork board with a Tiger Driver from Baal and broke it with a running cannonball. The Extricated jumped Claxton and Baal hit Mouse with a tack-covered lightsabre toy. Claxton saved Mouse from a pinfall and tried for Cut-Throat on Bam but Bam reversed and speared him through a wooden contraption for the win. Bam takes the first semi-final spot after a war pitting Ohio against everyone else. No one shied away from violence giving us a very exciting opening. Going through: Bam Sullivan

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Opening: Lucky 13 defeated Devon Moore, Drew Blood & Scotty Vortekz via Pinfall steal on Blood

Up next was a special one. Scotty Vortekz returned to wrestling to take part in the tournament against veteran deathmatch stars Lucky 13, Devon Moore, and Drew Blood. This time we had several barbed-wire and carpet-strip contraptions for the Nation of Intoxication four-way. Since all four men were so close to Havoc, they tried to open with a respectful showing but 13 attacked them all and got thrown through carpet strips. The action spilled everywhere as Moore got slammed onto the ring apron by Vortekz and 13 hit a Fosbury Flop over the top of Vortekz to take out Moore and Blood. Blood took out 13 and Vortekz with a moonsault and whipped Moore into more carpet strips. Vortekz showed off his athleticism and kicking prowess on Moore, then got into an exchange with 13 that saw him suplexed into the turnbuckle. 13 dropped onto Vortekz with a diving senton and cut up his head with a barbed-wire bat. He hammered that bat into Vortekz’s balls and took a cookie sheet to the head from Blood. Vortekz hit Blood with Ride the Lightning for two so tried to put Blood through a barbed-wire door. Blood reversed into a top rope Air Raid Crash through the door and got put through a barbed-wire frame with a Monkey Flip from Moore. 13 jumped in with a tornado DDT and Package Piledriver for two. Everyone went after everyone again as Moore killed Blood with a Superplex and Vortekz killed Moore with a tornado kick. Vortekz KO’ed Blood with diving double knees but couldn’t capitalise as 13 caved his head in with a cookie sheet and stole the pin on Blood. 13 goes through after cleverly picking his spots and being a total dick. It was nice to see Vortekz back and firing on all cylinders but fall short to the deviousness of 13. Going through: Lucky 13

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Opening: Alex Colon defeated Brandon Kirk, Tim Donst & Orin Veidt via Scaffold Spanish Fly through a door to Veidt

Next up was the kick in the doors match between some of deathmatch wrestling’s best. Alex Colon, arguably the best deathmatch wrestler in the US would have to take on Orin Veidt, Tim Donst, and the Rogue, Brandon Kirk if he wanted to reach the semi-finals. Veidt and Colon were instantly thrown through doors by Donst and Kirk, then those two slugged it out. Veidt and Colon battered the pair with broken door parts and slugged each other. Donst dived onto Kirk and Veidt dived onto Donst. Colon went one step further and hit Veidt with a diving DDT onto the pile of bodies. Veidt and Colon kicked a door into Kirk, then turned on each other again. They fought over a door that Donst broke by putting Kirk through it with a DVD. Colon and Donst tried to double-team Veidt but this ended up with Donst putting Veidt and Colon in a double Boston Crab. Kirk broke this up by throwing a door at him and worked with Veidt to hit Colon with a tandem cutter. He then attacked the other two with clotheslines and got clobbered by Veidt. He went under the ring for a barbed-wire door and put Kirk through it with a Suplex toss and dropped Colon on top of him with an Assault Driver. Donst broke up the cover and traded chops with Veidt. Donst then KO’ed Veidt with a Tower of London and Kirk with a turnbuckle German. He took Colon to the top and dumped him with a superplex onto Kirk. Colon fired up and decked Donst with a double stomp and Kirk with a hesitation dropkick. He clocked Veidt with a uranage PK and double knees but the pin was broken up. Everyone was down and everyone traded strikes and roll-ups until another stalemate was reached. Everyone fought with broken doors until Veidt was the last man standing. He perched Kirk onto a door and climbed the scaffold to the top. Colon pelted him with a door and joined him up there. Kirk rolled off and Colon put Veidt through the door with a massive Spanish Fly for the win. This got so intense and I loved it. Everyone was here to fight and really upped the action. There was less plunder yet more violence. Alex Colon got the win in ridiculous fashion. Going through: Alex Colon

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Opening: Lowlife Louie defeated SHLAK, Mitch Vallen & Stockade (w/Mason Martin) via Roll-Up on Mitch

