Welcome back to ChocoPro wrestling. This week, we’ll see ChocoPro give Tokiko Kirihara her second main event in a row, though this time she’s taking on the pineapple powerhouse Yuna Mizumori. We’ll also see a slew of tag-team action as Baliyan Akki and Sayuri team up to take on Chie Koshikawa and Antonio Honda and we’d see Mei Suruga team up with An Chamu to do battle with the Pencil Army of Lulu Pencil and Emi Sakura. It’s going to be another fun and frenetic episode of wrestling so let’s get into it.

Chie Koshikawa & Antonio Honda defeated Baliyan Akki & Sayuri via Gon-ton Bomb on Sayuri

The first match of the night would see two makeshift teams go to war. It would be Chie Koshikawa teaming up with the Gon the Fox Master, Antonio Honda taking on Baliyan Akki and ChocoPro’s ninja Sayuri. Both teams had even odds so it was going to be a competitive one. Koshikawa and Akki started proceedings by playing a game of chase. By that I mean, Koshikawa was rushing around Akki and he was struggling to keep track of her. He trapped her in a wrist-lock but she ran out of that and reversed it onto him. They fought over technical holds until Akki escaped a head-scissor and Koshikawa scooted away to Honda. Both tagged out so Sayuri and Honda took over with a series of wrist holds. Honda escaped a hammerlock but couldn’t capitalise as Sayuri punished him with chops. He collapsed to the mat and asked for a time-out. He hit a time-out kick to Sayuri’s knee and a time-out strike to her throat. He dragged her to his corner by her hair and tagged in Koshikawa. She tried to roll-up Sayuri and hit her with a guillotine DDT. Koshikawa tried a second pinfall and dragged Sayuri around the mat into a leg lock and stretch muffler. Akki broke the hold so Koshikawa pummelled both with a barrage of chops.

She tagged in Honda, who continued the work on Sayuri with a forehead flick and wrist slap. He whipped Sayuri into the wall and tried to charge her but got nothing but the wall and a dropkick from Sayuri. She got the much-needed tag to Akki and he stormed Honda with a combo of strikes and kicks. Honda fought out of a Suplex attempt and the pair went into a very stiff strike-fest. Akki won the exchange with a wall-run kick and tried for a Swanton but got nothing but knees. Honda fired up with double jabs and tried the bionic elbow but got kicked in the head as he delivered it. Sayuri got the tag and rushed Honda, trying for a window-sill bulldog but Honda reversed it into a backbreaker. Koshikawa kicked Akki away and the pair double-teamed Sayuri with an assisted dropkick. Honda missed a second bionic elbow and only just kicked out of a crucifix bomb. Sayuri landed the window-sill takeover and blasted Honda with a mafia kick. She put Honda in a sleeper and climbed to the top for extra leverage. Honda attacked her with Gon the Fox and threatened Sayuri with him. Sayuri took control of Gon and attacked Koshikawa. She tried to attack Honda with him too but missed and struck Akki. Gon charged at Honda in slow motion but Honda talked him out of it and he bit into Sayuri instead, knocking her down. Honda placed Gon on the top and he finished Sayuri with a Gon-ton bomb. Gon the Fox made a ChocoPro appearance and saved Honda from certain doom, despite losing him temporarily to Sayuri. This was a great opening match with some excellent wrestling and a great return for Gon the Fox.

An Chamu & Mei Suruga defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura) via Bridging Neck Crank on Pencil

Second up, we had the battle of the cutest tag teams. It would be Pencil Army, Lulu Pencil & Emi Sakura against the newly formed Apple Chamu Army of Mei Suruga and An Chamu. The Pencil Army showed off their strength by moving the chocolate square and tried to charge after the introductions but Sakura was knocked away and Pencil was locked in a double kawaii armbar. Suruga went to work on Pencil’s wrist and hit the window-sill arm drag. She hammered Pencil with a forearm and tagged out to Chamu. She hit Pencil with a trio of hip attacks and went for the running hip attack but Pencil dropped. Chamu didn’t take this well and stomped on Pencil before taking a seat on her back. Pencil tried for a roll-up but Chamu countered that into a triangle choke. Sakura broke the hold by pulling Chamu’s hair so Chamu threw Pencil at the wall. Pencil reversed her charge by tripping her into the wall and knocked her down for a Pencil roll. She finally made a tag and sent Sakura in, who hit Chamu with a barrage of Riverdance kicks. Chamu dodged a clothesline and sent Sakura flying into a sink with a hurricanrana. Suruga tried to drown her but referee Akki wouldn’t allow it. Sakura was treated to a game of forearm ping pong, then hit with a backcracker. Chamu kicked Sakura a final time and tagged out to Suruga. She sadistically whipped Sakura into the wall multiple times but got caught out of a run-up and used as a block against one of Chamu’s kicks.

