Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. Following the fallout of last week’s Pencil Army tag match, we learned that Lulu Pencil is still mourning the loss of her trusty pink hat. She lost this at a special episode of ChocoPro in an excellent match against Chris Brookes. Now, we have a pencil war, as Lulu Pencil will be teaming with the great cap thief against the team of Emi Pencil Sakura and a special, strong partner. Plus, we’ll see a bombastic three-way match between Yuna Mizumori, Mei Suruga, and Chie Koshikawa. Let’s get into the newest edition of Chocolate Square action!

Mei Suruga defeated Yuna Mizumori & Chie Koshikawa via Mizumori Leverage Pin

The first match of the episode would see the hyperactive fighter Chie Koshikawa taking on the Apple Princess Mei Suruga taking on the Tropical Force of Power Yuna Mizumori. We even got an opening with Toru Owashi merch. This was going to get very damn hectic. Both Suruga and Mizumori started the match throwing Koshikawa down before going into a three-way lock-up. They shunted away Koshikawa again and fight over a double German attempt. They went into a centipede of body-scissors and Koshikawa rolled through into a double pin on Mizumori and Suruga. They both teased Suruga for being small with a test of strength attempt so Suruga tickled them both. She then stood on their legs and put them both in wristlocks, then jumped off and rammed them together. That was followed by a double window-sill arm-drag that sent both ladies flying. Mizumori took a powder and Suruga introduced Koshikawa into the wall. She fell to the mat so Suruga hit her with a double stomp and Mizumori hit her with a rolling senton. They both hit another load of rolling sentons and Suruga tried to steal the pin. Suruga backed off and Mizumori crushed Koshikawa against the wall. She locked Koshikawa in a Camel Clutch and Suruga snuck up behind her and put Koshikawa’s legs in a death-lock. Koshikawa fired-up and started a slugfest with Mizumori. She got kicked in the leg and hoisted into a stalling powerslam from Mizumori. Suruga stuck her with a sponsor sign as she crashed down and locked her in a body-scissor as Mizumori put another sponsor sign onto Koshikawa’s chest. Suruga tried to land the Kawaii pin but Mizumori broke it up. Suruga hid away again and Mizumori elbowed Koshikawa to death against the wall. She stuck Koskikawa with another sign and hammered her with chops. She tried for a wall charge but Koshikawa moved and Mizumori headbutted the wall.

Suruga kicked her back down and both women tried for pinfalls on Koshikawa but referee Sakura was too busy straightening up the sponsor signs. They turned on each other and Koshikawa used their slugfest to run a circuit around them. Suruga and Mizumori stopped hitting each other in confusion and worked together to trip Koshikawa up. Koshikawa was sent into the wall again but dodged Suruga and Mizumori’s charges and chopped them both down. She tried to put Mizumori into a Bow and Arrow but couldn’t lift her and when she tried it on Suruga, Suruga grabbed onto Mizumori for leverage. Koshikawa powered up again by leapfrogging her opponents and disorientated them with screams. Suruga switched sides and helped Koshikawa put Mizumori in a Bow and Arrow. They dragged Mizumori around the mat but got kicked off of another submission attempt. Mizumori sent Koshikawa flying with a Giant Swing but got caught by a roll-up from Suruga. Mizumori missed a body attack and had to fight out of a crucifix, then hit Suruga with a knee lift and splash. She missed a follow-up so Suruga locked her in the Apple Cut Mutilation. Koshikawa broke this up with a chop to the gut and dragged Suruga around the mat, then locked her in the Stretch Muffler. She followed up with a roll-up and pelted Suruga with more chops. Mizumori tried to put her in a Full Nelson but Koshikawa chopped her away too. Koshikawa blasted Suruga with a dropkick and threw Mizumori out of the studio. Suruga dodged another chop and sent Koshikawa into the wall again. Mizumori burst back through the window and put both women in submissions. She used Suruga like a battering ram and ran her into a wall. Koshikawa and Suruga teamed up to blast Mizumori’s back in the window and Suruga rolled-up Koshikawa using Mizumori for leverage. Mizumori was pissed but no one disputed the win. Suruga has racked up another win against two very game opponents. This was great fun even if a lot of it was Koshikawa getting bullied.