Last up in the opening rounds was the four-way between some H2O stalwarts. It would be Lowlife Louie taking on SHLAK, Mitch Vallen, and Stockade in a homerun derby match. There were bats everywhere and people willing to use them. Fights broke out everywhere as SHLAK went after Louie and Mitch went after Stockade. Louie and Mitch hit stereo bionic elbows and took down SHLAK with a double clothesline. Mitch then turned on Louie and broke a water cooler over his head. SHLAK and Stockade traded on the outside as Mitch pummelled Louie with more plunder. Louie took countless bats to the back and head before getting clubbed down with another clothesline. Things went from bad to worse as Mitch, then made Louie deep-throat a dildo-topped bat and tried for a chokeslam. Stockade finally broke free of SHLAK and cracked Mitch in the back with another bat, then nearly killed him with a chair-wrapped hangman’s neckbreaker. Meanwhile, SHLAK started beating down Louie on the outside smashing a light-bulb covered bat over Louie’s chest. He finally went to the ring and started trying to ram into Stockade. No one would budge so they punched it out. They both no-sold the other’s moves and SHLAK tossed Stockade into a pile of bats with a belly to belly. Louie staggered back into the ring and got greeted by a DVD and elbow drop from SHLAK. He got fired up off of repeated bottle shots but SHLAK knocked him back down with a lariat. SHLAK went for the plastic bag suffocation and spiked Louie in the head but Stockade kicked SHLAK away. Everyone went after everyone again until Mason Martin interfered to help Stockade hit a Doomsday Device on Mitch. SHLAK went back to murdering Louie and Stockade got dropped spine-first over a pair of upright chairs. SHLAK dumped Mitch on the same chairs, then Louie distracted with a vicious weapon shot and rolled Mitch up for the win. Louie sneaks out the win after taking an absolute pasting from everyone in the match. This was probably the messiest of the four-ways but it did its job. Going through: Lowlife Louie

Dyln McKay defeated Austin Luke, Ryan Redfield & GG Everson via Scaffold Shooting Star Press to Luke

We got an intermission with a match from the Nation of Intoxication and a tearful farewell message from Atsushi Onita, then returned to the action. As a bit of a palette cleanser, we got a four-way between the rising stars of H2O. Luke and McKay worked together to eliminate the two big men with a slew of flippy and double team offence. This bled out into the crowd as Luke dived onto both men with some assistance from McKay. Everson was thrown into the ring to be a launchpad for a step-up Fosbury Flop from McKay. Everson got to his feet and slammed McKay into the mat, then planted Luke with a spinebuster. Everson hit both with running cannonballs, then double-teamed McKay with the help of Redfield. Those two slugged it out, then Redfield got caught by a rebound German from Luke. Redfield came back with a discus lariat and hit McKay with a slam. Everson hit Luke with a Tiger Driver and slammed McKay on top of him. Redfield took out everyone with a running senton and took a dropkick to the corner from McKay. He hit a duo of hesitation dropkicks, then got kicked out of the ring by Luke. Everson was taken out by a crucifix bomb and Redfield near enough put Luke through the mat with a Uranage. We got a combination STO/DDT combo from Everson, then he took out McKay with a Samoan Drop. Luke hit a Frog Splash onto McKay and got powerbombed into the mat by Everson. He dived onto Luke, then ate a Uranage from Redfield. He nailed Everson with a moonsault and got hit with a double-stomp/Tower of London from Mckay and Luke. Those two traded kicks, then climbed up to the scaffolding. McKay threw Luke onto Everson and Redfield, then hit the world’s highest Shooting Star Press onto Luke. This was insane fun with all the students getting a chance to shine. There was a nice clash of styles with the current favourite of the company getting a win against the odds.

Jeff Cannonball defeated Kit Osbourne via Cinderblock Fire-Thunder Driver

This next match promised to be good. It would be anything goes rules as the beloved Jeff Cannonball took on the loathed Kit Osbourne. We started with a sing-along to Because the night, then Osbourne ran into an uppercut and got tossed through cinderblocks. He broke a pair on the back of Osbourne, then did the same to his hand. He carved Osbourne up with a bit of broken cinderblock, then gave him a gusset to the shoulder. The flying continued as Osbourne was thrown through carpet strips and stuck the gusset into Osbourne’s head. We got another live short soda review and Osbourne got a soda to the face. Osbourne dodged a corner charge and started attacking the leg of Cannonball with a barrage of plunder shots. They chopped it out and escalated to punches, then Cannonball stopped it all with a nauseating headbutt. Osbourne caught Cannonball with a rebound German and attacked him with more carpet strips. He clipped Cannonball with a superkick, then dropkicked a cinderblock into his head. The gusset plate went into Cannonball’s head and a cinderblock was broken into his back. Osbourne assaulted Cannonball with more carpet strips, then chopped him down and launched him through a carpet strip structure. He slammed Osbourne with more cinderblocks and double stomped another through Cannonball’s guts. He hammered Cannonball with a chair and set up more cinderblocks. He took too long on the top rope so Cannonball drove him through the structure with an iconoclasm. He followed up with a Fire-Thunder Driver and then a second onto cinderblocks for the win. Another excellent match from two guys who give it their all when they’re in the ring. It’s nice to see Cannonball be the one to silence the gobshite that is Kit Osbourne.

