IWTV is a goldmine for a wrestling fan. It has a show or company for practically everyone and as you’d expect with so many things to find, some would fall through the cracks. I present to you, New Wave Pro. I found them through an incredibly well-received hardcore bout between AKIRA and Cole Radrick and have since been watching from the shadows until the best moment to introduce them came. I present November Reign, one of their biggest PPV’s to date. We’ll see a cage match between Tanner Keeler and Johnny Echo, all the NWP titles being defended and a massive match to decide who will be the General Manager of the company. Let’s get into the action.

Cage Match: Johnny Echo defeated Tanner Keeler via Double Underhook DDT to a Chair

You may think opening with a cage match is a bold move. Well, when you’ve got a very loud man like Tanner Keeler attacking your staff and demanding you put his match on first so he can fight Johnny Echo, you should probably comply with his demands. He didn’t feel the security would protect him so hey, a cage is a perfect place to fight then. He even brought his own chain to lock the door with. When Keeler was done harassing the ref, the pair got into a hockey fight, punching and chopping each other around the cage. Echo downed Keeler with a dropkick but got quickly taken down with a lariat to the back of the head. Keeler assaulted Echo with some ground-and-pound strikes and Echo returned the favour with corner strikes. Keeler brought him crashing down with a spinebuster and missed a second-rope elbow drop. Echo once again mounted more strikes but was stopped with a throw into the cage. Keeler introduced his chair best friend to Echo’s back and bounced him off the cage again. He hit Echo with a Michinoku Driver and started tearing at his shirt. This lit a fire in Echo who mounted a heavy but short-lived comeback. Keeler choked out Echo with the ripped-up shirt and tried to rag Echo around but got thrown into the cage. Echo bounced Keeler off the cage multiple times and continue to beatdown Keeler but a failed springboard saw him rammed into the steel and hit with a German. Keeler wrapped a belt around Echo’s neck as used it to give him a tour of the cage walls, then lashed it into Echo’s back. Echo kicked back, landed a swinging neckbreaker, and a beautiful rope-walking elbow drop. He went for a second off the top of the cage but Keeler move and Echo crashed and burned. Keeler got revenge with a turnbuckle powerslam and a second-rope bulldog. Echo wouldn’t stay down so Keeler covered the ring in tacks. They fought on the top rope until Echo got the leverage to powerbomb Keeler into the tacks. A slugfest broke out and Keeler suplexed Echo into the tacks. Keeler continued to pound away on Echo’s head until Earl Joseph, NWP General Manager, distracted Keeler and Echo threw him into the cage. The chair was tossed in and Echo swung it into Keeler’s head twice and ended the match with a double-underhook DDT onto the open chair.

Echo had prevailed against the continuous onslaught from Tanner Keeler and hopefully gotten rid of a man who was obsessed with ending him. This was an excellent opening match and combined elements of traditional cage matches with street fight violence. I have got to say, I am now quite the fan of Tanner Keeler, the man is terrifying.

NWP Crossroads Title: Solomon Tupu defeated Joey O’Riley via Uranage

Next up was going to be something a bit more traditional. Solomon Tupu, the Samoan Hellraiser was going to try and make minced-meat out of his newest challenger, one Joey O’Riley. Tupu had been able to dethrone the former champion Percy Davis and has since carved a path of destruction through any challengers. Was Joey O’Riley about to meet the same fate? Both men started by showing off their strengths, Tupu throwing O’Riley away and O’Riley flipping out of a second attempt. They continued to trade as Tupu hit a shoulder tackle and O’Riley tried to break an arm. He wrung out the arm, then delivered some sharp kicks to Tupu’s legs and took him down with an enzuigiri. He continued the assault with a running senton and standing moonsault. He continued to shock Tupu with a handspring and regular cutter duo, then flipped out of a back-drop. Tupu caught up though and crushed O’Riley with a corner avalanche and hip attack. That was followed by a Vader Bomb for two and beat him down in the corner for a Suplex. Tupu trapped him in a side-headlock and headbutted O’Riley out of a comeback. He locked in a nerve hold, then ate a single-legged codebreaker and corner enzuigiri from O’Riley. Tupu kicked out of a rolling neckbreaker and caught O’Riley into a pop-up Samoan Drop for another two-count. O’Riley fired back with a low Famouser but Tupu rolled to the outside. Tupu got a shot in on O’Riley’s eyes and ended the match with a lethal Uranage for the win. O’Riley put up one hell of a fight but he couldn’t stop the Samoan Hellraiser once his eyes were gouged. Tupu maintains his title by any means necessary.

