For the past couple of weeks, a Twitter account under the name Deathmatch Downunder has been teasing the wrestling, especially the deathmatch wrestling community about an upcoming project. As of last night, we now know what that is, Deathmatch Down Under is a new deathmatch and strong wrestling company coming to us from Australia.

As per their mission statement, Deathmatch Downunder is:

“DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER is a professional wrestling promotion based out of the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and has been in operation since March 2020. With over 40 years’ combined experience in the Australian wrestling and live entertainment communities, DEATHMATCH DOWNUNDER are here to put on some of the most exciting professional wrestling events ever seen in Australia, with our unique combination of match styles and our passion for community impact.

Our aim is to provide safe, progressive, and compelling professional wrestling entertainment with a punk rock sense of community. We are determined and resolute in our journey to engage and entertain the DMDU Community in our own revolutionary way, showcasing the very best that we feel the wrestling industry has to offer. DMDU acknowledges the Traditional Owners on whose unceded land we deliver our events. We pledge to practice Indigenous allyship, collaborating with and advocating for the sovereignty of local Traditional Owners, to conduct culturally informed and safe events.  We maintain a strategic commitment to empowering marginalised communities beyond wrestling, with a portion of each event’s ticket sales going towards necessary causes for enacting social justice.”

The official site for the company has shown they are supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, an LGBTQIA+ Ally, and proud of its roots in the Kulin Nation. Their aim is to show the best of Australian strong style and deathmatch wrestling in genderless divisions. Interestingly, none of the roster has been revealed yet but with stars like Sicko Smacks, Joel Bateman, Gweedo, KrackerJak, and Vixsin to name a few making comments on the company, it’s hard not to see them involved. It even has one of SteelChair Wrestling OGs, Erin Dick, involved.

Deathmatch Downunder has also revealed a partnership with Indie Wrestling TV so their product is going to be viewable to a worldwide audience. For their live audience, they plan on running shows in 2021 in the following places, Melbourne, Regional Victoria, and other parts of Australia. For more information, I recommend checking out their official site or their Twitter and Instagram for more. As deathmatch editor, you know I will be.

All images courtesy of Deathmatch Downunder, Video courtesy of Deathmatch Downunder YouTube

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