Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. This week is a very special week for the company as we’ll see a massive one-match show to determine the fate of Lulu Pencil’s pink hat. Since Chris Brookes won it from her a couple of months back, it’s just not been the same for Lulu Pencil. Now, Pencil Army had reformed, as Emi Sakura and Lulu Pencil were going to take on Tropical Calamari, Chris Brookes, and his chosen partner Yuna Mizumori in an I Quit tag match. The war could finally end here, so let’s see if Lulu Pencil can finally get her pink hat back.

Pencil War: Tropical Calamari (Chris Brookes & Yuna Mizumori) defeated Pencil Army (Lulu Pencil & Emi “Pencil” Sakura) via Sakura Give Up 

Once the introductions were out of the way and Masahiro Takanashi announcing that he’ll be coming to ChocoPro in January 2021, we went into the I Quit tag team match. There would be two teams, no time limit, no rules, and one pink hat up for grabs. Could Pencil Army finally pick up their first win and reclaim the hat that Lulu held so dear. Referee Mei Suruga was going to have a lot on her hands trying to keep this controlled. Brookes even brought in Chie Koshikawa as his unwilling cheerleader. We started with Sakura and Mizumori trading shoulder tackles until Mizumori got the knockdown. Sakura took her down with the pencil roll and the pair both missed splashes. Mizumori fought out of an armbar and tagged in Brookes. Sakura refused to tag in Pencil and got booted down for her trouble. Sakura made the tag and Pencil squared up to Brookes despite the extreme height difference. Brookes shoved her down twice, then threw away the pink hat and bent her wrist the wrong way. Pencil tried to do the same but Brookes easily countered. He bit into her hand and elbowed her out of any counterattack. She tried to put Brookes down with chops and stomps but Brookes caught her arms and caught her out of a follow-up crossbody. She wiggled free and tripped him with a pencil roll, then tagged in Sakura and the pair walked all over Brookes and planted Mizumori into the mat. They peppered both with kicks and Brookes fought through a barrage of pencil attacks to take down Pencil and drag her to his corner. They taped Pencil up with tape and Brookes threw Sakura into the wall to stop her helping Pencil. Mizumori and Brookes locked in Camel Clutch on the trapped Pencil and Mizumori tagged in to pummel her with pineapple batons. Sakura tried to make the save with Riverdance kicks but Brookes swatted her away with another baton.

The beatdown of Pencil continued and Mizumori tried to make her quit by crushing the pink hat under a kettlebell. A tortured Pencil refused to quit and got dragged into a Boston Crab by Mizumori. Brookes tagged in and hung her by the tape, then transitioned to a bow and arrow. The tape was ripped off and Brookes slammed Pencil off the wall. Brookes grabbed her by her overalls and both baddies locked her in another Camel Clutch. They then took a different approach and tried to blind her with a studio light, shining it right in her face. They gave her the full Clockwork Orange treatment, holding her eyelids open. When they finally let her go, there was still no reprieve as Mizumori tried to choke her out with basic chokes and a plastic bag. Sakura tried to help again but Brookes captured her and put her in a Camel Clutch. Brookes walked all over pencil and put her into another clutch, then broke actual pencils in front of her face. Things were getting so intense ref Suruga and commentator Baliyan Akki were getting distressed. Sakura attacked Brookes with her cap but Mizumori made the save and Brookes ended up trying to submit her with the cap, raking it across her face. They were finally able to turn the tables by stabbing Brookes in the knee with pencils and dropkicking him into the wall. Sakura was tagged in and continued the assault on Brookes’ legs, mostly by slamming them into the wall. Brookes tagged out and Mizumori rocked Sakura with the jawbreaker/splash combo. That was followed by the rolling splash and a bearhug. Pencil made the save and the pair beatdown Mizumori with pencil strikes. Mizumori fought off both with elbows and Brookes taped Pencil to the wall. Mizumori hit her with a shoulder tackle and made her watch as she put Sakura in an inverted Boston Crab. She backed off and Pencil put her in a sleeper hold. She blinded Mizumori with the tape, then the pair threw her out of the window.

Sakura tried to keep Mizumori occupied with forearms through the window but Mizumori shut it and surprised her with a senton when Sakura pried it open again. The Pencil Army tried to double-team her but she hoisted both on her shoulders and drove them into the wall with a double charge. Brookes then catapulted her into a double splash and got launched by a back-body drop from Sakura. Pencil got the hot tag and tried to charge Mizumori with clotheslines but she seemed to be hurting herself more than anything. Mizumori grabbed the third into an armbar and locked in a Gory Special. Pencil fought out and tripped up Mizumori for a back-elbow splash and a dropkick to the back. Pencil hit the Stabber and ran herself into the wall with a failed charge. Mizumori sent her back there again with a dropkick and brought in Brookes. He was chopped down by Sakura and had his foot stomped as an escape to the nose-breaker. He chopped her down but kicked out of the window and hit with a sill-trapped backbreaker. Brookes and Mizumori prevented a double stabber and Brookes hung Pencil from the studio crane. The pair singled out Sakura but Pencil saved her with a stool. They trapped Brookes on Mizumori’s shoulders and drove him headfirst into a table. They fought over a table, which Pencil ran up to chop Brookes again. They then stomped the table onto his foot and continued smashing his ankle. They hit him with a double-team pencil attack but he avoided the Stabber and tried to use Pencil as a weapon but Sakura dodged and turned it into a Tornado DDT.

Brookes avoided the third Stabber and hit Pencil with the nose-breaker twice. Brookes launched her with a shotgun dropkick and tried to bribe her with the hat. She tried to chop down Brookes but he just kept pushing her down. She cut him down with pencil strikes to the head but he downed her with a lariat. Brookes locked in the grounded Octopus stretch and demanded she quit as Mizumori trapped Sakura. Brookes locked on more and more nasty holds but Pencil refused to quit. In the end, Sakura couldn’t watch Pencil take any more damage and quit on her team’s behalf. Tropical Calamari had won but they didn’t do what they wanted to. They couldn’t make Lulu Pencil give up. Pencil Army was defeated again but Brookes was begrudgingly impressed by Pencil’s resistance and gave Pencil the hat back before leaving. It was a sombre way to end but Pencil had back what mattered the most, the pink hat.

 All images courtesy of Chris Brookes Twitter, FlyingVTrigger,