ROH has officially signed the very nice and very evil indie darling Danhausen. They have confirmed this through a video on their official YouTube channel. It is fitting that a company would announce the signing of someone evil on Halloween.

This is not the first time Danhausen has appeared on ROH television as he made his debut against Shane Taylor and in a battle royal at the Free Enterprise event. So far, he has no ROH wins. That is relevant as the contract has a stipulation to it. Danhausen must win an official ROH match by the end of 2020.

“Ring of Honor has offered Danhausen a contract and will hire Danhausen under the stipulation that Danhausen must win a Ring of Honor match before 2020 is finished. Danhausen must have subconsciously skipped over that fine print in the email text message from Dave Honor because it is very bogus, very evil. Anyways, consider Danhausen hired because Danhausen always wins. You’ll rue the day that you fine-printed Danhausen’s contract. Sincerely Danhausen, PS Up Yours, Dave Honor.”

People will be most familiar with Danhausen through his work in promotions like Freelance Wrestling, Black Label Pro, and many others through his work with WARHORSE, EFFY, and many other of indie wrestling’s big names. He was in high spirits on his most powerful night and left ROH with a very ominous yet also very nice message, “It would appear that Ring of Honor has finally hired Danhausen. Now it’s time for them to rue the day! Anyway, love that Danhausen. See ya soon, Ring of Honor.” Only time will tell if the master of teeth and tequila will be able to stick to his contract stipulation.

All images courtesy of Danhausen Twitter, Earl Gardner Photography Video courtesy of ROH YouTube

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