Welcome back to MLW Underground. This week’s slice of historical wrestling offers the singles match between Simon Diamond of the Extreme Horsemen and ECW icon, Sandman, and a main event dream match between the disciple of darkness, Jerry Lynn and the Notorious 187 Homicide. Between these two monster matches, we’d hear from Da Hit Squad, CM Punk, and many more as they took vendettas to new levels and we’ll catch up with the current day MLW as they prepare for The Restart through Pulp Fusion. Let’s get into it!

Simon Diamond (w/C.W Anderson) defeated The Sandman via Gem Cutter

The first match of the show was the second qualifying singles match for Sandman and Steve William’s shot at the Tag Team Titles. The Extreme Horsemen had laid down the gauntlet and if they wanted a shot at the gold, they’d have to beat both in singles action. Steve Williams had succeeded in beating C.W Anderson, could The Sandman take out Diamond? It started rough as a double attempt at fake sportsmanship resulted in a superkick for The Sandman. Diamond pummelled Sandman with punches and launched him with an arm-drag. He tried to bully Sandman in the corner but got dragged by the trunks into the second turnbuckle. The action spilt outside and Sandman took Diamond on a chopping tour of the guardrails. Diamond tried to call for a time-out but Sandman gave him the boot and a Guillotine leg drop. He took Diamond to the top rope and brought him crashing back down with a Hurricanrana. Diamond distracted the referee and C.W Anderson rushed Sandman with another superkick. Diamond used the distraction to his advantage and finished Sandman off with the Gem Cutter. Sandman brought his best wrestling game but unfortunately for him, the numbers were not on his side and The Extreme Horsemen were more than happy to bend the rules to win. There will be no tag team title shot for Steve Williams in the near future.

Between the Matches:

  • CM Punk explained the rules of the straight edge as a means to explain what a straight edge rules match would entail. However, to mess with Raven, he decided not to disclose all the information.
  • Da Hit Squad and The Samoan Island Tribe gave their thoughts on an upcoming falls count anywhere match between the duo of teams. Mafia had developed a Samoan Blood addiction and he was going to get his fix when they next met up.
  • Steve Corino claimed to be one of the only honest men in wrestling. He promised to beat Mike Awesome and you know what, he did. He promised to bring the belt more prestige and offered Terry Funk one final shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Title.
  • Final comments from Jerry Lynn, the Sinister Minister, a cackling Mikey Whipwreck and Homicide.
  • Sabu and Bill Alfonso had another brief warning for Christopher Daniels ahead of their spike match.
  • The show ended with Steve Williams and The Sandman putting their MLW careers on the line in a brief no DQ match that saw Sandman eat a triple superkick and Terry Funk making the save. Sandman got his team a title shot with a senton and the show ended in a massive brawl.

Homicide defeated Jerry Lynn (w/The Sinister Minister) via Frankensteiner Roll-Up

Jerry Lynn has been on a tear since he embraced the darkness of Christopher Daniels and the Sinister Minister. Now, the Evil F’N Show was out to further prove how far he’d come by issuing an open challenge to the entire locker room. That was answered by the Notorious 187 Homicide who was more than up for a fight. Had Lynn’s masterplan just backfired on him? Lynn tried to ambush Homicide as he ran to the ring but Homicide quickly recovered, threw Lynn around, and sent him to the outside with a Hurricanrana. He slowly got back in the ring and went into a technical exchange with Homicide. Lynn bullied Homicide in the corner and a failed monkey flip led to a chain of pinfall attempts between the two. Homicide barred an arm and only broke the hold when Lynn went to the eyes. Homicide shook this off and tried to charge but the Sinister Minister grabbed his leg. Homicide tried for a baseball slide but Lynn caught him and slammed him head-first into a guardrail. He introduced Homicide’s face to a chair and the time-keeper’s table. The camera cut and returned to Lynn stalking Homicide in-ring. He dropped Homicide with a jawbreaker and put him in a chin-lock. Homicide tried to counter but caught into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a jawbreaker/clothesline combo. Lynn got annoyed that he couldn’t keep Homicide down and put him in a grounded headlock. He tried to put him in a standing sleeper but Homicide reversed into a Belly to Back Suplex. He continued the assault with clotheslines, dodges, and a big T-Bone Suplex. Lynn tried for a low blow but Homicide dodged and tanked an elbow to dropkick Lynn out of the ring. Homicide followed him out with a tope con Giro. Homicide continued to play the counter and hit Lynn with a massive Tornado DDT. Lynn tried for a powerbomb but Homicide hung on so The Sinister Minister distracted the ref and Lynn hit him in the balls, then got the powerbomb. Lynn perched Homicide on the top and tried to launch him again but Homicide broke free with headbutts and ran into a Complete Shot from Lynn. Lynn tried to go for the Cradle Piledriver but had to settle for hitting a TKO when Homicide broke free. Homicide spiked Lynn with a falling piledriver and nearly KO’ed Lynn with a boot. Lynn took him to the top again and nailed him with a Frankensteiner but Homicide rolled through and won with a roll-up. This was amazing. These two are veteran legends for a reason. What a masterclass in wrestling.

Pulp Fusion Recap

MLW had their offices back and it was time to begin rebuilding. The Von Erichs were ready to fight and Marshall expressed a desire to crush a man’s skull with the Iron Claw. Alicia Atout interviewed Davey Boy Smith Jr about his upcoming title match against Jacob Fatu and the force of CONTRA. Smith wasn’t scared and he was going to introduce Fatu to catch wrestling. Fatu might be tough but he was going to break his spirit with the Crippler Crossface. Filthy Tom Lawlor needed a super-strong condom for a new sponsor. He was going to put Dominic Garrini in it to show how tough the condoms were. Surprisingly, no company was interested in the sales pitch. Brian Pillman Jr was freaking out about his scales and how he was shedding weight. He was closing in on the weight limit but the work was far from over. Myron Reed finalised his match contract with Brian Pillman Jr and berated his future opponent for not taking their match seriously. Reed didn’t just want to win the match, he wanted Pillman’s head. Hammerstone talked about dismantling CONTRA Unit since he’d succeeded in helping MLW reclaim their office.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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