Which barriers to break? When you went that far, you can sometimes take a moment to stop and think about all that you have accomplished. Don’t expect each shot to be striking, defining, explosive. One step at a time, this road is a good road. Curtis Mayfield said it before, “Just move on up, toward your destination. You may find from time to time complication. (…) Move on up, and keep on wishing. Remember your dream is your only scheme, so keep on pushing.” Will too much ever be enough? One day, maybe. Right now, absolutely not. 
On the menu this week, from Nashville, Tennessee, Su Yung will put the Knockouts title on the line against Deonna Purrazzo, in a rematch of Bound For Glory. Chris Bey will face off Trey Miguel. Eddie Edwards will team up with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann against Sami Callihan and Eric Young. Doc Gallows will square off with Ethan Page. Heath will finally sign his contract. Locker Room Talk is back with a new episode. The Defeat Rohit Challenge is back too. Also, we’ll try to find out who shot John E. Bravo. So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were back on commentary. 

  • Backstage, Scott D’Amore told Tommy Dreamer John E. Bravo is in critical but stable condition and in a medically induced coma. He asked Dreamer why he is dressed as Sherlock Holmes. Dreamer said he is launching investigations and everyone is a suspect. D’Amore said he’ll want to be shot by the time this is done.
  • Deonna Purrazzo w/ Kimber Lee defeated IMPACT Knockouts Champion Su Yung via DQ when Kimber Lee sent a chair to the ring and Su hit Deonna in the stomach with it. After the bell rang the DQ, Kimber Lee tried to interfere but got smashed with the chair too, she then continued her attack on Deonna who fled. Su sat on the chair in the middle of the ring.

  • In the Management’s office, Heath, with Rhino, had difficulties to sit down to sign his contract. D’Amore congratulated Rhino for his Call Your Shot win at Bound For Glory. Heath lied when he said he was ready to go to the ring. D’Amore gave him a pen to sign his contract and told him he could be in the ring next week to tear it up. Heath tried to drown the fish and talked about the years to come, instead of next week. D’Amore questioned Heath’s condition and said he wasn’t moving the best in the Gauntlet match. Rhino said he was nervous. D’Amore replied everything Heath asked for is in it. As soon as Heath is healthy, it’ll be waiting. He said they’ll get Heath rehabbed but that this is carnie stuff. Heath slowly stood up and says he’ll be back, as he walked painfully along. Barrister R.D. Evans insinuated himself in the office, to D’Amore’s disbelief, and asked him if he saw what happened. He said it was not the rematch Deonna Purrazzo was entitled to. D’Amore replied to him to tell his client she will have a rematch at Turning Point. It will be an Anything Goes, No-DQ Match, so there will be a winner.

  • Backstage, Eddie Edwards was joined by IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann who was pumped because they will team up tonight. They were both ready for Callihan and Young, to the point they sang Eddie’s theme together.
  • Chris Bey defeated Trey Miguel.
  • Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger welcomed us to a new episode of “Locker Room Talk.” Madison Rayne talked about the Knockouts Tag Team tournament that will start in two weeks, and she wanted to find a partner. They welcomed Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood, of course with Kaleb with a K. Madison asked Jordynne about her partner, she replied she is confident she will find one. Madison stated Jordynne and Tenille are both very talented and can make a great team, but they don’t get along. Jordynne confirmed they had issues in the past but she is now aware Tenille can do whatever it takes to win, so she thought they may be the team to beat. Tenille agreed with the fact the “team to beat” is right in this room. She offered Madison Rayne to team up with her. Madison looked surprised but they started to talk about girl things and started to feel it. Kaleb with a K did a pic of the moment. Jordynne was asked to leave, she took Kaleb’s phone and threw him away.

  • Backstage, Tommy Dreamer was questioning referee Brandon Tolle. He reminded him he argued with Bravo a few weeks before. Cody Deaner and Johnny Swinger were next but they had a match.
  • Rohit Raju was in the ring for another Defeat Rohit Champion. He said at Bound For Glory, it was proven true, “God created all men equal, and then he made me the sequel.” The Mocha-Skinned Manimal beat his five opponents, some of the best in the world. TJP made his way to the ring, not in wrestling gear but a cup in hand. TJP said he is a fan of opportunity, so he came to answer the challenge. Raju reminded him he lost at Bound For Glory. Raju gave him the opportunity to get out of the ring. TJP said all the people Raju beat, none of them was called TJP. Raju said he always tries to take his time and his spotlight, so he asked TJP who the hell he is. TJP got serious and told him he has been wrestling longer than Raju has been watching wrestling. He told Raju all he has accomplished in 22 years in the USA, Mexico and Japan. So the X-Division Championship is him. Raju called his accomplishments the ones of a has-been. He called TJP pathetic. Raju asked him to leave, what TJP was about to do, but he changed his mind, spilt his tea on Raju. They brawled until Raju fled. TJP posed with the X-Division title.


