Welcome back to ICW No Holds Barred! It’s time for another delicious dose of cage-fighting deathmatch violence as our favourite no-ropes, just chains company returns to the Blood Shed. There was going to be a fair amount of blood and broken weaponry by the end of the night as we’d see the return of Dale Patricks against Neil Diamond Cutter, Satu Jinn debuting against Casanova Valentine, the debut of Red Death Daniel Garcia against Justin Kyle, a massive return to make Nolan Edward flinch and so much more leading up to the main event rematch between SHLAK and John Wayne Murdoch. Let’s get into the violence!

Fights, Camera, Action

Neil Diamond Cutter defeated Dale Patricks via Shopping Trolley/Vinyl-Board Powerbomb

The first match of the night would see the return of two popular faces in ICW. Neil Diamond Cutter and Dale Patricks have both left excellent impressions on the fans and would now leave bloody impressions on the others’ skin. Things did not start well for NDC as he was instantly thrown into the cage wall and threw a mousetrap board. Patricks smashed a bunch of records over Cutter’s head, then whacked him in the nose with a trashcan lid. He then stuck Cutter’s thumb in a mousetrap and another on his tongue. Cutter pelted him with a record and a chair, then headbutted a gusset into Patricks’ forehead. Cutter continued to carve him up with shards of vinyl and got whipped through the mousetrap board again. Patricks got him with a gusset and cracked him with the trashcan lid again. He tried to powerbomb Cutter through a frame of carpet-strips but Cutter reversed and put them both through with a Russian Leg Sweep. Both guys met the underside of a trashcan after a trip and missed elbow drop, then Patricks slammed Cutter on top of it. They went into a slugfest, then Cutter got a kiss from the cage door and another trashcan shot. Patricks set up a shopping trolley and got caught in a straightjacket into a back-cracker from Cutter. Patricks retorted with a DVD onto some upright chairs and a powerslam through the trashcan. That was followed by a tombstone onto the shopping trolley but Patricks still couldn’t keep Cutter down. He stole our friend Earl Gardner’s stepladder and set the vinyl board onto the trolley. He climbed to the top but couldn’t do anything as Cutter stapled him in the ass and powerbombed Patricks through the vinyl door for the win. Once again, NDC fucking kills it with his tenacity and pain threshold. I love seeing Patricks back too as he always brings the fun. What an excellent opening bout.

Casanova Valentine defeated Satu Jinn via The Stinger beatdown

Our next fight would see the debut of one Satu Jinn. I’d seen him at the POR Grand Prix and couldn’t wait to see what he’d do in a singles fight against Brooklyn Black Death, Casanova Valentine. He even came prepared as he sprayed Valentine down after taking a promo full of venom. Jinn kept the pressure on with a gusset-bat and another gusset plate to the arm. He threw Valentine through a barbed-wire board and chopped a gusset into his head. Jinn set up another barbed-wire board and fought out of the Stage 5 Clinger to put Valentine through it with a belly to belly. He continued to smack Valentine around with a chair and records to the face. Valentine gave him a face-full of spray and dropped Jinn on his head with a DDT. He cut up Jinn with a barbed-wire tumbleweed and gave him a gusset to a forehead. They traded a multitude of headbutts and gusset-headbutts, then took each other down with a double clothesline. They went into a bar fight that escalated until Jinn murdered Valentine with an STO through a chair. He set up a carpet-strip door, then took a chair to the face. Jinn fell on the door and got punished with chair shots and a massive Air Cass. He equipped The Stinger (barbed-wire boxing glove) and mauled Jinn with shots to the face and chest until the ref called a KO. Valentine just murdered Jinn in a very violent fashion but he sure as hell took a beating too. I love the impression Jinn got to make and hope to see him again in the future. What a fucking massacre.

