Welcome back to GCW. After the brutality of the NGI5 yesterday, it’s time for the other half of the newest GCW Atlantic City double-bill. So Much Fun would try to live up to its name as it provided the home for Alex Zayne’s last indie match against the foe that helped kickstart it all, the first GCW World Title match in forever as Rickey Shane Page put the belt on the line against the NGI5 winner Mance Warner and a whole host of other dream matches. Let’s get into the action!

Jordan Oliver defeated Juicy Finau via Clout Cutter Combo

The show opened with GCW’s newest breakout, Juicy Finau, taking on the Sauce God, Jordan Oliver. Oliver was massively outsized here so he’d have to up for that with speed and tenacity. That was exactly how it played out too. Juicy was like a monster movie monster at the start, mauling and hammering Oliver with all sorts of violent strikes, chops, and counters. He seemed unkillable as Oliver went to the knees and legs to try and bring him down. This played out like a total hoss fight after a while as both men played into their striking games and we saw a whole host of knockout blows thrown and absorbed with relative ease. Oliver was on the back-foot for a lot of the match but he cleverly dodged and picked his spots as the fight went everywhere. Juicy even managed to break Kevin Gill and Joey Janela on commentary with his abundance of offence. He launched Oliver over the ropes and pulled off some vicious strike counters. His best moments though were his unique Gory GTS and a running twisting splash that could have easily gotten three on lesser opponents. He only lost because he got stunned off the top rope with a superplex and took three of Jordan Oliver’s signature Clout Cutters. Talk about setting the tone, both guys are young, hungry heavyweights and put on one hell of an opening bout.

Scramble: AJ Gray defeated Ace Austin, Aeroboy, Joe Keys, Holidead & Levi Everett via Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Keys

Next up was an impromptu six-man scramble featuring talent from yesterday’s show and Holidead, who could no longer face Jimmy Lloyd after G-Raver set him on fire at the NGI. Plus, it was another GCW show with Ace Austin on it, so bonus points. We learned she wasn’t a fan of butter churning as she punt-kicked Everett after he brought out the churner much to the dismay of Joe Keys. AJ Gray murdered Keys and got taken out by traditional Amish offence. He killed Everett with a spinebuster so Keys and Austin crotched him on a ring-post. They went into an excellent exchange of counters, then got taken out by a double lungblower from Aeroboy. He also took out Everett with a spinning wheel kick, then got taken out by a nasty combo from Holidead that ended in a swinging flatliner. Keys took her out with a Superplex, took out Gray with a baseball slide, and slammed Everett over the ropes. He broke Holidead’s back and slammed her head into a mat, then got knocked out of a submission by a buzzsaw kick from Austin. He continued to assault Keys with a springboard leg drop and kicked both Everett and Gray into a Fosbury Flop. Aeroboy then rocked him and Keys with a tope over the turnbuckle. We saw Holidead dive onto them next and cancel Air Amish with a chair to the head. She couldn’t capitalise as Gray grabbed her off the apron and powerbombed her into everyone else. He floored Everett with a lariat and got trapped in a nasty neck crank from Aeroboy. Keys broke this up and everyone went into a spree of show-off phases until Gray singled-out Keys with a lariat and finished him with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This was chaotic fun with everyone getting their time to shine. I’m now left wanting an Everett vs Holidead match where we just count how many headbutts there are and who’s are deadliest. At least I would have been considering that had Matthew Justice and Joshua Bishop, AIW enemies not caused chaos and seemingly joined forces. People may want to hate them but I think we’re just looking at a unit of chaotic monsters ready to kill.

Atticus Cogar defeated Cole Radrick via Ladder Platform Faceplant

Next on the card was something that could easily get nasty. Cole Radrick, the wild-heart of Indiana and no stranger to hardcore wrestling was taking on the 44OH!’s deathmatch breakout Atticus Cogar in a match that could go anywhere and get very ugly. Things started fast and pretty technical, then drastically changed as Cogar flooded the ring with plunder. Radrick has stated he wanted a shot at King Nick Gage so Cogar introduced him to some of the plunder he could accept if his wish was ever granted. We’d see chair contraptions, ladder shots and doors all used to inflict pain and suffering. That wouldn’t be all though as Radrick found a barbed-wire door whilst digging around under the ring. He’s have also gotten a skewering but he was able to escape that and have Cogar throw them into the audience and slammed Cogar off the top into the barbed-wire door. Things continued to escalate until the pair were fighting on a ladder platform. Radrick got skewered because Cogar had an extra pair in his boot and the match was ended with a sickening Headlock Driver (Faceplant) onto that ladder platform. These two literally tried to kill everything and although he may have lost, Radrick definitely showed that he can hang with the hardcore guys. That being said, Radrick picks up another big win under hardcore rules. Cogar lit even more of fire by calling out MASADA.