H2O Hybrid Title Ladders Legal: Frankie Pickard defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Marc Angel, Xavier Cross, Steve Sanders & Sean Henderson via Pinfall Steal on Lloyd

That carnage fest was followed by another madcap match as we had a six-man ladder match for the Hybrid Title. The champion Frankie Pickard would have to contend with five other hungry competitors, ladders, and other fuckery if he wanted to leave the champion. It wasn’t the climb up and win type of ladder match, it was the “here’s a bunch of ladders and beat the fuck out of each other” ladder match. As expected, everyone went after everyone until Henderson was the last man standing. Accidental teamwork erupted as Cross took out both Lloyd and Henderson, then Angel went after Cross. Henderson launched Lloyd into a ladder with a code red and Angel powerbombed Henderson into the crumpled husk of a ladder. Cross was thrown into the same carcass, then Pickard drove Angel through it with a running powerslam. Lloyd and Sanders took out Pickard, then Sanders got dropped back-first onto another ladder by Lloyd. He missed a moonsault and ate a Sliced Bread from Henderson. He ran into the Last Breath from Pickard who then got kicked out of the air by Cross. Everyone went after each other again as Cross and Sanders fought around a setup door. Sanders put Cross through it with a piledriver, then got hit by one from Lloyd. He set up more ladders and wedged a door between them. He put Angel through this with a spinning Suplex and set up more fuckery. Henderson struck with a superkick and bounced Lloyd off a ladder. He climbed up the ladder and put Lloyd through the door with a Destroyer. He injured his knee on the way down and rolled away screaming so Pickard snuck in and stole the pinfall on Lloyd. Henderson took himself out and cost himself the title. It was a sad end to a manic match. it was fun to watch with enough mad spots for a ladder match.

Matt Tremont’s Last Dance: Rickey Shane Page (w/44OH!) defeated Matt Tremont via General Order 24

Last but not least, the main event. Matt Tremont’s last dance. The ultimate deathmatch with barbed-wire, tubes and so much fuckery the ring couldn’t take it. Nothing would be left out here as Tremont was determined to go out in the ultimate fight whilst RSP was determined to kill off Tremont once and for all. Whatever happened, no one was truly ready for this. Even the members of 44OH! at ringside were in awe of Tremont’s final entrance. There was nothing pretty to start, the pair threw hands and RSP downed Tremont with an enzuigiri. He broke the first of the tubes across Tremont’s back and gut, then DDTed him into the mat. RSP continued to break tubes over Tremont, then threw Tremont into the tubes and wire. He sent him again, chest-first into the wire, and broke a tube in Tremont’s mouth. The tube assault continued and Tremont took another trip into the wire. He broke out of a chokebreaker and socked RSP in the mouth but that fire was dampened with another tube to the head. He tossed Tremont into the wire again and kicked a whole row of tubes into his skull. He slammed Tremont into another mound of tubes and carved him up with a broken tube. Tremont reversed a whip and sent RSP flying into the wire and dodged a cannonball that sent RSP careening into another mass of tubes. Tremont bailed to the outside and RSP tried to dive on him through the tubes but was met by nothing but cold, hard floor. Tremont attacked him with tubes on the outside, tearing away RSP’s gear to break glass on his bare chest. The beatdown continued in-ring as Tremont continued to introduce tubes to RSP’s body. RSP chokeslammed Tremont onto a bundle and went back to busting tubes over Tremont’s head.

The assault got so brutal that Tremont’s partner stepped in. She squared up to RSP, kicked him in the balls, and broke a bundle over his head. The 44OH! goon squad squared up to her but got scared off by the emergence of the H2O locker room. They started a tube duel but RSP dodged all of Tremont’s shots, kicking away the final one before braining Tremont with a mass of tubes. He made a massive pile of glass in the ring, then tried to slam Tremont through them. Tremont reversed and dumped RSP through with a Samoan Drop. Tremont made his way up to the scaffold and RSP gave chase after being insulted. The pair slugged it out in front of the Danny Havoc Banner as more glass was set up in-ring. RSP tried for a DVD but gave up on that and tossed Tremont off the scaffold and through a massive pile of glass panes, barbed wire doors, and tubes below. Tremont kicked out so RSP lost it and pelted him with every tube insight. He begged Tremont to stay down and hit him with a tube-assisted Chokebreaker. Tremont kicked out. RSP begged him one more time, then ended it with Danny Havoc’s finisher, the General Order 24. That was it. RSP had retired Matt Tremont and he did it with a move that would 100% kill Tremont, the finisher of his fallen best friend.

Fucking hell… I don’t quite know how to sum up how I feel. This match was amazing. It had everything you’d want, mixed in with the story and emotion of a grand finale. RSP didn’t hold back on the brutality and really did go above and beyond to make this as fair a fight as possible. The atmosphere was electric as the two tore pounds of flesh and litres of blood off of each other. Everything was left in and around the ring. They ended an explosive night of wrestling with the heaviest deathmatch of the year. I don’t think much if anything can top this. The perfect cherry on the bloody cake that was Matt Tremont’s career. Thank you for everything, Matt Tremont. A deathmatch icon, a hero to those around you, and a teacher that will bring around another great generation of talent. It’s been an honour to cover your final match and I’m glad to see your career ended with the bang it deserved. Stay tuned tomorrow for my review of Night 2 of The Last Extravaganza. Thank you, Tremont.

All image courtesy of ThatRoseTattoo, Freebirds Store, Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob, Chris Grasso

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