NWP Tag Team Titles: The Original Sins (Dick Michaels & Tyler Lydol) defeated BSTRD Cassidy & Sage Phillips via Clothesline/Saito Combo

Up next was the tag title contest where the tag champs The Original Sins would try to keep their belts against Sage Phillips and a mystery partner of his choosing. That would be none other than the massive bruiser BSTRD Cassidy. This took the Sins by surprise as Michaels and Lydol thought Phillips had no friends. They’d planned on taking a 10 count and hitting a casino. Instead, they had a pissed-off Phillips and a monster like Cassidy to contend with. Phillips and Michaels started things by locking-up around the ring until a stalemate was reached and Phillips took control of Michaels’ wrist. Phillips ran technical rings around Michaels and took him down with a back elbow and series of arm-drags. Michaels scurried away and Lydol picked up the slack. Phillips broke his arm too and brought in Cassidy. Things went from bad to worse for Lydol as Cassidy hammered him down with stiff chops and tackles, then locked in the stretch muffler. He dragged Lydol back to Phillips who downed Lydol with a hammerlock Suplex. Lydol broke Phillips’ arm in the ropes and the Sins went to work on him. They kept Phillips trapped with a whole host of double-team moves, submissions, and impressive strikes from Michaels until he made the much-needed hot tag to Cassidy after a rolling elbow to Lydol. Except he didn’t, Lydol blocked the ref’s view and Michaels knocked away Cassidy with a rope low blow. Phillips continued to be tortured until he double-stomped Lydol out of the enemy corner and brought in the BSTRD. Cassidy cracked down Michaels with chops and slammed him out of the corner with a uranage. He made things worse for Michaels by powerbombing Lydol onto him and downed both with a double clothesline. Phillips was tagged in and got very confused when Cassidy came in with a chair. They argued and Michaels dropkicked Cassidy and the chair into Phillips. The Sins then ended Phillips with a Clothesline Saito combo. The Original Sins retained due to a malfunction at the junction from their opponents after showing a wealth of tag-team experience. This was great fun to watch and it was even funnier to see Phillips have to run from his own partner. Maybe Sage Phillips really does have no friends?

NWP Ultra-Rapid Title Ladder Match: Nate Matthews defeated Aaron Atlas via Burning Hammer through a table

It was time to get crazy again as we went into a ladder match for the NWP Ultra-Rapid Title. Both men were fired up to go and with the title suspended incredibly high up, there was a high likelihood someone was going to die. The Ubermensch Matthews was not particularly popular with the Indiana crowd. Both men had KO’ed each other in their first match so this bout ruled out that possibility from happening again. They both rushed for ladders and slugged it out. Atlas was rammed into the guardrail and the pair fought around the outside. Matthews attacked Atlas with a ladder and set-up the first ladder of the match. Atlas cut him off and hit him in the head with the ladder. Atlas beat Matthews around the ring and tossed him to the outside. Matthews rushed back and kicked Atlas and the ladder down. Matthews continued to punish Atlas with chops and took him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Matthews bounced Atlas off a ladder, then got dropped with a vicious neckbreaker. Atlas set-up a larger ladder and got locked in a sharpshooter. Matthews let him out and hit him with a standing moonsault, then got dumped through a ladder with a back-body drop. Atlas grabbed a trashcan and dumped its contents onto Matthews before having it kneed into his face. Matthews didn’t delay and tried for another ladder but Atlas dropkicked it into him as he tried to re-enter the ring. Atlas then filled the ring with ladders and set-up a table on the outside. They fought over a table Suplex so Atlas punt kicked Matthews in the head. Matthews clubbed back with a flying clothesline and knee strike, then got dropped on his head with a German. He fired back with a pop-up knee and both men stopped for air. Matthews rocked Atlas with a snap jackhammer, then the pair fought on top of a ladder. Atlas flattened Matthews with a uranage off the top and climbed up again but Matthews dragged him down and put him through the table with a burning hammer. Matthews made one final trip up and became the new Ultra-Rapid champion. Three successful defences are all it takes and he’ll be challenging for the biggest title. For now, let’s celebrate this excellent ladder match and the risks both men took.