Justin Kyle defeated Daniel Garcia via Rain of Fists

Next up was the ICW debut of Red Death Daniel Garcia. Red Death the very definition of hybrid style and was going to get into a very MMA-infused fight with Justin Kyle, the unkillable monster. Kyle came out swinging, forcing Garcia to dodge and cover. Garcia lashed back but didn’t seem to have much effect. Kyle mashed Garcia against the cage wall then got sent away with a swift kick. Garcia struck back and ran for a choke but he got caught and thrown against the cage wall. Kyle clubbed him with more punches, then got stunned by a leaping punch from Garcia. He lit up Kyle’s midsection with strikes, then took another trip into the cage wall. Garcia tried to lock an ankle but Kyle picked him up and launched him with an overhead toss. He kneed Garcia against the cage and tanked a barrage of blows, then launched him again with another belly to belly. Garcia tried to take the fight to the mat but Kyle was able to smother him and continue pummelling him. Garcia blasted Kyle with a running knee and rained down blow after blow with elbows and stomps. He locked in a sleeper but Kyle muscled through and slammed him through a door. Kyle elbowed him through a second and brought the door crashing down on Garcia. He splashed the door and fought through a Garcia triangle to launch him into the cage with a one-armed powerbomb and speared him so hard the whole cage shifted. Garcia was then knocked out with a rain of fists giving Kyle the win. This was brutal. You don’t always need weaponry to make a vicious fight when you have two lethal combatants like this.

Dan Maff killed Nolan Edward via Burning Hammer through a Guardrail

Next up was the Make Nolan Edward No Flinch challenge. This was an open challenge with no set opponent so it was a guessing game as to who would take the challenge. It was answered by none other than Dan Maff. The ICW NHB killer who was very much out for blood. Safe to say Edward was fucked. He gave Maff the first shot, so Maff whacked him across the top of the head. Maff continued to chop and hammer away on Edward, then gave Edward the chance to hit him. He was unimpressed with his efforts so he drove Edward into the cage wall multiple times. Maff hit even harder, slapping the taste out of Edward’s mouth and pelting him with a chair. He threw Edward against a door and broke it with a spinebuster. He continued to break Edward with more chops and a stiff back kick, then crushed his balls under his boot. He hit Edward with a chair, then launched him over the cage and through two barbed-wire boards. Maff followed Edward outside and played a game of chop-up weasel, chopping Edward each time he popped-up. This just fired Maff up more, who tried to kill him against the cage. He picked Edward up and threw him against the wall of the Blood Shed. When he realised Edward was still breathing and threw him out of Blood Shed window. Edward climbed back in and rushed back to the cage. He caught Maff with the cage door and broke a door over his head but Maff was unphased. Maff smashed another door over Edward’s head and tried to get Edward to stop. Edward refused to throw in the towel and levelled Maff with a combo of strikes and kicks into a Saito. He ran Maff into a door and double-stomped his back with a chair. They both slugged it out on the floor, then Maff ended it with a burning hammer onto a guardrail. Edward gave it everything he had but Maff was too damn strong. Edward earned everyone’s respect here and practically died for this match.

Jeff Cannonball defeated Tony Deppen via Ladder Fire Thunder Driver

They may be friends within the ring, in the pit, no one is friends. It’s kill or be killed and this match would be no exception. Though everything was nice until the bell rang as Deppen joined in with the sing-along of ‘Because the Night.’ Deppen tried to pick a leg but couldn’t move Cannonball. As he struggled, Cannonball started another live soda review. Deppen hijacked it and claimed Ginger All sucked. They went into a running sequence that Cannonball caught Deppen out of and threw him into the cage. He flipped Deppen with an arm-drag and crushed him against the blue corner. He launched him into the red corner and pelted him with a chair. Cannonball collapsed Deppen’s windpipe against a chair and wrapped Deppen’s head in the chair for another trip into the cage wall. He further sent the chair into Deppen’s throat by throwing another chair into him. Deppen avoided disaster by going to the eyes and hit a splash from the top of the cage. He pelted Cannonball with a chair and kneed him against the cage. He brought another chair down on Cannonball’s back, then rained down forearms. Cannonball welcomed a series of chest kicks, then took a series of shots to the back. That was followed by a nasty session of knees against the cage and Cannonball dumping Deppen on some chairs with a backbreaker. He stepped on Deppen and gave the fans what they wanted, a proper soda review for Mountain Dew Code Red. He smacked Deppen with the bottle and whipped him through a door. Cannonball beat him with the broken door, then helped himself to a ladder. Deppen stopped his momentum with a double stomp and KO forearm, then went into a slugfest. Cannonball swatted Deppen away and got downed by rapid punches from Deppen. Cannonball caught Deppen’s kick and dumped him on the ladder with a DVD. They went into a grounded slugfest and Cannonball missed a cannonball against the cage. Deppen set up a door and climbed to the top but Cannonball put him through it with an Iconoclasm. He hoisted Deppen up and finished him with a Fire Thunder Driver onto the ladder for the win. Cannonball got a massive ICW win here over one of wrestling’s best.