  • Backstage, Chris Sabin told Gia Miller, despite last week’s XXXL attack, Alex Shelley was fine. Sabin was interested in the “divide to conquer” game in the Tag Team Division. Because they can’t beat the MCMG two-on-two, the other teams attack, injure and isolate. Sabin was ready to take one-on-one Acey or Larry and show them why he is one half of the best tag team in the world.
  • Backstage, Rohit Raju complained to Scott D’Amore about what TJP just did. TJP arrived and requested one more shot. Because Raju wants to get rid of TJP and TJP wants a show, D’Amore decided they will have another match. If TJP wins, he will have another chance at the title. If Rohit Raju wins, TJP won’t have a chance for the title as long as he is X-Division Champion.

  • Doc Gallows w/ Karl Anderson defeated Ethan Page w/ Josh Alexander. There were some interferences during the match. The four of them brawled after the match, The Good Brothers threw The North out of the ring.
  • Backstage, Swoggle told Gia Miller he felt amazing to be back on IMPACT while promoting his book. Brian Myers cut him off and told him he is not even a wrestler, calling him a sideshow freak. Swoggle reproached him what he did to Tommy Dreamer. Myers said he runs Impact Wrestling and pushed him down.
  • Johnny Swinger defeated Cody Deaner. He cheated.

  • TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose made his way to the ring and said over the past few months, he has not been taken seriously, the belt has not been taken seriously, and that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. People say he doesn’t earn this title or he grabbed him out of a trash can. At Bound For Glory, he went to hell and back to kill the man people think is the greatest TNA Champion in the history of the company. He controlled his narrative. He put the belt on the ring and said he is now on again. He reminded us of his last couple of years on IMPACT, he is undefeated in PPVs, he beat RVD, he beat Rhino, he beat Ken Shamrock, he beat Tommy Dreamer and, at Bound For Glory, he defeated EC3, the greatest TNA Champion of all time. He added people are not talking about his title, but the IMPACT World Championship and Rich Swann. He congratulated Rich for carrying around his waist the second most important Championship in the company. He said he will show us what pain looks like. The video of last week’s parking lot assault on Mack appeared on the screen. Moose said he knows Mack is a good friend of Swann, so Swann could ask him what pain really feels like. “You’ve been warned.” Willie Mack rushed to the ring and attacked Moose. It spilt at ringside, Moose choked Mack with a camera cable.


  • Backstage, Chris Bey came to congratulate Rich Swann. He wanted Swann to tell the Management he is ready to defend against Bey. Swann said he sees a lot of himself in him, he is super talented but he can’t finesse him. Bey will have to earn his opportunity.
  • Backstage, Sherlock Dreamer announced he narrowed his list to ten people. Father James Mitchell said no one can accuse him because he is a complete angel. They all laughed but he was kidding. Taya said she had been a perfect angel. Dreamer replied being an angel makes her a prime suspect. He added the investigations will continue.
  • Sami Callihan & Eric Young defeated IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards. Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock interfered at the end of the match and attacked Rich Swann.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan & Eric Young

Swann and Callihan started as the bell rang. They went for a lockup but Callihan kicked Swann in the gut and took control, knocking him down and then slamming him into the turnbuckle. Callihan measured Swann for a shot and let loose, then manhandled him in the corner. Sami pulled Swann into the middle of the ring but Swann fired back, came off the ropes and cartwheeled over, leapfrogged a charging Sami and went under before hitting a dropkick. Callihan was out of the ring and Young charged in, Eddie replied with chops and the babyfaces beat on him until he went outside. Swann connected with a dive but they moved and he stopped short. Eddie connected with a dive through the ropes on Young. Swann continued with a senton off the apron to take down Callihan. Back from break, Swann was in control of Sami and he tagged in Eddie. Sami whipped into the ropes, came off into an inverted atomic drop by Edwards, clothesline by Swann, followed by a Boston crab and a flipping leg drop.

