One year after the announcement of Nick Aldis entering the game, RetroSoft Studios have announced the release date for their upcoming wrestling video game, RetroMania Wrestling. Through a new trailer on their YouTube channel, they have given the game the release date of February 26, 2021.

The game, set to be released on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC and is set to be the official sequel to the 1991 arcade hit WrestleFest. The game is releasing with 16 playable wrestlers that span the spectrum of wrestling companies and wrestling legends. Fans will be able to play as The Road Warriors, Tommy Dreamer, WARHORSE, Matt Cardona, and The Blue Meanie to name a few, and will be a modern take on a very retro game.

The game will also feature a story mode set around Johnny Retro and a 10 Pounds of Gold mode in homage to Nick Aldis (another playable character) and his reigns with the NWA Title as you try to relieve him of the belt. There is also a wealth of match types announced and 13 arenas in collaboration with House of Hardcore and the NWA, though the company has said in the past that more characters and elements could be brought in at a later time (complete rosters and mode available on RetroMania official website).

The game will be digitally launched on the February 26, launch date with physical editions announced for later down the line through Limited Run Games. The game can be pre-ordered for PC and Switch from the RetroSoft site for a price of $24.99 or about £19 and will be $34.99 or about £27 after the pre-order period.

The company has also teased that more news will be dropping in the coming days so you can keep tabs on the game by following the company on Twitter or at their official site.

All images courtesy of RetroSoft, Video courtesy of RetroSoft YouTube

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