Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. After the intense action and emotion of the Pencil War, it was time for something more light-hearted and fun. Today’s action-packed episode would feature two matches of fun as we’d see a triple-threat between Emi Sakura, Baliyan Akki, and Sayuri and a main-event that would see BJW Deathmatch Champion Minoru Fujita team up with Yuna Mizumori once again against the team of Mei Suruga and Chie Koshikawa. It’s time for fun and fury as we get into more ChocoPro action.

Emi “Pencil” Sakura defeated Baliyan Akki & Sayuri via Clothesline to Sayuri

The first match of the show was a chaotic three-way between the big boss Emi Sakura, the freshly back Baliyan Akki, and the ninja of ChocoPro, Sayuri. This one was all up for grabs as Akki is still trying to prove he’s properly back from injury, Sakura is recovering from the I Quit Pencil War and Sayuri has a whole bag of tricks she can dip into. Sayuri tried to show some sportsmanship but Sakura took up the whole camera with her pencil army mantra. When the fight started, Sayuri sidestepped her and Sakura ran herself into a wall. Akki and Sayuri locked up, then Akki but both women in a double armbar. They both powered out and drove Akki into the wall with a double flatliner, then drove his recovered shoulder into one of the windows. Sayuri rolled behind Sakura and tried for the running throw off the open window but Sakura pushed her through it. Sakura closed the window on her and Sayuri disappeared when she re-opened it. She watched on behind the window as Akki and Sakura fought over armbars and pencil attacks. Both ended up hitting the window and Akki trapped Sakura behind it. He approached Sayuri’s window and she disappeared once again. When he closed it again, she was suddenly back. Sayuri’s ninja magic was at play again! Akki brought ref Suruga to examine it and Sayuri vanished again.

Sakura was doing the same but when he opened her window, she just screamed at him. Sakura hit him with a pencil strike but her Stabber was reversed into a deathlock as a shadow ran past the camera. Sayuri was back and locked in a sleeper on Akki. The trio struggled in this tower of submissions until Sakura forced a break. Akki hit Sayuri with a backbreaker and went to the top for a Namaste Splash. Sayuri chopped him out of the window and Sakura pushed her over the window sill. Akki springboarded himself off Sayuri and pasted Sakura with a dropkick. He hit her with a double knee drop and tried to hit Sayuri with one too but she rolled out of the way. She rammed him off the wall multiple times and tried to roll him up but he kicked out at two. She tried to slam Akki but couldn’t get him over so he countered and slammed her into the mat. Sakura came back into the match and stomped Akki’s foot, then slammed Sayuri as she attempted to slam them both. Akki tanked a barrage of pencil chops and hammered Sakura with a vicious mid-kick, then one to the head. Sayuri broke up the pin and tried to strike but Akki dodged and hit her with another backbreaker. He tried for the Namaste Splash again but Sakura hit him with another pencil strike. She tried for the handstand kick but Akki caught it and turned it into a Boston Crab. Sayuri dropkicked him out of this and hit Sakura with a Crucifix Bomb into an armbar. She winded Akki with another dropkick and managed to hit the window run throw. Sakura downed him with a clothesline and Sayuri hit Sakura with a dropkick to the back and another crucifix. Sakura fought out and downed her with a clothesline for the win. Sakura had come back on a win against two very game foes in a very fun and frantic match. Once again, ChocoPro nails the blend of comedy and genuine action, and Sayuri is a joy to watch.

Warm Caterpillars (Mei Suruga & Chie Koshikawa) defeated Rotten Yahho (Yuna Mizumori & Minoru Fujita) via Wall Run Double Stomp/Propellor Pin on Mizumori

The main event of the show would be very interesting. It would see the hyper yet crafty team of Mei Suruga and Chie Koshikawa look to upset any plans of a first-team win for Rotten Yahho, the unit formed of Minoru Fujita and Yuna Mizumori. The Caterpillars tried to offer handshakes but the Yahhos attacked and put them both in armbars. Both teams got run into each other, then Suruga hit both Yahhos with sponsor signs. Suruga put Fujita in the double armbar and Koshikawa tried to put him in a Bow and Arrow. She couldn’t hoist him all the way up for the submission so Suruga joined in and both tried to tap him out. Mizumori made the save by hitting everyone with a splash, though she did hurt Fujita with it too. Koshikawa hammered his back with double chops and tried for a pin but he threw her off and tried to cripple her legs with a splash. He tagged in Mizumori who shook up Koshikawa with a giant swing and locked in a half crab as Fujita attacked her with a flag. Fujita came back in and continued to try and break the knees of Koshikawa. He put her in a sleeper and rained down blows onto Koshikawa’s head. She escaped a slam and lit up Fujita’s chest with vicious chops. She downed Fujita with a dropkick and made the tag to Suruga. She came in like a wrecking ball and stomped all over Fujita and attacked Mizumori with kicks. Mizumori tried to attack Suruga but she grabbed her arm and threw her onto Fujita with a window-running arm-drag. She then hopped from one foe to the other with double stomps. She whipped Fujita into the wall, then got slapped away on a third attempt. Fujita tried to whip her into the wall and caught her out of a wall-run crossbody into a backbreaker. He dropkicked her in the back of the head and tried for a pin but she miraculously kicked out. They had a minor standoff and Fujita tried to chase her down but Suruga ran him into a table.

Koshikawa came in and ran circles around Fujita, then got ran into the wall as he pretended to be dizzy. The pair fought over who’d deliver a chop so Fujita just broke Koshikawa’s fingers instead. He tried to stomp her hand and got chopped in the knee for his trouble. She found another burst of energy and ran another series of laps around Fujita and leapfrogged over both members of the Yahhos. They tried to make the leapfrogs harder but Koshikawa continued to leap over them and held them for a double crossbody from Suruga. They dragged Fujita around the mat but he kicked them both off. He cracked Koshikawa’s hand and downed her with a shoulder tackle. Yahho tried for a double-team move but Suruga kicked them out of the window. The Yahhos lurked in the doorway of the studio until the Caterpillars hit them both in the face with pineapple batons. Koshikawa dragged Mizumori around the mat as Suruga continued to beatdown Fujita with the baton. She put Mizumori in the stretch muffler as Suruga choked out Fujita with another baton. Mizumori broke free and caught Koshikawa with a back-body drop. They traded roll-ups and the Caterpillars hit the Yahhos with a double wall slam and double chop. Suruga locked in the Apple Mutilation but Fujita picked her up and slammed her into the wall. Mizumori hit her with the splash and but got caught into a roll-up. Suruga ran her into the wall and planted her into the mat with a massive scoop slam. Mizumori answered back with a dropkick and the Yahhos hit Suruga with a wall slam/clothesline combo. The pair dodged a chop from Koshikawa but then missed a double splash. Suruga missed a double stomp and got hit with an electric-chair splash but Koshikawa made the save on the pin. They tried to hit another double team move but Suruga threw Mizumori into Fujita and he hit her with a tombstone. Fujita tried to correct the mistake by hitting Koshikawa with a splash but he missed. Suruga hit both with a wall-run double stomp and put Mizumori in the propellor pin. Rotten Yahho had another malfunction at the junction and couldn’t get their big win. Instead, it would the Warm Caterpillars coming out on top after another loaded ChocoPro show.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move Twitter, D_Wrestlingifs, mattsdl

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