Eric Young talked trash and distracted Eddie but so Sami could get a shot in. They traded punches, Eddie came off the ropes and got kicked by Young which allowed Sami to take over. He tagged in EY and held Eddie so Young could kick him in the head. Hard shot to the face from Young and a series of elbow drops, followed by a crossface. He picked Eddie up and threw him into Callihan’s boot, then tagged Sami in. Rake down the chest and they both stomped at Eddie for a bit. Sami tagged in EY, who hits an elbow drop on the held Edwards. Young connected with a neckbreaker, then picked Eddie up and pulled him to the hostile corner, Sami tagged in and hit a snapmare on Eddie into a chinlock. Eddie bit Sami to get out of it to no avail. He powered to his feet but Sami grabbed Eddie’s hair and pulled him over to tag in Young who nailed a shot on Eddie. Eddie fired back with shots to EY and came off the ropes but got caught with a back elbow. Young tagged in Sami and held Eddie against the ropes for a kick. Sami connected with a wristlock and whip across the ring, Eddie replied with a baseball slide counter and hit a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Callihan was able to tag out and EY knocked Swann off the apron to cut off the tag. He whipped Eddie, reversed and Young flipped over the turnbuckle to the apron, ran to another corner and clipped up but ate a flying kick. Eddie climbed up, went for a superkick but EY fought out of it. Edwards came back and hits the superplex. He was crawling for the corner and Sami tagged in in time to try and stop the tag. Eddie got free and tagged Swann. Swann took Young off the apron and hit Sami with a couple of clotheslines. Callihan got a boot up to stop a charge and went to the second rope but Swann connected with a kick to the head. Eric Young ran in and got a heavy kick for his troubles. Swann connected with a leaping super hurricanrana from the floor and Sami landed right on EY. Young picked Swann up, he and Sami went for a double suplex but Eddie was in to save Swann and get him to safety. He went on the attack but Young grabbed the boot and Callihan kicked Eddie down. They went for Swann, he handspringed into the ropes and off into a double cutter.

Callihan rolled away from Swann, who tagged in Eddie and hit a takedown but EY replied with a flying neckbreaker. Swann connected with a leaping spin kick to Young. He went to pick Sami up but Sami clotheslined him hard. Young grabbed Eddie and they went for double piledrivers, but the faces countered. Boston crab and sharpshooter in tandem, Callihan went to tap but Young physically stopped him. Young pushed Eddie off and into Swann to break up the holds. Young went for the piledriver again but Eddie countered and catapulted Young over the ropes. He grabbed Callihan, Callihan ducked a clothesline and went for a backslide, Eddie was out but ate a kick, then fired back with a jumping kick. Sami on the second rope hit a leaping kick, Eddie hit a Backpack Stunner but turned it into a single-leg crab. Sami went to tap and Rich Swann held Young back but Ken Shamrock was running to the ring. He attacked Swann and threw him into the ring steps. Eddie went to help and got rolled up by Callihan. Eddie kicked out, but Callihan connected with the Castus Special 97 for the win.

The Weekly “Enigma For a Nygma”

Johnny Swinger won a match… I was thinking of something to say about, but The Draw Sami Callihan cut me off…

The Nygma’s Noticeable Facts of the Week

– Moose, the Lethal Weapon

It was to expect Moose would not come back from that undisclosed location the same. EC3 went so deep into his mind he let the worst of him emerge. I totally agreed with Moose when he described all that he has accomplished in the ring. I still ask myself what the TNA belt means in this story but if it allows Moose to reinvent himself and develop a darker, more violent character, I’m ok with it.

– Shamrock, Young and Callihan, the Lethal Faction

It was not to expect at all the three of them would find themselves some common points. But, in fact, it makes complete sense to see them work together. The Draw and The World Class Maniac and The World’s Most Dangerous Man, isn’t it evil? Callihan and Young have a similar repertoire that worked perfectly in the main event of tonight. And could work in a long-time perspective, all egos set apart…

– Who shot Bravo?

Then there were ten… Some have absolutely nothing to do on this pic but Sherlock Dreamer is investigating. Because I decided to play Cluedo©, as Dreamer stole my Sherlock’s idea, this would have to be solved in 6 weeks. There are only 6 characters and weapons in the game…

Turning Point

We are ten days after Bound For Glory, we are all just starting to breathe back and Impact Wrestling are unloading a new set of bombs with Turning Point and already 3 title matches. For the fans, I understand it’s great. The matches are PPV quality. Personally, the only thing that comes to my mind now is pandemonium. When do I sleep, please?

To be eNYGMAtic…

Good episode, with a good build-up for Turning Point. The feuds that emerged last week are taking shape. Sherlock Dreamer is fabulous. But it could have been better because the company can do better. I understand it’s a transitional moment when Turning Point, the comeback of the Knockouts Tag Team titles, Lockdown in December, the “Who Shot Bravo” thing are colliding with the upcoming Road to Hard To Kill. So, easy because it could soon become a major mess. Ten weeks looks like nothing but time flies a way we have never expected it to…
On this “Nygma Needs To Sleep” note, until next week, take care, stay safe, watch wrestling, and never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling, Basil Mahmud and AXS TV. Photocollage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

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