Welcome back to H2O’s Last Extravaganza double-bill. Night 1 had the opening stages of the Danny Havoc Hardcore tournament and the hard-hitting farewell to Matt Tremont. Tonight, we look at the closing stages of the Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Tournament, a huge return match for a beloved deathmatch star, a massive gauntlet to crown a new Inter-Species Wrestling King of Crazy, Chuck Payne trying to snag a title shot against White Trash Forever and much, much more. Let’s get into night 2 of this massive deathmatch celebration for one of its brightest stars, Danny Havoc.

Huge Return: G-Raver defeated Marcus Mathers via Door Brainbuster

The first match of the night was something special. G-Raver after months and months of absence and parody-based issues finally returned to the ring after a horrible injury. His opponent of the night, upcoming H2O student Marcus Mathers. Mathers had made the challenge and got a chair to the face for his troubles. He cracked Mathers with two knee strikes and dumped him with a half and half. Raver sat him down and booted him into the corner. He tried to finish the match with a Butterfly Piledriver but only got two. Raver continued this assault by tossing him into the scaffold and bounced Mathers between it and the ropes. He blasted Mathers with more kicks and fired Mathers up with a chop and slap. He finally fired back on Raver with a duo of slaps, clotheslines and a rolling kip-up cutter. Mathers tried to pop over the ropes but Raver caught him into a rope-hung flatliner. A hockey fight broke out and the pair traded corner forearms. The duo traded and Mathers hit Raver with a German and a Code Red. Raver knocked Mathers onto the ropes and hit a massive back senton from the top. He scooped Mathers up, rammed him into the turnbuckle and dropped him with a sit-out DVD. Mathers kicked out again so Raver got a door. He hit Mathers with another chair, then set the door up against the turnbuckle. Mathers tried for a small package but Raver kicked out and drove him through the door with an elevated brainbuster. G-Raver is back and looking as good as ever. It’s so fucking great to have him back and even in a welcoming back match, he made Mathers look great.

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Semi-Final: Bam Sullivan defeated Lucky 13 via Door smashing DVD

The first semi-final was a 2 out of 3 doors match. It would be the popular moustachioed brawler, Bam Sullivan taking on the newly villainous Lucky 13 in a match where breaking doors was part of victory and not just a set-piece. 13 tried to jump Bam but Bam was prepared and cracked a cake tin over his head. 13 rebounded and battered Bam around the ring, then dumped him on his head outside with a rebound DDT. He then threw Bam into the ring and put him through a door with a shotgun dropkick. He couldn’t celebrate as Bam reversed a whip and speared 13 through a second one. Bam covered the ring in tacks and posed to the crowd but this backfired when 13 kicked his knee out and dropped him into the tacks. 13 curb-stomped him into the tacks and then slammed him into them again for good measure. 13 dragged him through the tacks and tripped him onto a chair. Bam was thrown into the ropes but managed to escape with a rolling kick and a powerbomb into the tacks. Things went from bad to worse as both men clotheslined each other into the tacks. They traded blows until 13 sent Bam to the outside and flattened him with an Air Raid Crash on the apron. Bam punched him out of the air, hit a lung-blower over the chair, and then followed that with a tombstone onto the open chair seat. Bam set the final door up, took 13 to the top, and put 13 through it with a top rope DVD. Bam stamped his ticket through to the final against a very vicious Lucky 13. Going through: Bam Sullivan

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Semi-Final: Alex Colon defeated Lowlife Louie via Double Knees

The other semi-final was a Lowlife’s playhouse match. Former champion, Lowlife Louie would have to contend with the best deathmatch wrestler in the US if he wanted to progress to the final. Thankfully, the plunder seemed to favour him. They opened with a forearm exchange that turned into a hockey fight and Louie flying through a door. Colon brained him with the door and hit a suicide dive to the outside. Colon hammered him around the ring and tried to scalp him with a gusset plate covered 2×4. He continued by cutting Louie up with scissors but missed a follow-up strike with a pumpkin. Louie took the opportunity to strike back and the duo traded more shots under the widows walk. Colon won the exchange and smashed the door into his head again alongside a pizza tray. Colon tried to fire Louie up with more pizza tray shots and a water cooler to the ribs. This didn’t work so he clattered the cooler of his head and cut him up with a broken can bat. He smashed that across Louie’s back, finally motivating Louie into action. Louie hulked up and beat up Colon with forearms and elbows into a nasty neckbreaker. He gave Colon a big elbow and cut him up with a broken can. Louie bit and clawed at the head wound, then traded skewer stabs and headbutts. Louie floored Colon with a clothesline but couldn’t keep him down. Colon avoided a corner splash and hit Louie with a Tornado DDT and a massive splash. The two traded fists, then Louie put Colon through a barbed-wire door with a scoop slam. They fought up to the top rope where Colon KO’ed Louie with a hanging double stomp off the scaffold. Louie tried to pop up but Colon took his jaw off with double knees for the three-count. This was exceptional. Colon brought out the best in Louie and the pair put on a really fun scrap. Going through: Alex Colon

