Welcome back to ChocoPro Wrestling. The company continues to bring in new faces and new match types as for episode 65, we get another new debut for the company. For today’s wrestling fun, we’ll get to see Yuna Mizumori and Tokiko Kirihara team up against team Hyper Namaste, Chie Koshikawa, and Baliyan Akki, then for our main event, the debuting Kuishinbou Kamen teams up with ChocoPro’s apple princess Mei Suruga against the Pencil Army. It was going to be a tag-team fuelled affair today so let’s get into the action!

Baliyan Akki & Chie Koshikawa defeated Yuna Mizumori & Tokiko Kirihara via Namaste Splash to Kirihara

The match to open the show this time was a special one. Baliyan Akki lamented on the fact that the last time he faced Mizumori was when he got injured. He was eager to cross that line again and see if things would be different this time. He was happy to be teaming with Koshikawa again and looked to see what fortune they’d have against Mizumori and Kirihara. The teams shook hands, then Akki and Mizumori started the action with a series of technical exchanges. Kirihara came to help Mizumori but Akki backed off. He ran around Mizumori and he and Koshikawa struck both opponents down. Akki continued to strike at Mizumori and tagged in Koshikawa for a sleeper. Mizumori broke free and put her in a Boston Crab. Kirihara came to her aid and put Koshikawa in a straightjacket. Akki pushed them off so Mizumori crushed Koshikawa under her boot. Kirihara put her in a vicious armbar, then Mizumori crushed her against a table. She elbowed Koshikawa against the wall but missed the follow-up charge so Koshikawa leapfrogged her and downed her with a dropkick. She tagged in Akki who delivered a series of slams and a nasty knee drop, then hammered her with wrist-clutch shoulder charges. He tried to throw her into the wall but she bounced back and took him over with a back body drop. She tagged to Kirihara and watched as Kirihara and Akki traded kicks. Kirihara kicked him in the throat and kneed him against the wall. She tried to lock in an abdominal stretch but Akki powered out and carried her towards the window. She latched onto the sill and put Akki into a straightjacket. Akki came back with a series of mid-kicks and tagged to Koshikawa who dragged Kirihara all around the mat. Koshikawa locked in the stretch muffler but Kirihara forced a break and slammed Koshikawa against the wall and locked in a sleeper, then a straightjacket.

Koshikawa broke free and chopped down Kirihara. She tried to throw her into the wall but Kirihara locked in a Cobra Twist and tagged out. Mizumori splashed Koshikawa against the wall, then had to escape a series of pin attempts. Koshikawa peppered Mizumori with chops but got caught by Mizumori. She ducked a double-team attempt and performed a double dropkick with Akki. He kicked out Mizumori’s leg and the pair went into a heated strike and kick exchange. Akki missed a leaping enzuigiri so Mizumori flattened him with a running senton. She tried for the splash but Akki kicked back and blasted her with the wall-run kick. He tried for the Namaste splash but Kirihara attacked him at the window and threw him to the mat with a judo throw. Koshikawa chopped away Kirihara and after a brief exchange Mizumori knocked down Akki with a massive dropkick. Kirihara tagged in and tried to slam Akki with a hip toss but Akki threw her away. She nailed a second and Mizumori landed some extra impact with a wall-run splash. Koshikawa saved the day and Akki fought out of an STO to deliver a nasty face kick. Koshikawa chopped down Mizumori and Akki dispatched her for good with another face kick. Koshikawa held down Mizumori as Akki slammed down Kirihara and delivered the Namaste Splash for the win. Koshikawa and Akki had won the day and Akki had exorcized some old demons. We ended an excellent tag match with an excellent feelgood moment as Akki and Mizumori showed respect for one another. Also, if nothing else, watch Akki’s Namaste Splash, goddamn does he get some air!

Kuishinbou Kamen & Mei Suruga defeated Pencil Army (Emi “Pencil” Sakura & Lulu Pencil) via Flying Propellor Pin on Sakura

The main event for this episode would see the debuting Kuishinbou Kamen, the wrestling clown team up with Mei Suruga to take on a full power Pencil Army. Lulu Pencil finally had her pink hat back so she had new energy to use within the chocolate square. Before any action, everyone was mesmerised by Mei’s scarf made of snacks. When Kamen made his entrance, they were both covered in even more snack scarves. The Pencil Army charged and hammered both with strikes but Suruga fought out of a double Suplex attempt and sent both of the army flying with a window sill arm-drag. The Army used this to their advantage and flew into Kamen with pencil strikes. Suruga launched Pencil into Sakura but could only get a two-count off a snap pin. Both teams got confused as to who was legal so Kamen broke the tension with a pose. He got everyone else to do the pose too, which they kid, then Kamen and Pencil took over the match for some proper professional wrestling. They traded lock-ups, then traded wrist-locks, then hammerlocks, then headlocks, explaining each time where it hurt. Kamen and Suruga hammered Pencil’s back and Suruga put Pencil in a deathlock and looked to enjoy a snack when Sakura snatched the bag off her and downed the snacks. Suruga got mad and snapped both army members over, then she and Kamen rolled up both with Kawaii pins. Kamen tried to show off more wrestling techniques but Pencil dragged him down, hit him with a pencil roll, and tagged out.

A fresh Sakura rushed in, clobbered Kamen with Riverdance kicks, and took out Suruga with a pencil attack. Sakura started kicking Kamen in the leg and he went to great lengths to show how bad it hurt. He kicked Sakura in the same place and she did the same thing, dropping to one knee to educate people where it hurt. This trend continued until everyone had sold like that ending in a four-way leg kick and pain pose. Everyone collided in the centre of the mat and Suruga and Pencil traded high and low dropkicks. Pencil stabbed up Suruga’s back with pencil attacks and hit a triple jump stabber. Suruga dodged another attack and trapped Pencil in the Apple Mutilation. Sakura grabbed Suruga out of it and threw her away with a giant swing and the Army hit a double stabber. They couldn’t get a pin so they drove Suruga into a table with a clothesline train. They hit both Kamen and Suruga with pencil trips and hit a double La Magistral. Suruga hit a trip of her own on Pencil and ran her into the wall. Kamen came in and slammed Pencil, then got dropped with a series of stomps and chops into a low dropkick. Kamen no-sold Pencil’s clotheslines until Pencil hit him so hard, she finally took him down and injured herself in the process. Both tagged out and Suruga hit Sakura with a wall-run crossbody. Sakura retorted with a wall-trapped lariat and splash to Suruga’s legs. She then went to the top to help Pencil land a handstand kick and Sakura hit a low stabber. She put Suruga in the Figure Four and Pencil put her in an armbar. Kamen attacked both but he and Suruga got attacked by combo pencil attacks. Sakura attacked Suruga with a double-underhook backbreaker, then took a hip attack from Kamen. She nearly ended Suruga with a lariat but was unable to get the three-count. Kamen caught her kick into a Dragon Screw and a propellor from Suruga. Everyone danced as Kamen and Suruga threw the Pencil Army into each other and won the match with a Flying Propellor pin on Suruga. Once again, the Pencil Army failed to score a win but they gave it their best in another match that was an excellent blend of comedy, wrestling, and snacks. Who could ask for more? Sakura temporarily left Pencil Army for a few seconds to get stronger and return with the Janken Tournament board. Thankfully it wasn’t longer, I’m not sure the world was ready for that heartbreak.

All images courtesy of Gatoh Move, TDE Gif, Chie Koshikawa, video courtesy of Gatoh Move YouTube

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