Reed Bentley defeated Eric Ryan via Barbed-Wire Door Regal-Plex

This match had been destined to happen forever. The King of the Deathmatch vs the king of the underrated. Nobody could predict what would happen when these two met. Even the fuckery in the cage was intensified for this one. Bentley started strong and cut up Ryan with his own fork and a can-bat. Ryan got sent into the cage, then ground up Bentley’s head with a carpet-strip bumper sword. He masochistically headbutted it into Bentley and stabbed him up with a fork. He set up some chairs and Bentley broke a fork board over his head. He broke the carpet-strip sword on Ryan and carved him up with a vinyl bat. They both took shots from the bat, then Ryan hammered Bentley with the remnants of the strip sword. Ryan set up a door and got another fork in the head. Bentley took Ryan onto the door and broke him on it with a butterfly piledriver. Bentley assailed Ryan with forearms and chops, then got tripped into a snuff stomp. Bentley got free and kicked a board into Ryan. He got kneed back down and ate a barrage of grounded knee strikes. He dragged himself up and drove Ryan into a barbed-wire door with a Regal-Plex for the win. it was a surprise win but definitely, an earned one. Bentley had managed to overpower Ryan for the majority of the match and took the win. 44OH! Fucked Count:1

Atticus Cogar defeated AKIRA via Super Faceplant through a guardrail

In a card subject to change moment, we lost AKIRA vs Eddie Only 2 and gained the battle of two of deathmatch wrestling’s brightest stars, AKIRA vs Atticus Cogar. They started the fight on the ground as AKIRA tried for submissions and Cogar tried to swat away AKIRA. They traded grounded strikes until Cogar went for hardware and AKIRA peppered him with palm strikes and a cartwheel kick. They fought against the cage, then AKIRA ran Cogar into both corners. Cogar nailed AKIRA with a German and attacked him with a can bat. He choked AKIRA with his suspender and fired up AKIRA with chair shots to the head. AKIRA pelted Cogar with a chair and suplexed him to the floor for some can bat shots. He put Cogar in a triangle and moved into a kneebar when Cogar shook him off. Cogar stabbed him with a fork and tried to do the same with a cheese grater. AKIRA countered into a Dragon Screw and locked Cogar in a Muta Lock, cutting his face up with a cheese grater at the same time. Cogar slapped at AKIRA so AKIRA kicked him out of a chair. AKIRA sat down and told Cogar to hit him. Cogar nailed him with a dropkick and hit him in the face with a trashcan lid. He pelted him with chairs and dodged a scorpion chair kick into a skewering. Cogar kicked the skewers out of his head and was met with a nasty headbutt from AKIRA. A guardrail was set up and AKIRA introduced Cogar to a trashcan slam and armbar. Cogar broke free and got run through a door. AKIRA pummelled him with the broken door and the pair climbed to the top of the cage. They fought it out up there, then Cogar brought AKIRA down hard with a faceplant through a guardrail. Once again, these two prove why deathmatch wrestling will evolve and survive another generation. This mixed so many elements together and gave us one of the scariest match finishes of all time. Plus, a post-match attack saw Cogar scared off by a returning G-Raver! Fuck 44OH! Count: 1