General Manager Role vs Shiloh Greaves NWP Career: Don’t Die Miles defeated Shiloh Greaves via Shooting Star Press

The stakes refused to drop as the next match would have ramifications for the whole company. Don’t Die Miles was all that stood between the company and its most hated enemy Shiloh Greaves. Should he succeed, Greaves was out of NWP. Should he fail, Greaves would become the new general manager of NWP. It was all or nothing. Greaves started fast but Miles was able to shunt him into the corner and force a break. The pair traded counters as Greaves tried to keep Miles grounded and Miles tried to pick up the pace. Greaves bailed to the outside for a powder and made Miles wait for him to come back. Miles exploded and took out Greaves with a tilt-a-whirl head-scissor, Cazadora arm-drag, and a duo of dropkicks into the corner. He continued with a Swanton and pelted Greaves with chest kicks but lost all momentum when Greaves caught him into a spinebuster. Greaves hammered away at Miles’ back and midsection then hammered him with clotheslines in the corner and dropped him with a sidewalk slam. He continued to grind down Miles until Miles hit an enzuigiri off a failed corner charge. That was followed by a springboard cutter and an attempted comeback combo but Greaves caught it into a powerbomb. Miles kicked him out of the corner and blasted him with a Rolling X-Factor, then Greaves took out the ref with a superman punch. Miles took his head off with a capoeira kick but there was no ref to count. Earl Joseph rushed in with a ref shirt and made a two before Greaves kicked out. Miles was distraught and Greaves locked in an ankle lock. He transitioned to a kneebar and Miles clawed his way to the ropes. Greaves wouldn’t let go so Earl dragged him off and got a superman punch for his troubles. Greaves tortured Miles further with a corner elbow, then tried for a pin but there was still no ref. Earl Joseph got to his feet and downed Greaves with a DDT so Miles could finish him with a shooting star press. Earl Joseph saved his job and Don’t Die Miles Morales had just become the hero of NWP. So long, Shiloh Greaves.

NWP Title: Justin Kyle defeated O’Shay Edwards via Spear

Last but not least, it was time for a Kaiju fight. All Day O’Shay Edwards was going to bring the fight to the grand champion Justin Kyle in a big way. We were going to see two monsters go to war in the biggest way possible. Justin Kyle might be imposing but could he deal with the might and experience of O’Shay Edwards? They locked up and grappled around the ring. Edwards got the advantage and gave Kyle a clean break in the corner. Kyle grabbed back and gave Edwards the same. The pair reached a stalemate and traded shoulder barges. Edwards used his agility and misdirection to knock down Kyle and the pair exchanged forearms. Kyle pummelled Edwards with jabs to the gut and charged him into the corner. Edwards reversed a whip and shoulder tackled Kyle through the ropes and leapfrogged a knockdown into a waist-lock. He avoided a sunset flip and took Kyle down with a spear. Edwards continued to beatdown Kyle on the outside but a misplaced chop hit the ring-post and Kyle took advantage, ramming Edwards into another ring-post. He broke the count-out and tossed Edwards into the crowd. He got a run-up and dived over the railing and onto Edwards. The fight returned to the ring and Kyle tossed Edwards overhead with a duo of Northern Lights. Edwards countered a third with a flapjack into the turnbuckle and dropped Kyle with a nasty spinebuster. He took Kyle over with a German and splattered him on the canvas with a massive sit-out powerbomb. Edwards rammed Kyle’s head into the turnbuckles and the pair traded knees until Kyle was able to hit a spear. He delivered a second but was unable to keep Edwards down for the three-count. He backed off in shock and looked to hit Edwards with the belt but the ref stopped him. Edwards tried for the Kaiju Driver but Kyle reversed into a Fire-Thunder Driver. This still wouldn’t keep Edwards down and Kyle took another trip into the turnbuckle and a Kaiju Driver. That would have been it but Kyle was in the ropes. Edwards argued his case to the ref and got cut in half by a third spear for a Kyle win. Edwards took Kyle to the limit but some lucky positioning and destructive power kept him his title. This was one hell of a main event. You want a hoss fight, here are two of the best and most athletic hoss-style wrestlers around. However, it wasn’t over for Kyle tonight…

NWP Title: Solomon Tupu defeated Justin Kyle via Uranage

Justin Kyle might have bested one challenger tonight but his title wasn’t safe just yet. Solomon Tupu burst out again and challenged Kyle to a title vs title match right there and now. it was made official, despite Kyle never really accepting and the pair squared up. Kyle slugged Tupu in the face but Tupu no-sold this and took Kyle down with a snap Samoan Drop. Tupu continued with an elbow to the end and another lethal uranage. Kyle tried to fight back but another shot to the head and a second uranage sealed the deal and Solomon Tupu was now an NWP double champ. Talk about picking a time to strike. He finished off a winded champion in a little over a minute and now has two title belts to his name.

So, there you have it, a little taste of the world of New Wave Pro. November Reign was a nice if rough around the edges PPV that showed off some nice indie stars I was unfamiliar with and giving me the ultimate hoss fight from the ones I knew. It had a nice variety of matches and some genuinely good wrestling too. That cage match stole the show for me and showcased a nice level of intensity that I like to see. I’ll have my eye on this company and if you have a couple of hours spare and an IWTV subscription, I’d give it a look too. There’s a lot to enjoy and hopefully, they keep the momentum they built here rolling on.

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