Blake Christian defeated Lio Rush via Roll-Up

The definition of a dream match came after that as two of the best high-flyers in wrestling clashed. Blake Christian and Lio Rush are two of the most in-demand hybrid stars on the planet right now and it was time for them to clash, one on one. They started fast and technical and only got faster as time went on. There was a lot of posturing and feeling out as both of these guys are so similar in styles yet also incredibly different in how they go about it. Christian succeeded in getting under the skin of Rush, so Rush forced him to work his match on his time. When he took the advantage, he slowed down the match and punished Christian with stiff kicks and strikes. He refused to let Christian pick up the pace and started to work over the back with more strikes, power moves and submission holds. Even when Christian escaped, Rush would put him down with a Handspring Kick. Christian came back hard and started to light up Rush with his own strikes and kicks. Things got a lot more even as these two did what they do best. Things picked up as both dipped into their arsenal of dives and flips, mixing them with exceptional grappling and power moves. Rush nailed Christian with a horrifying swinging neckbreaker and Christian reversed the Come-Up into a folding sit-out slam. Rush landed the second Come-Up and the pair continued to go wild with strikes. Christian shocked Rush by hitting Rush Hour and a springboard 450 but only got two. Rush got angry and mean, slapping Christian around only to get rolled up for the three-count. It was a surprising end to an excellent match. Rush and Christian seem like natural combatants and I can’t help but hope for another match between the pair in the future. I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of what they can do together.

IronBeast (Shane Mercer & KTB) defeated The Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy w/Coach Mikey) via Simultaneous Door Murder

After intermission, we came back to murder. IronBeast are probably the most feared team out there right now as it’s Shane Mercer and KTB, two freakish athletes that will happily murder their opponents. Their newest victims were The Ugly Ducklings, another beloved indie team. Lance Lude and Rob Killjoy were going to try and stop themselves from being murdered. There was a major size disadvantage to the Ducklings so they tried to compensate with speed and flying. It didn’t go well. Funnily enough, their own power was their downfall as Lude used them against each other. They tried to single-out KTB and managed to keep him trapped with high-flying double team combos but IronBeast were quickly back in control. IronBeast tret them like ragdolls, tossing them back and forth between each other. I think I saw IronBeast defy the laws of physics by hitting a double team, rope walking piledriver on Lude. They even killed Coach Mikey. The Ducklings took every chance they could but, in the end, IronBeast killed them off with a duel DVD and Crucifix Powerbomb through doors. It was total murder and though the Ugly Ducklings tried to mount some form of attack, they were stopped by the raw power of IronBeast. It was not pretty but it was deadly as hell and as awe-inspiring as ever. Who can stop IronBeast? Matthew Justice and Joshua Bishop definitely tried to.

Chris Dickinson defeated Eric Ryan via STF

We went from one potential murder to another as the Dirty Daddy, Chris Dickinson went one on one with the 2020 King of the Deathmatch, Eric Ryan of the 44OH! Ryan attacked as Dickinson made his entrance and spent the opening stretch in a one-sided beatdown on Dickinson. When Dickinson came back, he came back hard, striking the hell out of Ryan. Dickinson did what he does best and started trying to destroy the knee of Eric Ryan with a whole host of kicks and submissions. They went into a hockey fight and took the ref out so they could just keep swinging away unimpeded. Ryan went to the eyes and managed to retake control of the match, going to the eyes if Dickinson showed any spark of life. When he was given the chance, Dickinson hit a Dragon Screw and went straight back to the damaged knee. Ryan tried for the Snuff Stomp but couldn’t properly lock it in on Dickinson, who made it to the ropes. They traded more submission attempts and strikes until Dickinson got on an STF and Ryan had no choice but to tap. This was a much more even match than I’d have expected. Despite the dirty tactics, we got to see a full-on technical wrestling bout with Eric Ryan, something that gets overlooked because of his deathmatch status. Dick-String technical mastery trumped the smash-mouth style of Eric Ryan here.

