Welcome back to ChocoPro, one of the most fun federations on the planet. This week is special because it marks the return of An Chamu who will make her return match against Emi Sakura in another cunning disguise. We’ll also see Antonio Honda and Mei Suruga team up to take on the tropical team of Chie Koshikawa and Yuna Mizumori. Then, last but not least, Baliyan Akki fights Kirihara Tokiko in our main event. Let’s get into the action!

(Team Apple and Honey) Antonio Honda & Mei Suruga defeated Chie Koshikawa & Yuna Mizumori via Propellor Hold Pin on Koshikawa

The first match of the night was a tag team bout between the ChocoPro favourites Mei Suruga & Antonio Honda against the equally popular team of Chie Koshikawa & Yuna Mizumori. Who would win in the battle of pineapple and apple this time? Suruga and Honda were too cool for a handshake so and there seemed to be some clashes on who would start. Eventually, it was decided that Suruga and Mizumori would start things with a lock-up. They traded waist-locks, then went into a series of arm-drags. Suruga didn’t quite have the power so she used the wall for leverage. They reached a stalemate and tagged in their partners. Honda put Koshikawa in a wrist-lock but she escaped by running in a circle and putting him in a hammerlock. Honda broke free with a snapmare and was ready to charge but Koshikawa winded him with a punch to the guy. He flailed on the ground and knocked down Koshikawa with a timeout strike. He delivered more to her knee and head, then gave her a slap on the wrist. Honda brought in Suruga, who trapped Koshikawa’s arm in the window and dropkicked her into the wall. Suruga tried for the Kawaii pinfall and kicked the wind out of Koshikawa, then held her in place for a devastating flick to the forehead from Honda. He started chopping her down and ate a running dropkick.

She tagged in Mizumori, who ended up in a double-team submission. She threw them both off and slammed both into the mat. She charged at Honda but he charged back and the pair locked horns. They traded strikes, chops, and kicks until the pair knocked each other with duel clotheslines. They both tagged out so Koshikawa and Suruga picked up the pace with a long string of running and reversals. Koshikawa tried for a roll-up off the wall but only got two. Suruga locked her in a submission hold as Honda tried to keep Mizumori away but she rammed him into a table and broke up the submission. She hit Suruga with the giant swing and Koshikawa locked in the stretch muffler. When Suruga made the ropes, Koshikawa pummelled her with chops and sent her flying with a vicious dropkick. They traded whip attempts until Suruga hit a rebound dropkick and a duo of wall slams. Mizumori made the save and reversed a double-team attempt to launch both opponents into the wall. She launched Koshikawa into a double chop and picked up Suruga for a double-team but Honda spun her so she kicked Koshikawa in the face and hit Mizumori with a shining Gon flick. They hit Koshikawa with the double team palm strike and won with a double-stomp into a propellor clutch pinfall. This was an excellent opening bout that once again nicely toed the line of wrestling goodness and comedic silliness.

Emi Pencil (Emi Sakura Pencil Army Edition) defeated An Chamu via Pencil Power Clothesline

The next match of the show was the big return for An Chamu. She would be fighting a deadly opponent in Pencil Army Emi Sakura. Chamu gave a nice return speech, then kicked out Sakura’s legs. She continued the assault with a forearm and deadly head kick. She pummelled Sakura with idol posed hip attacks, then hit her with a rebound mid-kick. She tried for a double armbar but couldn’t lock it in, so picked the arm again for a single armbar and worked her way down to lock and ankle before transitioning to an STF. Sakura made the ropes so Chamu stopped, grabbed a stool, and posed to the camera. Sakura knocked her back to the fight with a pencil strike to the neck and hit her with the stool. She then rolled over Chamu and locked in a body-scissor. Chamu broke free and locked in a heel hook. Sakura made the ropes again and locked Chamu in a bear hug. She rammed Chamu into the wall and hit her with chops and clotheslines as she was trapped. She hit a duo of splashes and tried to go to the top. Chamu pushed her out of the window and trapped her arm over the window-sill. Sakura struck her away and tried to go to the top again but Chamu crushed her in the window. Sakura reversed the pressure and crushed Chamu but Chamu was able to withstand forced her off the window. She went back to the legs with more kicks and tried for a German. Sakura grabbed referee Mei to escape the hold but Mei pushed her into a lung-blower for a two-count. Sakura escaped a roll-up and kicked out of a crossbody, then hit a pencil strike to Chamu’s ribs. Sakura tried the Gory special but Chamu reversed it into another roll-up. Sakura knocked her down with a massive clothesline and took the win. Sakura scored an upset win over the returning and very dominant An Chamu. This was another excellent match with really high energy to it and a whole host of wrestling acumen.

Baliyan Akki defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Roll-Up

Last but not least, the main event. The first singles match back where Akki didn’t have to fight a fake Akki. Instead, he’d have to contend with the imposing Tokiko Kirihara. This was the match where he was determined to prove he was back and better than ever after his injury. Kirihara feigned a handshake, then instantly started kicking at Akki’s injured shoulder. He retorted by kicking at her hamstring and got launched by a monkey flip. He collided with the wall and had to contend with a whole host of submissions to his repaired shoulder. They traded chops and kicks until Kirihara slammed Akki into the wall and Akki rolled her up. Akki missed more offence so Kirihara punished him with more kicks and an arm breaker. She locked Akki in a headlock but he broke free and downed her with a wall-run kick. They went back to trading until Akki fired up and hit Kirihara with a duo of knee drops. Kirihara refused to stay down and smashed down Akki with wrist-clutch forearms into a takedown and straight-jacket. Akki made the ropes so they traded again, with Akki nearly flooring Kirihara with some lethal chops. He KO’ed her with a vicious forearm and tried for a Suplex but Kirihara trapped him in a headlock and rocked him with a stunner. She took him over with another monkey flip and fired-up but this was cut short by Akki dropkicking her head off. He downed her with another and climbed to the top. He tried the Namaste splash but met nothing but knees and got trapped in a double-wrist lock. They continued to trade as Kirihara trapped Akki against the wall and mashed up his guts with knee strikes and put him in an abdominal stretch. Akki kicked free and crashed into Kirihara’s knees on a second Namaste splash. Kirihara hit an STO and tried for another monkey flip but Akki trapped her in a roll-up for the win. Well, this match looked like it hurt. It was a lot of stiff striking and vicious kicks. I’m not too surprised though as Kirihara has a background in kickboxing. It’s really nice to have Akki back.

All images courtesy of Mei Suruga Twitter, TDE Gifs, Gatoh Move Website, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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