John Wayne Murdoch vs SHLAK ends in 44OH! Bullshit

Last but not least was the main event. A no holds barred rematch between the deathmatch animal SHLAK and the current king of ICW, John Wayne Murdoch. These two had a bloody war in the ring, what would they do in the cage? There were fuckery boards everywhere and the cage was covered in light-tubes. SHLAK started by picking up Murdoch and ramming him through a knife-board. He tried to rip Murdoch’s arm off and put him in an armbar. They traded headbutts and punches, then Murdoch tripped SHLAK onto a chair with a leg sweep. Murdoch covered SHLAK in gussets and the pair stuck gussets in various body parts. SHLAK locked Murdoch’s arms and hammered a gusset into his back. SHLAK broke the first tube on Murdoch, ground it into his head and ate the left-overs. Murdoch stabbed back with a knife and gave SHLAK the tube treatment. SHLAK sent Murdoch into more tubes and a gusset board, then suplexed him into the gusset pile. Murdoch got more gussets hammered into him, then the pair went into bar brawl mode as they threw hands and plunder at each other. Murdoch took a heavy landing on his shoulder and SHLAK continued to stomp down on it. He put Murdoch in a Camel Clutch with a gusset to the head, then hammered more tubes into his back. He whacked Murdoch in the chest with a tack-bat and ground it into his head. SHLAK fired up Murdoch with knee strikes and got trapped in a mandible claw. Murdoch cut him up with more knives, then got set on fire by lighter fluid. Murdoch shrugged it off and put SHLAK through a tube chair with the brainbuster but SHLAK popped straight back up and broke more tubes. The pair brawled until a familiar face re-emerged. Ryan and Cogar rushed the ring and beatdown both men. Bentley and AKIRA scared them off when all of a sudden, the ring leader of the Ohio goons appeared to give a speech. Rickey Shane Page ran down the Blood Shed, the Rejects, and stated he had business with SHLAK and eventually, he was going to kill off John Wayne Murdoch too. Talk about a shocking way to end an amazing show. Fuck 44OH! Count: 2

Best of the Bloodletting

  • Anyone who takes shots from vinyl records gets instant props from me, those things suck. They played an integral part of the opening bout of fuckery so Neil Diamond Cutter and Dale Patricks deserve all the accolades.
  • Satu Jinn just got to put on a bloodletting masterclass against Casanova Valentine. The guy knew he had a chance to shine and didn’t waste it. Even in defeat, he looked amazing.
  • Nolan Edward is a fucking madman; he was treated like a ragdoll for most of his match and still kept coming back for more. When Dan Maff thinks you’re crazy, you know you’re doing something very right, or something very wrong.
  • I never thought I’d see Deppen fighting in the pit but he seemed to have fun and worked an excellent match against Jeff Cannonball. He might not have won but he gave Cannonball a tough challenge in conditions well out of his element.
  • My god, Atticus Cogar and AKIRA really know how to put on a match. The pair ooze chemistry alongside their blood and always work well together. They seem to continuously up the ante in their fights and really scared the hell out of everyone with their latest finish.
  • SHLAK vs John Wayne Murdoch was going well until it was disrupted by 44OH! being arseholes again. They were building to an absolute bloodbath when RSP pulled the rug out from everyone and sent his goons in to break up the match. I feel we have a much bigger storm brewing now.

What to Watch for Next?

  • Bring back Satu Jinn, the guy is starting to carve out a name for himself and I want to see more of deathmatch wrestling’s Majin Buu.
  • Justin Kyle is on a tear at the moment, pulverising opponents with his no fucks given striking style. He’s a total powerhouse and it’s only a matter of time before he meets another immovable object. Plus, I hope we see more Daniel Garcia in ICW.
  • Nolan Edward is getting more and more insane with the level of punishment he takes in each match. He will be doing battle with AKIRA in the near future and I genuinely think the Death Samurai might actually kill someone.
  • The Rejects/44OH! war continues to remain equal on both sides. They seem to be an evenly matched pair of stables and when they clash it’s going to go off like a firework. Bentley and Cogar picked up wins for their respective sides so the scores remain equal. I imagine if Only hadn’t been too wasted to perform, we’d have seen an 0-2 to the Rejects. This was only made more intense by the main event falling through. RSP is here now and you know he is only going to throw more fuel on the fire when he’s done with SHLAK.
  • G-Raver has finally appeared at ICW. He made his presence felt by saving AKIRA from more of Cogar’s onslaught. He might be on his side for now but I really want a match between the pair in the future.

All images courtesy of Earl Gardner Photography, HeyyImRob, ITWV Twitter, IsThisWrestling,

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