3 on 1 Handicap: White Trash Forever (Bruce Grey, Tyler Voxx and Ron Mathis) defeated Chuck Payne via DQ

Next up was a match to help determine the future of H2O. Chuck Payne was looking to avenge a fireball strike and claim the H2O Heavyweight title from White Trash Forever and the continuous wailing of Ron Mathis. However, to do that, he’d first have to beat them all, 3 on 1. There was the expected amount of WTF stalling, then we watched as they failed to ambush Payne or knock him down with dropkicks. Voxx and Grey were treated like ragdolls as everything they tried to do was ineffective against Payne’s power. Mathis saved his team from a double chokeslam by chop-blocking Payne and all of WTF tried to beat him down. The ref watched on in horror as all of WTF targeted Payne’s legs. The crowd hated what they were seeing and cheered when Mathis missed a diving elbow. Payne threw Mathis back outside and got swarmed by Grey and Voxx again. Payne broke through a double clothesline and killed off both Grey and Voxx with a double chokeslam. WTF attacked the ref and Mathis cracked Payne with a trio of low blows. The WTF ref Nick Papagiorgio took over the match and tried to fast count Payne. He stood in the way of Mathis so Payne tossed him aside, resulting in a DQ. The match was thrown out and WTF screwed Payne out of his title opportunity.

ISW King of Crazy Gauntlet: Terra Calaway defeated Aiden Baal, Billy Avery, Devon Moore, Jimmy Lloyd, Kit Osbourne, Mouse, Orin Veidt, Percy Drews, Raven Havok, and Stockade via Deadly Drive onto Lego on Stockade

With a name like King of Crazy, I had high expectations for the madness I’d see in this match. I was treated to way more and a really fun return to the ring. Typical massive gauntlet match rules apply as we go into highlights mode. Orin Veidt opened proceedings against Percy Drews. He gave Veidt a nice little fight but got dispatched fairly quickly with an Assault Driver to a chair edge. Next up was Jimmy Lloyd who picked up the pace on Veidt. They traded high impact moves including destroyers and DDTs until Lloyd eliminated Veidt with a Fisherman Buster on a chair and a high impact twisting neckbreaker. Next up was “Stone Cold” Kit Osbourne who went for the full Austin entrance and had a beer-soaked bar fight with Lloyd. They traded Rock/Austin moves until Osbourne beat Lloyd with the Stunner. Next out was Raven Havok, someone Osbourne put on his back and he’d brought a gusset. Havok gave Osbourne hell with knee strikes and the aforementioned gusset, then nearly crippled Osbourne with an exploder on the chair. Osbourne fought back but a gusset to the shoulder and Meteora took him out. Mouse was next who had his hands worked over, then won quickly with a Cazadora Stunner/Shiranui combo. The Extricated continued to make their presence felt as Aiden Baal was next. He punished Mouse with brutal power until his crafty comrade was able to pin both of them off a sleeper Shiranui. With both guys out, Billy Avery and Stockade took over the match. Avery tried to garner sympathy with a baby Yoda costume but it didn’t work and Stockade knocked him out with relative ease. Devon Moore was next and he tried to strike early by rushing the ring with a diving crossbody. Stockade show this off and finished Moore relatively easily with a leg catch Suplex and DVD through a table. This looked to be it when another competitor was announced. Terra Calaway was back in a ring and seemingly out of retirement to claim the title. She survived a Stockade sneak attack and broke a bundle on him with double knees. She covered the ring in LEGO and but got slammed into it with a Uranage from Stockade. He went top rope but Moore hung around and crotched him, allowing Calaway to throw him into the LEGO and take the win. The Queen of the Dinosaurs has a new crown and put a pin in Stockade’s winning streak. What an excellent gauntlet and a wonderful pick to carry on the ISW craziness. Welcome back, Terra Calaway!

