Welcome back to GCW. This time we’re going to get very damn bloody as it’s time for the 5th Nick Gage Invitational deathmatch tournament. Eight of deathmatch wrestlings best were invited to go to war in a whole host of deathmatch stipulations. We’d see the GCW return of Aeroboy as he took on Alex Colon, Mance Warner doing battle with Lowlife Louie, the Iron Demon embraces his violent side as we get more deathmatch Shane Mercer against the veteran Lucky 13, and MASADA comes back to action to take on another new deathmatch powerhouse, AJ Gray. Let’s get into this bloodbath of a tournament!

NGI Opening Round Swing for the Fences: Mance Warner defeated Lowlife Louie via Running Knee

The show opened with a raucous speech from the God of this shit Nick Gage and a 10 Bell Salute for the fallen legend Tracy Smothers, then went into the swing for the fences deathmatch between the Southern Psychopath Mance Warner and deathmatch veteran Lowlife Louie. The ring was full of different bats, water coolers and so many swinging implements to be introduced to the heads and bodies of their opponent. They started by sharing a drink, Louie had brought Mance a Bud Light and he enjoyed a Four Loco, then the fighting started. They locked-up and toured the ring to no victor so Mance went straight for the eyes. He pushed Louie into the corner and broke the first tube of the show. He broke another tube on Louie and hit him in the head with a tin-lid bat. He did the same with a tack-bat and punched the tacks further into Louie’s head. He took a second tack-bat to Louie’s arm and gave the crowd a carving tour of Louie’s head. Mance sent Louie outside with a big boot and the pair slugged it out on the outside.

Mance won the exchange and cracked Louie in the head with a water jug. Louie demanded another shot so Mance broke it on his skull. The brawling continued on the outside, then Mance chucked Louie back inside. Once inside, Mance took a cut-can bat to the back of Louie. Louie tried to call for a time out and placate Mance with another beverage but Mance took one sip and cracked the can into his skull. After a couple more tube shots, Louie found the great equaliser, a shot to the balls. He took the advantage and hammered Mance with strikes and another kick to the dick. Louie grated him with a barbed-wire chair and hammered a second barbed-wire chair into Mance’s groin with a doll’s head on a stick (I’m not kidding.) He then went into a fork stabbing Muta Lock and broke tubes on Mance. He went for more fork shots but Mance snatched it away and stuck it in Louie’s head. Mance then downed him with a lariat and a TV to the head. Louie hulked up, tanked Mance’s blows, and hit the big boot into a slam and leg drop. Mance broke two super bundles on Louie and ended the match with a massive knee strike. What a vicious opener. Louie took a kicking and kept on swinging but in the end, Mance had the advantage and broke everything in his path to winning. Going through: Mance Warner

NGI Opening Round Bundles and Barbed-Wire: Shane Mercer defeated Lucky 13 via Moonsault and Battery/Outside Crucifix PowerBomb combo

Our second match was one of my most hyped as it was the return of deathmatch Mercer. We’d see what would happen when power met sadism as Mercer would use both against the very good deathmatch wrestler Lucy 13. Plus, we’d see what would happen when glass and barbed wire were added to the mix. 13 started smart and took a bundle to the leg of Mercer. He drilled Mercer with a superkick and sent him outside with a Hurricanrana. He followed with a dive but Mercer caught him and launched him to the beach with an overhead belly to belly. Mercer tried to throw him back into the ring but 13 bounced off the ropes into a Tornado DDT. 13 tried to jump on Mercer with a bundle but Mercer caught him with his mace and Suplex tossed him onto a bundle. Mercer carved him up with a broken tube and set up a tube/wire door. He tried for Moonsault and Battery but 13 wiggled free and hit a cheeky Nandos kick. He then launched Mercer through the door with a step-up Rana. 13 set up another chair but put through it by a piledriver from Mercer. 13 kicked another bundle into him, then Mercer caught him into a Tour of the Islands through a bundle. 13 dodged another bundle swing and broke it on Mercer with a standing moonsault and double-stomp. He went top rope but got stunned by Mercer throwing another bundle at him. Mercer followed him up for Moonsault and Battery and held on to throw him through a barbed-wire door outside with a crucifix powerbomb. Mercer rolled him back in and took the pin. What a show of force from Mercer who took a lot of abuse and still threw Lucky 13 around like a ragdoll. This was mental. Deathmatch powerhouse style is a terrifying prospect and I want so much more. Going through: Shane Mercer