Sakura hit rolling thunder and tagged in Pencil, who punished Suruga with foot stomps and chops. Pencil dodged Suruga’s double stomps but got caught in a whip and sent crashing into the window-sill. Suruga attacked her with a sponsor sign and put Pencil in the bridging neck crank, but Sakura put a stop to that and hit Suruga with a facebuster. They both sent Suruga crashing into a table with duel clotheslines, and Pencil put her in an inverted stretch muffler. Both teams missed double-team manoeuvres, so the Pencil Army tried for double roll-ups. They hit Suruga with a step over back elbow drop, but Chamu broke up the pin. Pencil missed rolling thunder and Sakura was taken out by Chamu. Pencil tried for another pinfall and clothesline but Suruga reversed into the bridging neck crank for the win. This new team had scored their first victory over the Pencil Army in another great match. Sadistic Mei Suruga is something I’d love to see in more matches. Lulu Pencil was missing the pink hat she lost to Chris Brookes and found out she’s teaming with him on the next episode. I cannot wait for that.

Yuna Mizumori defeated Tokiko Kirihara via Wall-Run Splash

Last but not least, our main event that saw Tokiko Kirihara get her second main event in a row. She fell to Baliyan Akki, could she best her opponent this week? It was going to be a tough one against the raw power of Yuna Mizumori. Kirihara was rocking new gear and was raring to go. She pounced instantly and tried for a cross-armbreaker. She moved to a heel hook, then the pair traded strikes when Mizumori escaped. Kirihara slammed Mizumori against the wall with an STO and snapped her into a grounded sleeper. This transitioned to a straightjacket and a series of stomps but Mizumori struck back with a barrage of back elbows. She tried to charge but Kirihara drove her into the wall again with a monkey flip. Kirihara worked over her legs with stiff kicks and blocked Mizumori trying to strike back. Mizumori caught her leg and charged her against the wall. They brawled around the studio, clipping a light-switch and plunging everyone into darkness. When the light returned, Kirihara had another straightjacket locked in.

She transitioned this to an arm and leg lock, then went back to kicking the legs. Mizumori caught another kick and rolled through into a Boston crab. Kirihara made the ropes so Mizumori stomped down on her back and splashed her against the wall. She whacked Kirihara against the wall again with swing strikes and put her in the Lion-tamer, then sat down into another Boston Crab. Kirihara escaped a slam and slammed Mizumori into the mat. Kirihara kicked her down again and went to the top. Mizumori stalked her over and tried to knock her down but Kirihara put her in another straightjacket. Mizumori broke free of that with a back-body drop and followed up with a massive splash. She tried to go to the top but Kirihara chased her over and dragged her back down with a judo throw. She hit Mizumori with a grinding stomp and tried for an abdominal stretch but Mizumori dragged her into a ripcord knee lift and hit her with a duo of body presses. She hit Kirihara with a body attack but got rolled up for two and hit with another STO. Mizumori downed Kirihara with a dropkick and the pair fought on the floor. Mizumori tried to charge with a clothesline but Kirihara was ready and took her down with a headlock takeover. She put Mizumori in a cobra twist but Mizumori powered her up and slammed her against the wall. She tried for a wall-run splash but Kirihara caught her into a Fujiwara armbar. Mizumori tanked another flurry of mid-kicks to down Kirihara with a clothesline and ended it all with a wall-run splash. What an excellent main event. This was a physical, drag-out slugfest full of hard-hitting strikes, kicks, and submissions. Kirihara is exceptionally fun to watch. It was the perfect way to close out another excellent episode of action!

All images courtesy of mattsdl, Gatoh Move Website, FlyingVTrigger, Chie Koshikawa Twiter Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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