Deklan Grant defeated Chris Bradley, Kristian Ross & Nothing-Face via TKO to Bradley

After the craziness of the gauntlet, we got an H2O-students match. It would be former tag partners Ross and Bradly taking on each other and Deklan Grant and Nothing-Face. Nothing-Face appeared to be trailed by the cast of Trick R Treat and quickly misted Grant away. He sent Ross into Bradley with a head-scissor and tried to dive on Grant but he got dragged out and the pair brawled. Bradley attacked both and held them in place for a Ross dive. Ross and Bradley continued to punish their opponents by working together and planted Grant with a double Side Effect, then Nothing-Face with a Cazadora Codebreaker/German combo. They fought over who would get the pin and hit Grant with more offence. The bickering continued but the pair overcame this to hit stereo Style’s Clashes. They got distracted by Nothing-Face’s followers and got pummelled by Grant and Face. Nothing-Face dived onto everyone with a step-up Moonsault and continued to smash Grant off the ring. His followers brought out a barbed-wire and carpet strip coffin and attacked Grant with a barbed-wire bat. Bradley and Ross saved Grant from certain doom and dumped Nothing-Face in his own coffin. Grant took out Ross with a baseball bat and finished off Bradley with a TKO. He survived the weirdness and violence to topple some of H2O Academies best students. A nice little palette-cleanser after the gauntlet with an incredible contraption.

Barefoot Pit Match: Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Jimmy Lyon via Stop Sign Splash

Sweet Caroline, bah bah bah. Neil Diamond Cutter has made it to H2O and he would be taking part in a match I really don’t think I’d ever want to do. A barefoot deathmatch. That just sounds nightmarish. We’ve seen Lyon take really dumb barefoot risks before but this was taking it to new levels. NDC came out with a tribute to Adam Bueller and gave a touching promo, then started the match getting thumbtacks poured onto him. Lyon cracked him in the head with a stop sign and scrambled to pick tacks out of his feet. He hit a foot DDT on NDC into the tacks and whacked him in the head with a tack bat. NDC assailed him with headbutts and sent him falling into the tacks. He trash-talked with Lyon, then hammered a gusset plate into his foot. He headbutted another into Lyon’s head and tried to attack him with a gusset 2×4 but Lyon hit him with the tack bat again. Lyon hammered the bat into NDC’s foot and had his toes bitten at by the Honey Badger. Both started hopping and attacked each other with a fork and staple-gun. Lyon hit NDC in the balls and punched a gusset into his head. He beat NDC with the ref’s shoe and stuck his foot in a mousetrap. Lyon used his stop sign as a boogie board and beat NDC with a water jug. He got too cocky and fell off, landing in the tacks so NDC struck, stapled his sole and beat him like a pinata with the water jug. He then caught himself and Lyon with a mousetrap and set up a plastic fork tray. Lyon pelted him with tacks and tripped NDC chest-first onto the forks. Lyon tried for a rope-walk double stomp but missed and broke the fork tray with his feet. NDC hit a double stomp and stop sign senton, then a lionsault for two. NDC tried to Suplex Lyon to the outside but Lyon reversed and dropped him with a Crossroads onto the gusset 2×4. Lyon set up some chairs and dragged NDC to the top. They brawled up top, then Lyon put NDC through a chair with an Air Raid Crash. Lyon hit him with a nasty headbutt and perched him up top again. NDC knocked him off the top with a plastic fork and hit a stop sign double stomp and stop sign splash for the win. NDC was successful in his H2O debut and impressed the crowd with a fun match that was both horrifically uncomfortable and incredibly comedic. Lyon and NDC played nicely off each other making it even more enjoyable. We may have found a deathmatch for all those foot fetishists out there.

The Lone Rangers (Jeff Cannonball & Mitch Vallen) & Tony Deppen defeated 44OH! (Eric Ryan, Gregory Iron & Rickey Shane Page) via Leaping Double Stomp to Iron

When 44OH! is in town, it’s always best to have someone to fight them. Enter the Lone Rangers and their mystery partner, Tony Deppen! This was going to get exciting as we’d have wrestling’s most dominant factions taking on H2O’s best tag team and one of indie wrestling’s best. As this was an open challenge issued through the greatest video promo I have ever seen, H2O just couldn’t resist sending some of their best. Deppen and Iron started out as RSP decided he couldn’t be bothered. Iron hit Deppen with an arm drag so Deppen let Mitch play. Mitch was incredibly insensitive to Iron’s disability, then got hit with a cavalcade of chops from Iron. Mitch no-sold them and hit Iron with some really stiff chops. He no-sold a hurricanrana and flattened Iron with a corner splash and a side belly to belly. He hit a double-team boot with Deppen and tagged out. Deppen let Iron escaped and bring in Eric Ryan. They ran the ropes until Deppen hit a dropkick and hit Ryan with a sweeping combo. Ryan scrambled across to Page and tagged out. Cannonball wanted in and the two biggest men in the match went to work. RSP mocked the short soda review so Cannonball sent him outside with a flurry of punches. He teased a dive but RSP cut him off and mocked him for thinking about it. Cannonball launched him back into the ring and hit him with an STO. RSP dodged a corner splash and hit Cannonball with his own combo ending in an enzuigiri.