NGI Opening Round Ladders and Light-Tubes – Alex Colon defeated Aeroboy via Super Bundle Double Stomp

The third match was going to be a high-flying and hard-hitting spectacle of fight and flight. Alex Colon, the winner of back-to-back Tournament of Survival’s and Aeroboy, one of the top stars of deathmatch Lucha Libre who’ll fight anywhere. He’ll jump off burnt out cars as easily as he’ll jump off ladders. Both men started by blocking tube shots and went into a counter exchange. They made themselves bleed with self-inflicted tube shots, then Aeroboy countered the tube suicide dive and got a tube dropkicked into his chest for his trouble. Colon nailed the tube dive on the second attempt and carved him up with a tube on the outside. Aeroboy was thrown back in the ring and broke a tube on Colon with a handspring kick. He hit Colon with a tope con Hilo and gave Colon a carving. Aeroboy started talking smack so Colon stabbed him in the leg. Aeroboy kicked him off and rammed a ladder into his face. He continued to beatdown Colon in-ring with a series of strikes, cartwheel kicks, and a ring in dropkick. Colon dodged a baseball slide and smashed another tube over Aeroboy’s head. He continued the tube assault outside and set up a door. He stunned Aeroboy with more tubes and draped him on the door. He took too long climbing the turnbuckle so Aeroboy leapt up there and the pair fought on the top. Colon looked to have him trapped but Aeroboy launched him through the door with a spider Suplex.

Another door was set up and Colon was cut up with more tubes. Aeroboy dumped Colon on the door and gave him a bundle and ran to put him through it with another tope but Colon dodged and Aeroboy was met by a very solid door to the back. Colon threw him through the door and hit him with a bundle splash. Aeroboy rolled through into a Suplex and watched as Colon dragged in a ladder. They slugged it out and Aeroboy broke a tube on Colon’s midsection by ramming the ladder into it. He tried to charge at Colon but Colon dropped the ladder on his head. That was followed by a Code Red from Colon and a springboard DDT from Aeroboy. Colon bailed and got hit with another dive from Aeroboy. He threw Colon in the ring and set up the ladder. He hit a Swanton off the top but only got two. The pair slugged it out again and Aeroboy hit a superkick and Air Raid Slam. Colon knocked him off the top with a tube and finished him with a top rope Spanish Fly, a bundle double knees, and a massive bundle double stomp off the ladder. I knew this match was going to get crazy but they took it to another fucking level. The NGI has done an excellent job of proving all wrestling styles mesh with deathmatches and this was no different. This was fucking excellent. Going through: Alex Colon

NGI Opening Round Panes of Glass: MASADA defeated AJ Gray via Glass Pane Piledriver

The last opening round match was going to get nasty. It would be the motherfucking truth AJ Gray taking on a long-time deathmatch veteran and master of skewers, MASADA. Not only would it be a battle of the nasty, but there were also panes of glass thrown into the equation. They locked up and Gray forced MASADA’s head to connect with a gusset plate-glass pane. They danced around the glass and Gray surprised MASADA with a powerslam. Gray tried to drop a pane on MASADA with a leg drop but MASADA rolled out of the way. MASADA hammered glass into Gray’s forehead and the pair brawled on the outside. MASADA kicked low and the pair went into a slugfest. Gray tried for a lariat but MASADA blocked it and downed Gray with a clothesline. Gray then popped-up and dropkicked MASADA through a pane of glass. He carved up MASADA and got slammed onto a glass pile. MASADA continued to cut him up and got dropped with a Suplex. Gray set up another pane and tried to powerbomb MASADA through it but MASADA threw him through it with a hip toss. Gray got more glass to the forehead as refs tried to tape up MASADA. He hammered Gray in the corner and took a DDT into the glass as Gray woke up. Gray arranged the glass but MASADA hit him with a piledriver onto the glass and a chair for the three-count. This was nothing flashy, just a fight. Gray brought it to MASADA in a big way but experience trumped the fire and MASADA managed to deal with a deep cut troubling him and take the win. Going Through: MASADA