Tony Deppen defeated Alex Zayne via KO Knee

No one was prepared to hear that this was Alex Zayne’s last indie match. The Taco-Bell-powered athlete was moving on to pastures new but before he could do that, he had to face the man who brought him his GCW fame in his first-ever GCW match, Tony Deppen. The gatekeeper of GCW was going to do everything in his power to send Zayne out on his back. They started technically with cravats and technical exchanges, then went into a super-fast dodge chain. They continued to up the ante with more fast counter chains and Deppen trying to cull the speed of Zayne. There were turnbuckle falls and Deppen dives as Deppen continued to work the knee of Zayne. He kept Zayne completely grounded with a whole host of weapon shots and stomps to the knee, refusing to let his opponent pick up the pace or any form of comeback. Oh, and yes, he was trash-talking the entire time, as is the Deppen way. Zayne eventually got his moment and nearly decapitated Deppen with a flipping leg drop. He pulverised Deppen with strikes and reversed a roll-up into a shooting star senton. He continued to spike Deppen’s head with a Poisonrana and a spinning wheel kick. Deppen refused to stay down and turned a top-rope RANA into an STF. He quickly met a ring-post and Zayne set up a door. He tried to put Deppen through with a springboard 450 but Deppen moved. They traded dive attempts and Zayne took out Deppen with another tope. That was followed by a top rope Baja blast and a slugfest when Deppen fought out of the Taco Driver. Zayne hit it on a second attempt but Deppen popped up into a Meteora. He blasted Zayne with a running knee, then stood on the knee and hit a double-stomp through the door. That was followed by a KO Forearm and a second-rope double stomp into an STF. Zayne nailed Deppen with the Crunch-Wrap but got kneed out of a second one and hit with one final running knee for the three-count. He was given a farewell speech by Deppen and gave his own to the audience. Thank you for one final indie delight and good luck with where you go next Alex Zayne.

GCW World Title: Rickey Shane Page defeated Mance Warner via Dirty Roll-Up

Last but not least, the main event. The NGI5 winner Mance Warner got his big GCW Title shot against the villainous Rickey Shane Page. After three gruelling deathmatches yesterday, would the Southern Psychopath be in any condition for RSP and the probable appearance of his goons? RSP even started by fighting, not stalling since Mance wasn’t in top condition. He enjoyed dominating Mance through size and health, punching, stomping, and choking him despite the ref’s admonishment. RSP quickly re-opened an old wound and took the fight outside. He even brought in the first bit of plunder, I swear RSP wasn’t feeling like himself. This would be his undoing though as Mane pelted him in the face with a chair and stopped him from breaking the door. RSP didn’t appreciate the gesture and threw a chair at his head, then removed the padding on the legs and stabbed it into Mance’s forehead wound. Mance made RSP bail with a barrage of chops and strikes, then drove RSP into a ring-post. Both men were now bleeding and punched each other out. Mance nailed RSP with a lariat and the pair slugged it out again until Mance hit a nasty DDT. That was followed by Knee Pad Up, Knee Pad Down for the three-count. Mance Warner had done it! He had dethroned RSP and become the new GCW World Champion. The ref then realised he’d messed up. RSP’s foot was under the rope. It was an illegitimate count. RSP tried for a quick roll-up but only got two, then ran into a pop-up headbutt. The 44OH! goons rushed the ring and RSP hit a chokebreaker but Nick Gage dragged the referee out. Gage threw the ref through some chairs and destroyed Ryan and Cogar. RSP set up the door and got put through it with a top rope Tornado DDT. Mance would have won again but the ref was dead. A second ref arrived too late, and Mance was taken down by a lariat to the back of the head. Mance gave another flurry of strike/chops but ran into a chokebreaker. He kicked out and dropped RSP with another DDT and tried for Knee Pad Up Knee Pad Down again but RSP hit him with a low blow and used a dirty roll-up for the win. This should have been Mance’s big night but he was screwed out of the victory by the referee. RSP gets to cling to that belt for a bit longer yet. This match had me on the edge of my seat and offered a ton of fun but it’s a little crushing to see Mance hold the gold, only for it to be taken away so quickly.

So, there you have it, GCW’s So Much Fun, reviewed for your reading pleasure. This show definitely lived up to its name and I loved the variety of matches on display. From Juicy Finau breaking the internet in his opening match to the scramble madness to the multitude of dream matches and rematches, everything delivered. It’s hard not to relax and enjoy shows like this. The main event may have been heart-breaking but it was still a top-quality match. This might be one of the best shows currently on IWTV and definitely deserves your attention. There’s a nice mix of violence, outlaw madness, and genuinely great wrestling to enjoy. It’s all so much fun to watch.

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