44OH! cornered Cannonball and went to work on him whilst the ref was distracted. They continued to beat him down until Ryan made the mistake of trying to Suplex him. RSP and Iron knocked away Mitch and Deppen and the beatdown continued. Deppen threw candy at RSP from his corner but RSP just picked it up and ate it. He choked out Cannonball with a grounded headlock, then and started an arm-wringer train in the 44OH! corner. Cannonball broke free of this and Ryan ended up nearly breaking Iron’s arm. Cannonball was going to tag out but Deppen gave him a soda. RSP tried to derail the live soda review but Cannonball punched him in the gut and he sprayed it over Iron. He gave the crowd the soda review and cracked the bottle of Iron. He tagged in Deppen who took out Iron and Ryan with a crossbody and caused a double-team stunner into a PK. He killed off Iron with a double stomp so RSP tagged himself in. He hit RSP with a KO forearm and tried for a German but RSP kicked low. RSP threw him into the 44OH! corner with a Suplex toss and tagged back out. They hit Deppen with the Triple Powerbomb but Mitch broke up the pin. Mitch beatdown both Iron and Ryan with clotheslines and took RSP out with an even heavier one. He held everyone in place and Deppen held open the ropes for a Tope Sui-Soda from Cannonball. They ended the match by hitting Iron with a front slam and leaping double stomp for the win. Chalk up a win to H2O and the amazing sight of Jeff Cannonball taking flight. All-round excellent match from a group of exceptional wrestlers.

Danny Havoc Hardcore Title Final: Bam Sullivan defeated Alex Colon via Sit-Out DVD

Last but not least, the main event. Bam Sullivan and Alex Colon had bested all the competition from both the previous night’s show and their semi-final matches. It all came down to this, the House of Havoc rules match. They started by trying to force the other into the tubes on the ring ropes and continued to dance around the tubes. Bam broke a tube over his own head and Colon responded by throwing him into a whole lot more. He carved up Bam with two broken tubes, giving him a sadistic pair of devil horns. Colon kept breaking tubes on various parts of Bam’s body and continued to carve the fragments into his skull. He kicked more tubes into his back and hit him with a tube dive to the outside. So far it was all Colon. He hit Bam with a splash to the head and continued punishing him with more tubes. Colon gave him a fishhook and continued to beat Bam with tubes as the ref tried and failed to tape him up. Bam threw away his shirt and a tube duel broke out. They broke every tube in the ring and Sullivan escaped a roll-up to hit Colon with a sit-out DVD and claim the win. Colon and the audience were shocked and Bam Sullivan claimed the place as the first-ever Danny Havoc Hardcore Champion. He outlasted a horrendous amount of blood-loss and a relentless onslaught from Colon to etch his name in deathmatch history. Welcome to the deathmatch elite Bam Sullivan, you’ve earned it. Colon gave Bam the title with a heavy heart and after proclaiming what it and Danny meant to him, that they were going to have a rematch and it was going to be bigger and better than what they just did. I for one cannot wait.

So, there you have it, The Last Extravaganza Part 2, reviewed for your reading pleasure. What a fucking double-bill of shows. Events like this remind me why I love deathmatch wrestling so much. It’s fucking raw, powerful and has a purpose. We got a tournament full of the best and brightest, all fighting it out for a title to honour one of deathmatch wrestling’s pioneers. We saw H2O students and indie stars alike come together and put on some of the best matches ever from H2O and more importantly, we got a taste of the future. Bam Sullivan will be one of the future big players and as the first Danny Havoc Hardcore champion, he’s going to set the tone for what a champion of that magnitude should be, I have the utmost faith in him. This double-bill was a celebration for Danny Havoc and the work he did. Through the speeches, the tears and the bloodshed, you can see the effect he had on so many people. Thank you for everything you made possible Danny Havoc and thank you to H2O for giving him the ultimate Viking funeral with the perfect send-off of salutes, shots and Laffy Taffy.

All images courtesy of Freebirds Shop, Jocay19, Earl Gardner Photography, IWTV Twitter, HeyyImRob, Tim Mulhall

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