Scramblefuck: Blake Christian defeated Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd, Jordan Oliver, Levi Everett & Juicy Finau via Handspring DDT to Jimmy Lloyd

After intermission, it was time for a good old fashioned Scramblefuck. We’d see GCW’s best and brightest alongside some indie darlings go to war in a six-man clusterfuck of a fight. Juicy Finau has continued to wow since betting on himself at The Collective and would now get a chance against so many of GCW’s favourites. Plus, we got another appearance from the Amish Action Hero, Levi Everett. They started with some butter churning as everyone took a turn on Everett’s miniature butter churner, then turned on Juicy when he churned too hard. He took out everyone but Oliver then chopped down Oliver. Juicy crushed him with a hip attack in the corner and absorbed a barrage of chair shots from Lloyd. Christian and Radrick dropkicked the chair into his chest and helped Lloyd low-bridge him out of the ring. Radrick got rid of Lloyd with a spin kick and took out Christian with a vicious clothesline to the back of the neck. He continued the fight with a chair as he hit a Bobby Knight kick to Oliver and tripped Christian onto it. Everett dragged Radrick out and Oliver kicked Christian out of the chair after some crafty dodge-work from Christian. Oliver and Everett traded dropkicks, then Lloyd hit Everett with a slam. Christian fired off on Lloyd and nailed a split-legged Moonsault on Lloyd. Christian folded-up Radrick and got taken out by a headbutt ram from Everett. He went for the Butter Churn arm-breaker but Radrick stopped it. We got more trading and high spots until Everett and Radrick took to the air, Everett and Finau had a hoss fight and Christian broke Oliver’s arms and beat Lloyd with a handspring DDT. Another excellent scramble, full of top-tier talent and excellent spots.

As if things couldn’t get worse for Jimmy Lloyd, The Serbian Film Music hit, and G-Raver made his big return to GCW. He and Lloyd had history and it looked like the reaper had come back to collect. He started off sounding positive but as he talked about his injury and its effects… things got more sinister. He attacked Lloyd and set him on fire. Not a little bit of fire, he turned Lloyd into a fucking fireball. G-Raver is back and sicker than ever. You have been warned GCW.

NGI Semi-final: Mance Warner defeated Alex Colon via Bed of Nails Running Knee

Our first semi-final match saw the Southern Psychopath go to war with Alex Colon. Warner had had the longest time to rest up but he was taking on one of the best in the world in a match full of fuckery boards. They started with a lock-up and slug-out, then Mance got tossed through a barbed-wire board. Colon carved him up with a knife and took Mance on a tour of the audience. Colon threw Mance outside and hit Mance with tubes. He kicked a barbed-wire bundle into Mance’s back and continued the carving tour, pouring beer into Mance’s wound. They continued to brawl into the crowd and we got duelling gusset headbutts. Mance nailed Colon with the jabs and bionic elbows, then threw Colon through three different fuckery boards of tubes, gussets, and knives. They traded tubes and Mance kneed Colon against a bed of nails covered in tubes and barbed wire for the win. This was quite a shock as Colon had control for so much of this match, then Mance pulled back victory with a barrage of fuckery board breaking. It was fast, fucked-up, and fun with Mance getting the Colon seal of approval at the end. Going Through: Mance Warner

