Welcome back to what might just be the final MLW Underground. With the Restart just days away, it’s time to give one last look at the MLW of old as we prepare to see the MLW of new. For this volume of Underground action, we’ll see CM Punk and Michael Shane taking on Raven and Normal Smiley, and the main event that will see a car crash match between Sabu and Mikey Whipwreck. Plus, we have another Pulp Fusion to recap. Let’s get into the action.

CM Punk & Michael Shane (w/Francine) defeated Raven & Norman Smiley (w/GI Ho) via Raven Effect to Raven

The show opened up with a tag-match between the team of CM Punk and Michael Shane against Punk’s nemesis, Raven, and his chosen partner, Black Magic Norman Smiley. CM Punk decided to take to the mic and rundown Disneyland as a company and place built on an acid trip. Raven looked to start the action with Punk, but Punk quickly tagged out so it would be Shane and Smiley starting the action. Shane won the opening exchange but got kicked off the ropes and dropped with a duo of clotheslines into a swinging slam. The camera cut out and returned to Raven awaiting Punk getting in the ring. Once he did Raven unloaded on him with a series of punches and a barrage of boots in the corner. Shane tried to interfere but Raven just clubbed him down as part of a bulldog/clothesline combo. Smiley sent Punk out with a clothesline and the pair decided to stall on the outside. It was Shane vs Smiley round two and Shane came out swinging, driving Smiley back to the corner with punches and choking him with his foot. Smiley answered back with a high crossbody and reversed a backslide into a Butterfly slam. Punk distracted him and Shane took his head off with an Enzuigiri. Shane distracted the ref and Punk brought himself in to choke out Smiley in the corner and took him over with a Suplex. That was followed by a double-team Suplex and more work to keep Smiley isolated. Another ad break later and Smiley escaped a chin-lock but ran himself into a knee. Even Francine got in on attacking Smiley when the ref was distracted. Smiley dodged another double-team move and watched as Raven took out Shane, then scrambled over to Raven for a tag. Raven came in hot and downed both guys with multiple clotheslines. He tripped Shane onto a chair and took Punk’s jaw off with a high kick. He gave Punk a chair trip and hit the Raven Effect as Smiley took out Shane. Francine broke up the pin so GI Ho rushed the ring and the pair clawed at each other. GI HO got up to celebrate but Shane kicked her in the face. Shane took Smiley and himself out with a steel chair, then Punk threw powder in the eyes of Raven and finished the match with a Raven Effect. Punk got the win by being a cheating prick again. Straight-Edge clearly doesn’t apply to rules in-ring.

Between the matches:

  • Another promo from CM Punk explaining his feud with Raven and why it was about Punk’s disappointment with Raven, a man he once looked up to.
  • A strategy meeting between the Extreme Horsemen ahead of their matches at Summer Explosion. Steve Corino was then given a suspension order. As you can imagine, he was not happy. He could not compete for 45 days.
  • Dr. Death Steve Williams and The Sandman getting ready for their tag match by working out with beers.
  • Da Hit Squad ambushed Ekmo of the Samoan Island Tribe as he made his way to the building. They left him choked out on the floor.
  • Promos from Bill Alfonso and The Sinister Minister ahead of their client’s main event match.

Mikey Whipwreck (w/The Sinister Minister) defeated Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) via Chair Arm-breaking frenzy

The main event was here and it was time to see if Sabu could get the extreme revenge he wanted against Mikey Whipwreck and the forces of the Sinister Minister. They didn’t start gracefully as Sabu tried to punch the face off of Whipwreck. He threw Whipwreck into the corner and hit him with a springboard leg lariat. He quickly locked in the Camel Clutch but got distracted when the Sinister Minister attacked Alfonso and Whipwreck used the distraction to kick Sabu in the jaw. Whipwreck continued to beatdown Sabu, then tossed him to the outside and tried to set up a table. Sabu tried to get the advantage but Whipwreck bounced him off the railing and dumped him on the table. He climbed onto the ropes but Sabu dragged him down and cracked his jaw off the apron, then pelted him in the face with a chair. Sabu put him on the table and went to the top but The Sinister Minister pushed him off and Whipwreck climbed to the top for a flying clothesline. An ad break later and when it returned Sabu was getting crotched on the upright table. He answered with another big kick and tried to set-up the table. Sabu took advantage with a DDT and dumped Whipwreck onto the table again. Fonzie was told to hold him in place but Whipwreck moved and Sabu put Fonzie through the table. Whipwreck used the chaos to hit the Whippersnapper but only got two. Sabu locked the Camel Clutch in again but the ref wasn’t paying attention and he got a fireball to the face from the Sinister Minister. The Sinister Minister mocked Fonzie as Whipwreck assaulted Sabu with a chair. He took the chair to both arms of Sabu and took the win. Whipwreck left with gleeful abandon whilst Sabu left with burns and two broken arms.

Pulp Fusion Recap

Pulp Fusion opened with Salina de la Renta making a declaration that she is not a CONTRA puppet and that she is her own woman. She claimed Konnan was just trying to slander her as she does business. Her business was going to become her revenge, come the Restart. Hammerstone had breaking news, he was going to be in action at the Restart and he couldn’t wait to see the result of the title match. He was pissed that Davey Boy Smith Jr had taken his spot but he was willing to wait and take on who was left standing. Filthy Tom Lawlor was trying to bargain his way into the Opera Cup. The joke of it all was though, he was trying to use that as leverage for a Condom Depot sponsor. Alicia Atout was interviewing Davey Boy Smith Jr again and he delivered another warning to Jacob Fatu. Richard Holliday was disgusted that IWA Puerto Rico was not recognising him as Caribbean champion. He was considering getting his lawyer/father involved. The Von Erichs were moving logs as they debated air quality and smoke as their father enjoyed a cigar. Brian Pillman Jr and Myron Reed were getting ready for their title match. Reed was spitting fire as Pillman was focusing on getting to the weight limit.

Also speaking of The Restart and faction warfare, be sure to keep your eyes glued to SteelChair as we’ll have an exclusive interview with the leader of CONTRA Unit himself, Josef Samael coming up very soon. With all that is going on and the wars to come, it’s a must-read.

All images courtesy of MLW Twitter, Videos courtesy of MLW YouTube

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