Pencil Army 2.0 (Chris Brookes & Lulu Pencil) defeated Pencil Army (Emi Sakura & Hagane Shinno) via Artificial Cranial Deformation on Sakura

Our main event of the episode was the Pencil Army Civil War. Lulu Pencil was struggling to fight without her trusty pink cap so she sided with the guy who stole it, Chris Brookes against the other side of Pencil Army, Emi Sakura, and her chosen partner, Hagane Shinno of the MAKAI project. Hagane had no idea what the hell Pencil Army was but he seemed more than happy to fight alongside Sakura. Pencil Army 2.0 wasn’t exactly harmonious but they seemed to have each other’s backs. Brookes tried to offer a handshake but Sakura wasn’t interested. The action started with Sakura and Pencil charging into a trio of lock-ups. They reached a stalemate so Brookes yanked Sakura down out of a second lot. Pencil attacked Shinno, who did not seem amused by her attempts, and quickly fled when Sakura tagged him in. Brookes and Shinno went into an excellent technical exchange of arm-based technical holds, then Shinno kicked Brookes down. Pencil wanted to tag in so Brookes let her. Pencil tried to pepper Shinno with strikes but he no-sold it and floored her with a kick. He brought Sakura back in who pummelled a downed Pencil with Cossack kicks. Pencil asked for a time-out but was not granted it as Sakura kicked her again with more Cossack Kicks. Brookes caused a distraction so Pencil could roll under Sakura and trample all over her back. She hit Sakura with a Pencil Point and tried for a Bow and Arrow but Sakura reversed into a pin. Brookes broke this up and tagged in. He hit Sakura in the back with an elbow and hit a falling headbutt. Brookes tried to submit Sakura by pulling her hair but Shinno came in to stop than and got put in a choke by Pencil as Ref Suruga struggled to maintain order. Brookes tagged in Pencil and got her to take part in a hair pull chop. He really was becoming a bad influence on her. Pencil continued to aggravate the damage to Sakura’s back with a Pencil Chop and strikes, then tried to flatten her to the mat with a back press. Sakura started to power out so Brookes added his weight to the pile and when Shinno tried to stop it, tripped him onto the pile, causing even more damage to Sakura’s back.

Sakura started to fight back with strikes and Riverdance kicks but Brookes grabbed her by her nose. She stomped his foot and made a much-needed tag to Shinno. He rushed Brookes with a dropkick and hit him with a slam and standing Moonsault. He hammered Brookes with chest kicks but Brookes caught the last one and drove an elbow into Shinno’s knee. He continued by hitting Shinno with a twisting neckbreaker of the window-sill and tagged in Pencil. He hoisted Pencil onto his shoulder for a double-team move but Sakura interrupted and we got a pencil duel between the ladies as the men held them up on their shoulder. Brookes withstood and used Pencil as a battering ram, then threw her into a DDT on Shinno. She rolled Shinno into La Magistral and hit him with a back senton. She climbed to the top for a Pencil Splash but got nothing but Shinno’s knees. He tagged out and Sakura bombarded Pencil with wall-trapped chops and clotheslines. Pencil kicked Sakura off the top and Brookes tried to interfere but Sakura climbed on his back and choked him out with a rope. He slammed her into the wall and both went to the top. Sakura knocked Pencil off and Shinno hit a handstand kick that sent Brookes flying. Brookes forearmed him away and hit Sakura with a nose-breaker. Shinno hit him with the window and followed him outside to brawl. Pencil and Sakura traded clotheslines and Sakura nailed a Pencil Splash but Brookes broke up the pin. Sakura tried to hit a wall splash but Pencil dodged and Sakura got nothing but wall. Pencil tagged and Brookes went for the Praying Mantis bomb but couldn’t get it off as Sakura scurried away and hugged the red super-sized pencil. Brookes fired her up and accidentally ran himself into a table. Sakura took advantage, tripped him up, and tried to hit Brookes with his own move. Her back gave out and Brookes dodged her attempted strikes like a dick.

He slugged her in the back again and when she crawled to Pencil for help, she just got another pencil stab in the back. Brookes continued to use Pencil as a weapon and watched as she hit a Pencil Splash and hit Sakura with stomps and chops. Sakura tried to strike back but Brookes kicked her head off and locked her into a submission hold as Pencil dealt with Shinno. Pencil Army 2.0 had won the war but at what cost? Brookes had brought out an evil side of Lulu Pencil and it had earned her nothing as he teased giving her hat back, then took it away. He’d played her like a damn fiddle and he was never going to give her hat back. She tried to take it back by force but Brookes just beat her down. Emi Sakura tried to help but was unable to muster much. Pencil Army reformed and blocked Brookes from leaving. They will team again against Tropical Calamari next episode, a match so big it will be the whole focus of the episode! Will Lulu Pencil finally get her pink hat back from ChocoPro’s ultimate villain? Talk about a cliff-hanger to end yet another exciting episode of ChocoPro. Two fun and intense matches made for excellent viewing yet again.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, Video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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