NGI Semi-final: MASADA defeated Shane Mercer via Chair Knee-Drop

Our other semi-final was going to be another big fight. The deathmatch demon, Shane Mercer was going to be taking on the deathmatch veteran MASADA. He’d handled one veteran in Lucky 13 but could he handle the powerhouse killer MASADA? We had a ton of tubes to break and two monsters ready to break them. They started with a chair duel and a good old-fashioned slugfest. They fought over a waist-lock and MASADA dumped Mercer outside into a tube cabin. He bounced Mercer off more tubes but got hit in the throat and had his head ground on barbed-wire. They chopped it out and Mercer hit MASADA in the guts with his mace. He choked MASADA with it, then carved him up with a bladed chain. He lashed it into MASADA’s ribs and broke tubes with it. He dug it into MASADA’s injured arm and brought the mace back out to dig into MASADA’s forehead. MASADA fought back with some tubes to Mercer’s gut and slammed him through a bundle. He set up a door and kicked Mercer in the head. He hit Mercer with his own mace and tried to headbutt Mercer onto the door but Mercer powered through and dropped MASADA onto the door with Asmodeus Wrath. He pummelled MASADA with crossfaces and tried for Moonsault and Battery but MASADA fought out and put Mercer through a tube door with a DVD. MASADA broke more tubes over Mercer, then got launched with an Exploder. He broke a tube on MASADA’s forehead and dropped him with a Suplex. MASADA fought back and winded Mercer with a knee-lift. Mercer got stabbed up by skewers and MASADA hammered them into Mercer’s forehead. This woke Mercer up who tried to Gorilla Press MASADA but this was quashed by a chair-assisted knee lift and a chair knee drop to the face. Mercer put up a monstrous fight but he couldn’t stop the tenacity of MASADA. Once again though, Mercer shows that he is more than capable of adapting the deathmatch style to his power game. What a fucking match. Going through: MASADA

NGI Final: Mance Warner defeated MASADA via Door DDT

Last but not least, the NGI Finals. Mance Warner and MASADA had fought two vicious wars and would now have one final fight in a ring full of fuckery to determine the big winner of the NGI. Both guys were in their element as there would be no ring canvas to cushion their fall. This was a battle on bare boards. Oh, and it would be Taipei rules too so both guys had broken glass glued to their knuckles. We were even treated to videos of Gage bringing the glass to them and giving both guys his seal of approval. They started with cagey fisticuffs, then MASADA picked a leg and hammered blows into Mance’s head. Mance fired back and ground his knuckles into MASADA’s head. MASADA smashed tubes on Mance and continued to carve up his face. MASADA threw Mance into a skewer board and slammed him into the ring boards. Mance was further busted open by skewers to the head and mouth. MASADA caned him in the head with another load of tubes and slammed him through a glass pane. He put Mance in a sharpshooter but Mance broke free with a light-tube to the back. MASADA booted him down and continued to put glass knuckles into the wounded forehead of Mance. He tried to choke Mance out with a knee and hammered him with a barbed-wire door. Every time Mance tried to get back up, MASADA hammered him back down. MASADA dropped Mance into a glass pile and broke tubes into his head with an elbow. That seemed to catch MASADA worse than Mance as he was left clutching his arm. Mance took advantage and nailed MASADA with a DDT onto a door. That got the three-count as MASADA was too busy clutching his arm. He was rushed off and the crowd cheered for the winner/survivor of NGI5 Mance Warner. It might not have been the final finish people were hoping for but this shit happens and I prefer wrestler safety of flash. Congratulations Mance Warner, you more than earned the win after that fucked up beating.  Winner: Mance Warner

Mance couldn’t celebrate though as 44OH! rushed the ring and assaulted him. They prompted the action of Nick Gage, who ran from the commentary booth and scared of Rickey Shane Page and the goons. Cole Radrick also rushed out and decked Atticus Cogar in the face. Gage checked on Mance as RSP gave a snide promo where a fan got way too involved and sent packing (props to RSP for not just decking him), then offered a title shot to Mance for the following night’s show. RSP, of course, picked a broken opponent to give a title shot too… Oh well, time for Team MDK to fuck up 44OH! and RSP. Bet watch out Rickey, Ol’ Mancer is coming for your gold. What a way to close a wild fucking tournament. Congratulations to Mance Warner on winning the whole thing and props to all of the fighters who made more bloody art for the fans. I just hope MASADA was okay after the finals. Catch you all next time for the So Much Fun review.

All images courtesy of GCW Twitter, Robert Starkz-Bellamy (Mouse), Chris Grasso, HeyyImRob

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